What is OLA Share?

Ola Share allows you to book a cab ride, and share the same with trusted fellow commuters. We’ll connect you with other travellers on the go- without the need to plan, de-tour or wait for other passengers to join.

Who do I share my ride with?

You share your ride with the people you choose. All riders have to join one or more groups and travellers will be matched with riders from their group only.  You can join a group based on one or more common aspects- your location, your workplace, your gender, etc. Keeping the safety, privacy and comfort of the passenger as a priority – groups are our way of ensuring you will never ride with a stranger.

How to register - Ola Share

Choose the group you want to share your ride with or create your own share group

Enter your email to start sharing rides with your group

A registration link will be sent to your email. Once verified, you can share your ride. with your group

How to Book Ola Share Ride

Search for the exact destination you would want to go.

Choose your exact drop location. This helps us to connect you with the most convenient ride.

Check the estimated travel time and ride fare and confirm the ride.

Your booking is confirmed and you will receive the driver details. Ola Share rides are prepaid, so please pay upon boarding.

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