Technology has progressed a lot in the past few years. Even so, consumers are asking for more. There are devices we never thought of ten years ago, like dual screen smartphones, tablets and remotely controlled thermostats, which simplify a lot our already busy lives. That’s why, many of us already equipped ourselves with the latest and more useful gadgets and apps which can be found on the market now.

One of these innovative and new things is represented by the capability of mirroring the screen of your Android device directly on your TV. There are two ways of doing this, the first one implies connecting the two devices, the Android device with a big screen TV through an HDMI cable (if both support the HDMI connection) or using some special gadgets and applications that can do the same thing, but without wires.

Best Ways to Mirror Your Android Device to Your TV

The first and the simplest way is to buy a mini HDMI to HDMI cable to connect your Android device to your TV. This will cost you some dollars, but there are also other ways of connecting your devices without any cables that cost a little bit more. The majority of them are using Miracast or WiDi screencast standards, which permit portable devices to stream over a Wi-Fi connection up to 1080p HD videos and in the same time to offer a 5.1 surround sound experience. Now here’s some of the best options available:

Sony IM10 Miracast Wireless Display

Sony recently announced a new device that is called IM10 Wireless Display, which permits users to easily mirror their Android’s screen to their TVs from any place inside their house. The little device is powered with the latest Miracast technology, allowing users to stream their media files over a Wi-Fi connection from their Android mobile device.

After you buy the product you will find in the package, an IM10 Miracast Wireless Display device, NFC tag for connection alternative, a charger and a user guide. The device only weighs 125 grams and it has very little dimensions, 75 mm x 75 mm x 16.5 mm, making it to be simple for transportation. It’s equipped with two ports, an USB which is used for the power supply and an HDMI port through which the gadget will be connected with your TV.

Another advantage of this amazing device is that if you own a NFC enabled smartphone you can easily connect the two of them by simply tapping your mobile device to Sony’s IM10 Wireless Display, without having to pair them again or do additional things. Other smartphones and tablets without the NFC will connect with it manually.

This device is not ready for sale, but in the forthcoming weeks it will be available for users from all across the world. For more information about the price and the release date, please go to Sony’s official webpage by following the next link.


Push2TV is Netgear’s product in the field of devices that can mirror the screen of Android and iOS smartphones or tablets directly to a big screen TV. This device represents one of the best solutions to transform your personal camera into a home cinema, concert hall or photo gallery. Users will enjoy its easiness of transferring their media directly and seamlessly to their TV.

Actually, Push2TV permits users to mirror everything from their Android powered device on their TV, from media files to application and games. Either you will play a game, check what’s happening on Facebook, watching Netflix or posting on Twitter, Push2TV allows you to see everything on your big screen TV, without having to connect your Android device to the TV with an HDMI cable.

The good thing about this device is that it can be carried everywhere you go, because it weighs only 95 grams and has reduced dimensions. This tiny device also has a very simple installation setup, because users will only have to plug in the device into a TV via an HDMI cable and connect their Android device to the wireless network that was created by this gadget.

If this device managed to catch your attention you should know that the Netgear Push2TV product can be bought for prices that start from $59.99.

ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver

ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Displau Receiver is a device which can easily mirror the screen of your Android device to any TV from your house. Users are able to stream videos that are up to 1080p, including the troubling copy protected content (like commercial Blu-Rays), to any projector, TV set or other displays that have an HDMI output port.

This device is equipped with Intel’s WiDi and Miracast technology which promise a lot, because both offer only premium services. One of the best features that are implemented into it is called Ultra-Low Delay, which helps to reduce the Wi-Fi’s latency so that real-time apps and games can run smoothly without any noticeable delays.

Another nice capability is called USB over Network (UoIP) that allows users to connect peripheral devices. All users have to do is to connect a keyboard, mouse or trackpad, by plugging them into the receiver’s USB port and use them according to their preferences. In order to keep the best quality possible of the streaming, you should position your Android device within the line of sight of the receiver and keep them placed within 30 feet.

Unfortunately, this product is compatible with only some Android smartphones, such as HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / Note 2, Google Nexus 4 and more. For the whole list of supported devices, go to the following link. Also, you can use it when you are home or carry it anywhere you travel, because it’s so tiny and very light weight.

So, don’t wait anymore and go to the official website where you can buy it for $69.99.

HTC Media Link HD

HTC Media Link HD is a device which transfers your Android’s screen to your HD TV, without losing the video and the sound quality. It creates a theater environment thanks to its capability of streaming up to 1080p quality videos and 5.1 surround sound. In the package you will find the following things: an HTC Media Link HD product, a power adapter with a micro-USB cable and an HDMI cable.

A very nice feature is the named Media Multi-Tasking, which permits users to run two different applications in the same time. So, basically users are able to watch a movie or run a slideshow presentation on their TV from their smartphone, while they run an application or surf the Internet. Another nice feature is called the Digital Photo Frame that permits users to save 30 photos or more on their device and share them wirelessly.

The device is very intuitive and very easy to use, users just have to swipe up with three fingers on their Android’s screen and instantly the media will be shared on their HD TV. Note that this device is compatible with only some HTC devices, such as HTC One V, HTC One, HTC Butterfly and HTC EVO 4G LTE.  The product can be bought from prices that start from $41 on eBay or on Amazon.

Samsung AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

If you own a Samsung mobile phone or tablet and a Samsung TV that has the AllShare feature implemented, you could easily mirror the device’s screen to your TV without any other devices or cables. Doing this, users can directly share photos, PowerPoint presentations and everything they want in just seconds.

If some of you don’t have a compatible Samsung TV, you could always buy the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub that transforms your TV into your own media theater and creates the necessary link between the Android device and TV. It is available on the Samsung’s official website for $99.99.

You should also take a look at Google’s latest product, Chromecast that is able to stream media from any Android device, smartphone or tablet, to a TV.

Also, keep in mind that if you own a TV which has the Miracast standard implemented, you don’t have to buy other devices anymore, just connect your smartphone to your TV wirelessly and that’s all.

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