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NYSTCE friend,

If you have to take the NYSTCE® (New York State Teacher Certification Examinations®) you know there’s a lot of gossip, mystery and flat-out lies surrounding this high stakes exam.

A disturbing fact is over 2,700 NYSTCE test takers have their teaching careers chronically ‘on-hold’ because of this assessment. Thousands are forced to forget about their love of teaching and look for a job in the brutal job market.

You may have found many NYSTCE study guides and practice exams a rip-off and waste of time. Doesn’t it get you mad some people make a fortune off New York teacher candidates with their mediocre NYSTCE practice tests and recycled study materials?

A ‘Little’ Error With NYSTCE Study Guides That
Cost Me $40,000.00 In First Year Teaching Salary

My name is Ann Andersen. I cut my teeth in NYSTCE study and test prep.

There I was in the testing center. I glared at my exam in ‘pure horror.’ The expression on my face was like a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming train…


I get completely blind-sided and fail my exam. I went through the NYSTCE test meat-grinder. My self-esteem got completely shredded.

You see, I had to start my NYSTCE study all-over-again from scratch. Worse yet, my failing score derailed my teaching career by over a year!

You must be aware of the NYSTCE practice mistakes (you don’t know you’re making) before you risk chronic failure.

You know first year New York teacher salaries are around $40,000.00 with full benefits and 3 months of vacation per year. So failing and delaying your career in education is extremely expensive.

I almost gave-up on my dream of being a teacher before I figured-out how to get a passing score. My personal story below shows how to pass-the-NYSTCE test quicker and easier than you thought possible…and start teaching students who need you.

Read each line. If you skim and scan quickly you’ll miss the one secret that can save you from being axed from the teaching profession you love.

Can You Recognize The Early Warning Signs Of
NYSTCE Practice Failure?

Why is passing such a titanic-feat for thousands of New York education students? – Here are the most common problems test takers tell me about NYSTCE test study guides, practice exams and preparation courses:

Do you guess what content and questions you’ll face on your upcoming testing date? Have you decided to study for the NYSTCE exam by ‘trial and error,’ take the test 2-3 times…eventually learn to pass after taking it so many times?

-Can you really wait a year or more to get a passing score?

Are you losing critical time trying memorize painfully dry, 300 page NYSTCE study books?

You know, it’s impossible to swallow 300-400 pages textbook-like NYSTCE practice guides in the short time you have between now and your exam date.

Feel trapped in ‘information overload?’

Paralyzing overwhelm can avalanche you to failure. You must know what content/questions will show up on your testing date so you get a NYSTCE study FOCUS. Unfortunately, most NYSTCE practice tests and study materials are like a generic textbook, not a real guide to your exam.

What You Don’t Know About NYSTCE Practice And Test Prep Classes Can Hurt You

A spine-chilling reality is that 50%-75% of the content taught in NYSTCE test preparation classes don’t match the real test questions.

99% of the online/offline exam prep courses consist of a presenter reading PowerPoint slides aloud to you. You may need toothpicks keep your eyes open with during these excruciatingly long and boring evening and/or weekend NYSTCE study workshops. Worse yet, it’s only an “orientation to your exam.”

After wasting a tank of gas driving there and back, you have to crack open a book and start your NYSTCE practice and review from the beginning…The same place you started!

A huge waste of time and money.

Do You Make These Deadly Do-It-Yourself

NYSTCE Study Mistakes?

“Official” NYSTCE exam study guides are a little too official…Just another ‘safe’ book to ensure no hints of actual test examples are given away, devoid of any tricks to pass.

NYSTCE practice tips from most books go something like this: “Eat a good breakfast, get plenty of sleep, get a sharpened pencil and eraser,” etc.

Can you believe people are peddling that?

Are you using one of the popular NYSTCE practice exams and books (usually from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com) written by lowly paid writers from large publishing companies who never took your teaching exam?

If those people never passed your test, how will they teach you?…

…That’s the blind leading the blind!

Yuk! What a bitter pill to find you wasted weeks doing it all wrong. No wonder so many people fail this over and over again and get banned from teaching.

Hey, don’t try and ‘reinvent the wheel.’ You know it’s a lot easier if you stop working hard and START working smart.

Do You Have Any Of These Score-Mutilating
NYSTCE Practice Habits?

Most practice tests for the NYSTCE are overly-simplistic and not close to the difficulty of the real examination. Some even have incorrect answer keys. Some NYSTCE practice questions are WITHOUT full answer explanations…which is the only way to learn from the questions you got wrong and get a passing score. (I realized this after it was too late.)

You may have found some widely used NYSTCE study books are riddled with typos, grammatical errors and use of complex 80 word sentences to make each simple point.

If you’ve been burned on this test before you know what NYSTCE study guides, practice exams, free tips and downloads files I’m talking about…

…So what is the solution to pass?

Will The Actual NYSTCE Test Questions
Make You Tongue-Tied?

After I failed the NYSTCE exam, I lost the 5th grade teaching job I knew I was going to love. I was totally crushed. My future as a teacher now seemed just a fantasy. My little NYSTCE practice mistakes cost me almost $40,000.00 in first year teacher salary.

You can imagine the shame facing your friends and family after failing your teacher certification examination.

I felt humiliated.

My friends got hired by various school districts. Listening to them talk about their careers and students made me feel like a loser.

When your education friends enjoy a full benefits package, over 3 months of vacation every year and you don’t, it’s depressing. I had an empty bank account, bills I couldn’t pay, a low paying, embarrassing and degrading job I hated. – I was stressed-out.

It really hacks my heart-out. By the time I had a chance to take the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations again all teaching positions for the next school year were long gone.

Life on-hold time: 12 months!

How A Testing Failure Discovered A ‘Brain Dead’ Simple Science To Pass The NYSTCE Test

You know just thinking ‘outside the box’ doesn’t cut-it. I realized if I want a different result than the thousands who fail each testing date, I need to take different actions. To pole-vault myself out of the victim-box:

I asked mind-blowing NYSTCE study questions to 4 test takers who passed at the University of New York. – I was stunned.

What they confessed about the REAL exam questions really got me juiced…

Injected with a new adrenaline, I wrote as fast as my hand could move across the paper. I documented 3 pages of ACTUAL test content in the first 15 minutes.

You can imagine I instantly ramped-up my testing competency with these amazing insights!

Soon I put ads in my college newspaper to form a NYSTCE study group. One requirement was each member must interview 3 former test takers who passed.

The Lazy-Way To Start Teaching With Certification And Earn A Healthy Teacher Salary

When each person shared this back-door information bells clanged in my head.

I was shocked.

My ears were still ringing when an epiphany flashed before me: There’s a nearly identical core of NYSTCE test questions repeated on each test date.

You see this is a standardized test so each exam must cover the same, closely approximated questions. This way the required proficiencies of the New York State Education Department can be equally measured from one exam date to another.

My NYSTCE test preparation ‘nightmare’ was finally over and I was free. I got the teaching position I always wanted and started living my dream life as a certified teacher.

You can AVOID all the NYSTCE study mistakes I made. Leave that awful, nervous butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach behind. I’m going to reveal this breakthrough you need to pass the NYSTCE exam right now…

How To Avoid NYSTCE Test Failure

It’s not your fault if you’re not prepared right now. You didn’t do anything wrong. You know this evaluation for educators is not an accurate gauge of your teaching ability. Your college classes didn’t prep you for this. That’s just the politics of teacher licensing and business of testing.

Your NYSTCE story can be different.

NYSTCE practice and study in ‘trial and error’ in hair-pulling frustration isn’t necessary. You don’t need to experience heart-crushing career setbacks and delay your teaching career.

The shame facing friends and family isn’t worth it. The financial cost is humiliating and crippling to your future.

How Over 11,000 Now Pass The NYSTCE Test And Get
Their New York Teaching License Who NEVER Thought
They Could

My painful disaster and later incredible discovery about how to pass the NYSTCE test compels me to share these secrets with you. It’s really so simple to ‘crack-the-code’ of this exam…if you know how.

I never want to see another New York teacher test taker get ‘eaten alive’ and lose their dream of teacher certification.

As a solution to this problem I developed numerous NYSTCE study guides, practice tests and a Test Coaching program in 2001. You see, what I discovered helping over 11,000 NYSTCE test takers from 2001-2013 with universities, school districts and individual clients will instantly help you.

You can STOP working hard and start working smart.

You see, my staff of 17 educators and I create highly effective NYSTCE practice tests and study materials that match documented test questions. I constantly innovate even better ways to explode exam scores to the required passing level so you get your New York educator certification as fast and easy as possible without wasting time.

Here’s What My Former NYSTCE Practice Clients Say…

“How I Almost Lost My Teaching Career”

“I was unsure how to begin my review a few months ago. I learned the real cost of not doing right the first time. I missed out on the teaching job I was anticipating last year. The cost = $34,647.00 first year salary, plus benefits not to mention all the other things I could be doing rather than deal with this standardized test again.”

“Your practice tests for the NYSTCE and free bonus extras like test coaching helped me to finally get this over with. I found what I was missing and ‘tightened the gaps’ in my test knowledge within the first day. My last test I passed! Thanks man for sharing the ‘Areas of Focus’ advice during the coaching.“

-James Stevens,
Passed the Multi-Subject and Sciences Test

“Where Else Can I Get The Focus And NYSTCE Help I Need?”

“I failed the first time. I’ve been out college for 7 years and had cob webs on my brain.”

“However, when I started using my Test Score Breakthrough’s study guide for the NYSTCE and one-on-one personal tutoring it gave me the help I needed. I got confidence and competence. My test mentor and preparation materials really knew my specific test. Your test preparation ‘success system’ actually smelled fresh and new. It’s just like how I found your books, fresh and updated. I’m glad someone can make new updates for exam changes.”

“NEVER, EVER give up on your teaching dreams! I have a ton of business experience, but my God-given “gift” and career is being a leader of young people. I passed my educator certification assessment thanks to prayer and tutoring help.”

-Shelly Gonzalez,
Passed the Science

“How I Aced My Exam With A Dumb Idea”

“After exam registration, I wanted to see what content I was low in to determine what to work on. I tried your Testing Readiness Assessment. I got a ‘heads-up’ for what my testing ‘blind spots’ are. Your prep course content and NYSTCE practice exam questions were very approximate to what I saw on the real thing. I didn’t have to insult my intelligence after years of college and read books like ‘What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know’ for what’s supposed to be a professional examination for a college educated person.”

-Dave Johnson,
Passed the Mathematics

“They Laughed At Me When I Said I Want To
Get A Passing NYSTCE Score On The First Try”

“But when I got my passing score report…you can guess their reaction.”

“The 7 Day Comprehensive Success System review program helped me “out think” the traps on an exam where almost anything is ‘fair game.’ I’m an experienced teacher who had to take this evaluation. Some teachers at our school and around the district already got fired because they couldn’t pass and were no longer able to hold a teaching license. Facing my family, kids and telling them I got fired from my teaching job would’ve been too painful. You gave me the test content and test taking skills I needed to pass.”

-Sandy Barnes,
Passed the Special Education
School District Staff Member

“Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”

“I first heard about your NYSTCE study books and help services last Fall when a student teacher presented it to me as something our district should purchase for new teacher support. At first, I wasn’t sure about your exam preparation services because you weren’t a common name in our district. You seemed like a very assertive firm.”

“However, later I was reminded that’s the basis for your whole program, a guerrilla approach to pass that works without millions of dollars allocated to ‘junk mail’ marketing to students, school districts and universities. Therefore, you’re able to pass on more value to the end consumer most of whom are on a budget or going through a budget crisis.”

“The students enjoy your practice manuals for the NYSTCE exam. Most are passing with your review program which is a big improvement.”

-Kathy Anderson,
Reading Staff Development Trainer and
Coordinator for Educational Purchasing
Purchased 32 ’7 Day Comprehensive Success
Systems’ for her school district

“Money I Saved On NYSTCE Study Guides
I’m Going To Use To Buy A Car”

Mr. Rice’s Students

“Standardized tests always give me so much test anxiety that I ‘blank-out.’ …Using your ‘Test Anxiety Eliminator’ technique, I dramatically reduced my anxiety. I smirked a few times in the testing center because I was about as relaxed and stress-free as you can be for an assessment like this.”

“Your NYSTCE practice tests gave me the ‘real meat’ I needed to pass without recycled exam content and loads of library books I didn’t have the time for. I was also at-ease during the ‘live’ test because your book’s test content and sample questions were similar to what I faced on my exam date.

“The money already saved by passing my teaching exam, getting certified and starting a good paying teaching position vs. failing, I’m going to buy a new car. Thanks for your no risk (NO PASS, NO PAY) proposition 5 months ago.”

“Sorry for being skeptical at the beginning.”

-Dan S. Rice,
Passed the Social Studies

“Your NYSTCE Practice Materials And Specialized Tutoring
Saved Me 3-4 Weeks Of Wasted Time”

“After taking this test once and failing, I truly believe the NYSTCE study books from large corporate publishers mostly consist of ‘filler pages’ (400 plus pages) so the book looks bigger and test takers think it’s better.”

“I had a lot of urgent and nagging prep questions. Your NYSTCE practice questions and test coaching help saved me at least 3-4 weeks of wasted time.”

“On the last day before my test I had 2 secret questions for my test coach. He answered my questions right away without ‘holding back.’ The answers to those 2 questions also made a big difference in my exam success.”

-Nancy J. Sousa,
Passed the Liberal Arts and Sciences

“P.S. I can imagine trying to get help from a bookstore NYSTCE study guide. What a joke! Trust me when I say there was no place else to get all exam help I needed.”

“Least Expensive NYSTCE Practice And Study Option In the Long Run”

“I can tell you after being in college for 4 years I didn’t have money to burn. However, I couldn’t afford to fail. I ‘bit the bullet’ and got your NYSTCE study manuals and personalized tutoring. My friend said it was, ‘too expensive.’ Later he ended up spending a lot on other prep books and still didn’t pass.”

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s important to passing nobody’s talking about and the testing company probably doesn’t want you to know. It’s ‘untold info.’ all the other “SAFE” preparation books fail to tell you. The mentors and coaches were easy to contact and answered all those exam questions nobody else can.”

“When I got my score report I was ecstatic. The small price I paid saved me a fortune and a year of my life I might have spent trying to pass again. I also would have had to wait for the next school year to get a teaching job (over a year). Your NYSTCE test practice program was my least expensive option in the long run.”

-Sarah T. Merrell,
Passed the Business Education

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

“I wanted to get as many NYSTCE practice tests, courses and materials as possible. I wasn’t going to leave it up to hope, luck and chance as you say. God helps those who help themselves. I was willing to do anything within reason and ethical. Your NYSTCE practice exams and tutor help in the 7 Day Comprehensive Success System helped me succeed on my testing date.”

-Andi Stultz,
Passed the
Multi-Subject and Sciences Test

“I Climbed Over A Seemingly Impossible NYSTCE Study Obstacle With This”

“It was overwhelming taking an evaluation like this after being out of college for over 26 years. Lots of times I felt it was impossible.”

“I found your NYSTCE practice test and preparation class online has all the concepts and vocabulary of this evaluation! There are no other prep materials that lay-out the actual test content in an organized and simple format.”

Mr. John K. Reeves,
School Principal

“Only 2 Points From My Future”

“I found myself only 2 points from my future after I failed my teaching exam the second time. I wish I got your sample exams and example questions 7 months ago. It would’ve saved me months of misery. Thanks to your practice questions for the NYSTCE and exam guide I passed.“

-Naira Underwood,
Passed the Science

“NYSTCE Practice Study Guide Chopped My Preparation Time By At Least 25%”

“Like a lot of people I have to work 40 hours per week and commute over an hour per day. You helped me make better use of time. You helped me unlock NYSTCE study time I didn’t know I had.”

“I was able to cut corners by not studying information that didn’t appear on my testing date. The time I stopped wasting is the time I now enjoy as a certificated educator. Your online preparation course broke the test into small pieces. This efficiency chopped my review time by at least 25%. I saved at least 3 weeks of time with your help.”

-Krystal Tembong,
Passed the Early Childhood

“Test Coaches Are Very Supportive, Know The Exam Inside And Out, Are Easy To Work With And Very Low Stress People”

“My examination was over 70 miles from the small town I live in. My goal was to study for the NYSTCE every day to build confidence and knowledge for passing. The mentors help guide you a lot, know the content inside and out, are easy to work with and very low stress people.“

-Josetta M. Shipps,
Passed the English

“Exceeded My High Expectations”

“Failing is extremely expensive. With the amount of time it takes to get prepared and the high testing fees charged most people can’t afford to take this exam 5-10 times. If you keep on failing at some point you have to give up and find a different career. Working the rest of my life out a cubicle in a job I hated was not an option for me. I tried your online practice for the NYSTCE. I figured with the money back guarantee if I didn’t pass it wasn’t going to cost me a cent.”

“Your NYSTCE study manuals and prep tutoring helped me identify what parts of the exam I was hurting in and bring me up to passing level. Your assistance was way better than the $45.00 per hour NYSTCE tutor I tried at another company.”

-Rafael F. Rodriguez
Passed The Math

“I Tried This NYSTCE Practice Program Because I Was Desperate And As My Last Option”

Ms. Kefiman’s Students

“I had to figure out how to pass my New York teacher certification examination or lose my teaching job. After failing twice I was running out of time. I tried this because I was desperate and as my last option because your message seemed hyped and too racy for teacher’s test prep.”

“I really don’t like buying things online or from companies I don’t know, but everything turned out good.”

“I found your NYSTCE test practice online and consulting services very useful. Your NYSTCE practice exam questions matched my test better than the workshops, bookstore guides or free study materials I tried.”

-Marie Kefiman,
User of Test Score Breakthrough’s
sample questions and NYSTCE exam study guide

“You Gave Me The NYSTCE Study I Needed To Calm
My Nerves, Relax And Bust My Test Anxiety”

“Tests always give me a panic attack. Believe it. Yeah, I know it’s not normal. Although I didn’t expect a complete miracle you gave me the solution I needed to calm my nerves and relax. You showed me how I can dominate in the testing center and conquer my fears. I finally passed! Now that’s a miracle. Thanks.”

-Regina D. Gorelick,
Passed the Physical Education

“Your Exclusive NYSTCE Practice Test And ‘Essay Formula’ Was What I Needed”

“I’m lazy and needed an easy way put this teaching exam behind me. Plus, I’m terrible at writing so the essay questions kill me every time.”

“Your exclusive ‘Essay Formula’ was what I needed, a simple set of steps and a basic pattern to follow. Your NYSTCE practice questions and tutoring allowed me to ask critical and pivotal help questions without limits. Even with my writing and grammar issues especially under stress you helped me get enough points to finally pass.”

- Anthony Thompson,
Passed 2 Middle Grades Exams

“Old-Style NYSTCE Guides Have Too Much Information
For Their Own Good And Don’t Work For Me”

“I’m a horrible test taker, always have been so passing this assessment for educators seemed impossible. The old-style NYSTCE test study guides have too much information for their own good and don’t give me any score improvement results. I almost completely gave up trying to pass and was ready to forget about teaching. I was getting depressed.”

“I looked at books for the NYSTCE study and example questions on nearly every website. I was in analysis of paralysis. I waited too many months and procrastinated by surfing online for free download materials.”

“I read your web site several times over the last few months. I heard great success stories about you, even personally from people I know. I’m sort of tight with money because I’m a student. I never got your NYSTCE practice materials and consulting help until this last examination date. You got me squared away in a totally risk-free way. My parents are also relieved when I got a passing score results this time.”

-Rose Randall,
Passed the Mathematics

“I’m A Widow And Single Mother With 2 Young Boys”

“I’m a widow and single mother with 2 young boys. I needed to better provide for my family. I had been out of college for over 13 years, but was just finished going back to school and finishing my degree.”

“My self-esteem was in the gutter failing this thing before. I got so overwhelmed with my New York teaching examination and the breadth of the content. There always seemed to be 2 answers on the test that looked correct. You showed me how to distinguish the correct from the almost correct and finally slay the dragon. The NYSTCE exam practice resources, sample questions and extra 5 free bonuses showed me how to avoid tiny test taking errors that could have cost me a fortune in lost teaching income.”

-Alissa Lance,
Passed the English

“Thanks For The Effective Attack Strategies In
Your NYSTCE Practice Materials And Tutor Help”

“You helped me not just memorize a bunch of information, but also gave me the tactics to apply this knowledge to my multiple choice questions and deal with pitfalls that can sabotage my career. All in all I passed and tell other certification candidates about your program.”

-James E. Griffith,
Passed the Liberal Arts and Sciences

“I Didn’t Want To Underestimate This Like
So Many Test Takers”

“I had to pass my New York teacher certification testing to enter a master’s of education program at my local university. I felt confident about passing, but didn’t want to underestimate this test like so many other test takers. I needed fail-proof NYSTCE study guide to insure I succeed. Test Score Breakthrough’s self-hypnosis techniques, one on one help and peak performance test taking tips helped mold me for success.”

-Sheree Powell,
Passed the Reading Exam

“Your NYSTCE Practice Books Helped Me Sharpen The Blade”

“I needed to start working and make money. This entire ordeal created a lot of financial turmoil for my family and I. I left a full-time job that paid $19.43 per hour 2 years ago to be a teacher. I’ve worked so hard thus far and wasn’t going to let this whole thing blow up in my face and fail.”

“Your guidance in NYSTCE study and test coaching in the “Testing Readiness Assessment” and “Test Success Plan” was the success map I needed. (I wasn’t aware of that at the time). It was very helpful to have those services objectively ‘done for me.’ It was an eye opener!”

“I was just going to bushwhack my way through this thing like I did in my university classes. It didn’t take me long to see this assessment for educators is a completely different animal that requires a totally different strategy. You handed me all content knowledge in a super easy, user friendly framework outline, vocabulary words, advice and NYSTCE practice test questions which helped me succeed on this exam.”

-Jill M. Wallace,
Passed the Social Studies

“From Totally Clueless To Confident”

Me Before The Comprehensive Success System:

“NYSTCE study rage, totally clueless, lost, nervous, frustration, blame, excuses, self-pity, procrastinating, high stress, unmotivated, unfocused, unsure, unprepared”

Me After Using The ’7 Day NYSTCE Comprehensive Success System’ And Test Coaching:

“Clear, pumped, confidence, savvy, experienced, sharp focus, prepared, take action, relaxed, calm nerves, peace of mind, peak performance psychology to hit my target for testing and education career success”

-Bruce Hargett,
Bilingual Education/ESL teacher

Are Your NYSTCE Study Guides Really Up-To-Date?

Did you know most NYSTCE study guides and practice exams are 3 years out of date even when the copyright says it’s for this year? Those books don’t have up-to-date information you need for the newest version of your exam.

Your ‘ultimate weapon’ for a rapid New York teaching license is getting NYSTCE practice tests and study manuals that are 100% updated for constant test changes. Recent nitty-gritty changes by the testing company must be clearly reflected in your NYSTCE test study guide…or forget it.

You always need more time than you think to prepare…so take the first step.

How Much Will Your NYSTCE Study
Procrastination Cost You?

Do you want to start living the “teacher lifestyle?” Don’t let procrastination pull the rug-out from under you and steal your bright future in education. Don’t get held 3, 7 or 11 points from your passion of teaching because you waited too long to get started.

Are you still sitting on the fence? Most failing NYSTCE scores and faded teaching dreams are lost by missing the mark by only a few points. That’s every time they take the test! That’s because they’re always waiting to get started, find every excuse to wait “just a little longer” and then do it all wrong.

Bite the bullet and take action! Then instantly drop this exam like an old glove.

If You Don’t Find NYSTCE Study Guides That Help You Pass
You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Are you trying to get a professional career that pays $40,000 or more per year with a flimsy $21 NYSTCE practice book that already caused thousands of qualified educators to fail their New York teaching exam?…

…Worse yet, are you looking for a free NYSTCE exam study guide and practice test online? You get what you pay for.

Searching for free NYSTCE study manuals online, reading textbooks and hope it magically turns into actual questions is complete self-sabotage. None of those methods helped me or the thousands of test takers I helped.

That’s a ridiculously crazy review error. One that could haunt you for the rest of your life.

An investment in quality practice tests for the NYSTCE and study materials will pay you back thousands of dollars in your first month of teacher income.

Why Licensed New York Educators To Help You Pass?

You know educators work with the K-12 curriculum and “best practice” teaching methods everyday (the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations® real content). This New York teacher certification assessment is written under the direction of teachers.

Teachers can best teach you how to BLAST your score to passing by revealing how to:

Outsmart trick questions based on pedagogy, paradigms and the latest ‘buzz words’ in education,

Exploit weaknesses in exam questions and

Take advantage of highly confidential NYSTCE practice questions you need.

If Thousands Make These Common NYSTCE Study Mistakes And Fail When Will You Try A Different Way?

You know, almost no NYSTCE practice test, study book or preparation class gives you ongoing help from former test takers who passed.

When tormenting, butt-biting study and test taking questions come up days before your testing date, who will you turn to for help?

Discover The ‘Unfair Advantage’ Of NYSTCE Test Coaching

You know former test takers saved me a mountain of time, stress and wasted effort. Obviously, the teaching profession is about collaboration and helping others.

So I thought, “Why not help you crank-out a passing score EVEN easier?” I then added NYSTCE® test coaching to guarantee you a passing score.

Here Are Just Some Of Your
NYSTCE® Test Coaches

Mrs. Jan Neil, Irma Deshaw, Patrick Towne

Mr. Mark K. Fongs,

Not Pictured: Mr. Robert Nebbs,

Mr. Hans Johnson,

Ms. Ananti Mehra,

Mr. Carl Lam,

Mr. Michael Naughton,

Nancy Dees,

Mr. Tim Knight,

Ms. Nicki Thompson,

Ms. Elizabeth Nygard And
Other Test Score Breakthrough
coaches and consultants

What Exactly Is NYSTCE Practice And Study Coaching?…

You first check-out your current score by a “Testing Readiness Assessment.”

You then use a patented formula to pinpoint your trouble spots and rapidly fix them while you still have time.

Utilize a customized “Test Success Plan” to maximize your limited review time.

Get all the one-on-one help you need in the areas you may be hurting in now.

Then watch yourself get explosive score improvements EVEN in your weak areas!

How Confidential, “Behind The Scenes” Test Coaching Helps
You Achieve Your Calling As A Certified New York Teacher

Think about it…

When you can pick the brains of former test takers like I did, your power to pass the NYSTCE exam multiplies exponentially.

That’s why I am offering you the opportunity to jump on this because it’ll make a MAJOR transformation for you in this high-stakes testing game.

New NYSTCE Practice Questions
That ‘Mirror’ The Real Exam

Does your lack of test taking savvy embarrass you? Feel intimidated by this standardized test because you didn’t take all the right classes? You can now forget about grades, number of college courses under your belt or even IQ.

It has very little impact on your score.

Yank-off your blindfold. You can now get mouthwatering NYSTCE practice tests, legally and ethically created from ‘real life’ case studies, raw test content and experience helping over 11,000 test taker clients get a passing score.

“Mirror-like” NYSTCE practice questions leap frogs you to the classroom and achieving the good life.

100% UPDATED Each Month For The Newest Version Of The NYSTCE Test To Put Your Teaching Success On Autopilot

Each month my team of educators and I painstakingly update each 7 Day Comprehensive Success System to reflect constant changes to your exam so you get the ultimate edge.

A New Method For Passing The NYSTCE
With A Pass Rate Of 87.3%

I tested and carefully tweaked many prototype NYSTCE study guides and practice exams with thousands of test takers to create explosive improvements in pass rates.

Fact: My clients enjoy a pass rate 21% higher than NYSTCE practice tests, study manuals and classes found on the internet or in bookstores. Your ‘unfair advantage’ is this review guide combined with specialized tutoring has an extremely high pass rate that’s 87.3%. (According to current 3rd party statistics.)

When will you seize this opportunity?

Let me spoon-feed you everything you need to start a life-time of prestige, security, joy and helping students live better lives.

Give Me 7 Days And I’ll Make You Pass Your NYSTCE And Get Your New York Teacher Certification Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible…

Imagine ripping-out all the ‘trial and error’ and hair-pulling frustration from your NYSTCE practice. See yourself answering your multiple choice questions with ease and confidence because you decided to do-it-right the first time.

Envision your attractive future. Your New York teacher certificate allows you to ‘give back,’ improve kid’s lives and…STILL earn a wealth of personal rewards! Your 3 months of vacation each year gives you more time for family, personal growth, friends and fun.

Cut-Out Bogus NYSTCE Study Material
You Won’t See On Your Test Date

This NYSTCE ‘success system’ cuts-out all the ‘information overload’ that’s nice to learn, but suffocates your chances of passing. Your power is being armed ONLY with the essential core of knowledge required by the New York State Education Department, NOT everything there is to learn about your subject.

You see, there’s no cookie-cutter content, filler or fluff.

As you open your 7 Day Comprehensive Success System NYSTCE practice questions and study guide, you see it’s concise, well organized and full of ‘verified’ sample exam questions. Your preparation course is broken down into plain English so you can quickly absorb the required content like a sponge and pass the NYSTCE test.

Why Not Get A ‘Sneak Peek’ Of Your
Upcoming Testing Date?

You can now get rid of the exam stress that’s ruining your health, wealth and happiness. Money and employment worries about your how you’re going to put ‘food on the table’ and pay for the roof over your head disappears. That awful, nervous pit at the bottom of your stomach goes away forever when you stop trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ as a self-study.

You feel a deep and well deserved sigh of relief. It feels like you’re letting hot air out of a balloon. You actually feel lighter in your neck, shoulders and stomach.

How To Pass The NYSTCE Test And Tell
Your Own Success Story

On day #1 with these NYSTCE practice tests and study materials you feel a new rock-solid confidence in your step. You end trying to get your state teaching license with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake…You stop making all the common NYSTCE study mistakes and test taking blunders that cause so many others to fail.

You now smell success.

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