Hi Goddesses

Ok, you really really REALLY need to be sitting down for this.

Earlier this week, I hit 1million pageviews on the blog.  Biiiiig deal.  HUGE deal.   I wanted to celebrate, and a few weeks ago, I started contacting brands to see if they wanted to sponsor the Giveaway.

I was utterly blown away by how many shop owners and polish makers leapt forward to offer prizes.  I honestly don't know, but this may be the biggest Giveaway EVER. 

There are 32 prizes in total.  I know - can you believe?   Now some of them are available internationally, and some are only available in the US, some only in the UK.  This is all due to the cost of shipping, and I am sure you will all understand.

Please support each amazing brand who has contributed by following them on Facebook.  Here's the summary of who is involved - 


Too Fancy Lacquer - $25 gift voucher to use in-store
Messy Mansion - 4 Messy Mansion plates and 2 LilyAnna plates
Darling Diva Polish - 6 polishes from the White Witch Collection
Lilypad Lacquer - 4 polishes - the Soft Metals collex
Chirality - 4 polishes
Ruby White Tips - 4 polishes
Cupcake Polishes- 3 polishes
Indigo Bananas - 3 polishes
Literary Lacquers - 3 polishes
Philly Loves Lacquer - 2 polishes
Gothic Gala Lacquers - 2 polishes
Treasures by Tan - 2 polishes and a $5 coupon code
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics - 2 polishes
Northern Star - 1 polish, 1 cuticle oil


Sally Magpies - set of Pretty Serious texture polishes
Celestial Lacquer - 3 polishes
Quirk - exclusive LE polish


Aly's Dream Polish - $50 in store voucher
Chaos & Crocodiles - 4 polishes
Serum No 5 - 4 polishes
Painted Sabotage - 3 polishes
Love, Angeline - 3 polishes
Pretty Bitch Polish - 3 polishes
Ella Gee - 2 polishes
Sweetheart Polish - 2 polishes
Pipe Dream Polish - 2 polishes
Anne Kathleen - 2 polishes
You Polish - 2 polishes
My 10 Friends - 2 polishes
Delush Polish - 2 polishes
Model City Polish - 1 bottle of polish, 1 cuticle oil and a glass nail file
Misfits on 8th - polish making kit

Ok, if that hasn't made you drool, nothing will!!  Ready?  Enter!!  And good luck xx  [Giveaway Ends 28th Feb 2014].

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