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I'm just going to post my complaint I know it's long but it describes what happen and how I look at it. Nissan says they can't do anything because every dealer is privately owned. I'm upset and could use some advice. Note "in my state lemon laws only apply to new vehicles and no buyers remorse" I've done searches I've tried everything It's been a month this was suppose to be my birthday preset March 7th :( the car was at the dealarship for two weeks same issue is there. I'm lost guys. I realize now I should have just bought the new PW Nismo 14 but I didn't know I would be looking at all of this afterwards. I don't want to have to pay for a new paint on a car I just bought... I just got the car back yesterday...

I was in the market for a Nismo 370Z I was looking at 2014 new models when I found 2013 CPO with 7700 miles on it at Nissan dealer in AL. I contacted them via phone and email and stayed in contact with their internet manager over the phone and through e-mail starting on 2/14/15 working with internet manager. He spoke with me on the phone went out to the vehicle started it up and said it ran great no problems I asked him to look around the car for any damages **specifically on the rims** he said everything looks great it's a beautiful car no damages.

I explained that I was coming from Mobile AL and it would be about a 4 to 5 hour drive. He understood and assured me everything checked out. I ended up being about to make it up on the 16th of February which was Presidents day. I explained I wanted to go through my credit union since I get great rates (was at a 2.19% apr) and have excellent credit. He assured me that they would be able to match my rates or maybe even do better through Nissan I told him I have a 787 (I was off by 3 points i came back with a 784). He told me it would be more of a hassle to go through my credit union and may not be able to get the car right away but going through Nissan it would be done right away and again told me my rates should be the same if not better. They did not disclose that they would try financing me through another company.

I believed him since they obviously do this on a daily bases. I was then dealing with \ the actual salesman he was nice enough over the phone and through text and encouraged me to fill out the credit app online to finance through Nissan so I could Sign and Drive when I got there so I filled out the page he referred me to. Again it was never disclosed that they would pull from multiple bureau's and lending institutions. Well we left Mobile around 12:45 P.M. arrived at the dealership right around 5:20ish I said it would be around 5:15 most likely. Salesman said you must be Shawn I confirmed he said he was going to get the car and asked if I needed anything to drink. He pulled it around and said lets take it for a test drive.

It was dark, raining and cold. I did a quick look around and noticed immediately the curb rash on the front right tire I pointed this out to salesman and he said oh that's just minor. I said James told me he looked over the car especially at the rims and there was no damage he insisted I take it for a test drive and ignored that concern. As soon as I got in the car I checked the inside all was clean however it had limo tint 0% all the way around the car. I stated this car has illegal tint he said oh I didn't know that. I stated I can't even see out of the side windows he agreed it was hard to see but it didn't really seem to be of concern to him yet again. We took it for maybe a 10 minute test drive. Went up two exits turned around and went back. It drove like other Nismo 370z's I had driven. So he asked me if I like it I said just that it drives and feels like other Nismo 370z's. He asked what I didn't like.

I stated the fact that it has illegal tint and curb damage which I specifically asked for before making such a long trip especially while having pneumonia and in the cold rain. He again disregarded this. The price that I had offered at first was $30,000.00 out the door. They said they would only do $33,800.00. I stated I didn't agree with the price and after talking with James's supervisor he agreed they would take it to $32,800.00 because he didn't want to lose business off of a thousand and since I was making such a long trip. So when me and salesman get back from the test drive I told him what I didn't like he said oh that's just minor things. I explained rim damage is not minor to me and driving around in a car with illegal window tint that is hard to see out of and dangerous especially at night isn't minor to me either. He then said wait here he brings back a sheet of paper with numbers on it and said which payment you want there was a 60 month, a 72 month and a 75 month.

He didn't even ask what I was putting down, the amount being financed, and the payment amounts were not right he said they were, I had to disagree strongly since I had an apr calculator already pulled up and was running the numbers and each of the groups was about $40 higher and almost the same price I was quoted on a 2014. He said they are right and I'm not ignorant when it comes to finance and numbers so I stated that he is incorrect and that I need to speak to whoever calculated those payments. He said well the apr is 3.99% I asked how that happened and all he stated is that's the best they could do. I said well even at 3.9% (which was actually 3.99% those numbers still are not correct. He then tells me to hold on comes back and apparently they had added in some insurance and gap policy I did not ask for. I had my own insurance and already told them that, he said they are now removed I checked the numbers and they were correct for 3.99% not 3.9% he asked so which is best again.

At this point I clearly stated I was aggravated. He had already told me there was one key did not address my concerns of the deception of the condition of the car or illegal tint. When I brought it up he said well the manager said since we took the thousand off the car he feels the rim and window tint are your problem and we will not be taking any off the price. I then asked if they could at least repair the rim he said his manager said no. He then asked again which payments I wanted to go with I said I'm thinking. I was truly thinking about walking out at that point since I was already lied to about my apr, the condition of the car, and he said it only came with one key. So as I sat there thinking I then starting running more numbers both on my apr calculator and in my head since I did drive all that way and was trying to decide if it would be worth it to fix issues that are already on the car when my understanding of the Certified Pre Owned is it is suppose to be exactly like new which this car obviously was not. He kept pushing for the sale aggravating me even further as this was a big decision I drove a very long way I had already told him that I did not feel I was being treated right he said well the $1,000.00 they took off for you is all they will do. I had even asked for an oil change if I bought it and they didn't even do that. After he told me his manager said it should be no more than $150 to fix the wheel I figured around a 100 to re fix the tint I decided to proceed.

Now is when things got even worse I find out they financed me through Regions. I asked how he said they had lower rates. I was taken into finance manager Finance Directors office where he proceeded with the contract. Signing etc. I explained to him my concerns on the APR% he said you can always refinance in 90 days. He then corrected himself and said whenever I want since it is CPO. He put my mind a little at ease when he asked for the keys, I said there is only one and salesman has it. He looked puzzled and said why only one. I explained that is all they said they would give me he assured me he would rectify that situation as I should receive two keys with a CPO.

That made me feel a little better since those keys are quite expensive and I do tend to lose a key a year on average. He said he couldn't do anything about the decision that was made on the wheel damage and tint that wasn't in his power. I understood. He convinced me to buy the security + gold preferred and put me on a maintenance plan for an additional cost of $2,150.00 he did make me decide before I knew the actual warranty date because he said he couldn't see that until I decided, I did not like that I wanted to know how much original warranty was left on it since it said it still had bumper to bumper and 7yr 100k drive train in the description online and James had said it still had the warranties as well. He also said I can cancel and it would be prorated and sent back to my lender for principle if I changed my mind. He did however say with it I get roadside assistance, loaner vehicles when I do take it into the dealerships for maintenance that is going to take more than a day as well as bumper to bumper for 7years or 100,000 miles. With the pre paid maintenance my oil, tire rotation and air filters should all be covered I agreed to that. So we continued on everything looked legitimate so I signed everything, except the title app since apparently the system was down. finance manager and salesman assured me they would take care of the extra key and would call me the next day.

I was never able to speak to internet manager since he left even though he said he would be there to greet me when I arrived. I did want to discuss his inaccurate description of the vehicle. I then drove home dark, cold, rainy and could barely see due to the dark windows.

The next day I spoke with both of them they said they ordered the key and when it arrives send it to me and send a PO to a dealership here to have it programmed. I received the title app this Saturday and went to register the car Tuesday before I went to my service appointment (my second since owning the car the first was 2/18/15 at Nissan local dealer concerning fixing the rim they told me no one on site does it, that they use a third party and just gave me the name. "Wheel Fixation" Who I've also contacted several times and they still have not gave me a date to meet and fix my rim.) This time it was for the oil change like I asked for at time of purchase and what was recommended by the rep who schedules appointments. But I was going in this time for the Rim, Vibration/rattling inside the car anything above 5k rpm and when the sun finally came out I noticed spots all over my car that looks like the clear coat is spotting and flaking off to me. So my service advisor service advisor at local Nissan the same advisor as the first time for the rim. I told him Wheel Fixation never returned to me with a date or time just a price he said he would get them in. I had already showed him my paperwork for my warranty and pre paid maintenance and he said there would be nothing due. I left the car with them and left with my girlfriend to get my car refinanced with my credit union like I originally intended. Only to find out that there was 8 inquiries that hit my credit on the 16th of February! All from Nissan dealer running my credit through Capital One, dealer Nissan, COAF, TD AUTO FINANCE, CAPITAL ONE, REGIONS BANK, SUNTRUST BANK, ATLAN, FAMILY AUTOMOTIVE EN, and FIDELITY BANK.

THIS WAS NOT DISCLOSED TO ME! I had no idea they were about to run my social and credit through eight different lenders or I never would of agreed! That's absurd, I "had" excellent credit I took a 25 point hit on transunion and a 17 point hit on equifax not to mention the final hit I took through Tyndall my credit union who I originally wanted to go with! dealer Nissan talked me out of a better APR and a better Financial institution one I was already using and did what's known as "shot gunning my credit"! I was furious(none of this was disclosed to me they did not ask my permission or tell me what would happen I thought it was only going through NISSAN FINANCE). Then I get a call while at Tyndall doing the refinancing and receiving my better APR. I get a call from service advisor telling me they cannot hear any rattling and asked me if I was sure about Mobile 1 full synthetic even though that's what he originally recommended he said I should now go with ester which is recommended for my car and GTR's. I asked what kind of oil he said it was conventional. I said no, my car calls for a synthetic blend at least but a full synthetic should always be ran. He also stated they are holding my car over night and I would not be given a loaner since he doesn't think the paint is going to be covered by warranty. I would like know how the heck is it not covered under warranty it's still less than two years from the original date and I bought it CPO which as a description is LIKE NEW! After I got off the phone I did a quick search on my phone to find out ester is a Nissan type synthetic and so I tried to call him back no answer this is about 2 minutes later... he didn't answer his phone. I called just to the service department at this point about 3-4 minutes after just telling him mobile 1 and I get service advisor.

I tell service advisor what happened and said I will go with what they recommend the ester and he did confirm it is a type of synthetic. After I left Tyndall, I called Eastern shore Nissan when I get Christy on the phone I tell her everything that is going on she said oh I'm sorry to hear that and that doesn't sound right. If I bring it to them they will gladly look further into it and provide me a loaner, at no charge not only for my inconvenience but since I had purchased the security plus gold and maintenance I would definitely be taken care of. This is about 40 minutes before they close. and I'm about 30 minutes away about to pick up my car from (Nissan local). I get to local dealer I see Terry I ask for my car back he said I thought we were keeping it over night. I just stated I need my car and can't be without one and he said ok well let's see where it's at or what has been done. He said I don't see your maintenance plan or security plus gold so I run to my girlfriends car and provide proof he said that plan doesn't cover mobile 1 full synthetic I said I called and told you to switch it to ester as you guys recommended and he said even still it's not covered and that by time he told them they already used mobile 1 full synthetic. I said that's the only thing that is covered under my maintenance plan since 370z don't get tire rotations the only thing is oil. He said not synthetic or ester.

I said I was told I wouldn't be charged anything when I first came in he didn't look happy and said I will do it this one time but that's not the right plan and it shouldn't be done. I said then what did I buy it for. He couldn't answer that question. So finally I rush over to Chris Myers, called on my way over, Christy was nice enough to have everything ready when I got there and even said it's ok if I'm a few minutes late. When I arrived Trever looked over my car and said it could be chemical of some sort maybe acid rain that had come in contact with my vehicle like the kind of spots they get on their new vehicles from the sprinklers chemicals. He said that or maybe tree sap, but is unsure as of right now. He said an acid bath should and will hopefully clear up all the spots that seem to be in the clear coat. He then even took the time to hear the noise I explained started this last Saturday. The one local dealer said "no issue found". Trever heard it as soon as I hit 5k RPM. He was very nice took time to address all other concerns like loud noises from the clutch which I was told was normal on the 370Z at both locations.

Apparently it just has a very loud throw out bearing. I explained to Christy about the oil issue I had at local dealer and when she read it she said she believes the same that it's not covered. Now the basic plan 1 which is what finance manager told me I needed for oil changes specifically states in paragraph 6 PARTS/FLUID REPLACEMENT "This plan pays for oil changes using regular (conventional petroleum-based) engine oil (except for the Nissan GT-R and the Altima Hybrid that specify and for which this plan covers the cost of special engine oil)." Now after reading this and after two dealerships have told me that the 370Z calls for ester oil / full synthetic then why is it that my 370z oil changes will not be covered and if this is the case why in the world did I pay for a plan that covers absolutely nothing as far as maintenance on the 370Z since tire rotations can't be performed on the 370Z and even if I did there are plenty of shops in the area that do it for free... Chris Myers is the only dealership that has treated me like a valued Nissan customer. If you look in your records you would see that I've had a 350Z registered to me before and have always liked Nissan vehicles especially the Z models which is why I went through so much trouble to purchase one and this time I wanted it to be legitimate and went through a dealership instead of private party as I usually do. From my experience so far I definitely should have went through a private seller again because this is not how anyone should be treated. You have my records and know I work retail and deal with customers. I would be ashamed if any of my customers had expressed the concerns I did during my buying process without doing anything about it. Except saying oh you can come back and pay $150 and you have to pay yourself to fix the illegal window tint.

Which I fixed that Wednesday and cost me $150.00 plus tax just for the front two windows and strip on the windshield. So I bought a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle that I am now pooring time and money into within the same week and continuing to do so. My Nismo 370Z is still at Chris Myers in Daphne AL. At least they are treating me a lot better. I'm still very upset about everything that has occurred during this process. My credit was effected majorly, my time driving to and from the original dealership, local dealer twice, and now Chris Myers Nissan, my time and money spent on window tint, the expectations and enthusiasm of buying from a NISSAN dealership was not met and has definitely changed. The time it has spent in dealerships and window tinting shops has been half of the time I've had the vehicle in my possession. I still don't have my second key and haven't heard it being received or sent to me by salesman. Oh and a side note that has come to my attention after going over all this paperwork is that the mileage entered for the vehicle leaving the dealership was not correct salesman specifically said and told me to remember what was on the dash which was 7714 on my paperwork it says 7704 which isn't a big deal and maybe a typo but I would assume that you would want those kind of records to be kept as accurate as possible when recording information on used, new or even Certified Pre Owned. At this point I don't know if Nissan could make me happy. I would want a refund for the window tint cost, I would want the wheel rash that was already on the vehicle to be fixed at no charge to me. I would want the correct maintenance plan for my vehicle since I purchased a piece of paper for $250.00 that is of no use to me, last I would want it disputed for all the credit inquiries in which I did not agree to. I only wanted to finance through Nissan or Tyndall and I even told internet manager and salesman that. I can't stand Regions I closed my bank account with them a long time ago and have said that I will never deal with them again I would have never agreed to have my credit ran through that Bank especially.

Since this first report to Nissan. I have received a key and had it programmed at Nissan dealer local, dealer Nissan paid for a clay bar buff and wax through Nissan of local, AL. My car has been diagnosed with a rattle starting a little under 5k RPM and goes through the rpm range after that. It was kept at Nissan local dealer from 03/03/2015 to 03/19/2015 for replacement of the shifter assembly and the clay bar buff and wax. On that day it was also taken to where Ricky the manager stated that most of the spots could be taken care of with a clay bar however some spots are in the clear coat after Nissan dealer local completed their clay bar buff and wax there were scratches in the paint and all over the vehicle which the service advisor stated was already there.

The job only made the vehicle look worse not better. When I was there I expressed my concerns they were disregarded and stated they did their best. I've since spoke with the service advisor via e-mail he states nothing else will be done to rectify that situation.

I told manager the one who is handling my case and he is speaking with them. I have been told at Nissan local dealer of and Chris Myers that it should not have passed the CPO inspection due to the aesthetics not even including the functionality problems with the clutch and rattle.

It is stated on Nissan's website that I should have received a 167 point certified pre owned inspection sheet signed by the inspector and I did not. Upon reading the Nissan 167 point inspection checklist inspection sheet line items Road Test #77 engine performance/smooth acceleration (I get a rattle at 4.8k and above) ,78 engine noise "cold/hot & high/low speeds (same as before I get a rattle low and high speeds) , & 84 clutch operation "smooth engagement/slippage/chatter" (the clutch makes and clunky/catching noise a low or high speeds no matter how soft or hard the clutch is pressed in or released even the service advisor made note of this but said it's "normal") are not to standards,

Body Exterior line items 133 "inspect for damage,dings,dents,alignment,mistmatched paint and overall paint condition (clear coat)" (which I have already stated is in poor condition and have had experts check and agree) not to standards & 134 "instpect bumpers damage, alignment and improper repairs" (deep scratches and gouges are in front and rear bumper) are not to standards, Tires and Wheels line item 158 "wheels condition / visual runout/ curb damage / finsish" (as stated there was curb damage on the vehicle though that is being repaired)

Additional Detail Items line items 160 "exterior is clean and free of swirl marks and removable scratches" (this I can prove is not the case in any way shape or form via photos of the vehicle there are swirls and many scratches) did not meet standards , 162 "bumpers and fascia free of gouges and mismatched paint" (as already stated there are gouges in the front bumper and rear) , and 163 "wheels/wheel covers and tires are clean and properly dressed" (I believe that speaks for itself the tires looked dirty and the rim damage which is suppose to be finally repaired Wednesday 3/25/15) are not to standard. This is straight from the Nissan CPO checklist and what other professionals in the automotive industry and I have examined and determined to be damaged or not in standard. Nissan delaer is working on clearing up the buff and wax issue but refuses a clear coat or to fix the paint issues. I don't know what to do at this point.

I purchased a vehicle that is suppose to be backed and supported by this CPO checklist and inspection and I'm being told the opposite. the manager at Nissan dealer states that he is sending a check for the illegal window tint I had to remedy a few days after purchasing for 150 plus tax. Other than that nothing is being done regarding the clear coat, clutch and other issues I've had since owning the vehicle. I was told by the internet sales representative that the car has to be in like new condition to sell as a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle. I have been dealing with this for over a month now and still have not had any relief/remedies except a second key. I have original receipts of the purchase of the vehicle, I obtained a CPO checklist though I never received the checklist signed though I printed my own copy off the website. I have contacted Nissan and all they say is they can't do anything except encourage the dealers to do the right thing. They explained that all dealers are franchises and they have no corporate locations. I understand that this may not be covered under the lemon law but being a Certified Pre Owned (which I was told not many get approved for and have to be like off the showroom floor) I thought there may be something that can be done. This has been the worst buying experience I think I could have possibly gone through. Especially for the price. They hurt my credit quite a bit with all the inquiries I'm now below 740 on experion and transunion. I won't be able to sell and re buy at this point I wish I bought a brand new one and avoided this horrible experience that has still not be remedied.

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