Yay, it’s time for a new quiz!    It’s been a while, but I have a good one for you here.

Which famous warrior do you think you are?

You’ve been asking yourself this question for so long… and now you can find out, just by answering these simple questions!   All you have to do is work out if you have chosen mostly A, B, or C etc, and then scroll down to read about your warrior twin!

There’s no need to click ‘Finish Survey’ but if you do, be aware that it will take you away from your answers, so write them down first.

Expect total historical inaccuracy, followed by outrage or despair (a bit like a Monty Python film).  If you don’t like your warrior counterpart… well, I don’t know what you can do, really.   Go and slay a few dragons!   Alternatively, please feel free to share your feelings in the Comments box.

Think very carefully… the fate of your country rests on your shoulders.

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Mostly A:     Robert the Bruce.    You’re bold, cunning and strong-minded, and you will stop at nothing to get what you want.  Your reputation and your beard precede you.  Scotland will be proud of you.  We salute your schiltrons.  A shame about the shampoo.

Mostly B:    Boadicea.     No one crosses you twice!   You’re standing up for your family, for your tribe, and for freedom.  Men see you, and quake with fear.   You would probably even scare Jeremy Clarkson.  Don’t expect to be asked onto Ready, Steady, Cook.

Mostly C:    St Columba.    Descended from an Irish king, you got into some hot water and opted for self-imposed exile.   Now, the only battles you’re fighting are internal ones.  Crack open a bottle of wine, kick off your habit, and watch a re-run of Friends.   And a stone pillow, really?   With all those eider ducks around?

Mostly D:    Thor.    A hammer-wielding god of Norse mythology.   You can create lightning and throw thunderbolts.   You have a fearsome reputation, but if you scare the Vikings you must be doing something right.   Tension is probably your worst enemy.   Remember to relax, and breathe.

Mostly E:    Edward II.    Oh, no.   Surely not?   But wait, Edward II wasn’t all that bad.  It was just that his dad was a hard act to follow.   You’re talented and eager, but you’re also swayed by your heart.   One tip, if you’re planning a holiday:  wild camping in Scotland is not the greatest idea.

Mostly F:    Ethelred the Unready.    Dude!  You’re so laid back you’re horizontal.  No one is going to get anywhere near bothering you.  If you’d been around in the 1970s you’d be riding a Lambretta and listening to the Kinks.  Just remember your responsibilities from time to time and you’ll be OK.  Or you should be.  Or, actually…

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