Most of the time Blogger blogs are marked as Spam by the automated classification system and this mostly happens when migrating to WordPress because google may see it as a duplicate content and mark it as spam. Recently I was the victim of this issue when one of my blog was marked as spam when migrating from Blogger to WordPress. Below is the whole guide which will help you get your blog back.

The Whole Story : My Experience as a Victim

About a week ago, When I was in the process of migrating one of my blog (MarineDiaries.org) which was on Blogger to WordPress. This was the first time I was migrating to WordPress and I was not knowing much about migration process, So I was following an online guide which explained How to safely move Blogger blog to WordPress.

During the process there was a part in which I have to add a code inside my blogger template which suppose to redirect traffic to new site. I was following the guide very carefully as my blogs are very valuable for me and I don't wanted to land in any problem. I added the code inside the template of my blog and Saved it, After that I was shocked to see that my blog was locked because of Spam issues and the message said "Your blog is marked as Spam by automated classification system".

To my horror, All the blog options / settings were blocked and I was not able to backup my blog content. And a bad news was that I forgot to backup my blog before proceeding the migration process. I was stuck between Blogger & WordPress with a risk of losing all my content, traffic etc. which i was not going to afford.

How I Got My Blog Back with All it's Content

I was so upset and angry at the same time and decided to fight for my blog. I appealed blogger that My blog is mistakenly marked as Spam and asked them to Restore it. I also followed a few more step which suppose to help me in getting back my blog. After doing all the things which i could possibly do, the next thing was waiting for response. I also posted in Google support forums for help regarding this issue.

After four days of appealing restore request (Today), I was surprised to see a response from Blogger team saying that Your blog was mistakenly marked as spam by automated system, We're sorry and your blog is restored. Here is the exact message from Blogger Team:

Hello, We have received your appeal regarding your blog http://marinediaries.blogspot.

com/. Upon further review we have determined that your blog was mistakenly marked as a TOS violator by our automated system and, as such, we have reinstated your blog. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime and thank you for your patience as we completed our review process. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, The Blogger Team

I was really happy after seeing this message. The Blogger team Instantly restored my blog with all its content and I successfully migrated to WordPress without the issue re-occurring.

What to do if This Happened to Your Blog

So Today was a good day for me and I got my blog back, I've decided to make a detailed post on this issue and I was unable to find resources which could help me when I was a victim. So In this post I will share the resources which will help you get your blog back (Only if it was mistakenly marked as Spam)

If this has happened to you then just follow the below steps at earliest stage possible (with in 24 hours) or else blogger may delete your blog forever and you won't get it back even if it was a mistake.

Request Blog Restore

Once blogger marks your blog as spam and block all options. You'll see a button near your blog saying 'Restore'. Just click on it and enter the details asked (mostly they ask you to enter a Captcha code)

After Requesting Blog Restore, You'll have to wait about 24-72 hours for response from blogger team. Your blog will be manually reviewed by a member from Blogger Team and if it is legitimate then your blog will be restored.

Post a Thread in Google Support Forum

After Requesting Blog Restore, you should not just sit idle and wait for response, Be active and research more about this issue. The Best thing is by posting a new thread at Google Support Forum and asking for Help.

Go to Google Support Forum

Create a New Thread with all details

In my case I explained the whole thing and I also mentioned that this happened after I added code to my template. (Always be clear and add all details, Never hide things)

Now wait for the responses on your thread. Once you receive responses on your thread, read them carefully and do whatever they say. This will increase your chances of getting your blog back as Many of the Forum moderators are Blogger Employees.

Also Search for similar threads on Forum for help.

Search Google for Similar Articles

After completing the above two things, Next research Google for similar queries and read related articles. This will help you know more about this problem and will also help you find more ways which can help getting your blog back.

You may like to check my thread in Google Support forum for help, Here is the thread.

Final Words

If you are sure that your blog was mistakenly marked as Spam and if you follow this article completely then I'm sure that you will get your blog back within few days (it may take around 72-96 hours or maybe more for response from Blogger team so be patient)

I hope this guide was helpful and If you have any queries regarding this issue then feel free to leave a comment below and I will surely reply asap!

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