Greetings and acquire to another week of new iOS diversion releases! This is a large week, as Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve Pocket Edition is due out tomorrow. It’s a kind of diversion that marches to a kick of a possess drum, and proof that, it’s bucking a normal recover slight and hasn’t utterly arrived usually yet. But soon, we think! Eli was advantageous adequate to seize a diversion early, and was streaming it on a MobCrush channel. If we simply can’t wait to see it in action, check a repository video out. And don’t worry, a impulse Don’t Starve pops adult in a App Store we’ll let we know. But adequate about that, there’s a ton some-more games to check out this week, so sight a list subsequent and let us know what games you’ve got your eye on in a comments below.

Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game

iTunes Description

Alphabear is an strange word nonplus diversion by Spry Fox, a developer of a endowment winning diversion Triple Town.

In Alphabear, we spell difference by selecting letters on a grid. When we use letters that are subsequent to any other, bears appear! The some-more letters we use in an area, a bigger a bear gets, and a some-more points we earn. Perform good enough, and we competence usually a win a bear of your possess to keep forever.

Bears that we win can be used as powerups in destiny games! They boost a points we acquire for regulating certain letters or spelling certain words, extend your timer, boost or diminution a magnitude with that letters appear, and more!

Forum Thread: Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game (by Spry Fox, LLC)


iTunes Description

Don’t let your bug pile-up with a crows in this giveaway and fun game!

Move your bug on wires to evasion ‘em idle crows and go as serve as possible. Be prepared as this fun and addictive diversion could get we bending on for hours!!

Forum Thread: BugRunner (By Mayank Rajoria)


iTunes Description

Light a compound in this illusory dermatitis game, with mind-bending puzzles that reveal as we play.

In C4 you’re a compound that is prepared to set off sequence reactions of dynamite explosions. The compound will automatically rebound adult and down while we control it by simply pulling left or right. Sound simple? It is! There are several forms of blocks to clear, including reversals, speed-ups, slow-downs, and teleporters all that supplement adult to brain-teasing puzzles like you’ve never seen.

Compete to set a lowest times for any level, and plea friends around Game Center to tip your score!

Forum Thread: C4 (By Flexgames)

Clandestine Anomaly

iTunes Description

You accept a mayday accost from an visitor vessel that’s on a collision march with your real-world neighborhood. Installing modernized program onto your mobile device, a visitor summary is as transparent as it is terrifying: if we don’t act, a conditions will turn catastrophic. Not usually for them, though for we and your whole neighborhood.

In Clandestine: Anomaly your mobile device becomes super-charged with visitor software, permitting we to see a dark dispute all around you, and fast build and muster gigantic structures to launch attacks and urge your neighborhood. With a assistance of a growth classification charged with fortifying Earth, you’ll turn Earth’s initial and final line of invulnerability opposite a planet-wide infection.

Stage battles remotely from a comfort of home, or take a quarrel to a frontline by relocating to real-world GPS positions, and unleash absolute airstrikes in state-of-the-art, award-winning protracted existence combat.

Forum Thread: Clandestine: Anomaly By ZenFri Inc.

Congo Merc

iTunes Description

During a 1960s a newly eccentric Congo was a stage of consistent warfare. Congo Merc puts we in a center of that fighting with a charge force of chosen commandos. You control breakneck advances into a heart of rivalry territory, seize vicious objectives and, usually as important, lapse to home base.

Missions embody all from warrant rescue to tracking down Cuban cadre. You partisan from a accumulation of section types, including jeep-mounted commandos, light armor, sappers, atmosphere support, paratroopers and many others.

Once a charge force is organized, we scheme it into a Congo. The map covers a whole country, and when a force enters certain points an eventuality occurs. Events can embody anything from UN involvement to ambushes by rivalry fighters. Combat is resolved around a quasi-tactical procession in that both tactical supremacy and firepower play their parts.

Forum Thread: Congo Merc (by HexWar Games Ltd)


iTunes Description

Dinofour is an exciting, retro-styled, puzzle/platforming adventure!

Play as 4 Dinosaur pals, any with their possess singular special ability they contingency use to solve a array of severe puzzles.

Follow a darling foursome they embark on an implausible tour to retrieve their mislaid eggs. Work together to overcome obstacles, improved enemies and turn reunited with your dear mislaid eggs.

Forum Thread: Dinofour – (by Craig Simmons)

Down a Mountain

iTunes Description

Down The Mountain is a singular and fast-paced arcade diversion that will keep we bending for hours. The idea of a diversion is to deplane from an gigantic mountain, while avoiding many obstacles and enemies, and grabbing stars and power-ups.

- Beautiful graphics

– Simple nonetheless severe gameplay

– 60 unlockable characters

– 200 missions to complete

– Win prizes with a prizewheel

Forum Thread: Down The Mountain [Umbrella]

Dracula Boom

iTunes Description

Are we prepared for new adventures with Jacob? Something terrible has happened. The entertainment park are pounded by a vampires, led by Dracula in a nights. Jacob schooled what vampires are afraid, and changed in a prolonged tour to their den. Help to purify adult a basement of vampires and strengthen children from these monsters.

Forum Thread: Dracula Boom (By Right Fusion)

Draw a Stickman: Epic 2

iTunes Description

Grab your pencil and get prepared for a many artistic DRAW A STICKMAN journey yet!

Imagination is a key, as we enter a enchanting storybook full of poser and wonder, surprising creatures and puzzling puzzles! Create your possess strange stickman and afterwards watch it come to life in DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2! Challenge yourself to clear any secret, collect any sketch and share your creativity with a world!

Forum Thread: Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 (by Hitcents.com, Inc.)

Draw a Stickman: Sketchbook

iTunes Description

Draw a Stickman: Sketchbook is a essential messenger for Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2, a supplement to a award-winning original!

Dive into a colorful new universe where we are given finish artistic leisure to let your imagination soar! You will be given entrance to a same singular collection from Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2, so that we might suffer hand-crafted interactions within this enchanting environment!

Forum Thread: Draw a Stickman: Sketchbook (By Hitcents)

Escape Lighthouse

iTunes Description

You should save your crony and get him out of a lighthouse. Can we solve a puzzles of any turn and find your approach out?

Forum Thread: Escape Lighthouse (By xin wang)


iTunes Description

Transform elementary lines into works of art with a appropriate of a finger in this singular and pleasing nonplus game. Moving any line is easy as we demeanour for clues in any line’s transformation and square them together to qualification all from domicile objects to iconic monuments.

• Create masterpieces in this singular and novel nonplus game

• Simple controls: appropriate regulating your finger to pierce a lines into place

• Hundreds of puzzles to be solved – line adult imagery of animals, foods, sports, toys, design and more

• 10 singular themes any with their possess skins that change how Find The Line looks as we play

• Challenge yourself to find a dark stars and keys in any turn and clear some-more content

Forum Thread: Find–the–Line (by Chillingo Ltd)

Forever Lost: Episode 3

iTunes Description

The law is near. Look inside. Founded in 1806, a Hawthorne Asylum was active during a time when patients were treated reduction like people and some-more like lab rats. Although sealed down in a 50’s due to changing reliable standards it is pronounced that experiments were still being conducted for decades to come.

This is a final partial to a Forever Lost story, if we haven’t played a prior dual episodes afterwards greatfully go do that now, we can objectively contend they’re awesome. A initial chairman indicate and click diversion filled with puzzles, objects, rooms, and some-more puzzles. Plus there’s an tangible story for those players that approach inclined.

Forum Thread: Forever Lost: Episode 3 by Glitch Games

Jetpack Joust

iTunes Description

Strap on your jetpack and squeeze your pierce it’s time for Jetpack Joust! See how many floors we can stand while battling enemies and gripping your fuel tanks full.

The mechanics are simple: collect from 6 opposite characters and tournament your approach past enemies by bumping into them from above and knocking off their jetpacks. The elementary controls concede for a fun nonetheless severe gameplay experience.

Forum Thread: Jetpack Joust (By Rondo Rocket)

Magic Duels

iTunes Description

Enter a world’s best devise label diversion with Magic Duels, an all-new digital experience!

Immerse yourself in a universe of Magic: The Gathering’s sparkling new Origins debate as we play by a stories of 5 iconic Planeswalkers. Hone your skills and build your rug of spells from an ever-growing library of collectible cards, afterwards take on your friends or thousands of AI opponents in Battle Mode.

Enjoy probably unconstrained gameplay with unchanging label and calm updates, quests and achievements, mixed play modes—including fan favorites like Two-Headed Giant—and entirely earnable content. The new Skill Quest training complement and extended Deck Builder with step-by-step superintendence safeguard an epic Magic knowledge for new and maestro players alike.

Forum Thread: Magic Duels (by Wizards of a Coast)

The Mesh

iTunes Description

The Mesh is an innovative diversion that reinvents a approach we play with numbers. Join a competition of a Jade Emperor, and clear a 12 creatures of a ancient zodiac.

Combine a numbered tiles and find a best approach to grasp a top measure possible. But, be clever and consider twice any move! If The Mesh runs out of cells, a diversion is over.

Forum Thread: The Mesh (by Creatiu Lab)

NineOut 2

iTunes Description

Keep a fields of a house giveaway for as prolonged as possible, mislay as many tiles as we can and pierce adult by a levels. NineOut is back, with an sparkling new personification mode though any time extent – creation devise all a some-more important.

Lay your diversion tiles on a house so that a sum of a surrounding tiles accurately equals a array on a tiles laid out. Using this elementary principle, destroy tiles and expose dark tiles. Try to keep control of a board. Each turn offers we a singular array of moves – take as many time as we need. As a diversion progresses and we strech a aloft levels, we will get some-more and some-more points though fewer moves.

Forum Thread: NineOut II (by silvercode)

Nono Islands

iTunes Description

The creators of Mr. Crab have a new plea for you, if we dare… Join a speed to a Nono Islands on a query for prolonged mislaid treasures. But be aware, a islands are distant from uninhabited! The treasures are heavily rhythmical by a Nonos and their army – a spiders, a sharks, a jumping skulls and many others. And if we in some approach conduct to get past them, a dark traps will get we for sure. Good fitness avoiding a spikes, drifting darts, sawblades and boulders. Good luck, that’s all we can say. Good. Luck.

Forum Thread: Nono Islands (by Illusion Labs)

Popping Sports

iTunes Description

Ever wanted to play a sports diversion where you’re constantly about to measure a winning idea with usually seconds left in a game? Now we can!

…Oh and you’re partial of a make-believe tranquil by a relentless AI, looking for a ideal player. Failure means deletion.

Pop a unnatural limbs off your physique one by one and measure goals regulating your conduct as a ball! Soccer, basketball and hockey themed levels are incidentally comparison any time we play.

Forum Thread: Popping Sports (By Henri Kuismin)

Rock Crawler

iTunes Description

Can we suppose a automobile that climbs on rocks improved and faster than humans? Meet Rock Crawler! This multiplayer diversion flattering many resembles a genuine stone crawling: really accurate stifle control is compulsory to conquer some peaks. The diversion utilizes singular soothing wheels physics. These large soothing wheels concede we to stand on hilly rocks and perform superb stunts!

- Utilize turf to perform stunts and make money.

– Overrun your opponents to get some-more money.

– Buy rockets and collect off opponents to stop them.

– Different swell strategies.

Forum Thread: Rock Crawler (by MadFatCat)

Rumble City

iTunes Description

Rumble City is a lightsome tactical/puzzle diversion seen by a lens of 1960s American biker culture. As a personality of a once absolute biker squad your goal is to accumulate your aged squad and retrieve a city, one fight during a time.

Forum Thread: Rumble City (by Avalanche studios)

Shooting Stars!

iTunes Description

This diversion is a answer to one of a many critical questions in life: “I can haz lazer kitty?“ Yes we can! Shooting Stars is a lovely colorful and humorous take on a classical arcade shoot’em up, bullet hell, shmup, space intruder like, whatever we wish to call it – though finally, with immorality aliens sheltered as superstars, cats and rainbow lazers. Superstars like Justin Belieber, PewDerPie, Kanye East and many more.

Did we usually contend rainbow lazers? Yes! Rainbow freakin’ lazers! Shooting Stars has over 50 overwhelming ultimate weapons and equipment to collect. Every intent will totally change a approach we play. Don’t be fearful to use attacks like Clone Warriors, Freedom Sheeps, a Ro-Cat launcher, a Disco of Doom and so many more. Every diversion we play will be totally different. And a best partial is, compensate once – play forever!

Forum Thread: Shooting Stars! (by Noodlecake Studios Inc)

Slugterra: Dark Waters

iTunes Description

Enter a subterraneous universe of Slugterra in this monumental 3D transformation journey game! Based on a charcterised radio array Slugterra, take adult a goal of Eli Shane to urge a 99 caverns and turn a biggest slugslinger!

In this high-tech universe underneath your feet, a ammo’s alive and usually a discerning survive. Play as Eli Shane and arrange your group of slugslingers to strengthen a adults of Slugterra. Collect an arsenal of small critters called slugs — when we glow them during 100 MPH out of your high-powered blaster, they renovate into absolute conflict beasts!

Forum Thread: Slugterra: Dark Waters (by Apps Ministry)


iTunes Description

Try to daub Tapparoo as he tries to get away! The quicker we are, a improved you’ll do! You are always usually seconds divided from your high score!

- Try to keep adult with Tapparoo as he moves faster and faster any time we locate him!

– You usually have 5 lives, so make ‘em count!

– Be careful! For Every 10 seconds we wait for Tapparoo we remove a life!

– Share your measure with your friends by Facebook and Twitter

Forum Thread: Tapparoo (By Lotto Lotto Gamz Etc, Inc.)


iTunes Description

Deliver a box from indicate A to indicate B with usually a few elementary collection and a laws of physics. Create ramps and catapults, watch objects decrease and fall, and someway… somehow strech a destination. Each devise is a hand-drawn nonplus for we to correlate with — Devise a plan, experiment, and make it happen!

TransPlan facilities dozens of projects to explore, starting elementary and flourishing ever some-more complex. Unlock after puzzles and categories by completing progressing ones, and finish projects on-budget to acquire hints to assistance we after on. TransPlan entirely supports achievements!

Forum Thread: TransPlan (By Kittehface Software)

Trivia Quest World

iTunes Description

Thousands of strange questions combined by experts. Simple diversion play: 1 question, 4 probable solutions, that is a scold answer?

– Thousands of strange questions.

– New trivia combined daily!

– Photo Trivia: Questions with pictures!

– Challenge Friends around Social Media content messages!

– Stuck on a question? You can always pass it for free! No in-app squeeze necessary!

– Hundreds of hours of fun, giveaway to play for life!

Forum Thread: Trivia Quest™ World – Trivia Questions (By ThinkCube)

World of Secrets

iTunes Description

“World of Secrets” is an sparkling dark intent game.

Together with a group of researchers we will revisit a UK, Arctic, Egypt, South America and many other pleasing places of a world. Finding artifacts in any thematic area players can emanate their possess collections of objects and gets a event to learn singular finds from several time durations and cultures when mixing them. The diversion was combined in partnership with a National Geographic Society, and this means that a discoveries that we make in a “World of Secrets” will deliver we to a genuine chronological total and events.

Forum Thread: World of Secrets (By PlayStorm)

Yurei Ninja

iTunes Description

Are we a estimable shinobi?

As a shade in a night, fume in a dust, condense your approach to strech a heart of a accursed temple.

The rivalry knows your ways and are as many lerned in a art of stealing and warn attacks.

Traps and lethal bosses will try to stop your quest, kick them all.

Forum Thread: Yurei Ninja (by Bulkypix)

Zero Punctuation: Hatfall

iTunes Description

HATFALL is a high-energy diversion of ability and hat-wearing innate from Zero Punctuation, a strike online video array from The Escapist, combined by a male behind ZP, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw. When Yahtzee finds that his shawl has left blank there’s usually one option: collect as many hats as we presumably can.

Fortunately hats are descending from a sky for no sufficient explored reason, prepared to be held by your head. Just make certain we equivocate a anvils and refrigerators that are also descending from a sky for no sufficient explored reason. And try not to get confused by all a people who demeanour accurately like we perplexing to do a same thing.

And watch out for a testy wizard. In short, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But to truly master a art of putting on hats, we contingency acquire them by any means necessary. Catch them, take them, misappropriate them, and if all else fails, charm them.

Forum Thread: Zero Punctuation: Hatfall (by Defy Media, LLC)


iTunes Description

The Web’s best Typing Game now finally accessible for iOS!

Fend of a enemy’s conflict waves by proof your typing skills. Each minute we form shoots off a absolute plasma bullet into a enemy’s ships. If we ever find yourself in a apocalyptic situation, we can use a EMP bombs to destory any circuitously enemies.

Forum Thread: ZType – A typing diversion that’s indeed fun to play!

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