Wow I’m surprised how quickly this week went by. It has been absolutely insane at work this week. A number of critical issues were discover by my customers, so all week I’ve been fire fighting all week. This involved having conference calls early in the morning with certain time zones, then again late in the evening with the same time zones or a completely different time zone. I’m having so many calls with people from different parts of the world I can determine the respective local time without even having to think. (For example I can tell you what time is it in Japan, Hong Kong, India, and Germany right at this second without having to think).

Needless to say, I’m glad it’s the weekend so I can have a little breather.

Here are some articles that I wrote the last few weeks:

In 6 Frugal Living Tips for University Students I shared some great tips on how to reduce your university expenses.

In Shaking my fist and screaming WTF I questioned why a couple earning $300k a year is having a hard time financially.

In Recent Buys I shared some of the dividend stocks that I recently purchased. I was able to add $415 into our annual dividend income with these purchases.

In Happiness is not a fish you can catch I shared my thoughts the meaning between happiness and joy.

Here are some excellent articles written by my fellow bloggers that I enjoyed reading the last few weeks:

My Dividend Pipeline shared his FIRE Hybrid Model and how he plans to become financially independent in 4 years. Love the Excel sheet breakdown.

Financial Samurai stated that we should Always Work On Improving Cash Flow For Financial Independence. I love the points he made in the article.

Canadian Couch Potato updated the Couch Potato model portfolio for 2015. It’s interesting to see that the model portfolio is now even simpler and even more passive. I will continue utilize the old portfolio model for my son’s RESP.

Holly shared her experience with travel hacking to St. Maarten.  I need to spend some time to learn more about travel hacks. Love the pictures that Holly shared.

Jason shared his daily routine but his daily route isn’t routine anymore. I enjoyed learning that he’s now in control on how he wants to spend with his time.

Mr. 15000 from 1500 Days to Freedom wrote a guest post on Frugalwoods and shared his idea on how to find frugal friends.

Mark shared his new year investment ideas on what to do with the new money in your TFSA.

Early Retirement Guy shared methods on how to block referral spam to your blog. I’ve noticed some referral spams as well, so I need to spend some time and block them too.

Even Steven asks why are we scared to save money?  I think people who aren’t savers are just afraid to change their habits.

Go Curry Cracker shared their passive income milestone. I would love to learn more about their passive income from index fund investing.

Will reminded us to remember about carrying costs when we purchase something. Just because an item is cheaper, it doesn’t mean it’s a great deal. Good reminder!

Mr. Money Mustache shared their family 2014 spending. Wow they only spend a little over $25k in 2014! Very inspiring considering the couple I wrote about is spending that much monthly!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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