For many, the conservatory is the showpiece of their home. It is the central area for relaxing during the summer months and can act as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of a busy home.

You can make your conservatory a really special place for your family and friends by investing time and money into savvy interior design. There are many resources online that will be able to provide you with ideas to spruce it up so it can be used throughout the year.

Consider the following points when spending time planning the interior of your conservatory.

Stripped Wooden Floorboards and seasonal Furnishings

In the summer, maximise the light in your conservatory by exposing stripped wooden floorboards and hanging white, floaty curtains. If you whitewash the flooring, it will reflect the light and make your conservatory an inviting and cool escape for the hot summer months.

During the dreary winter months, you can make your conservatory an altogether more inviting place. Simply purchasing a couple of colourful, woven rugs will help to warm the floor space. Switching floaty curtains for something a little heavier, will help warm the room and make it a cosier environment. Velvet cushions and deep, plum coloured throws and blankets will make for a stylish and comfortable winter retreat.

Natural textures and Furniture

Lightweight wicker and cane furniture is a popular choice for conservatories. This is because it can be transported in and out of your conservatory with ease, so you can make the most of your garden when the sun is out.

A modern twist on traditional wicker furniture is the ‘shabby chic’ look. This is an appealing style, where furniture looks loved and well-used.

With a bit of time, and the right tools, creating shabby chic furniture for your conservatory is a simple process. Why not consider teaming your newly painted furniture with cushions printed with a natural design, such as leaves or flowers?

A strong feature wall

Most of the wall space in a conservatory will be taken up with windows. However, if you have the chance to create a feature wall, this can be a great way to tie in the theme of your home into the conservatory as well. This creates a natural flow throughout your whole home and makes everything more integrated.

You might want to paint the wall a bright, summery colour to create a positive atmosphere. You could also consider a wall hanging. This is a great option, as it can be easily changed according to season or taste.

Plants and Flowers

Bring the outdoors in, by growing plants and flowers in your conservatory. As the conservatory is a warmer and dryer part of your home, be aware that plants can dry out much quicker than other spots in your house. Follow a strict watering schedule, and move plants around so that all sides are exposed to light sources equally.

Remember to be mindful of the plants you choose. Some plants and flowers will not be suitable for the conservatory at all as they may overheat and die.  Suitable flowers for a heated conservatory, where temperatures do not fall below 15 degrees Celsius, include fuchsia and pelargonium.

If you are choosing underfloor heating for your conservatory, consider heating only the middle part of the floor, so that plants can be placed around the edge of the room and not be affected by artificial heat. Do not place plants and flowers directly above any heat sources, as this will dry them out and spoil the overall look of your conservatory.

Blinds for conservatory

Blinds for your conservatory can be a great way to deter burglars and provide some privacy. They are a must for keeping your conservatory warm during cooler periods, and for shielding the sun on bright days.

Modern conservatory blinds come in a range of colours and materials that can suit your style and pocket. Venetian blinds are still very popular, but be aware that they may wear out quicker if they are being pulled on a regular basis.

There are so many wild and wonderful ways to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for your conservatory. Using simple techniques, such as furniture made from natural fibres, or wall hangings depicting floral art, can be a very effective way of creating a stylish and savvy space.

Mark Caulfield is the Director of Caulfield Conservatories based in Harrogate andspecialises in designing and creating beautiful bespoke conservatories

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