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Optoma unveils new audio range

Following its recent acquisition of US-based consumer audio manufacturer – NuForce, Optoma has unveiled its audio products that will be on sale from 2 February 2015.

NuForce is already known for its clean design and superior sound. The new streamlined Optoma NuForce audio range comprises three main categories: home cinema, home stereo and mobile.

In its home cinema range, Optoma NuForce has launched the AVP18 AV processor pre-amplifier and MCA20 multi-channel amplifier. The home cinema audio range complements Optoma’s award winning home projectors.

Its home stereo products include the DDA120 integrated digital amplifier, HA200 headphone amplifier, DAC80 digital to analogue converter and pre-amplifier and the BTR100 and BTR1 bluetooth receivers.

And it has launched the super small uDAC3 USB digital audio converter.

Details of each of the products are listed below.

Nick Price, Optoma’s Territory Manager, said: “Our new home cinema, home stereo and mobile products all share the same essential elements of excellent build quality, superior audio performance and clean, compact and sleek design.  We are building on NuForce’s reputation of high quality audio equipment and are excited to introduce these brilliant products to the UK”.

“Sound is such an important part of the home entertainment experience,” said Justin Halls, Optoma’s Head of Product Marketing. “A cinema-sized image coupled with great sound can transform any living space.”

A further multi-channel amplifier, a stereo power amplifier and a range of superior earphones will be launched in the coming months.

At the Amsterdam-based show, ISE, Optoma will demonstrate a selection of products from its audio range including the DDA120, AVP18 and MCA20.

Its full range of earphones, due to be launched late Spring, will also be on show.  These include the NE750M, NE800M and award-winning Primo8 earphones.  Visitors to Optoma’s stand (1-F70) will be among the first to experience its new consumer audio range.

Register to receive information on its audio products or for more information on Optoma’s range of projectors visit www.optoma.co.uk

Product information: Home cinema range

AVP18 AV processor pre-amplifier

The AVP18 is engineered for audio purists.  It provides fantastic audio quality for movie and gaming soundtracks without any gimmicky features.

AV equipment often has a bewildering array of functions and buttons. The compact AVP18 is designed to offer the simplest and most functional set of features.

The AVP18 is a complete digital entertainment centre for both movie lovers and audiophiles. Its advanced audio circuit generates the full audio range from high resolution Blu-Ray sound tracks for a seamless wall of sound that follows the action from the game or movie.

This advanced surround sound processor is easy to set up and control.  It automatically calibrates for the room in which it is situated and tunes the volume, EQ and delay parameters accordingly. Once the set-up is complete, an easy-to-use remote control allows users to fine-tune the sound and vision to their exact needs and demands.

Used with the BTR1 bluetooth receiver, AVP18 AV can stream music wirelessly from a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

MCA20 multi-channel amplifier

This multi channel amplifier can provide a total of 2,224watts (278W per channel.). Its eight dedicated channel design makes it perfect for home cinema installation and home automation but could also be used for audio in corporate boardrooms and office environments.

The amplifier is a perfect tool for a specialised surround sound system as well as an ideal multi-room distribution amplifier.  The advanced class D amplifiers can cater to the speed and changes required by the demands of separate channels as they project their individual movie sound tracks for perfect surround sound.

Designed for easy connection, the plethora of connection points at the back of the amplifier are hidden by a striking metal casing in its sleek design.

Product information: Home stereo range

DDA120 integrated digital amplifier

The DDA120 is a powerful yet compact integrated digital amplifier and comes with the blue tooth receiver dongle, BTR1, for free.

It is an ideal entertainment hub that can be connected to both digital and analogue sources from record players, digital satellite boxes, DVD players and gaming consoles to the most advanced digital devices.

With its diminutive size and elegant styling, the DDA120 builds on the success of its predecessor – the critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning DDA100. Its sleek design lends itself as an unobtrusive integrated solution under the latest flat screen or as part of a desktop audio system

Music can be played wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth or any of the four digital connections can be used to connect digital devices. The minimalist direct digital architecture maintains the purity of digital music – resulting in a perfectly transparent, dynamic and exquisitely detailed sound.  Through its high quality analogue inputs, it will also maintain the original distinctive character of vinyl collections and other analogue music.

Playing LPs or high resolution audio downloads with equal ease, the DDA120 can process audio files with far higher resolution than MP3 downloads or CD discs.

Any hi-fi speakers will be driven with ease with the DDA120’s 75 Watts RMS (4Ohm) per channel and 250-watt peak power.

HA200 headphone amplifier

The HA200 high performance headphone amplifier received the highest audio accolade in America with audio magazine The absolute Sound awarding it ‘Product of the year’.

Capable of driving any set of headphones with more detail and greater scale, the HA200 uses a purist Class-A design in a constant current configuration and offers true single ended output performance.

For even greater fidelity two units can easily be configured for simultaneous use providing true balanced mode operation with increased transient speed, dynamic control and quadrupled output power.

DAC80 digital to analogue converter and pre-amplifier

Designed to be the cornerstone of the audiophile’s high-end audio system, the DAC80 offers a multitude of connection for the various sources used in a modern home. It has three digital connectivity options and the capability to connect four devices concurrently.

It supports virtually all digital file formats including the very highest quality 192kHz/24-bit studio master.  Audio from digital devices like TV and games consoles will also be given extra detail, depth and clarity.

The DAC80 can play music as it was captured in the artist’s studio through its ability to convert high resolution DSD files, far exceeding the musical performance of other formats such as CD or MP3 files.

The first of the DAC80 many innovations is its digital input stage, which operates in an asynchronous mode independent of any timing errors associated with the incoming digital audio stream. By synchronizing the incoming data to an internally referenced timing signal generated by an exceptionally stable circuit, the re-clocking circuit’s accuracy is such that any negative timing errors (jitter) are reduced to near theoretical limits. The 24-bit, 192kHz DAC stage then accurately converts the digital audio data back to an analogue signal at its native sampling rate. No up-sampling or other questionable data manipulation is ever employed maintaining the purity of music.

DAC80’sdigital 32-bit volume control offers extremely precise channel tracking.  Unlike more common digital volume controls operating at 24 or 16-bits, the 32-bit dynamic range of the DAC80’s volume control avoids any loss of low-level resolution.

The analogue buffer preamp stage of ‘minimalist’ design offers a signal path approaching a ‘straight wire with gain’ level of performance. Combined with top quality parts and a full 2.0Vrms signal level at the RCA outputs, the preamp section of the DAC80 ensures that only the purest of analogue music signals will ever be presented to your preamplifier.

BTR1 bluetooth receiver dongle

This handy dongle-sized Bluetooth receiver can be used with the AVP18 AV processor pre-amplifier and the DDA120 integrated digital amplifier to play music wirelessly from a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

BTR100 bluetooth receiver

Using the latest aptX technology, BTR100 is an advanced Bluetooth hub for all mobile devices.  It can provide quick access to audio from mobile devices offering audio lovers and gamers the ability to enjoy their music and games through their audio systems.

Easy to synchronize and connect, the BTR100 can be connected to both analogue or digital devices.  Its optical digital outputs can connect to home entertainment centres or the analogue outputs can connect directly to powered speakers.

The Bluetooth technology embedded in the BTR100 will ensure a bit-to-bit performance even when the music is not compressed, making the music and games soundtracks far more enjoyable and lively.

Product information: Mobile range

uDAC3 digital to analogue converter

The uDAC3, digital to analogue converter and combined headphone amplifier, significantly upgrades any computer’s sound output. Ideal for music lovers and gamers, this tiny device connects to the computer’s USB port and improves, amplifies and converts digital audio files from a PC or Mac.

The uDAC3 uses USB for the audio connection bypassing the laptop/PC’s low quality soundcard and earphone output. It then processes digital music directly giving a much better sound than is possible from the laptop’s earphone output.

The diminutive size of the uDAC3 makes it an ideal for home, work or on the go yet it packs a real punch when it comes to improving the sound from a computer – exceeding the performance of many audiophile-grade CD players.

Unusually for an ultra-portable DAC, it has both analogue and digital output connections, in addition to the earphone amplifier, so you can connect it to your amplifier and speakers at home or in the studio.  It is housed in a metal anodized chassis for improved sound quality.

But it is not just for audiophiles.  Gamers will experience a more accurate and realistic sound track with subtle audio cues now audible.  Musicians, producers and DJs can use the uDAC3 as an ultra-portable monitoring solution enabling them to work anywhere with ultimate precision.

Skype users, YouTube viewers, movie lovers or people that use online music services like Spotify or Pandora on laptops will simply have a much better sound quality if they use the uDAC3.

Primo8 – preview – to be launched late Spring

Primo8 earphones offer music enthusiasts, gamers and professionals the sound quality of reference-class, multi-driver, high-end audiophile speakers.

Like professional large speakers, the advanced technology embedded in the Primo8 uses a set of High Definition MicroDrivers that produce incredibly spacious sound and rich bass. The four balanced-armature drivers in each earphone deliver a smooth, fatigue-free sound regardless of the device to which they are connected.

Primo8’s Comply soft silicon ear tips shape themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal offering superior isolation from noise and creating incredible bass response.

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