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| Release = 17 Oct 8:00am PDT

| Version = Rift 1.11

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Welcome to RIFT 1.11: Tempest Rising!


The patch notes for 1.11 are super incredibly long, so some sections have been linked to the appropriate forum thread rather than displayed in the patcher, particularly Calling and Crafting changes.

* World Event - Tempest Rising: For years the Icewatch, with the aid of the Ascended, have stood guard over Crucia's icy prison in Iron Pine Peaks. New rumors rise from the east, claiming that the Dragon of Air is not captive at all, but is in fact biding her time while her schemes come to fruition. For the sake of Telara, Crucia's rise must be stopped!

* The new dungeon, Exodus of the Storm Queen, will be unlocked in a later phase of the World Event!

* SOUL CHANGES: Major updates come to basically every soul in the game - you can find summaries below with links to specific Soul change details on the forums! Be sure to also check out the GENERAL COMBAT changes which apply to all Callings.

* PLANAR ATTUNEMENT is now shared among all characters, and has been converted to a simpler method of gaining levels - see details under PLANAR ATTUNEMENT, below.

* CRAFTING has also seen some significant tune-ups and has detailed notes linked from the forums.


* You may now equip items of any armor type in your Wardrobe. Mix and match - the world is your closet!

* The cost of training abilities from level 1-50 has been reduced!

* The first time you accept a teleport for an Instant Adventure group, your starting location is remembered. Later, when you're done adventuring, you'll now be asked if you'd like to return to your starting position.

* Fixed a case where auto-attack wouldn't toggle off due to a line of sight issue.

* Fixed an issue that could cause a significant amount of lag when area-looting for some users!

* Mentoring: Stat calculations when mentoring now handle tanking soul boosts much better. While Warriors should see a decent boost, Cleric and Rogue tanks should see a significant increase in effectiveness.

* Mentoring down after receiving random normal dungeon rewards will no longer grant increased experience.


* Dungeon, Expert Dungeon, and Raid mobs throughout the game have had a balance pass in order to bring their damage, hit points, defense, etc. stats in line with the significant class changes coming in 1.11. The numbers may be different, but you should be able to take an existing character with existing gear into post-1.11 dungeons or raids and be near-equally effective (if not slightly more so) than in pre-1.11 RIFT.


* NPC Inquisitors no longer cast Bolt of Depravity.

* Pets belonging to mentored players now have normalized Armor and Resistance values across all callings.

* Player pets - particularly the Druid's Faerie - will now cast instant-cast abilities while they or their owner are moving.

* Auto-attack should begin properly when you're using 'Cast on Target of Target' to attack.

Several changes have been made to combat mechanics and stat derivation to meet these goals:

* Consistent power-scaling in gear across all Callings.

* Clear distinction of stats between Callings.

* Consistent scaling between different damage types with gear.


The amount of Attack Power and Spell Power derived from Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Wisdom is now based on the following ratio for each Calling:

* Warrior: 75 % from Strength and 25 % from Dexterity contributes to Attack Power. 50 % from Intelligence and 50 % from Wisdom contributes to Spell Power.

* Rogue: 75 % from Dexterity and 25 % from Strength contributes to Attack Power. 50 % from Intelligence and 50 % from Wisdom contributes to Spell Power.

* Mage: 75 % from Intelligence and 25 % from Wisdom contributes to Spell Power. 50 % from Strength and 50 % from Dexterity contributes to Attack Power.

* Cleric: 75 % from Wisdom and 25 % from Intelligence contributes to Spell Power. 50 % from Strength and 50 % from Dexterity contributes to Attack Power.

* 5 Attack Power now adds 1 DPS to your ability attacks, down from 10 Attack Power.


The amount of Critical Hit Rating and Spell Critical Hit Rating derived from Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Wisdom is now based on the following ratio:

* 50 % from Strength and 50 % from Dexterity contributes to Critical Hit Rating. 50 % from Intelligence and 50 % from Wisdom contributes to Spell Critical Hit Rating.


The mitigation from a successful Block/Deflect is now fixed at 30 %. It is no longer increased by Block/Deflect rating. However, this value can be increased by specific soul abilities.

Block/Deflect rating now only increases chance to Block/Deflect.


The hard caps for parry and dodge chance have been set at 40 %. There are no soft caps for either of them.

The chance to parry derived from each point of Parry Rating is now similar to the chance to dodge derived from each point of Dodge Rating.

The chance to miss, parry, or dodge are now rolled independently instead of on a single determination chance.


Hit and Focus will be merged into a single stat called Hit. Focus will be removed from the game and all existing items with Focus on it will be changed to Hit.

Hit is used to negate the caster’s innate chance to Miss for both spell and non-spell attacks and the defender’s chance to Parry and Dodge for non-spell attacks.

* Hit will no longer reduce the defender’s non-physical mitigation.


Resist will no longer give the player a chance to Resist or avoid a spell attack. It now only reduces the damage taken from non-physical attacks. The percentage of damage reduction is reduced with increasing player level.

All rings, necklaces and cloaks will now have a +Resist All stat.


Critical Power is a new stat added into the combat system. It increases the amount of Critical Hit Damage and Critical Heal.

* The Critical Hit damage and healing multiplier starts with a base of 1.5 and caps out at a maximum value of 2.


* All Callings now have their Max HP increased by 10 for every point of Endurance.


Mana regeneration is no longer increased by Intelligence and Wisdom. It is now a fixed value that increases with player level.

* Max mana is equally increased by Intelligence and Wisdom for both Mage and Cleric, and caps out at a specific value.


When dual wielding, weapon ability attacks from your main hand or off hand will have their weapon damage contribution multiplied by 1.3. This will make the damage from an ability attack with a 2-hander similar to the damage from an ability attack while dual wielding.


Pets no longer inherit Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Wisdom from their owner. They will now inherit all derived stats like Attack Power, Spell Power, Resist and Armor from their owner.


* Planar Attunement is now shared between all characters on your account! Planar Attunement experience earned is applied to all of your characters.

* You'll need to log in to each existing character to add their PA experience to your account-wide total. There's no advantage in logging in characters in a certain order or leaving some characters to be logged in later.

* The account-wide Planar Attunement change is going hand-in-hand with a change to how Planar Attunement experience applies to PA levels. The combined total of PA from your characters is converted before adding to the account-wide amount.

- Each Planar Attunement level now gives you 1 point. Each purchase now costs 1 point rather than the previous 75-600 points.

- The amount of experience needed to earn a level/point now starts at a lower total - 100,000 rather than 500,000 - but the amount needed per point increases with more points gained.

* Your old PA levels have been converted to the new system using the most favorable of the following scenarios:

- 1: Number of points you'd have if you had earned your current Planar Attunement experience total under the new values,

- 2: Number of purchased PA hexes if you had only bought the cheapest Planar Attunement upgrades,

- 3: Number of purchased PA hexes in your current Planar Attunement trees

- The new Planar Attunement cap after conversion is 628, the total if you had previously completed tier 2 and had 1034 PA levels.

* There is now a 'Fill Tier' button for each tier in the Planar Attunement window. Clicking this will attempt to fill in as much of the selected tier as you have points for. Much like the Fill Soul button, you can edit and adjust how the points have been spent before saving.

The following abilities have been modified to match the new Whetstones, Oilstones, and Powerstones.

* Flaring Glyph now applies +80 Spell Power

* Keen Edge now applies +80 Attack Power

* Razor Edge now applies +40 Attack Power


* Soul Tree: Opening the Soul Tree window when you are above level 6 and have no points spent will now display the Soul Presets window first. You'll also see it when activating a new, empty Role.

* Selecting a Preset on the Soul Tree will now auto-distribute points into that preset, but not commit them.

* Updated the available Soul Presets and added some new ones, to go along with the giant chunk of Soul changes!

* Some Soul Presets now only appear after a minimum level is reached - so keep an eye out for additional advanced Soul Presets as you level up.

* Added a 'difficulty rating' to Soul Presets so you have a general idea of how complex the preset is to play.

== SOULS ==



The Cabalist soul has seen some major changes to help make its use more understandable and to make it easier to combine with other souls. The most significant change is the removal of the Decay mechanic.


The Druid now has a wider selection of pets as well as an increased emphasis on positioning. They not only now have tank pets and a ranged DPS pet, but Druids gain a number of benefits when attacking from behind.


The Inquisitor has seen the fewest changes of all of the Cleric souls. The most obvious change is that Life and Death Concord is no longer RNG-based. Instead, your Life spells build up stacks which reduce the casting time of Bolt of Depravity until it can be cast instantly, and reduces the mana cost of Bolt of Depravity by 10% per stack.


The Justicar remains a healing-themed tanking soul. While they still trigger all of the same heals through damaging abilities, the healing is no longer based on the damage done by the Justicar.


Still a primary tank healer, the Purifier is now better focused on damage reduction and prevention. They now have a wide variety of buffs and absorption spells that reward planning and preparation!


Still a primary tank healer, the Sentinel is now better focused on speed and responsiveness. No longer reliant on the RNG for Serendipity procs, they now have many tools at their disposal for reducing their cast times and putting out a lot of healing in a hurry. Of all the healers, they have by far the most cooldowns to respond to any situation.


While the Shaman should look very familiar, it's seen a fair number of changes to give them a better flow and remove much of the RNG reliance. Long Memory is no more. In its place is Pattern of Violence which causes all weapon attacks to reduce the current cooldown of Massive Blow. Brutalize stacking is a non-factor, because it only lasts 4 seconds now, which is faster than you will be able to use Massive Blow again.


The Warden has received a number of new spells and adjustments to fully flesh them out as the Cleric's premier AoE healing soul. They now have the easiest access to quick-recast area of effect heals, all of which hit up to 10 party or raid members. They are now also built for greater damage potential to increase their utility between raid damage spikes.



The Archon is largely unchanged and should continue to play very similarly to how it has been. The main difference is the change to Pillaging Stone. Pillaging Stone no longer applies its buff by default - in order to gain the stat buff from Pillaging Stone you will need to spend points in Strength of Stone on Tier 2 of the Archon soul tree.


The Chloromancer is still a soul that heals through dealing damage. Previously this healing was done as a percentage of the damage dealt. With this update, the healing is done based on the base cast time of the spell dealing damage. If an effect reduces the cast time of an ability it will still trigger healing based on the original cast time of the ability and not the modified cast time. The Chloromancer will still need to deal damage in order to trigger the healing from their Veils, but that healing will not be based on the amount of damage done. Life damage will still heal for more and AoE spells continue to be less efficient in the healing they provide.


The Dominator soul continues to be control oriented. The popular abilities from the soul such as Transmogrify, Storm Shackle and Split Personality either remain unchanged or are improved. Adding to the collection of abilities are several new area of effect and area denial abilities. These allow the Dominator to contribute substantial area damage to a fight and help shape the battlefield to their allies’ advantage.


The Elementalist has seen some substantial updates. Pets have received an overhaul in order to help them scale better as you advance. Abilities that affect your pets now work on pets from both the Elementalist soul and the Necromancer soul. Likewise, abilities from the Necromancer will affect pets from either soul. Adjustments have also been made to the spell rotation for Elementalists to make it more interesting to play.


As with the Elementalist, the Necromancer has seen some substantial updates. Abilities that affect your pets now affect pets from both the Necromancer soul and the Elementalist soul, and vice versa. The other major change to the soul is that Deathly Calling is now applied by undead pets instead of the Mage. This allows the Mage to have a much more interesting set of abilities to take advantage of Deathly Calling stacks instead of just setting their pet up to hit a little harder.


The Pyromancer remains largely unchanged from its previous incarnation. There is a greater emphasis on applying and utilizing stacks of Combust on enemies, which helps add a strategic element to the soul that was missing previously in many instances.


The Stormcaller has a renewed emphasis on their ability to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. They retain their reliance on building stacks of Electrified and Hypothermia on enemies, but have received some new tools to help them do so.


The Warlock continues its focus on utilizing damage over time abilities, and has been updated so a greater portion of their damage comes from those effects. They have gained several abilities that help them in maintaining their DoTs on enemies, transferring the DoTs between targets, and even causing their DoTs to explode to deal a large amount of damage in one shot.



Assassins are masters of stealth and selectively take down weaker opponents by catching them off guard. They specializes in single combat and are vulnerable when dealing with multiple opponents.


These musicians are the true jack of all trades, masters of none. Their tunes motivate and heal allies, and weaken and hurt enemies.


Bladedancer are duelists and are proficient in face to face melee combat. They execute a series of rhythmic actions to boost their combat prowess.


These deadly ranged fighters are highly capable of overwhelming their opponents from afar. In addition, they are able to distance themselves away from danger.


Nightblades are melee combatants who enchant their weapons with the planes of Fire and Death to destroy their opponents. They are also able to damage enemies from a short distance.


With a ranged weapon and a faithful companion, Rangers are highly competent in combat. Their affinity with their companion makes them a force to be reckoned with.


Blessed by planar forces, these mobile teleporting beasts are made to bear the brunt of battle, capable of outlasting their enemies in prolonged combat.


Armed with an arsenal of Charges, Bombs and Traps, Saboteurs are weapons of mass destruction. They devastate the battlefield, leaving behind death and destruction.



The Beastmaster is a master of communication and bringing allies together to fight as one, devastating their enemy with their unity of purpose. They fight alongside their Primal Companion, lending their aid and power to those who choose to fight with them.

The Beastmaster has become a support soul, buffing themselves before battle and then using their Finisher attacks to trigger those buffs that enhance the combat effectiveness of all their allies.


Used to fighting a losing battle against multiple foes, the Champion has become a master of fending off outnumbering forces and emerging victorious even against the most unbalanced odds. Their powerful attacks sweep through their enemies like they are harvesting wheat, leaving the bodies of their foes piled in their wake.

The Champion is a master of facing multiple targets, dealing damage and defending themselves from overwhelming forces. That being said, they lose effectiveness when facing a single opponent.


Stalwart defenders of the innocent, the Paladin wields his great shield to protect himself and his allies in battle. He wields the power of life to heal his wounds and rend it's spark from his enemies, destroying those who would seek to harm those he protects.

The Paladin protects themselves with their Shield, turning their opponent's attacks back on them. They have learned to wield the power of the Plane of Life to heal themselves, protect themselves, protect themselves and their allies, or deal further damage to their enemies. As would be expected by their large shield, Paladin's are better at defending against Physical attacks, but fall behind when it comes to magical protection.


Master of weapons and her own body, the Paragon wields her weapons as if they were a part of her. Facing each enemy with a dance of blood and steel that leaves her foes cast aside as she moves on to her next doomed target.

The Paragon is the master of facing off against a single opponent, dealing swift and brutal damage to them. When faced by multiple enemies however they cannot keep up and quickly fall to their foes.


The Reaver surrounds themselves in the energy of the Plane of Death to corrupt their foes and the very ground at their feet. They infect their enemies to weaken them and feed on the corruption to survive even the most deadly opponents.

The Reaver continues to use the powers of the Plane of Death to deal damage to their foes. Their defenses may not be as strong as those of other tanks, but they do a better job at dealing damage and handling multiple opponents.


She gathers the energy of the Rifts themselves around herself and uses it to enhance her weapons and herself. Wielding blades of electricity or sheathing her body in flame she carves her way through her opponents like a force of nature. When the fighting gets desperate or her target tries to evade her, she cloaks herself in the power of the Rifts to slip across great distances instantly.

The Riftblade uses Elemental damage to enhance their weapon attacks in battle. When faced with difficult situations they have multiple teleports they can use to escape or chase after an opponent.


Devouring the power of his foes the Void Knight uses it to enhance himself in battle, turning himself into a juggernaut on the battlefield.

The Void Knight absorbs the power of their foes to make themselves stronger in battle. This power can then be used to protect themselves, or to unleash brutal damage against their foes. because of their nature, they tend to be better at Magical protection than other tanks, but lack more in defending against Physical blows.


The Warlord is a master of the Battlefield, he uses his awareness of it and his enemies to give him great advantage. He is balanced in his attacks and does not extend himself too far, or too often. Instead waiting for the right moment to deal effectively with his foes.

A hybrid that cares as much about self preservation as they do about defeating their foes, the Warlord balances defense and offense. They are not as strong at defense as a tank, nor as strong at offense as a purely attack focused Soul but they combine both to add utility to either, or allow someone who is focused in one discipline to enhance themselves in the other.


* Added an automatic leader-promotion feature. If a guild has no active Leader rank members for 37 days, the most senior recently active character will be automatically promoted to Leader rank. Any existing Leaders who have played within the prior 60 days will receive an in-game mail notifying them of the change.

* Guild Rally Scrolls will no longer be consumed when a character attempts to teleport to a Banner placed in an area they can't enter due to their level (ex: Ember Isle).


* If you are still in the queue for Conquest when a match ends, you will be notified with sound and text.


* Healing has been reduced across the board in PvP combat.

* AoE Damage and Healing have been reduced in general in PvP combat.

* Abilities with snares and knockbacks no longer trigger diminishing returns.

* Crowd control effects like stuns, roots, etc. are subject to diminishing returns when used against players in PvP. This diminishing returns system has been changed:

** Old method: 1st effect has full duration, 2nd effect has reduced duration, 3rd effect is further reduced, etc. until target becomes fully immune. Then timeout occurs, and the whole thing resets.

** New method: 1st effect has full duration, and when it ends, the target becomes immune for a period of time equal to that duration.

* Gaining Prestige Ranks past 40 now grants 500,000 Planar Attunement experience.

* The following DPS adjustments have been made to tank soul passive Gift abilities while in PvP:

** Justicar: Faith in Action: Damage increase per point spent becomes 0% per point.

** Riftstalker: Riftstalker Mastery: Damage increase per point spent becomes 0% per point.

** Paladin: Paladin's Gift: Damage increase per point spent becomes 0% per point.

** Reaver: Gift of the Reaver: Damage increase per point spent becomes 0% per point.

** Void Knight: Gift of the Void Knight: Damage increase per point spent becomes 0% per point.

** Warlord: Gift of the Warlord: Damage increase per point spent becomes 0.65% rather than 0.9%.

* The 2% Valor gained from leveling has been removed, and added to base PvP armor sets.

* Added 25 Vengeance to Battlemaster's Sigil and Battlemaster's Source Engine.

* In preparation for Storm Legion PvP, Valor amounts have been adjusted across all PvP gear. Numerical values at level 50 are significantly lower, but provide the same or slightly more damage reduction than pre-1.11.

* Removed class restrictions from PvP costume armor.

* Increased the amount of Valor granted from Set 1-5 armor and weapons.

* A large portion of the overall Valor that can be obtained has been moved from secondary sources - enchants, essences, etc. - onto weapons and armor.

* PvP Rifts: The turn-in location will once again appear on the main map when you are a stone carrier.

* Heads up! Prestige and Favor boost potions will have their bonuses reduced when you use them at level 51+.

* You can no longer take the mount from the quest Recluse Wrangling into Warfronts.


* Most of these updates are across a very large number of items from every tier. Please forgive us for not listing every item individually. As a general rule, if a potion or food consumable boosted your stats or performance, it was probably adjusted in 1.11.

* Explosive Philters now hit up to 8 targets. Previously, these were uncapped.

* Healing Philters and Philters of Restoration can now only affect an ally once every 2 minutes.

* Updated the Bottle of Critical Strikes and Bottle of Spellstrikes to provide a flat bonus to Critical Strike ratings rather than a percentage.

* Updated the Vials of elemental resistances to work with the new Resistance calculations.

* Updated Manasurge Vials based on new mana pools.

* Updated Agility Serums based on new avoidance calculations.

* Surprise! Stat potions and Anti-Planar Power potions also updated!

* Updated the buff values for a variety of crafted foods.


* Added more cross-faction respawn points in Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield, and Gloamwood.


* Adjusted Instant Adventure teleport locations to be closer to adventure targets.


* In an effort to focus on the common enemy, the Guardian and Defiant NPCs around the Chancel of Labors are now neutral to members of the opposite faction.


* The questgiver Shriage Qutugh in Orphiel's Spire will no longer use her Nightblade powers to play peek-a-boo with players.


* Fishing works again in Sanctum!


* You will no longer loot Mansfield's Sword if you are already on or have completed 'Fear of the Dark'.


* 'Defend Wardstone' adventure bosses in Gloamwood, Stonefield, and Scarwood Reach should now scale properly to the amount of players on the adventure.

* Friendly NPC allies in 'Defend Wardstone' adventures shoud now be friendly to players of both factions.


* Adjusted Synergy Crystals for all Souls to go along with the huge soul revamps!

* The Farmer's Hat from Autumn Harvest can now be dyed.

* Air Rift consumables have had their effect changed to increase run speed. Existing items will still have their old effects but will no longer drop.

* Earth Rift consumables have had their effect changed to Intelligence and Dexterity buffs or damage absorption. Existing items will still have their old effects but will no longer drop.


* Melee combat bosses now with more weapony sound goodness!


* Instant-cast abilities that do not trigger global cooldown now display this on their tooltips.

* The chatlog now shows a notice for Plaques of Achievement awarded by quests.

* The combat log and scrolling combat text messages now show whether experience gained is going toward Planar Attunement.

* Fixed a guild bank bug that would cause the vaults to stop showing correctly after viewing the Items or Currency logs.

* We now display warning messages when you post an item in the Auction House from a client set to a different language than the server's language.

* Fixed chat from channels with apostrophes in the channel name that would show up as blank lines.


* The PTS Client now saves its settings, combat logs, and other files to different locations than the regular RIFT client. They will no longer interfere with each other if you use both clients on the same machine.

* RiftConnect: The Tumblr and YouTube hookups work again!


* http://forums.riftgame.com/official-rift-news/patch-notes/335450-1-11-general-8-00am-pdt-10-17-12-na-1-00am-gmt-2-00am-bst-18-10-12-eu.html

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