Perhaps, it is the most appropriate time for renaming web browsers! Yes, we should think about it seriously, as there are different extensions and add-ons for famous web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to make web-browsing experience simple but superb! Furthermore, we should mention that such add-ons are rather a blessing for internet users, especially those who involve themselves in web-powered jobs such as blogging, internet marketing or web development. In addition, when it comes to Web-based Professionals, web browser is not one random software but an inevitable tool for leading themselves forward. If the above sentence makes sense to you, we hope you to love one feature, through which you can manage your tasks within the web browser.

Here, we would like to introduce OverTask, one Task scheduling extension for Google Chrome, which you can use for managing all kind of tasks you would like to accomplish via Google Chrome browser. As far as we have experienced, OverTask is something truly productive and each web professional should consider installing the extension in your Chrome. Now, we will have a deep glance towards it and understand various aspects on how it can help you. Before we start, let us tell you that you will love the extension, once you have used it.

OverTask – Reinvents ‘New Tab’ Page

As we said earlier, OverTask is an extension, available for Google Chrome, which can act as a useful task manager by converting your usual ‘New Tab’ page into a new form. Installation of the extension is as easy as ABCD. You can download and install this FREE extension from Chrome Web Store, which will not take more than one minute. After the installation, your New Tab page will be in a new form like shown in the following image. Now onwards, you can create tasks instead of tabs.

As you can see, custom page of OverTask has replaced the whole New Tab page of Google Chrome. So, now onwards, you will be seeing this windows every time you launch Google Chrome or pressing the ‘New Tab’ button. By the way, you have not missed your Chrome Apps. You can access your apps by clicking the button on right top ‘My Chrome Apps’. Clicking on the button will show you one pop-up window like shown in the following image. You can click on the required app and the application will open in current tab. There is also a link to access Chrome Web Store.

Now, we will start exploring the real abilities of OverTask – Task Management. We will cover how to create and manage various tabs in your Google Chrome.

Creating a Task

For creating a task in OverTask and displaying in the appropriate, you have to follow a few easy steps like mentioned below. On the left section of the page, you can see one section ‘Create a Task’.

In that section, you have to enter details Task Name, Category [Categories like General, Writing, Fun and Cooking etc are available], Priority [Low, Medium, High], Due Date, Whether you want to move with current session, etc.

After providing details, click on ‘Add Task’. In seconds, you can see the new task in the right section. Yes, you have successfully created one task in OverTask.

Doing Tasks

If you have created tasks you want to accomplish through Google Chrome, the next step is all about doing it. Obviously, you can click on the ‘View’ button of the task column to start working on.

All other tabs in the current Chrome window will be closed! Don’t worry; you will get that back when you resign yourself from the task. Soon, you can see window like in the following image.

Do: Here, you have to add websites, which you use for doing your work. For instance, you may be using Google Drive or Evernote for writing your article. You can enter the address or use suggested sites. Every website you visit will be stored under the Do section.

Research: Here, you can save websites or platforms, you use for gathering information about the task you are doing. For instance, if you are about to write an article, OverTask suggest you some websites such as Reference.com, Quora etc.

Communicate: Here, you can keep track of people, with whom you communicate in order to accomplish the task. For example, you can add Facebook account URL or something.

If you think you’ve finished your task, you can click the Go back button on the left top section to get back to the general Chrome window, from where you jumped into the task. In seconds, all tabs that were closed when you started the task will be restored, which means no loss at all!

And, as you can see, you can see thumbnails of websites, you used for doing the task. In case, if you think you have completed the task, you can click the ‘tick’ button on the task to mark it as a completed one. There is also an option to delete tasks after completing them.

In addition, there is an option for viewing deleted, completed tasks so that you can keep track of what you have done, and what is remaining. Apparently, tab management is awesome in OverTask so that a user can keep track of all his tasks neatly.

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Apparently, OverTask is one of the best productive Google Chrome extensions you can currently get. Adding a bit fire to the talk, the developers of OverTask say that they are about to integrate multi-device support and task sharing features into the extension soon. What do you think about this add-on? Do let us know via comments.

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