Once you have your iPhone ordered you’re going to need a new case to protect the phone from falls, scratches, and other accidents. You’ll especially need a case if you’re picking up the jet black iPhone 7, which easily collects fingerprints and scratches – it’s like having the original iPhone back again. While the iPhone 7 is dust and water resistant it can still use the help of cases to prevent cracked screens, broken or dented edges, and even water damage if the phone goes in water for longer than expected. We’ve also included cases that double as a wallet, help add extra battery life to your phone, and even ones that are just clear show you can show off that shiny jet black iPhone.

In this feature, we’ve outlined the best iPhone 7 cases for your new phone whether you want a premium design, simple clear case, or want military grade drop protection for your investment.

Walnut Wood and Leather iPhone case

The Walnut Wood and Leather iPhone 7 case is a high-quality, premium built case made from choice leather and walnut wood. All the cases are assembled and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, with a mix of handcrafting and processed machinery. The wallet case holds two credit cards, a bill or two, and can double as a stand to watch movies or YouTube video quickly. The power button and volume buttons are built into the wood frame, and still retain the clicky-ness of the iPhone’s buttons.

One thing to consider is the case itself isn’t safe from falls and bumps, and frankly could use a case of its own. In fact, the company recommends if you’re prone to dropping your phone you’d be better off rubber or plastic case. If you’re not consistently dropping your phone, the real wood case is a stylish and minimally designed case. The only significant drawback to the case is the case cost a whopping $129, but is totally worth the steep price.

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iPhone 7 smart battery case

Apple introduced the battery case for the iPhone 6S, and while the bump of the case is big. It is one of the few smaller battery cases that manages to look slim and feel great in the hand. The case comes in either white or black, but the white collects dirt easily. The smart part of the case allows the case not to charge the phone when it’s already 100%. You’re also able to see the battery level of the case all on the iPhone’s dashboard. This allows you to put the case on and forget about it, unlike Mophie cases where you have to turn the external battery on and off.

In the end, the case may have an odd back bump for the battery, but it’s a great battery case that can left on all the time. And for the price, it’s not as expensive as other battery cases that offer the same amount of extra charges for your iPhone 7.

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Otterbox Defender Series

Having the confidence you’re phone won’t break, scratch, or otherwise get damaged isn’t far away with the Otterbox Defender Series of cases. They’re tried and true cases that’ll always protect your phone no matter where or how you drop your phone. The case comes with the Otterbox drop certification which includes 300+ hours of testing of 24+ different drop scenarios. In the box, you’ll find a screen protector to prevent scratches, and a waist clip to keep your phone in arms reach at all times. The Lightning port has a small cover to prevent dust, lint, or other dirt from clogging up the port.

Overall, the Defender Series case is durable, reliable, and an affordable option to keeping your phone safe. Otterbox stands behind their cases, meaning you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your phone is in good hands. Not only that, but your case can be customized to your liking from any color combination to any number of patterns, or even customized to include your favorite football team.

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Base Grip Slim

The base grip slim case is a minimal case with a premium feel that’ll protect your phone from most drops and falls. The texture on the case ensures you’ll always have a hold of your phone no matter what you’re doing, and the ‘air cushion’ edges will absorb all the phones the case endures. There’s also a lifetime warranty with quick support to get the broken case replaced, to ensure your phone never goes unprotected. It’s one of the lighter cases that’ll still keep your phone safe when you’re out and about on the town.

If you’re looking for a light and minimal case, the Base Grip Slim is all that plus more, for less than $20. The buttons are covered but manage to have still the click that you don’t find on other cases. In the end, if you need an ultralight case that will keep your phone safe the base grip slim is the perfect match.

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LifeProof cases helped iPhone’s become water, dust, and snow resistant before Apple even had the idea of adding dust and water resistance into the iPhone 7. LifeProof isn’t throwing in the towel now that the iPhone 7 is water resistant either. They’re doubling down with their cases that can survive a 6.6-foot drop, or be submerged under 6 feet for a whole hour! Now you can bring your phone with you while your snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, or maybe something a little less exciting like the shower. Either way, LifeProof cases will offer a level of protection unparalleled by other cases.

Overall, using LifeProof cases is one of the best ways to keep your iPhone 7 safe from the harsh world out there. While the case adds a bit of bulk to the phone, it’s great to have the peace of mind knowing your phone won’t break during anything from walking down the street to going for a prolonged swim.

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Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact

The Dog and Bone wetsuit impact case is another waterproof, drop resistant, and dust proof phone case for your iPhone 7. However, it’s slightly slimmer and is lighter than other waterproof cases like the Lifeproof series of cases. With the case, you’ll never have to worry about not capturing a picture or video of an amazing sunset, a view one of a kind view from the mountain top, or while you’re doing any number of adventures where you’d usually leave your phone behind. The case will protect from just about anything you can throw at it, and you’ll still have access to Touch ID, all the buttons, and ports. Not only that, the camera lens on the case has optical glass to keep images looking crisp and clear, and to prevent distortion.

Overall, the Dog and Bone Wetsuit is a great alternative to Lifeproof cases if you want something slightly slimmer case and just as capable. Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact is durable, ultralight, and has a premium build you’ve never felt in your hands before.

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uniVerse Case

Want to Turn your phone into a pro-camera rig, digital register, Bluetooth speaker, backup battery, or anything in between? You can do all that and more with the uniVerse Case. The modular case lets you change out from a handful of accessories to help your phone become more powerful and useful, at the same time it’s still protecting your phone from spills. The case still has Otterbox drop certification, which puts the case through 238+ hours of dropping testing to ensure the case will protect the phone from any fall. The accessories you can snap onto the case range from a power Bluetooth speaker to a contactless and chip reader. The prices for the modular accessories also range from $20 to $60, so the modules could add up quickly if you buy a few of them at a time.

If you’re looking for a case that expands your iPhone’s features without limiting the protection, the uniVerse case is the perfect fit, no pun intended. The case only comes in a few select colors, but the style is a trade off for function in the end.

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Apple Leather Case

Apple’s Leather case looks stylish, feels great, and helps keep your phone safe. There’re multiple colors to choose from including a sea blue, saddle brown, black, and others to fit anyone’s personality or favorite color. Other than the colors and high-end feel, the case is minimal and doesn’t add a lot of weight to the iPhone. On the back of the case, there’s the Apple logo, which is a nice touch and allows you to show off that you bought an Apple case. The power and volume buttons are made from aluminum, and colored to match the finish of the case.

Apple’s Leather case will make other similar cases feel inferior and look less appealing. While you’re paying a slight premium for the case you’re getting the best leather and the Apple logo on the back of the case to tell everyone what phone you have. These leather cases are only being made for the iPhone 7 so iPhone 6/S owners won’t get this one of a kind cases.

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The iPhone 7 is a beautiful phone with a sleek design, with incremental updates are welcomed and at the same time unwanted. Not to mention, the new color option (jet black) is one of the few iPhone’s Apple recommends a case on if owners don’t want scuffs and fingerprints all over their phones. Sure, going without a case feels liberating and free, but increasingly hard when the phones are more fragile and thinner. Having a case isn’t all bad with the list we have you can protect your phone from a prolonged dip in water or keep it safe with military grade protection.

Tell us what you think about the list, and which one you’re going to grab for your iPhone 7. If you have a case that you think should have made it on the list tell us in the comments below!

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