If his bulging muscles and dark, silken mane don’t get you, his awe-inspiring grace certainly will.

Frederik the Great, a majestic Friesian stallion, was recently deemed the world’s most handsome horse.

Frederik lives at Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks with his team of other purebred stallions.

These stallions‘ particular breed has, unfortunately, reached the brink of extinction, not one but three times. Those high-risk statistics spurred breeder Stacy Nazario, of Pinnacle Friesians, to focus her talents on keeping this breed alive and well for years to come.

In the meantime, the internet has slowly started to discover Frederik the Great‘s sheer elegance.

Between his statuesque stature and jet-black locks, this amazing horse absolutely looks like he strolled out of a fairy tale, on his way to right a wrong, save a village, or valiantly accomplish some other glorious task.

Scroll through his photos and watch the video below to witness the true majesty that is Frederik the Great.

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Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

Meet Frederik the Great, the internet’s newest obsession.

Frederik is a Friesian stallion that was recently deemed the world’s most handsome horse.

Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

Frederik lives on Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks.

He and the other stallions on the property were carefully selected by breeder Stacy Nazario.

Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

Nazario decided to focus her efforts on only breeding Friesian stallions, because this specific breed has almost gone extinct, three times over.

Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

Pinnacle Friesians explains on their website: “With rising concerns of high inbreeding among the Friesian breed, we offer low percentage kinship, selecting only pureblood, Dutch, KFPS, FHANA registered, black homozygous Friesians for stud.

“Our stallions’ pedigrees speak for themselves.”

By following these strategies, Pinnacle Friesians has spawned some of the most gorgeous horses around.

Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

Frederik, in particular, has recently gained a huge following.

In fact, he has over 14,000 Facebook followers.

Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

This handsome horse is inspiring fans, big and small.

With luscious locks like these, the world really is his oyster.

Frederik the Great and his dashingly good looks are taking the internet by storm.

Cally Matherly via Facebook / Frederik the Great

Check out the video below to see this incredible creature in action!

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