ThankGODforJESUS. I had to share this. Knowing God is much more than saying I know God, it’s intimacy, it’s being interwoven with Him (watch video below...

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  • Under the surface of almost every sociopolitical and economic event in the world there burns an ever-raging, but often unseen, war. This war, for now, is fought with fiction and with truth, with journalistic combat and with quiet individual deeds. It...

  • Interview by Roger Durling with Jonah Hill Roger Durling: Everyone please welcome Academy Award Nominee Jonah Hill. (Applause) And belated Happy Birthday! Jonah Hill: Thank you, thanks. And thank you all for staying. It’s so nice to see so many...

  • The mother nature of Evolution: Selection, Inheritance and History “I am certain that pure collection have been the key but not special signifies of modification.” ? Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species Why do contemporary human beings exhibit distinct...

  • …..University Of Ottawa Radical Feminists Trample Free Speech & Try Shutting Down Female Professor Advocating Male Rights . I think men make lousy women, and women make lousy men. But they make excellent themselves. [sent me by Paul Fromm...

  • The nature of Evolution: Range, Inheritance and History “I am confident that healthy assortment is actually the key but not distinctive usually means of modification.” ? Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species Why do fashionable humans show numerous...

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  • Intercession –

    June 6, 2015 1,410 Views There are only three (3) world of possibilities that rule the world: they are Faith (1), Prayer (2), and Fasting (3) (Matt 17:21); howbeit Fasting without prayer is a wa...

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