(Angry Patriot Movement) – Liberal dreams of a shadow government being run from Obama’s rental mansion within walking distance of the White House are about to go up in flames!

President Donald Trump is about to dig into the intelligence agencies supposedly serving the United States. A long-time and highly accomplished ally, Stephen Feinberg, is launching a thorough review into the agencies on behalf of the Trump administration, via New York Times.

The president will now, finally, have at least one loyalist in the intelligence community. If the seasoned officials and staffers were not behaving in an overtly partisan and illegal manner, such a step would not be even remotely necessary.

Feinberg is the co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management. He is already calling intelligence officials in for meetings — and facing staunch opposition from the staffers who are supposed to be engaged in non-partisan, essential national security matters.

Never before in the history of the United States has a sitting president been forced to root out spies intent on harming the commander-in-chief from within our very government. Obama holdovers still in their position by the grace of Democrats who are holding up appointments are out for payback — at all costs.

National security is obviously not the top priority for far too many of our intelligence officials. If it were, they would be focused on searching out ISIS sympathizers and not tapping the calls of private American citizens like Michael Flynn.

Stephen Feinberg is tasked with finding out how the leaks of classified information related to Michael Flynn’s phone call with a Russian ambassador occurred. He will also be quickly delving into who all was involved with the leaks and who, if anyone, ordered the leaks to the mainstream media.

Feinberg is a member of President Trump’s economic advisory council. He also reportedly has close ties to Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law. He also knows White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

During the early stages of the Trump transition, Obama spies in the intelligence community were reportedly worried Feinberg might be tapped to head one of their agencies. Rumors once abounded that the Trump supporter might be tapped to lead the CIA.

Liberal television pundits were incensed when WikiLeaks was sharing leaked information about Hillary Clinton’s emails and details from the DNC hacked emails. They repeatedly said the leakers, and perhaps even WikiLeaks for sharing the information, were engaged in criminal acts.

Now, that a Republican is the target of alleged claims about this and that which were leaked, the liberal pundits on television and in the press couldn’t care less about how the information was obtained.

Any liberal career politicians or so-called journalists who thought President Trump was not going to push until he got to the source of the leaks were fools. Our president will not only find out who illegally acted to try to destroy his administration, but he will make sure they are punished to the full extent of the law and exposed publicly for their treasonous actions!


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