Raspberry Pi is taking off like a rocket!
Millions of people worldwide are using this incredibly low-cost
board to learn powerful hardware hacking techniques – and to
create an incredible array of creative and useful projects. Now,
for the first time, there’s an easy and complete guide to
hacking Raspberry Pi – and it requires absolutely no
experience with either hardware hacking or programming!

This lush, 4-color guide is loaded with
step-by-step photos that guide you every step of the way, and
it’s written by Timothy Warner, who’s personally helped
thousands of people get comfortable with new technology.
Raspberry Pi Hacking takes a holistic approach,
covering a wide range of topics – from the basics of the
device to controlling it to building complete projects with it.

Start with all the basics:

What Raspberry Pi is, why it’s so exciting, and how you
can use it

Touring the Raspberry Pi hardware and peripherals

Understanding Raspberry Pi storage, USB and Bluetooth
connections, networking, and more

Installing and configuring Raspbian, Raspberry Pi’s
native Linux-based operating system

Managing users and configuration files

Networking Raspberry Pi and adding Wi-Fi

Programming Raspberry Pi with Python; Scratch; XHTML; and

Then move on to build each of these great
projects, step by step:

Media Center

Retro Atari 2600-compatible console game

Firewall and personal VPN

Web Server

Webcam/Time Lapse Device

Picture Frame

Finally, now that you’re ready for
advanced techniques, learn how to:

Overclock the Raspberry Pi CPU to get even better

Link Raspberry Pi with the Arduino board to do even more
interesting projects

Even get started with robotics!

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