Hello Guys, Today I am giving you the ultimate list of 35 free Twitter Tools that you can use to increase your traffic, engagement and productivity from Twitter. As you know Twitter is the second most popular social networking site which comes after Facebook. It has many things that will flatter you but to get most out of the twitter you can use these Twitter Tools which I am presenting you right below.

I have tried to add as much tools as I can think of and most of them are pretty powerful. Mostly are free or but may be 4 or 5 will be the one which requires you to pay but still they will have trial which you can use with out paying anything.

As I told you I have tried to add as much of tools as I can think but if I have left some special one then please tell me in the comment and I will surely add that as well. So without wasting much more time lets start the list.

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The Ultimate List of 35 Free Twitter Tools that each blogger should use :

1. Follerwonk

FollowerWonk is a tool provided bye The MOZ and this is pretty good as well. With this tool you can analyze your followers, can gain powerful insights and compare the users as well.

One of the best thing I like about this tool is its search user tool. With that you just have to enter the name of those which you are targeting. For example I want to find more blogger then I can search “blogger” and then FollowerWonk will bring out a list of persons which have a word blogger in their Bios.

Other tools such as sorting of followers by their name, tweets, followers or some other things are also available in it. Although it is good but in its free version it has some limited functionality. Such that you can’t track your new or lost follower using this.

2. HootSuite

You know that it was coming don’t you . If we are talking about Twitter tools then the list won’t be completed if we are not gonna add HootSuite in it. With the power of analytic it also have the option to tweet to multiple account at once and with that you can also post the same thing to other social accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus. With HootSuite you can also schedule your tweets and also retweet them with a single click. It is entrusted by some of the major companies and I will say you should try this at once. With all that features that make it one in the ultimate list of 35 free twitter tools.

3.  Tweroid

It would be better if only one of your Tweet make the impact of a 100 Tweets. But to do that you need some statistics and those you can get from Tweroid. It will tell you when most of your followers stay online or what is the perfect moment to Tweet. With the help of that data you can also schedule your Tweets for the maximum exposure. And the signing up is also very easy, you just need to authenticate the application.

4. Tweepi

With this tool you can analyze your followers, You can unfollow those which are not following you back. It also has the ability to make you follow your follower in just one click. Those who are following you but has gone inactive or the one you are following but are inactive from a long time can be easily unfollowed using this tool. It also helps you to find your friends and other person which have same interest as yours.

5. TweetChat

TweetChat is a great Twitter tool which can be used to group chat on Twitter. It has changed the entire concept where you can only chat with mentions and direct messages. With this tool you just need to decide a hashtag for the chat and whenever that hashtag appears on any Tweet it will be automatically added to the group chat of the TweetChat. With this you also have the power to block someone and it can also be used with the people of same interest as you are. It is a very simple tool give it a try, I am  sure you will gonna like this.

6. BufferApp

I think you already know about this and having an account as well, if don’t then go right now and create one. BufferApp is a great tool for sharing your post among different social networks. With that it also has the ability to schedule your tweets and when you add a URL in the tweet it will be automatically shortened. With that it also give powerful analytics which tell you what is the potential of your tweet and how many clicks, views and retweet it has received. Now a new feature is also added in it, which also suggest you some content to share it on your social networks. Its android and IOS apps are also very easy to use. It has much more uses that even a complete post won’t be enough for it that’s why it is one of the best free Twitter tool.

7. Topsy

Topsy is kind of a search engine for Twitter, you can say that it is Google for Twitter. With this tool you can search the tweets which got major retweets and favoruites. With that research you can amplify your tweet and can make it as better as you can. It is great when you are targeting a specifc niche and thinkinkg for what should be the catchy headline you will use. So getting to know what strategy works in the past will help you in getting greater exposure and good number of clicks.

8. GroupTweet

GroupTweet is a great tool whe you want to interact with people from the same account. GroupTweet enables you to add contributers which can use the Twitter account. It can also be use to interact with a group more privately. It is much better if you are having a multiauthor blog and you want everyone should communicate with the same official account. Although it has more features in its premium section but still it is worth giving a shot. I bet that you gonna like this Free Twitter Tool.

9. Twitalyzer

Twitalyzer is another but very powerful analytic tool that can make your twiiter life much easier. With its real time analytical tool and its powerful functions you can learn a lot about your account, your followers and about your Tweets as well. You can also do a competitive analysis and it is a great tool for serious bloggers.

10. TwtPoll

Wouldn’t be great if you could take a survey directly from your social accounts. Means your visitors did not have to go to your site or blog, you can create surveys and take feedback and acknoweldgement from your followers. Not only from Twitter you can also use these surveys on your Facebook page to take acknowledgment and feedback from your followers.

11. Unfollower

If anyone follow me, then to show my gratitude I also follow them back. And I guess may be you also do the same. But there are some people who want to take advavantage of that. When I follow back, then after some time those people stop following me. For that this tool came is handy. It will tell you which one unfollowed you and which one you are following back. It also shows you if some of your followers get banned although it won’t tell their name cause that info is not released by Twitter. It will also show you, that who were the latest who unfollow you and which one is inactive from a long time. Yes this is one of the tool that I use everyday, that’s why it is one of the 35 free twitter tool.

12. Twilert

Have you use Google alerts if yes then you can tell that this is Google alert for Twitter. Using this is very easy, just set your keyword and each time that keyword whether in a mention or in hashtag comes, you will get mail from Twialert. You can use this tool to get into discussions. You can also use this tool to keep an eye on your competitor or to see if someone is talking trash to you or your brand name. You can also filter the results by language and geoloaction as well. And all the alerts you will get will be in realtime, that means you won’t be going to miss out the discussion.

13. Twitter Analytics

The official analytics tool provided by Twitter and it is very good. Well how good you ask then consider this as Google analytics of Twitter. This tool is recently launched by Twitter and to use this you need to open the analytics page after logging in. It will start collecting the data after you first log in into the analytics. It will tell you everything about your account, like how many impressions you tweets has made, how much impression and engagement you are getting on individual tweets and other such things as tweets and replies. It will also show you the click you get and will filter your data according to days. This is great tool and it is by Twitter hence it made a place in the ultimate 35 Free Twitter Tools.

14. TwitCam

Forget the hangout, it will take your live streaming directly to Twitter. Yiu just need to connect your webcam, then login and the share the feed url with your followers. And the sharing will also be done easily, just click the broadcast button and then it will be done. You can also chat with your viewers directly from the broadcasting page as well.

15. Twibes

Twitter can be a great place to share your content and get traffic but what if you don’t have any followers. Twibes is a tool which will help you to find people with similar interest. It also helps you to get into the conversations which really suits you. It has previously made groups such as on technology, followback etc. Twibes is a great place to start when you have low followers or you are new to Twitter.

16. TweetStats

It is an another great analytics tool for Twitter. It is always better to keep tracking your social media patterns. And Tweetstats will help you in that. It will graph your twitter account in terms of Tweets per month, Tweets per hour, Tweet timeline and reply statistics. It is a free tool and to use that you just have to enter your username and then in every 8 hours it will update your stats.

17. Klout

I don’t think there is a single chance that you didn’t heard if it. I mean its quite popular. Klout is a great tool in finding out your key influenecer. It keep tracks of all of your social account and and find the influencer and guve them a rank or klout score which is based on their authority. Although I have heard this many times that it has a really bad algorithm to give ranking. But anyways it is a great tool if you want to be great in social media.

18. TwtQpon

If you are running an eCommerce store or a blog which provide some sort of service then this tool will be really great to you. It will generate a coupon for the user which can be of any type such as cash coupons or discount coupons. Now user have to Tweet a link to get that coupon and to use it. It will get you a customer and will force him to influence others as well. There is one more thing, that ithas no free account option and prices are a little bit high. So go on and check it out your selves.

19. WeFollow

WeFollow is a some sort of Twitter user directory in which you can find the people according to your interest. I will suggest you to go their and enter your name as well and fill out your profile effectively to get more followers. Then engage with you follow and build up a better authority.

20. Twibs

It is very similar to WeFollow but has a small difference. It is also a Twitter directory but for business or a brand account, while WeFollow is a directory of Twitter user. So it can help you in getting more followers to yourTwitter official account and to follow more business account of your interest.

21. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is my all time favorite and it is provided by Twitter as well. It shows your tweets, notification and other such things in a grid manner and give more functionality and flexibility to the user. It can also be used to operate more than one Twitter account. Since each account can be place in each grid. This is a very useful tool and specially when you have to use more than one account or when you don’t want to switch between your tabs again and again.

22. Paper.li

I guess you have heard about this. This is not basically used as a Twitter tool but it can be used like that. As you know more than 200 million articles are published daily by using Paper.li . So you can create a news paper as well and each time a news is published from the paper, it will give a tweet to your followers. For making the paper you can choose the source and they can be hastag, news or some other kind of stuff.

23. TweetReach

As the name suggest that it will calculates that how far your tweets will go. Not only the Tweet you can also track a URL, hashtag or phrase. It gives you a real time report and will give much more deeper insights. It has a slightly high pricing and their plan starts from 89$ per month.

24. Triberr

This is a real great place to get more tweets. In this after you login, you have to create or join a community which is refer to here as tribe. Now then you will tweet content of members in your community or in your tribe. And to return the favor they will do the same. It is great that your content will be shared by much influential people. It will gives you more attention and more traffuc to your blog or website.

25. MyTopTweet

This is a very unique and easy to use tool. As the name suggest it will tell you the top 10 Tweets of any tweeter user arranged according to the engagement. That means the Tweet which get more number of retweet, will be placed on number one. It is pretty good when you are analysing your competitor.

26. SocialBro

It will provide you analytics, optimization tips and some more things. It is a paid tool but it has a free plan as well. With the free plan you will get, who follow and unfollow you stats, best time to tweet to get more engagement and impressions and community insights.

27. Amazon Cart

It is a new integration of Amazon with Twitter in which you can show a product to your followers and if they bought it then you will get the advertising money. To use this you just have to add #AmazonCart into your Tweet.

28. Tweinds

Tweinds is a great place to increase your Tweeter Followers. It uses a virtual currency which is known here as “Seed“. Now what you have to do is follow others to earn the seeds and then you can spend these seeds to get more twitter followers.

29. SocialRank

This is a tool which gives a virtual rank to each of your follower. You can get a sorted list of important and most influential people who are following you. It is very great to track important person and stay in the engagement to get the most out of them.

30. BlueNod

This is a really great tool which will visualise any account according to its engagement. As you can see above is my engagement graph and it shows all the connecting node and some other things. It can also be shared as well.

31. Hashtagify

As the name suggest this tool will show you the insight on the hastag. It will show you the related hashtag, top influencers and usage pattern about the hasgtag you choose.

32. RightTag

This is a great tool which you should use before tweeting. It will show you whether you are overdoing the hashtag or using the appropriate Hashtag or not.

33. BuzzSumo

I think this is a familiar name. Buzzsumo can be used to see which topic got more retweets or share, who are the top influencer and you can also get the idea on creating the new post for your blog. So it give you idea for your new post, tell you which got more shares and some other things as well.

34. YoruFukurou

This is Twitter client tool for Mac only. It has great features such as you can create tour own tabs and rules, you can manage multiple accounts easily, you can change the apperance mode and some other things as well. It is good and if you own a Mac they try this once.

35. Tweet4me

Tweet4me is a twitter scheduler which you can command from direct message. You just have to send a message with time of the tweet and the tweet content. When the time comes Tweet4me will automatically post that tweet. You can also merge it with buffer and then can access more functionality as well. So it is a good tool and hence one of the ultimate free Twitter tool as well.

So That’s all on the ultimate list of 35 Free Twitter Tools.

If I have forgotten any tool to mention in these 35 Free Twitter Tools then kindly mention that in the comments.

Also tell us which of the Twitter tools do you use ?

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