This page includes all IntuiFace Release Notes starting with
Version 3.0.0.

All known Limitations can be found here.

Current version is v4.7.0, released

v.4.7.0 "Gemini"



Player for Android

Build in Composer, run on any tablet running Android 4.3 or

Feature equivalent to Player for iPad

Limitations can be found

Signage-inspired deployment capabilities in Management

Tag Players (Windows, iPad and Android) and filter devices by
tags for group functions like deploy, reboot and analytics

Monitor running experiences in Players for iPad and Android
(already possible with Player for Windows)

(Windows only) Restart Player and/or reboot Windows PCs running

(Windows only) Configure Player(s) to automatically restart and
play the last run experience in case of PC reboot

(Windows only) Upgrade Player to a new version (won't work with
Player Version 4.6 or earlier)

Additional deployment improvements

Publish to and deploy from both Internet and LAN-based
FTP storage. This complements existing cloud storage support
for Box, DropBox and Amazon S3

(Composer Enterprise required) Toggle whether or not to the
automated notification email should be sent when sharing

(Composer Enterprise required) Hands-free
licensing for large scale installations of Player through use
of a ghost image


Drag-and-drop Photoshop psd documents directly into Composer
for automatic image conversion and import. Every tagged layer and
group is transformed into an image.

Drag-and-drop of revised psd files will result in updates of
only changed content.

New Video asset

VLC-based Video assets support significantly increased number
of file-based video codecs, including mpeg, avi, mkv, and mov (aka

Also includes extended list of supported streaming video

Video playback performance is also greatly improved

Map collection enhancements

New Set coordinates action for moving items
within a map

New Tap and Double-tap
triggers capture the touchpoint's latitude and longitude for use as
action parameters

Enhancements to the Basic Shapes design accelerator (applies to
both ellipse and rectangle)

New actions: Set fill color, border thickness, border color and
curvature of rectangle corners (aka radius)

Support Tap and Double-tap

New assets and collections

(Windows only) New Webcam
asset. Display live feed coming from PC-connected webcam.
Capture screenshots for post-processing (e.g use of drawing tools)
and sharing via email or saving to a local file.

(Windows only) New Helix
collection. Present items in an interactive DNA-like spiral.
Like the Carousel collection, the Helix is endless. It can rotate
automatically or respond to user touches.

interface asset

Specify dates and times for triggering events

Supports use of Cron expressions

Optionally enables use of UTC to coordinate actions across

interface asset

Collect usage info from an experience and store it in
cloud-hosted, IntuiLab-managed database

Logged information is aggregated across even the largest
multi-device deployment

Download logged information to an Excel file using Management

(Composer Enterprise required) Pre-filter dataset before
download and access the past 365 days of collected data. Free and
Pro Edition have access to one day of data.

(Composer Enterprise required) Download logged data to an
XML-based dataset via REST-based query. Useful for generating
dynamic queries that will be used by third party analytics

Additional new interface assets

Address to Coordinates / Coordinates to Address: Uses Google
Maps API to convert addresses into latitude/longitude coordinates
or vice versa.

Compares two text strings or numbers. Set triggers that call events
when the comparison is true.

Manipulation: Combine two text strings, extract a substring or
replace one substring with another.

Improvements to Player for iPad (features also appear with

Deploy experiences through drag-and-drop using Management

Support for Excel interface asset

Support for folder-based collections

Improved support for nested collections

Usability improvements

Redesign of New Project panel

Composer now asks whether to duplicate or replace media when
re-importing that corresponding file into an experience

Improved 3D model
conversion tool - converting 3ds, obj and dae into XAML

The Change content action now has a content

Improved filters in the Content Library

Empty collections display "ghost assets" that reflect the
visual structure of the collection

Assets in a scene can now be drag directly into

The listing of container styles in the quick access Properties
panel are now display short animated tooltips

Main properties of the rectangle and ellipse are now accessible
in the Properties panel

Font selector for Text and Rich Text assets now contains
previews of each font

Increased, from four to six, the number of properties available
in the quick access Properties panel for interface assets

Improved search in the Design Accelerators panel

Items in the Triggers and Actions panel can be used to open
either the trigger or the action depending upon where they are

Height and width of Composer Panels, plus filter and sort
settings, are saved as user preferences for each project

Enhanced feedback when editing a collection

Bindings are now exhibited for all visible Text asset
properties in the quick access Properties panel.

More than 25 other usability enhancements

Improved performance and memory footprint

Reduced memory footprint of pdf-based Document assets

Better memory management for JavaScript-based interface

New sample experiences available for download

Self-Service Photo Booth: (Windows only) Includes Webcam asset
and Helix collection

Photo Exhibition: Formatted for Android. Includes use of

Real Estate Property Search: Includes Address to Coordinate
interface asset and a custom REST-based interface asset for the
Zoopla property search website


REST-based interface assets now send requests even when
optional parameters are not set

The ESC key on a physical keyboard again exits a running
experience in Player and Composer in Play Mode

Memory leak in animations has been fixed

Map collection no longer uses a different centerpoint when
entering Composer's Play Mode or first running in Player

Images in Image Buttons are now resized even when the button
size is smaller than 30 pixels

Carousel and Asset Flow collections now scroll to a specified
index when triggered by a timer shorter than 3 seconds

Accelerated creation of new projects on a Windows PC with
hundreds of installed fonts

Number Generator interface asset can now generate a value
equivalent to the upper limit

In case of a low level crash, Player no longer displays the
Microsoft crash window. Player just restarts automatically and
plays the last run experience.

15+ additional fixes, including various crash conditions

4.7 known limitations are described




Clear cache action has been added to the Web
Browser asset.

Zoom and pan settings of each space in Composer's Edit Mode are
saved and reused when an experience is closed and then

Improved performance of all REST-based Interface Assets due to
optimized Web Service requests.

Fonts once referenced but no longer used in an experience are
removed from that experience to reduce project size.


Fonts referenced only in action parameters are saved to an
experience for deployment.

Clock Interface Asset correctly displays the AM/PM format and
the year.

Tweets collected by the Twitter Interface Asset show a posting
date adjusted for the time zone of the local PC rather than always
showing UTC.

JavaScript-based Interface Assets

Boolean values are correctly interpreted under all

Logs in the log file are much less verbose.

A crash of Composer's embedded Player, while in Play Mode, no
longer locks users out of Edit Mode.

More than 12 crash conditions have been eliminated, including
various scenarios involving copy/paste followed by deletion.




Spaces panel and Content Library

Simplified access to list view in the Content Library. Just
reduce thumbnail size to minimum.

Added list view option to the Spaces panel.

Added both smaller and larger thumbnail options.

Use of Ctrl+mouse-wheel to increase/decrease thumbnail sizes.
Also available in the Design Accelerators and Experiences


Content Library filter now includes unused content.

Downloaded but unsaved samples and templates no longer appear
in the My Experiences tab of the Experiences panel.

Download button for experiences in the Experiences panel no
longer disappears if the PC loses then regains Internet

Additional small fixes.

Three crash conditions are corrected.




PowerPoint imports can be cancelled without causing Composer

Several small Experience panel issues have been corrected.

Saving an experience containing multiple videos no longer takes
multiple seconds.

Target listbox for drag and drop actions can now be

Three additional crash conditions have been fixed, including
the notorious "Closing Composer by clicking the red X in the upper
right-hand corner".




Ability to toggle between list view and thumbnail view in the
Content Library.


The Flickr Interface Asset now supports the https protocol and
will work again. Just open existing IntuiFace experiences in this
version of Composer and resave them to apply the update.

The Delete Experience button in Composer’s
Experience panel works properly for the experience just

It is again possible to reference a PDF using a URL – in
addition to a file path - for the Content property
of the Document Asset.

The Show action works again for hidden Asset
Flow collections.

The Initial scroll effect property for the
Asset Flow collection works again.

Images accessed via URLs are again cached after their initial

PUT requests are no longer sent repeatedly for the Philips hue
interface asset.

4 crash conditions were fixed




Support for drag-and-drop
behavior. Both drag and drag-and-drop events now act as
triggers for any IntuiFace action.

Collaboration and Team Management capabilities (for Composer
Enterprise customers)

Share an experience as
play-only. Permits only Play Mode; the recipient cannot view
experiences in Composer's Edit Mode.

Share an experience with
Write privileges. Permits collaboration with published
experiences. Changes overwrite the original.

Temporarily loan
subscription licenses and permanently transfer perpetual
licenses with other IntuiFace accounts.

Create secondary
accounts to achieve fine grained control over license and
experience sharing. Useful when juggling multiple projects and/or
multiple users with unique needs and sharing rights.

your own Design Accelerators to capture and save templates and
frequently used components.

Multiple Player for iPad improvements

See this

Ability to logout of
Composer. Makes it possible to have multiple users and multiple
licenses on the same PC. Also simplifies use of floating

Global variable
support, making values accessible across spaces.

New graphic effects: Hue rotation and brightness

Fonts used in Simple Text asset are saved as part of the experience.
No need to preinstall fonts separately. Works on both Windows and
the iPad.

New value-themed interface assets including random number
generator, random from list and a
linear scale

Usability improvements

Content Library displays resizable thumbnails for all imported

Built-in text-based search for the Content Library and Design
Accelerators panel.

All possible copy/paste scenarios are now supported whether
occurring within one experience or between two or more instances of
Composer running on the same PC

Content within Group collections now resizes when the Group is
resized while in Edit Mode.

Separation of owned experiences from those shared with you in
Composer/Player Experiences panel.

Improved state icons for published and shared experiences.

Multiple usability tweaks including streamlined content import,
simpler space creation, more user-friendly background color for new
spaces, trigger preselection and much more.

Replacement of REST-based Philips hue interface
asset with more robust JavaScript version.

Improved feature set for Free Edition. Free Edition users can
now use Kinect, Leap Motion and Excel filter/sort/add item.


Navigation buttons in the Web Browser asset continue to work
when webpage is zoomed greater than 100%

Reduced memory usage for documents (Both pdf and Office) with
many pages.

Eliminated memory leaks and performance issue linked to use of
the animation timeline.

Elimination of GDI leak in the Web Browser asset, thereby
correcting many crash conditions. (Fix was released in IntuiFace
4.5.5 but we thought it worth mentioning again.)

Correction of 6 other crash conditions.




Corrects large variety of crashes originating in the Web
Browser asset. The cause was a GDI leak linked to the way certain
websites were architected. For some websites the leak was slow, for
others the leak was fast. Either way, after some amount of time,
the leak would hit a Windows OS limit and IntuiFace would crash.
Good news: no more leak!




Several experience
publish and download improvements, including 30% increase in
performance and reduced failure rates

Various small usability improvements


Kinect support works again in all cases

Shared experiences are no longer hidden by Management Console
if their download in Composer or Player fails

Newly created experiences are no longer deleted if “Save
as…” is used before "Save".

Frequent, consecutive use of the "Update Cell" action for the
Excel Interface Asset no longer slows Player performance.

Repaired a copy/paste issue for the Rich Text asset

More than 15 crash conditions are resolved.




New out-of-the-box Interface Asset: Philips hue

Complex object (list object) support for the
JavaScript Interface Asset

Addition of duplicate command to right-click context menus and
as keyboard shortcut Ctrl+d

Improved speed of experience saving when content is


Kinect and Leap Motion support works again.

Corrected variety of publishing issues for all supported
cloud-based storage providers.

Target list of "Go to space" action" again contains all
possible spaces.

Eliminated occasional display of phantom devices in Management

Corrected variety of JavaScript Interface Asset issues.

Player agent installer now opens port 8000, necessary for
communication with Management Console.

All common properties are displayed when standard assets and
interface assets are multi-selected.

Prevented crash when attempt is made to edit an Interface
Asset's .ifd file while an experience is loaded in Composer or

Eliminated seemingly random crash when exiting Player.

Update of older experiences (4.3 and prior) to Version 4.5.3
correctly preserves parameters for:

Video asset actions "Set timeline" and "Set volume"

Text asset actions “Set size" and "Set color"




Composer multi-screen support enables use of floating Composer
panels in secondary displays.

Improved accuracy of publish
download progress estimates.

Reduced downtime for Player when deploying
and running a new/updated experience via Management Console.
Experiences are now downloaded prior to stopping and restarting

OS-specific system files – rejected by DropBox - are not
uploaded or published.

New Zoom property for the Web Browser

New sample experience - "Food Ordering" - uses animation to
create a build-a-burger kiosk app.

Several small usability enhancements for Management


Stopping a video more than once no longer makes it

Latest version of Leap Motion driver - Version 1.2.0+10947 -
now supported

Computers with uninstalled Players are no longer displayed in
the Connected Devices and
Monitoring panels of Management Console.

Addressed change to Dropbox API that prevented successful
experience publishing and download (causing Error 5001).

HTTP service can now be called more than once via
JavaScript-based interface assets.

Images now scale appropriately if located inside a group-based
asset grid.

Bindings are
no longer lost if items are moved between layers.

12 crash fixes and a variety of minor bug fixes.




Improved copy/paste capability between two running instances of
Composer. For list of remaining unsupported copy/paste scenarios,
see this

Display of informative error messages when experience
publication or deployment fails.

Asset selection lasso in Edit Mode can now be started from
outside the visible scene.

Enhanced Hue-Saturation-Value color picker

Multiple small usability improvements.


Alignment tools work with assets found inside a Group nested
inside another collection.

Experiences containing Kinect and Leap Motion interface assets
can be deployed using Management Console.

Pro Edition experiences can be published and shared by
Enterprise Edition license holders.

Downloading a large shared experience published to the Box
cloud no longer fails due to time out.

Media files (images, videos, etc.) with the & symbol in
their name can be published as part of an experience.

Multiple timers in the same space can coexist and independently
trigger actions.

Experiences can be published even if first opened in Composer
by a double-click on that experience’s .ifx file.

“Allow rotate” property is respected even if an
asset container is set to Free.

Clock Interface Asset has complete set of properties that
existed in prior IntuiFace versions.

Closing assets while in Play Mode no longer fails to trigger
the “Hidden” action.

About 16 crash conditions are corrected.



NOTE: All new runtime features - i.e. features
not specific to editing in Composer - are supported on both Windows
PCs and the iPad.



Move, rotate, blur, scale and much more for any asset or

Includes multiple animation profiles: linear, ease-in/ease-out,
ease-in, ease-out, bounce.

Timeline enables choreography of multiple animation actions
launched by the same trigger

Preview button runs animation while in Composer's Edit

Multiple configuration options to fine tune speed, frequency
and timing


One-click functionality in Composer

Use your own - or your company's - Box, DropBox or Amazon S3
cloud storage account.

Differential upload ensures faster publishing on subsequent

published experiences

Accessed online through Management Console.

Just list email addresses and click the Share button.

Composer's Experiences Panel flags all shared experiences
waiting for download.

Share images, videos, documents, audio files - and annotated
images and spaces

More flexible and functional Share via USB
Drive interface asset replaces existing USB control

New Share
via File System interface asset makes it possible to save media
to any locally accessible file system, including networked

New Email interface asset let's you send media as email
attachments. See next feature.

email support

Hosted option offers a free email service supplied by

Configurable option works with any SMTP server.

Both options accept one or more attachments as well as fully
customizable To, From and Body fields.

New visual effects for all assets and collections




Licensing and Pricing improvements

Perpetual Enterprise Composer licenses with active MSU
entitlement now float.

New subscription White Label Player license for Enterprise
Edition customers. See our pricing

50% cost reduction for the annual Composer Enterprise

Addition of JavaScript
as a supported protocol for Internet Assets

Complements IntuiFace's REST support as a way to introduce
cross-platform - i.e. bothiPad and Windows - capability.

Includes a Javascript rewrite of Composer's out-of-the-box
Counter and Time interface assets, making them usable with Player
for iPad.

Assets can now be placed fully outside a space, particularly
useful for animation

Improvements to Composer’s Experience Panel (formerly
known as the Startup panel), including built-in publish and share
notification capabilities.

In Edit Mode, the selection lasso (i.e. left-click+hold and
drag) works even if initiated outside the bounds of a space.

Improved organization of Interface Assets (IA) in the IA

Multi-asset/collection selection is possible in the Actions
section of the Triggers & Actions panel.

Additional parameters are now accessible in the Properties

All major asset and collections properties are now

If applicable, the binding indicator is displayed.

Harmonization between Text and Rich Text asset properties.

New Scratch Card asset,
located in the Design Accelerators panel.

Inactivity Timer now accepts values via binding.

Improved speed of exit from Composer's Play Mode.

ifx backup file created when upgrading to new version of
Composer is now labeled with the older Composer version


Eliminated memory leak linked to switching between spaces.

Leap Motion and Kinect support works again in all

"Create asset" action correctly accepts a URL.

When importing a PowerPoint presentation, slides are now
correctly organized in the “Home” space.

When selecting an asset in the Space Content panel, its border
is displayed when located within an Asset Flow or Asset Grid.

Fixes crashes related to the Timeline collection.

Actions “Change drawing” and “Change
stroke” work again.

Action “Scroll to” applied to an Asset Flow
collection now scrolls to the correct index position.

When referencing external media, the Excel IA now accepts
absolute paths containing spaces.

z-order of elements is now maintained after grouping them.




Add Player for iPad Version 4.5 compatibility.

Building experiences for Player for iPad? We recommend using Player
for iPad Version 4.5 and Composer Version 4.3.9. When Composer
Version 4.5 becomes available, upgrade once more.




Image and Document assets now accept URLs as dynamic links to
media. (Video asset already supports URLs as dynamic links.)

Virtual keyboard enhanced to support additional non-alphabetic

Alternate Video asset rendering engine (referenced in the Video
asset Style property; still in beta) now
recognizes the Poster property.

Max font pixel size has been raised from 128 to 1638.

RFID tag ID can be captured in Composer Edit Mode by giving
focus to the trigger’s Tag ID field in the
Triggers and Actions panel and then running a tag
over your reader.

REST interface asset trace log now includes specific details
about the property, asset and failure reason

REST interface asset improvements for the support of connected


Flip Chart no longer triggers scroll actions when loaded.

Minor Text Input asset bug fixes

IntuiFace log file no longer contains verbose messages when an
RFID tag reader is referenced in a project but not connected to the

Multiple crash conditions are resolved.




In Composer’s Play Mode, the Excel interface asset now
reloads edited Excel spreadsheets whenever the parent workbook is
closed or Excel is quit. While in Composer Play Mode, reload the

Performance counter issue on some Windows PCs now resolved by
the IntuiFace installer.



“Scroll to index” now triggered in all cases.

“Elasticity” property works again.

“New” and “Open” project-related
functions work again after a second project is opened and edited in

Remote actions using the experience name as a parameter work

Additional minor stability and bug fixes.

12 crash scenarios corrected including 1) asset deletion from
Content Library while the Binding or Triggers & Actions panel
is displayed, and 2) recursive binding of properties with numerical




While in Edit Mode, switches between spaces containing a large
number of assets using triggers, actions and binding will complete
up to 50% faster.

Redesign of the IntuiFace Account
Management website to improve usability.

Map collection no longer
displays a white border when first created.

REST interface asset now supports the definition of min and max


Changing the container type of an Asset Flow no longer, under
certain conditions, causes contents to disappear from view.

Switching between vertical and horizontal orientation for the
Asset Grid no longer causes certain property values to disappear
from view.

Playback of videos larger than 2GB no longer causes Composer to

setOpacity action is no longer lost when saving Version 4.2
projects in Version 4.3.

10 crash conditions corrected.




Asset size is no longer set to 0 if an asset is hidden in a
group and then moved out of that group in the Space Content

Pausing a video that has never run will no longer cause the
video to hide.

A double-click on the Player executable no longer disables
multi-touch under certain circumstances.

When changing media for an Image, Video or Document asset in
the Properties Panel, the content files are now displayed in
alphabetical order.

Download of some videos and pdfs no longer fails in the Preview
Mode of Player for iPad.

9 crash conditions and other small issues are corrected.





Almost instantaneous space navigation. Visible assets (text,
images, videos, …) are now rapidly displayed after
space-to-space transition rather than loaded into memory before
transition, providing better visual feedback that navigation is

Faster initial display of PDF files.

"Duplicate" option now available for a space and a


Race conditions leading to PDF conversion failure (the red
exclamation mark problem) have been corrected.

The connection between Composer and Player for iPad now work
when the email address associated with an IntuiFace account uses
uppercase letters.

Next/Previous/ScrollTo/ScrollToAsset actions for the SlideShow
collection are back in Composer.

The "Goto page" action works again in all cases when
referencing pages earlier in a book.

A video with "Autoplay" set to true is no longer played if it
is contained within a hidden group.

PDFs added directly from the file system at runtime now display
their first page when appearing.

Document asset widths in a collection are now accurately

Space-specific capabilities are no longer displayed in the
right-click menu or in the menu bar for a sequence in the Spaces

Additional minor issues fixed.

10 crash conditions corrected.




Significantly faster load times when transitioning to spaces
with a lot of hidden content.

PDF files in a Flipchart collection are no longer blurred when
flipping between PDFs.

The Undo function (Ctrl-Z) no longer causes Composer to crash
when the modified space – or an asset/collection in the
modified space – has an action whose target is in another

“Pause when hidden” property for the Video asset
works again in all cases




Updates Twitter interface
asset to accommodate significant change in the Twitter API.
Experiences created before Version 4.2 may crash if using the
Twitter interface asset. Experiences created and/or saved using
Version 4.2 thru 4.3.1 may display empty tweet lists. This new
version will repair all tweet lists. Just open your experience in
this new version and resave.




Flip Chart animation works again

Various minor Composer tweaks

Corrected crash conditions related to timers, the Excel
interface asset, Rich Text asset and a few others



New Product: Player for iPad

Available in the App Store
here or search iTunes for 'intuiface'.

Build interactive experiences using Composer on Windows, deploy
to the iPad. For detailed information, see these articles.

Enables both online and offline use

Online: Live streaming over any WiFi network.

Offline: Save experiences locally so you can take your iPad

Special Preview Mode enables Player for iPad
to communicate with Composer in Play Mode and either stream or
download the experience for offline use

Simplified license management avoids the use of license keys,
making it easy to register and deregister iPads for use with your

Web-based device management, through use of IntuiFace
Management Console, enables you to keep track of your iPad
license inventory and of all experiences you want to make available
for online and offline modes. This capability is for Enterprise
Edition customers only.

Freely downloadable from the Apple AppStore. You can even use
Preview Mode (see above) with Composer Free
(limited to live streaming).

Other IntuiFace Enhancements:

Multi-selection is now available in both the scene and Space
Content panel.

New multi-selection capabilities in the scene

Copy, cut, move, resize, rotate and delete multi-selected

Align horizontally (left, right, center) and vertically (top,
bottom, center)

Distributed vertically and horizontally using either spacing
between items or space between the middle of each item as a

Bulk editing of properties common to all selected assets

Undo/redo has been enhanced to support multi-selection

Right-click ability to group all multi-selected items into a
single Group collection.

Ungroup a Group Collection to free all contained items and
render them as multi-selected

New multi-Selection capabilities in the Space Content Panel

Copy, cut, move, resize, rotate, align, distribute, group and
delete multi-selected items

Simplified text editing

To edit text in the Simple Text asset and Button control, just
double-click the text directly in the scene. This is similar to how
things already work in the Rich Text asset.

More Simple Text asset properties are accessible in the
Properties panel at the bottom of Composer.

The name of a Simple Text asset, Rich Text asset and Button
control will now default to the first 20 characters of visible text
if the name has not been modified by the user.

The Font selector now permits use of all fonts installed on the
PC running Composer. (Remember, fonts are not stored in a project
so you must ensure all devices running Player have the same font

New Design Accelerator panel with additional accelerator

Design Accelerator panel is now located in a tab to the right
of Composer and immediately adjacent to the Content Library.

Brand new, downloadable accelerator bundles like animated menus
and linear gauges

Download and install new Design Accelerators without leaving

Zoomable panel makes it easy to browse a large number of

Enhanced Property panel (located at the bottom of Composer)

Indicates which properties are shared and thus editable in a

Item names are now displayed in the header of the All
Properties panel.

Orange shading indicates binding and reacts to a mouse hover
and show the name of the bound assets and properties.

Triggers and Actions panel has been fully redesigned to make it
easier to adopt and put triggers and actions to use.

New lock feature enables designers to prevent other with
Composer from making changes to items in the scene while in Edit
Mode. Locked items are transparent to the mouse. The lock feature
has no effect on Play Mode and changes can still be made be
manipulating the item directly in the Space Content panel.

Hover your mouse over a new indicator on any item in the Space
Content panel to view both bindings and triggers associated with
that item.

Many guidance messages and tool tips have been added or
enhanced to simplify adoption and comprehension for new users.

Right-click the scene to access new Set Background

Quickly change asset content by double-clicking the asset or
right-clicking the asset and selecting Change [asset
type] in the right-click menu. The proposed media are
filtered to the asset type.

The z-order of assets (i.e. the stacking order) in the scene is
now identical to the order in the Space Content panel. Be aware
that in rare cases this may change the way a space is displayed in
your existing experiences.

In Composer's Edit Mode, assets are no more limited by their
minimum and maximum size restrictions. If asset sizes are set
outside the bounds

In Composer's Edit Mode, auto-repeat for ctrl-X, ctrl-D, ctrl-Z
and ctrl-Y is suppressed when applied to items in the Spaces panel,
the Content panel and the scene to avoid unintended changes.

When deleting a space you are now asked for confirmation.

When creating a new space, the background of the currently
viewed space is automatically reused.

PowerPoint import improvements

Navigation is now achieved via onscreen swipe gestures rather
than by pressing transparent buttons.

Original slide names are now used to label spaces.

Text Input control now has a new set properties.

Define Guidance Text, define when to hide this
text and set font properties.

Opening and closing of the keyboard can be animated using the
Space property category Text Input Keyboard

Change keyboard background color and opacity using the Space
property category Text Input Keyboard

It is now possible to add assets or collections by
dragging-and-dropping them from the Quick Access Toolbar to the
left of Composer.

If a
REST-based interface asset uses an enumeration, a combo box
menu will be displayed in Composer to ease the selection of one of
the options.

IntuiFace Configuration Manager should reduce networking issues
when working with the
IntuiPad remote control.

New menu option Help -> Send diagnostic is
now available to send diagnostic info to IntuiLab Support.

Many other usability tweaks in Composer including graying out
of inapplicable functions and content previews with mouse hover in
the Content Library.


Improved Composer and Player memory usage which should solve
various Out Of Memory issues.

The memory footprint of large images has been dramatically
reduced, especially when large images (i.e. images with a large
pixel resolution) are resized to fit in a small area. For example,
a 1920x1080 Full HD image placed inside a 200x200 Image Button
control will no longer take up the amount of memory required to
hold a Full HD image.

The memory footprint of videos have been dramatically reduced
by only loading videos when the user chooses to play one.

Thumbnails generated for collections are now properly scaled
rather than being set to a fixed size.

The time needed to navigate from one space to another in Player
was reduced by a factor of 30% to 75% depending on the number and
pixel resolution of images and videos involved.


After use of "Import from PowerPoint”

triggers and actions automatically inserted to enable
navigation are again visible and editable in Composer.

resulting experience uses onscreen gestures rather than
transparent buttons to trigger navigation between the

Multiple license issues have been solved

Composer and Player again work correctly on the Samsung SUR40,
no longer recording a double-touch for the first finger.

Circular Panel collection behavior - when the inner radius was
set to something other than zero - has been corrected.

Next action for a Flipchart collection with
only one image now works.

When opening and saving an existing project, Composer now
automatically upgrades all interface assets whose version in
Composer is later than the versions used in the experience.

When a trigger had several actions, each opening an item in a
collection, all items now open in front of the collection.

All bound properties are now marked with an orange-colored

Sample Experience downloads via the Composer start-up panel no
longer consumes the CPU.

In Composer, the Exit action and Exit remote action no longer
quit Composer. They just exit Play Mode of Composer.

Six crash conditions corrected as well as a large number of
memory-related crashes thanks to the memory optimization work
mentioned above.




Map Collection support for
all recognized geocoordinate formats including DMS and E6. For a
list of supported formats, see this article.


Copying properties from one button to another no longer copies
the button text.

A few minor bugs and crash conditions you probably didn't run
into yet but we didn’t like knowing they were around.




New Set Viewport Boundary action for the
Map Collection.

Text Input asset now
enables the entry of linefeeds using the Enter key.

Keyboard size for the Text
Input Asset and Web
Browser Asset is now configurable.

Interface Asset has a new read-only property containing the
total number of rows in a spreadsheet.

The duration of a Timer can be now pulled in
from an external data source through binding.

New Index changed trigger for the Item Picker Collection (located
in the
Design Accelerator panel).


Corrects edge case in which the new licensing mechanism –
first introduced in Version 4.2.1 – prevented a project from
being saved.

An Excel-based URL reference to a PDF file can now be used,
through binding, by the Document Asset’s
Content property.

IntuiFace no longer crashes in cases when malformed information
is returned by the Twitter API to the Twitter Interface Asset.. See

how to update an Interface Asset in an existing project

10 crash conditions have been corrected.

Additional corrections for edge case scenarios you probably
didn't run into but will be glad to know we have fixed anyway.




This version enhances the IntuiFace licensing mechanism,
ensuring Composer and Player license keys continue to work after OS
upgrades. For example, license keys will now remain valid after
upgrading a PC from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1




Replacement of the Bing Maps asset with the Map collection, enabling
manual, Excel-sourced or cloud-driven (via interface
assets) placement of interactive points of interest. Use either
OpenStreetMaps or Bing Maps for the map display.

Text Input
asset improvements for better form construction

Use regular expressions for entry validation.

Password mask to hide typing.

On-screen numeric keypad for fields only requiring numeric

Additional design configuration options to customize

Select any video frame or image to act as a poster for the
Video Asset. This feature
fulfills a
popular customer request.

Direct manipulation of objects using Microsoft
Kinect. Turn a page, play a video and much more.

Real-time data feed updates every time an Excel spreadsheet -
referenced by an Excel
interface asset - is closed. Previously, changes to the
spreadsheet were only recognized when restarting an

New property

Opacity for all
assets and collections.

New triggers

Tapped and
Double-tapped for all assets and collections. This feature
fulfills a
popular customer request.

Last Item
Reached for Asset Grid, Asset Flow, Carousel, Circular Panel,
and Flip Chart collections.

New actions

maximize and Toggle minimize for all assets and

New experience templates to quick start experience

New "IntuiFace Composer in 90 Seconds" video for those
unfamiliar with IntuiFace.

Complete redesign of the Composer start-up panel

Download & run experience templates and business samples
without leaving Composer.

Display and access history of recently opened experiences.

Free Edition-specific enhancements

Free Edition experiences can now be opened and edited on any PC
running Composer Free.

Use the Excel
interface asset to work with static Excel spreadsheets.

Pro Edition-specific enhancements

Work with Microsoft Kinect and the Leap Motion Controller. Use
of these devices is no longer exclusive to the Enterprise

interface asset improvements

Filter and sort the Excel data feed.

Add and save new rows.

For annual subscribers, the ability to "release" licenses 3
times in a calendar year to protect against PC failure and hardware

Enterprise Edition-specific enhancements

Everything in the Pro Edition, plus

Introduction of PUT, POST and DELETE request methods for the

REST Interace Asset

For annual subscribers, the ability to "release" licenses 5
times in a calendar year to protect against PC failure and hardware
refresh. NOTE Perpetual license holders can
release their licenses an unlimited number of times during the


When copying the properties of a space, the background image or
video is also copied.

Vertical alignment of Text Input assets. This fix addresses a

popular customer request.

Default action for newly created Text Input asset now works
after renaming the asset.

Original data is no longer deleted when adding a very big
folder to the Content Library and then deleting the reference
before the copy process is completed.

Project filenames can now contain periods without any risk of
losing resources from the Content Library (identified by a red
exclamation mark).

Importing empty or bad images files no longer causes Composer
to crash.

10 additional crash condition have been fixed.




Computer name and IP address appear in the About window –
helpful when using Player for iPad (still in preview) and IntuiPad,
our remote control

During startup, Composer splash screen is no longer topmost,
freeing view of other windows


Copy/paste of Space bindings between two instances of Composer
now works correctly

Corrected scenarios resulting in broken bindings

Kinect video no longer freezes

Additional crash conditions have been addressed




Time to delete an asset in a scene or select a different space
in the Spaces panel has been dramatically reduced, with up to 90%
reduction in time for a large project.

Memory footprint of large images have been reduced in
Composer's Edit Mode to reduce the likelihood of Out Of Memory
issues. In Play Mode, original image sizes are used.

Any asset popped out of a collection now immediately displays
its Close button for a duration of about 6 seconds. The Close
button then fades away but reappears whenever the asset is

The filename of a Space background image or video is now fully
displayed even if the filename has a large number of


Action targets are again displayed in the Triggers &
Actions Panel.

An asset in a Pinboard no longer inherits that Pinboard’s
min and max width and height restrictions when the Pinboard is
placed in a Group collection.

Fixed size assets inside a Group no longer mistakenly resize
when the Group’s bound width and height values are

Rich Text asset is now shaded orange to indicate it is bound
when the “HTML Text” property is bound to an external

The “HTML Text” property of the Rich Text asset now
shows the source text when it is bound.

Composer Free can now modify and close (without saving) a
non-Free Edition project before opening a Free Edition project.
(Free Edition can never save changes to a non-Free Edition project.
here for a discussion about experience sharing.)

On Windows 8, the Management Console agent process now starts

Deleting then undoing the deletion of a folder-based collection
in a scene now correctly displays all folder content.

In rare cases, Button configuration settings (e.g. background
color) are no longer reflected in collection controls.

10+ crash conditions fixed




Item width and height are no longer limited within

Use of Copy Painter with Button and Toggle Button no longer
copies button text

Binding details can be revealed by clicking on orange triangle
in Properties editor


Improved Save functionality to prevent project corruption if
crash occurs

Item Shadow Property for assets in a Pinboard Collection is now
taken into account under all circumstances

Change Stroke action for the Drawing Tool’s stroke width
and color now works

Copy/paste of a space between two instances of Composer now
copies the images associated Image Buttons

Default style for Audio and Text Assets is no longer empty

Undo/redo for the Rich Text Asset restores the text

In binding mode, Properties pane to the right no longer
disappears when selecting another asset


Edge case conditions while editing remote actions

Working with unsupported formulas in Excel (cell contents are
now left blank)

Edge case conditions for undo/redo

Launching Composer while not connected to the Internet

Edge case conditions when adding a document into a scene

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