This page includes the release notes for IntuiFace Composer and
Player for Windows. You may also have a look at Known Limitations or at

release notes for IntuiFace Player for Tablets and
Player for Kiosks - Android.

Current version is v.5.7.4, released




Snapshots of Version 5.6 or earlier experiences in Management
Console and the Composer/Player Experiences panel now update
consistently. No more yelling, "Hey! I fixed that already!"

Gave the Web
Browser asset a good once-over

For select websites, scrolling works again. (If you haven't run
into this problem, don't worry about it.)

Touching on-page Combo and Check boxes no longer causes the
keyboard to display

Keyboard correctly opens when a form field is selected even in
some edge cases

configured to do so, Player for Windows will restart even if
the PC firewall blocks some ports. Computer ports, not those things
for boats.

Corrected rare state when opening a Version 5.7.3 project
caused an “Unexpected error” to occur

Eliminated three crash conditions introduced in Version 5.7.3.
Shame on us.




Greek onscreen keyboard. Η

Excel Interface Asset supports spreadsheets with fully numeric
names. Not a very descriptive naming convention but we don't


"Reset" action of the Scratch
Card Design Accelerator no longer - for some odd reason -
changes the "Scratched percentage" parameter of the "Reaches
percentage" trigger.

In Play Mode and Player, if all items in the Scroll
Collection are either immediately visible or scrolled into
view, it is no longer possible to scroll them out of view.

Player for Windows agent - used by the
remote deployment feature - now launches when a password-free
Windows session is automatically started upon system boot.

14+ additional minor bugs and 3 crashes conditions have been
corrected. That's "minor" as in not affecting most users, not bugs
under the age of 16.




Excel spreadsheets - accessed via the
Excel interface asset - can now reference files with the htm,
html, css, and js extensions, causing those referenced files to be
published with the rest of the project from Composer. If you don't
know what those file types are then this is an issue you never had
to worry about.


GIFs larger than 2 million pixels are converted into a smaller
memory consuming image format. This will prevent excessive memory
consumption caused by large
animated GIFs. What are you, lazy? Make a video!

Edge cases causing breakage of updated interface assets have
been eliminated. Most commonly, this issue affected use of the

Clock interface asset.

Correction of 4 bugs affecting the
Excel interface asset when used by Player for Tablets and
Player for Kiosks. That's right, Player for Windows was playing by
the rules.

Set index action for the Carousel
and Asset
Flow collections now work if the collection is hidden

13 additional minor bugs fixed.

3 crash conditions eliminated.




Corrected 3 issues affecting the editing of the Scroll
collection and its content

Removed an edge case in which items could be thrown out of a
scene after scene-to-scene navigation without an animation

10+ additional bug fixes

4 crash conditions eliminated, including the one linked to
closing an edited Excel workbook




Collection: Place assets and collections on a large canvas
visible through a window. Move the canvas in any direction with
swipe or mouse gestures, revealing different parts of the canvas
within the window. It's the microwave of IntuiFace: you didn't know
how much you needed it until you tried it.

Button sets: Enhancement of the Toggle Button control,
automatically permitting one and only one Toggle Button within a
set of buttons to be checked. Yes, show-off, it's like a radio

Speech Recognition Interface Asset: (Windows only) Use the
spoken word as a trigger for one or more actions. Supports 26
different languages. "IntuiFace, make me dinner!"

Google Analytics Connector: Automatically load data points
collected by the
data tracking feature of IntuiFace into any one or more of your
Google Analytics properties.

To give you more freedom to try out our
data tracking capability, we've removed limits on the number of
data points that can be created by Composer. It is only for Player
that you need to consider purchasing a
Data Point Plan.

Player for Kiosks now supports Samsung SMART Signage Platform 4
- aka SSSP4 - known for its support of the Tizen-based operating
system. In addition, Player for Kiosks has ended support for
Samsung SMART Signage Platform 3 (aka SSSP3). -"Change language"
action: (Windows only) Change the keyboard language to any of the
30+ languages supported. You'll find this action next to the "Call
URL" and "Launch application" actions for the "Overall experience"
in the Triggers & Actions panel.

Speaking of the "Launch Application" and "Call URL" actions,
their parameters can now be derived from an external source via
binding. No more being limited to hard coding it at design

"Display loading images" property of all ordered Collections
determines whether or not items in the process of loading should be
represented visually.

Chronometer Interface Asset can be started from a specific time
instead of always from 0.

Custom .NET interface assets can write to the Composer/Player
trace.log file for debug purposes.

"About" panel of Composer and Player displays renewal and
expiration dates for subscription and perpetual licenses

Additional small usability enhancements you won't notice but
will subconsciously love.


"Reaches percentage" trigger of the Scratch Card Design
Accelerator will correctly fire only once.

"Moved into focus" trigger works again for the Slide Show

“Next" and "Previous” actions are now working for
the Slide Show Collection

Additional minor bugs or usability enhancement

4 crash conditions have been eliminated. We've crashed the


Dropbox will
not be available as a cloud storage option for new IntuiFace
accounts or new storage needs. Those already using Dropbox for
experience storage should prepare for discontinued support in
June-2017. IntuiLab will continue to support IntuiFace Cloud
Storage, FTP/FTPS and Amazon AWS/S3.

Player for Tablets on the iPad has ended support for iOS 8 or
earlier. iPad users must be running no less than iOS 9.

Player for Kiosks has ended support for Samsung SMART Signage
Platform 3 (aka SSSP3)




Eliminates Player and Composer Play Mode crashes linked to use
of the Video asset. Doesn’t happen consistently but could
affect all users of Version 5.6 so don’t delay your




New InterFace Asset for
comparing three values. Example: check if value a is between
value x and y.

Six free mini-game sample experiences in the Marketplace you can use
to gamify your experiences. Read about gamification here.


RFID tag triggers work again (including remote actions)

In Composer's Edit Mode, a tag ID detected by a tag reader is
again displayed in the "Tag ID" field of the two Tag "Detects a
tag" triggers. This process is described

Replacing an image with a
Fill Behavior of "Fit" with an image of a different ratio no
longer results in deformity of the new image

6 minor bugs were corrected

3 crash conditions were eliminated


31-Aug-2016 (Overrides v.5.6.1 and v.5.6.2.)


A running experience no longer freezes when the Web Browser
asset is scrolled while its “Interaction
mode” property is set to “Map pan and

Hidden Animated GIFs no longer impact Composer performance

Deletion of all scenes in an experience is no longer

“Set opacity” action works again in a layer with a
maximized image.

3 additional Composer bugs have been corrected

7 issues are fixed in the embedded "Player for Tablets/Kiosks"
option of Composer's
Play Mode

4 crash conditions have been eliminated




Transparent video support: (Windows only) Play videos
containing an alpha channel - i.e. transparent videos. Specific
formats are required; see
here for guidelines. Or did we make those guidelines

Transparent experience backgrounds: (Windows only) A mind
blower. Show third party apps running behind Player and even enable
users to interact with both IntuiFace and third party apps at the
same time. Also referred to as a transparent Player, you're not
going to believe your eyes.

"Fill behavior" property: Permits greater control over how
images, videos, webcam feeds and image buttons are displayed within
their container. Options include fit, fill and deform.

Animated GIF support: Animated GIFs (with or without
transparency) are hip again and IntuiFace is as cool as a cucumber
so they make a great pair. Show your favorite animated GIFs in

"Enclose" binding converter: Added in response to numerous
requests. An addition to the
Text Manipulation family of converters, the "Enclose" converter
is used to place specified text both before and after input

"Scroll offset" property: For Asset Grid collections, this new
property reflects the number of pixels through with an Asset Grid
has been scrolled. With it you can synchronize - via
binding - the scrolling of multiple Asset Grids at the same

Composer launch performance: We've tweaked some aspects of
Composer that enable it to start 50% faster than it has in the
past. Who doesn’t love faster?

Improved Excel support for Play Mode: When Play Mode is set to
use "Player for Tablets/Kiosks" - described
here - the Excel interface asset actions "Add row" and "Update
cell" are now available

Increased size of
IntuiFace Cloud Storage: 3GB for Composer Free, 10GB for
Composer Pro, 30GB for Composer Enterprise.


They're almost all minor / edge cases so we'll be mysterious
about them, keeping our relationship with you fresh.

Eliminated edge case where collected data points - for the

Data Tracking feature - would not be uploaded to the
Data Tracking Hub

5 other bug corrections

2 usability updates

5 crash conditions eliminated


Terms &
Conditions: Added clause expressing IntuiLab's ability to
change any posted price after 15 days notice.




Experience data accessed via the
Excel interface asset is more quickly refreshed after the
referenced Excel spreadsheet is updated. Alternative option was to
slow it down. Hope we made the right decision!


Browser asset no longer displays its keyboard after a selected
text input field on a webpage is either hidden or loses focus

Use of the Video
asset’s “Show Last Image” option no longer
prevents video rewind

Excel bindings are properly established when - to create an

Excel interface asset - drag-and-drop is used with a single
column Excel spreadsheet, referencing external media, and the
associated media folder. If you ever wondered what an “edge
case” is, now you know.


The Open Street Map provider for the Map collection
has been changed from MapQuest to Mapbox. The reasons for this
change are described
here. Instructions for working with Mapbox are
here. This is a net positive change as you’re gaining
much more map design flexibility.




Additional Webcam
asset resolution presets are available


Reduced rendering latency and aspect ratio for Webcam asset when set to Full HD

Corrected ability to load interface assets when the overall
experience name contains non-alphanumeric characters

Alignment buttons in Composer no longer mistakenly trigger Play

Use of a mouse to manipulate the 3D Model asset works again in all




The Hide and Show actions can
apply the opposite effect to all other items in the same layer or
same Group/Pinboard collection

Use the new Move to front and Send to
back actions to change the visual stacking of items
on-screen. (In Composer's Edit Mode you can also move things in the
scene to the front or back of their layer/Group/Pinboard using the
right-click menu.) Call it 'z order' to impress your friends.

asset permits camera selection (if more than one is available)
and resolution (320x240, 640x480 or best available for the

Ability to disable the next and previous swipe gestures of the
Flip Chart
collection. The old method was to yell "Darn!" and swipe back
to the original item.

Improved organization of the Triggers and Actions panel - as
well as of the
binding panel - should make it a lot easier for all of you who
don't read manuals to figure out how to work with triggers, actions
and binding.

8 additional, minor usability enhancements


Improved text rendering in Text assets and Buttons when using
line wrap, justify, & margins (in Buttons) and when text
contains multiple consecutive space characters.

asset no longer displays YouTube's 'similar videos' selector
when the active video is finished. It's none of your audience's

“Clear column filter” action for
Excel works again

Binding for output of the
Linear Converter interface asset works again. Congrats to those
who noticed!

Keyboard 'Close' button is again properly displayed

X, Y and Z coordinates of a manipulated 3D Model
asset are now the same during Edit Mode and Play Mode in

Rounded, translucent rectangle displayed in the background of a
asset is no longer displayed when starting a video. We were
displaying the Play button to be helpful but it was kind of obvious
that the video was playing.

An orange veil is no longer displayed in Composer's Edit Mode
in the scene over Text assets and Buttons when their content is
bound. The veil is only displayed when clicking on these assets to
edit their content.

On Windows running .NET Framework v.4.6 or v.4.6.1: If Player
is launched while the touchscreen is off / not connected, touch
events will again work after the touchscreen is connected / turned

NOTE: In Player for Windows, to get access to the mouse after
touching the screen, the user must right-click once

When drag-and-dropping
PowerPoint projects onto Composer, you will now be warned by a
popup message that all running instances of PowerPoint will be
killed if import proceeds. (PowerPoint will not be killed if using
formal import function.)

12 additional minor bug fixes.

6 crash conditions were corrected.


We've discontinued our Instagram support. For information, see

this posting in our User Community.




Croatian keyboard. It’s all digital so this stuff
isn’t hard to get.

URL Broadcast is no longer biased to .com so it can work with
any domain extension, including .edu, .info, .net, .biz and


Hidden YouTube
asset will no longer autoplay. “Hear me!” it said
but it had to wait its turn.

12 minor bug and usability issues fixed. Back off bugs.

Multiple corrections in Player for Tablet/Kiosk. The word
‘correction’ is a nice way of saying bugs. These
corrections are listed




Design for accessibility, because 1 in 7 people worldwide
possess some kind of disability

Text-to-speech: Generate speech for both static and dynamic
text. (Windows only) You should check it out; you’re a bit of
a mumbler.

Keyboard triggers: Key presses can act as
triggers for any IntuiFace actions. For example, use arrow keys
for navigation. The keyboard is no longer just a pretty face.

Gestures for static assets: Any onscreen gesture initiated on a
static asset can act as a
trigger for any IntuiFace actions. Don’t overdo it or
it’ll look like you’re massaging the screen.

Support for beacons using the iBeacon™ and
Eddystone™ protocols. Why care? It means your experiences can
know what is brought near them; you can then do something about it.

Application notification (i.e. beacon detection): Capture
unique ID of any beacon brought near a running experience and use
that ID to trigger specific actions, show specific data, etc. This
is very cool stuff.

Proximity detection: Like application notification but trigger
occurs only if the beacon is moved a specified distance from the
running experience. For example, show information for items lifted
away from a shelf. Freak out your guests!

URL broadcast: Running IntuiFace experiences act like
Eddystone-URL beacons, broadcasting URLs for user-selected items.
These URLs can be picked up by any mobile device supporting
Eddystone-URL - e.g. Android tablets. Broadcasting is available on
Windows only. Sorry other platforms!

value converters for binding. However, still no way to turn
lead into gold….

Is Equal To: Compares two values and returns true or false.
Found in the list of
Math & Logic binding converters. It’s nice to get a
black-and-white answer once in a while.

URL Shortener: Converts any URL into a 16 character URL. Very
useful for the URL broadcast feature mentioned above. They’re
also cute.

Default Web browser asset now stores cookies as files, enabling
continuity between multiple Player sessions. We’ll never
forget you!

Major performance improvements in Player for Tablets on the
iPad. We’re squeezing every drop out of that stingy


Fixed a memory leak related to JavaScript-based interface
assets and binding converters. IntuiFace Player will be much more
stable when IAs and converters are used. Nobody likes leakage!

Experiences in portrait mode have now correct thumbnails in
Composer and on Management Console. (We’ve also put portraits
in experience mode…. Ok, not really.)

"Allow navigation" property of the Web
Browser asset works again. We told it to get a job!

Many smaller usability corrections. Can you live with the

Four crash conditions have been eliminated.


RTSP support has been removed from the Video asset. IntuiFace
continues to support the MMS and HLS Internet-based video streaming




Web Browser asset no longer causes a crash when
JavaScript-enabled buttons are clicked.




Version of VLC used by the Video asset is upgraded from Version
2.1.5 to 2.2.2.

Addition of a Lithuanian keyboard.


Zooming in/out of the Document asset no longer displays more
than one page.

Web Browser asset

“Link is clicked” trigger is working again.

The spacebar can now be input into Web-based forms.

Experience publishing failure is solved in rare case: when
renaming files by simply changing upper/lower case letters into
their opposite.

10 additional minor issues are fixed.

4 crash conditions are corrected.




Weather Interface Asset (Weather IA) can now display up to 15
days of weather forecast. To access more than 5 days, users must
request their own API key from World Weather Online. To request an
API key, read
this information.

Instagram Interface Asset (Instagram IA) will now return
results for only the exact match of an account query if an exact
match exists. If there is no exact match, the IA will return
results for approximations of the account query.


Grouping assets (Ctrl+g) no longer clears memory of steps for
Undo (Ctrl+z).

“Fill direction” property of the Asset Grid
collection no longer resets when selecting this collection in
Edit Mode.

“Index in focus” property of the Flip Chart
collection is now correctly represented in Edit Mode.

Corrected crash condition that occurred when an Excel
spreadsheet - referenced by an
Excel Interface Asset - contained formulas in the first row.
Composer will now display an error message.

Corrected crash condition that occurred when running Composer's
“Player for Tablets and Kiosks” Preview Mode on 32-bit
Windows PCs.

Additional 6 edge-case crash conditions were fixed.




Brand new rendering engine for the Web
Browser asset. Based on CefSharp, it offers complete HTML5,
CSS3 and WebGL support. Also much faster and more reliable then the
older Web Browser asset.

NOTE: Preexisting experiences will continue to use the legacy
browser. To use the new rendering engine in preexisting
experiences, you must explicitly change the Web Browser asset
container from the "Legacy" style to the "Default" style.

Free experience storage option, aka
IntuiFace Cloud Storage. This will be the default option when
publishing an experience. Zero configuration required. You can
still use your own Amazon S3, Dropbox or FTP site as alternatives.

Composer Free: 1GB free storage

Composer Pro: 3GB free storage

Composer Enterprise: 20GB free storage

New YouTube
asset to simplify the inclusion of YouTube-hosted videos in
your IntuiFace experiences

NOTE: Supported on Windows, iPad, Android and webOS.

Snap alignment for items in Composer's Edit Mode. This
magnetism applies to both item center points and edges as well
as to rulers and scene borders.

Option to turn off data point creation for the automatic Scene
Entered/Exited events. Information

Composer Free: Play Mode is now limited to 8 minutes.


Composer Free users are required to update to Version 5.3.



NOTE: For Windows PCs, to correct some
performance issues and to improve performance elsewhere, we took
advantage of new capabilities and fixes in Microsoft .NET Framework
4.6.1. Make sure you are running this latest version of the
framework. Go here
to download the installer for .NET Framework Version 4.6.1. Install
it before running Composer Version 5.2.7.


In Composer’s Play Mode or when running an experience in
Player for Windows, use of a touch screen no longer prevents use of
a mouse. You can now go back and forth between fingers and the
mouse to interact with IntuiFace-based content.
NOTE: .NET Framework Version 4.6.1 is required for
this fix to be applied. You can get the latest version of the
framework here.

"DPI" property for the Document asset now offers preselected
options instead of a slider to eliminate multiple, unnecessary
document conversions.

Additional minor usability enhancements.


ESC key will again exit both Composer in Play Mode and a
running experience in Player for Windows under all circumstances.
NOTE: .NET Framework Version 4.6.1 is required for
this fix to be applied. You can get the latest version of the
framework here.

Resizing of Group collections placed within other collections
now works similarly to resizing of stand-alone Groups.

More than 12 crash conditions corrected, including a few linked
to Excel use.




Sprinkling of minor usability enhancements.


Fixed edge case inability to replay a video.

Few additional minor bug fixes.

8 crash conditions corrected.




Greater in-scene editing capability

Change (and identify) visibility of assets and collections
using the Scene Content panel

Directly resize width of items inside collections
data templates by double-clicking the collection/data template
and then dragging item handles.

Resize Group
collection "window" without resizing contained items by
double-clicking the Group and then dragging its resize

Nested collections can be individually selected for in-scene

Lasso selection (i.e. left-click-hold+drag) now works inside
the Group and

Enhanced Excel support

Edit Excel-based workbook data - accessed via the
Excel interface asset - in real-time by opening spreadsheets
from within Composer. Add/rename columns, add rows and change data
without breaking the existing bindings used to display your data.
here for details.

Excel interface assets on the fly by drag-and-dropping Excel
workbooks (and, optionally, associated graphic files and folders)
into Composer.

Open the folder containing the workbook referenced by an Excel
interface asset directly from within Composer.

Improved experience downloading for deployments

The same folder is now used for both manual experience
downloads in Player and
automated downloads remotely initiated by Management Console.
This avoids data duplication and reduces internet bandwidth

If file pathnames are too long - due to OS limitations - an
explicit warning message is displayed by both Player for manual
downloads and Management Console for remote deployments.

In Management Console, you can now specify, for each Player,
whether it should automatically run an experience when started
manually. For details, see

Undo / redo is now much quicker when manipulating collections
containing multiple items.

More than 16 additional usability enhancements.


Hidden and read-only files no longer prevent experience
publishing from working.

14 crash conditions have been fixed




“Parameter Name” field of the Data Tracking
“Log Event” action no longer permits entry of most
non-alphanumeric characters to ensure compatibility with all
analytic, marketing and data warehouse platforms.

10X speed improvement when saving a project containing or
referencing (via the Excel interface asset) a very large number of
locally saved media files. By "very large" we mean as many as 3k or


When upgrading Composer Free to Pro or Enterprise, locally
created experiences - when resaved - will now be properly
represented in the Experiences Panel.

7 crash conditions were corrected. Most notable is a crash
related to particular uses of the Rich Text asset.




Tracking interface asset

Define, collect and send data from your interactive IntuiFace
experiences to any platform for analytics, marketing or data

Includes offline data point storage, support for 150+
analytics/marketing/data warehouse platforms, automatic event
detection and much more

See this page for a
detailed overview, including a video-based demonstration.

See the
chapter in our Knowledge Base for all how-to information.

Easy Share

A new frictionless method for sharing experiences with
colleagues and clients. No need for your users to create an
IntuiFace account. No need for manual license entry. Just give them
a URL.

this page in our Knowledge Base for all how-to

Access to all font variants in the Text and Rich Text

Triggers for RFID/NFC readers now expose the captured tag ID,
making it available as a parameter for binding.

Composer Edit Mode performance and capability

Manipulation (drag-and-drop, cut-and-paste) of a large number
of assets and collections is much quicker.

Scene change through use of the Scenes dropdown panel is much

Selection and editing of assets inside collections (AssetGrid,
AssetFlow, Carousel, CircularPanel, Map and Timeline) is now
possible. Double-click the collection to access the content.

asset is now available on Android

Brand new Composer and Player splash screen. Can you find the
easter egg?

10+ additional, small usability enhancements to make life even


Installation of Player and Composer on Windows 10 devices
should no longer fail in some rare cases.

Videos used for a scene's "Background" property will no longer
be slightly narrower than the screen width.

Asset Grid collection can now be properly resized in Play Mode
when displaying two or more rows or columns.

5 minor bug corrections.

2 crash conditions fixed.


The Kinect and Leap Motion interface assets have been
discontinued and removed from IntuiFace. The code for these
interface assets have been open sourced and posted to GitHub.

The Log Interaction action has been deprecated, replaced by the
new data tracking capabilities of IntuiFace. See
here for more details.




Configurable Email interface asset

Accepts an SMTP username not formatted as a valid email

Permits specification of a From name and a Reply-to name.


Corrects a Dropbox issue that blocked experience

Custom interface assets without an icon no longer prevent
experience publishing.

Textures and lights of some 3D models were not rendered.

Minor Composer usability corrections.

Two crash conditions eliminated.




"Is being entered” and "Has been entered" triggers are
now activated for the startup scene when using Player for Windows
and for the current scene when launching Play Mode in Composer.
This was already the case in Player for Tablets and Player for

Browser asset now supports websites using self-signed


On Windows, in both Composer and Player, multiple interface
assets were broken with the release of Version 5.1.2, including

Tweet List and
System Info IAs. This problem has been corrected.

When an experience with a video background in one or more
scenes is saved, Composer recognizes it as saved.

Eliminated Composer crash condition related to frequent jumps
in and out of Play Mode.

Use of
binding to pass an invalid value (e.g. text string) into the
Zoom property of the Web Browser asset no longer causes Composer to

Additional edge case crash condition is fixed.




On-screen gesture triggers now work after a "Space reload"

Excel interface asset prevented the use of certain words as
column names, considering them reserved - e.g. "state". This no
longer occurs.

Sharing an experience with Write privileges now works if the
target IntuiFace account has no configured storage option.

Initial scroll effect of the Asset Flow
collection no longer forces view of the first item if some
other item in the collection has been assigned focus.

Occasional Composer freeze when saving an experience on a PC
with powerful CPU and physical hard drive (vs. solid state drive)
no longer occurs.

Small number of edge case bug fixes.

Five crash conditions were eliminated.




Corrected six crash conditions, all related to the new, high
performance collections algorithm implemented in Version 5.1.




Performance improvements on Windows

Scene-to-scene transition animation is more fluid. Includes
elimination of the flash visible just before a new scene

Animation in
general is more fluid.

Rendering of off-screen content in collections - particularly
the Asset Grid collection - happens more quickly and smoothly.

filtering is almost instantaneous

Composer is zippier in Edit Mode.

Elimination of evil memory leaks, preventing possible
performance issues during long-term playback.

Usability enhancements for the Composer workspace

Quick Properties pop-up for all items in a scene enables easy
access to properties, triggers and editing controls.

Assets, Collections, Design Accelerators, and Content Library
panels can now be independently sized.

Interface Assets and Scene Structure panels can now be
independently sized and positioned.

Number of interface assets and scenes are temporarily displayed
when a new XP is opened.

Enhancement of item resizing options available in multiple

Simplified drag-and- drop of items in the Scene Content panel.
It is no longer necessary to select an item before dragging

Licensing updates

Player for Tablets pack combines Player for iPad and Player for
off-the-shelf Android tablets. Use a Tablet license on either
platform. Preexisting Player for iPad and Player for Android
licenses inherit this benefit.

Player for Kiosks combines our Samsung SMART Signage Platform
(SSP) support with that for custom Android devices. Use a Kiosk
license on either platform.

Player improvements

tools are now available on iPad, Android and Samsung SSP.

Multiple additional enhancements and bug fixes in Player for
Kiosks and Player for Tablets. Details are

Share via Email - Configurable interface asset now permits
specification of Reply To and Sender Name values.

More than 500 new design accelerators inspired by our work

7 Interactive Experience Design Trends


email forms

vintage-themed banner and object images

Several smaller usability improvements.


Media filenames starting with a dot character and temporary
Excel and Word files (i.e. those prefixed with ~$) no longer stop
experience publishing process.

Experiences stored on a network drive or stored in a shared
folder accessed via a Mac-based virtual machine no longer prevent
the loading of interface assets and binding convertors.

Experience publishing no longer fails when the name of small
media files (size < 100KB) contain non iso-latin

3D model importer is no longer case sensitive.

It is no longer possible to maximize more than one asset at a
time. To maximize a second asset - via triggers and actions - the
first asset must be unmaximized first.

Weather, Twitter and Instagram interface assets are now
consistently displayed in Composer's Edit Mode and Play Mode.

More than 16 crash conditions have been corrected.




Full screen background videos play at full screen again.

Minor bug fixes.

Multiple rare crash conditions have been eliminated.




3 annoying crash conditions we couldn't live with.

Couple of minor usability fixes.

Correction of rare but painful Error 6413 (“missing
file”) when publishing an experience.




Filter and sort settings in the Content Library are now saved
between sessions

Weather interface asset now accepts premium keys for World Wide
Weather in addition to free keys.

Clock interface asset now supports the ISO 8601 time and date

More than 12 minor usability enhancements.


Important fixes for users sharing experiences with
colleagues/clients when Windows is configured to use a comma (,)
instead of a dot (.) to represent decimals.

Filter and sort in the Content Library are working again.

Drag and drop in Scene Structure panel now works properly

More than 7 crash conditions were fixed.




Search in the
Content Library is now case insensitive

IntuiPad (the IntuiFace remote control) on iPad and Android
supports IntuiFace Version 5


Layer properties can no longer be edited. These properties were
accidentally exposed in Version 5.0. Editing them would cause an
IntuiFace experience to crash.

Slide Show
collection no longer disappears in Composer's Edit Mode under
certain conditions.

"Change video" action is no longer deleted when entering
Composer's Play Mode.

Trigger "Link is clicked" for the Web
Browser asset works again.

Default data template for the
RSS interface asset is again available for placement in a

Time property of the
Chronometer interface asset - a read-only property available
for binding - is no longer undefined.

IntuiFace Configuration Tool again successfully prepares a
Windows PC to receive remote actions.

Bindings in nested data templates are no longer lost when
upgrading from Version 4 to Version 5

Several small usability and graphic design enhancements.

3 crash conditions have been eliminated




Eliminates a few edge-case crash conditions

Corrects some minor usability issues and bugs



NOTE: IntuiFace Version 5.0 and IntuiFace Version 4.x can be
installed on the same machine. You can even run them side-by-side
and copy content from a Version 4.x experience into a Version 5.0
experience. However, once opened in Version 5.0, experiences cannot
be opened in Version 4.x without following this rollback


Composer workspace improvements

New, refreshed graphic style for Composer

Undock and distribute panels across multi-screen setup

Introduction of rulers, ruler guides and gridlines to aid
alignment of design elements

Resizable item icons in all panels

One-click access to online help in all panels

Improved design and organization of Properties categories

binding process

Addition of rectangle and ellipse to the Assets panel, no
longer part of design accelerators

Search by name in the Interface Assets panel

Improved interface asset icons

HTML5-based Player upgrade for iPad, Android and Samsung SSP

New gaming-influenced architecture speeds graphic rendering and
touch reaction times

Overall speed improvements of more than 50%

Increased stability virtually eliminates resource-related
crashes, with particular improvement on iPad

Conditional triggers

Add a set of constraints to limit triggers to specified

Excel interface asset improvements

Filter action has now a 'clear all active filters' option

Filter values can now be case insensitive

Full path to the Excel worksheet is now available for
binding via a read-only property

Drag-and-drop of an Excel file onto the active scene or Content
Library now creates an Excel IA rather than a pdf document

Localized Keyboard

30+ localized keyboards are now supported, including Arabic,
Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Thai, etc.

Keyboard can default to local language of the device on which
Composer/Player is running or be specified in advance

Onscreen location and orientation of the keyboard can be
controlled both at design time and via actions

Additional characters are available in the default keyboard

HTML5 Player now available in Composer for Play Mode

Test tablet/Samsung SSP-targeted experiences on Windows,
accessible via the Project menu

REMEMBER, performance of experiences in the HTML5 Player on
Windows may not reflect true performance on targeted devices - it
could be faster or slower - so on-device testing remains

System Info interface asset

Returns information about the device running Composer or Player
- including device name and geographic location - and information
about the running experience.

Combine multiple data feeds in a single collection

Access the live data feed from multiple interface assets and
combine them into a single visual

For example, display the content from both a Twitter and RSS
feed in the same datasheet.

Publish and Share improvements

Enhanced publish/download error management when sharing an

Downloading of files greater than 1GB is now possible

REST Web services can be used to delete analytics (useful when
using 3rd party data mining tools with IntuiFace)

New default templates (i.e. visual representations) of multiple


Simple Counter

Clock, Chronometer, Countdown

Linear Gauge


Reimport of an Excel file now works in all cases

Analytic records containing special characters (e.g. accented
characters) are now properly rendered for XML/REST requests

30+ crash corrections and assorted bug fixes




Upgrading Player using Management Console will no longer break
the Player agent. If you are running Player Version 4.8.1 through
4.8.6, you should upgrade directly to this Version 4.8.7

Snapshots created using the “Take snapshot” action
in time intervals smaller than 1 second are no longer lost.

All experiences created using Composer Version 4.7.7 or earlier
can be downloaded into Composer for editing without, in some rare
conditions, causing a crash.

IntuiFace’s Sample experiences can be downloaded into
Composer for editing without failing with the error message
“Error while decomp

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