Watches Latest American TV Shows and Movies Exclusively on Hot Star. Now You can Subscribe Its Premium Plan worth Rs. 199 Free for 1st Month. Sign Up Now !. Hotstar now launched Premium Service through which you can watch Premium american shows movies for free. Like You can See The All Time High “Game Of Thrones(GOT)” Season 6 All Episodes In HD For Free with hotstar Premium.

How  to Get Hotstar Premium Subscription Worth Rs. 199 Free for One month

Visit hotstar premium Subscription Link – Subscribe Hotstar Premium

Click on “Start Your Free Trial”.

Enter Email ID and password and click on “Sign Up”.

Verify your credit card – You can Use Freecharge Virtual Card with account having low balance (atleast Rs. 5 for verification purposes which will be refunded immediately) freecharge cash in it. [Alternatively you can use use Oxigen Wallet Virtual Card].

Done! Enjoy Hotstar Premium Subscription Worth Rs. 199 Free for One month

Enjoy Free HD Premium Service from hotstar

Hotstar Premium Membership

Get full access to the latest English shows & movies.

Premium shows & movies will not play on mobile browsers. Download the Hotstar app!

Watch in HD on phones, tablets and computers.

This membership is currently available only in India.

Are you eligible for a free trial?

New subscribers are presently eligible for a free trial of one month.

You need to provide us with your payment details in order to authorize your free trial. A token transaction may be charged to your selected payment method to authorize the same, but it will be refunded to you in 7-10 days once your payment method is verified and authorized.

You can cancel your subscription anytime during the free trial and continue enjoying premium content until your free trial expires. If you do not cancel your subscription during your free trial, your billing period will start from the day after your free trial ends. For members who have paid in advance with debit card, the full amount will be refunded if you cancel during your free trial.

It may take about 7 days for this transaction to reflect in your bank statement.

Do note that if you wish to use the same credit card on multiple accounts, only the first account is eligible for a free trial. Any subsequent membership with the same credit card will not be eligible for a free trial.

Similarly, you are eligible to only one free trial per account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Membership

What is Premium Membership?

The premium membership is a recurring monthly plan. This membership grants you access to all our premium titles which are currently available on the platform as well as the titles which we will add in future.

We offer a free trial so that you can try out this membership. No commitments, you can cancel anytime during the trial.

Our free content continues to be available for free for all users.

What videos are available in the premium catalogue?

Premium English shows and movies are exclusively available to premium members only. We have library as well as current seasons for a number of shows, and we are continuously adding to our extensive premium catalogue. You can see the premium shows and movies available with us at premium.hotstar.com

Please note that the premium videos that we can offer are subject to streaming rights available with us. This means that we may have rights to stream only certain seasons of a show, or that only a certain number of latest episodes may be available with us.

How do I become a premium member?

Subscribe in 3 easy steps on hotstar.com and enjoy the service on web and Apps

Go to premium.hostar.com from any browser to sign-up for the Premium service

Register with your email ID and password, or with your Facebook account.

Enter your payment details.

And you’re done!

To enjoy the Premium membership on our apps, you can sign-in on the Apps using your login credentials.

iOS users now have the option of purchasing the Premium Membership on iTunes!

Is this service available outside India?

This membership is only available in India. The premium videos are available on Desktop web, Android and iOS devices. Mobile web does not support premium videos.

How long is the membership valid?

Your premium membership is valid as long you don’t cancel it. Your premium membership may only get interrupted in case your payment is disrupted due to credit card expiry or third party payment process failure. If we make any changes in the structure of the membership, we will inform you before we roll out the changes.

For subscribers who have paid with debit cards, the membership is valid for the number of months that you chose to pay for.

Are there any restrictions on my membership?

There are no restrictions on your membership. At this point in time, only one premium video is playable from one subscriber account. This is to ensure that your premium membership is not misused.

In case you see an error that says you are trying to access premium videos from more than one device, please check if you are already streaming another premium video at the same time from another device. To continue watching the current video, make sure you have stopped the earlier video. Refresh on current device to continue watching the premium video.

What are the system requirements necessary for premium membership?

Premium content works best on:


Google Chrome v49.x

Mozilla Firefox v44.x

Safari v9.1x

Microsoft Windows XP or above / MAC OS 10.2 or above

Latest version of Adobe Flash Player

JavaScript and cookies enabled

The Hotstar applications work best with a minimum system requirement of:

Android v.4.0

iOS 8

What is DRM and how does it affect me?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Our premium content is DRM protected. DRM protection ensures that the content cannot be copied, transferred or modified in any way.

To watch DRM protected videos you will need a valid subscription and a device/application that supports DRM. This is the reason why our DRM videos play only on desktop web browsers and our iOS and Android apps, and not on mobile web browsers.

Our DRM protected content will not play on browser tabs that are in incognito/private mode as this mode prevents Hotstar from streaming video in a secure environment. To ensure that you are able to enjoy this content, please playback from a browser tab in standard mode.

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