Gmail is one of the best web email providers. It also offers its services to users, free of charge.

Standard view and basic HTML view

It comes in two display modes, the standard view version and the basic HTML view version. Google’s Gmail can some of the time slow down or not load at all on account a moderate or unsteady Internet connection. One technique that Google recommends to settle these issues is to change from Gmail’s Complex standard HTML view mode to the less featured Basic HTML mode. In spite of the fact that Gmail is intended to switch the perspective naturally in a few circumstances, you can likewise physically set it within seconds manually.

These display modes are made available in regards to the type of browsers used to access it, and the speed of the connection in use.

Standard view

The standard view version is the default view version, when you sign into Gmail using a supported browser. This version makes all the features of Gmail available to you.

However, this version requires a fast Internet connection, which may not always be available. This makes it not convenient when at a particular time; you can only have access to a slow Internet connection.

In this article, we shall look at how to access Gmail faster, by using the basic HTML view version.

Basic HTML view

This is a simplified version of Gmail. Google recommends this version for access using slow connections.

It loads fast and works well with most browsers. This is usually achieved through limiting the features of Gmail available when one is using this version.

Some of the useful features that are not available when using this simplified version of Gmail include;

Google Docs and Google Calendar integration.

Usage of Keyboard shortcuts.

Message composing options e.g. auto complete, formatting and spell checker.

Google contacts management.

However, this Gmail view version also disables Google advertisements, which may be a useful feature, right?

Switching Views

When Gmail automatically loads its full-featured complex version, you can manually switch it to the basic HTML version in order to access the mail service faster.

There are a few methods available for switching from Standard HTML to basic HTML.

Using a Direct link

For some time, Gmail didn’t have the alternative to set the basic HTML rendition as the default interface and you needed to bookmark its URL or snap on the connection from Gmail’s footer. Presently there’s a choice to dependably go to the HTML form when you load Gmail.

By opening http://mail.google.com/mail/h/, Gmail directly takes you to the basic HTML version of Gmail. However, it may ask you if you are sure to use that version. You just need to accept and you will be taken directly to the basic HTML version without passing through the Standard version.

Using the mobile View

Gmail also provides another version of basic HTML, which is actually the simplest. This is the mobile version.

You can load it from your browser by opening https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=HTML or just simply opening m.gmail.com.

Converting Gmail from standard view to basic HTML view

There are a few methods of converting Gmail from the Standard version to the Basic version.

Converting From Sign In

Step 1

Open the Gmail Sign in page and enter your email address and password.

Step 2

As Gmail is loading your email account, locate the link at the right bottom corner of the page-(“Load Basic HTML (for slow connections)”.

Step 3

Before the loading is over, click that link. Gmail will now load the basic HTML version instead of the Standard version.

From Gmail Account

Conversion from the standard HTML can also be done after the Standard HTML version has been loaded.

Step 1

After Gmail has loaded in the Standard HTML version, click the “Reload” button in you browser. This brings the Gmail account-loading page.

Step 2

As Gmail is loading your email account, locate the link at the right bottom corner of the page-(“Load Basic HTML (for slow connections)”.

Step 3

Before the loading is over, click that link. Gmail will now load the basic HTML version instead of the Standard version.

You can always make Gmail to load in the basic HTML version, but it is still not as convenient as having the link permanently below your inbox.

Once you are in the basic HTML version, you can select “basic view” at the upper edge of your inbox page to make the basic version temporarily permanent, or for your preferred period of time.

Making Basic HTML version permanent.

There are still other ways to make the basic view mode permanent for an account.

Adding a Bookmark

This is by far the fastest and quickest way to access the basic HTML version without having to click on links.

All you have to do is add a bookmark of the basic version that you will always use to open basic Gmail view mode. However, you can still access the standard version through the same browser. You may need to Label your bookmark into to avoid confusing it for the other version.

This method is basic enough to work on any browser.

Adding an Extension

This method only applies to people using Google Chrome as their browser. It gets rid of having to set a bookmark that you will always have to click in order to access basic HTML view mode.

In this case, you have to do is add the Basic Gmail Toggle extension to your Google Chrome browser. It adds a toolbar that you will easily use to switch between basic HTML and standard HTML.


Gmail basic standard view is always useful in making the access of Gmail faster, while using a slow Internet connection. However, it limits the functions that a use can access from Gmail. These features can only be accessed while using the Standard HTML version of Gmail.

Therefore, it is advisable to only use the basic version of Gmail only when using a slow connection, or an unsupported browser.



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