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SheppardWinchester: HI My name is Sheppard, I am a huge fan of SPN and I consider myself a fan of the hunters. i don't think the angels do the right things, and demons... do i have to say more about demons? anyways. Personally i do believe in the Occult and spirits and all that spooky stuff. i really am intrested in other people's stories dealing with hunting, thats why i found i thnk it was DeansGirl666's hunter's journal so awesome. thats also why i watch SPN is because the episodes are so perfectly written it just pulled me in. i am writting now in a book all i know about monsters and demons and stuff and if im lucky ill see if i can scan them and post them on this website. thanks for reading, and dont forget the Pie! :D

SuperZu: OK, I'll start just to get things going. I joined this site a couple of years ago, when my SPN obsession got me looking on the Web for anything about Dean, Sam, and the rest of the show! I fell in love with this site and started contributing a lot, until DeansGirl666, our fantastic creator, made me a moderator and then admin so I could go in and work on all the pages that needed updating. Some things I love about the show: I've always liked dark fantasy and horror, so that fits, plus the humor and comedy mixed in are terrific! Obviously it helps to have two hot co-stars. :P Most of all, I love that it's all about the importance of family. I think the writing is super, and the producers make the show looks awesome on a really small budget. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

MissPhoenix3: Hi everyone. I’m a Supernatural fan (duh). I guess I’m pretty much a Cas-girl. I used to be a Dean-girl, but that was a long time ago. My name is Meghan, I live in Arizona, and I‘m 23 years-old.

julide: Nice to meet you Meghan! Always a pleasure to meet fellow fans.

Darun_Zahn: Hi Meghan. I'm a Supernatural addict. I would be classified as a Sam-guy and always have been :) My name is Jason, but Dar, Darun, DZ, Zahn works too. I live in Wisconsin and I am also 23 years old. Nice to meet you and welcome to the fandom. The more the merrier!

Kat4543: Hi everyone. I love Supernatural. I'm so happy to be a part of this webside. The people here are the geatest people to get to know. I not sure if I a favorite, I love them all.

Nermah84: Hello to all my fellow supernatural fans! My name is Naimah I am 26 yrs old and have been a fan since that first episode back in 2005. I found this site pretty much the same way SuperZu did. I have 2 tell you that no matter what I am a Sam girl all the way. Also I thought just to let people know there is a facebook page called Addicted to Supernatural if any1 is interested. Much love

SuperZu: Hey, everybody! *waving* I'm actually a latecomer to the show (*hides face in shame*). One day, my roommate brought home the first couple seasons of SPN and said, "This looks interesting." I turned up my nose and said, "Never heard of it." But then I started watching, and he never saw his DVDs again, LOL! Well, what I lost in "early adopter" points, I think make up for in OBSESSION! :D

Alexitonic: Hi everyone, I'm Alexis and I started watching Supernatural because I had a habit of just randomly watching videos on youtube, and I kept seeing ones with these two amazingly hot guys, and after about 50 videos i got sick of not knowing who these guys were. So I searched and started watching the very last episode that had aired (Season 4 finale, Lucifer Rising) and pretty much went backwards from there-- which I do not recommend. Anyways, none of my friends even like SPN so I've neve actually met another fan in person. So I love this website where I can be resured that I'm not the only one obsessed!

Douguette: Hi thereAlexitonic, Glad to have you here! Don't worry you ain't the only one being obsessed by SPN! I don't have many friends who actually LIKE the TVshow for what it is (a couple of them just watched it for Dean and Sam ... well i can't blame them, but the whole thing is awesome!) So i can understand you! i haven't met any fan either


ariannaz13: Hey everyone, my name is Arianna, I'm only 14, but I love this show more than anything! I'm completely obsessed! I started watching the show earlier in the year, since I was 9 when it aired. I had seen it occasionally when it came on after the Vampire Diaries, but I would fall asleep to it usually. One day when I went to my friend's house for a sleepover, we were on her laptop and she showed me this website she found to watch all of the episodes from a show called Supernatural. She didn't believe me that I'd already seen some of season 5, and she still doesn't, but I went home and started watching it from the beginning on the computer. After that I would watch 3-5 episodes a day online! I found this website after hanging out with the same friend one day. She went on google and searched Dean quotes (since she's a Dean-girl =]) and this website came up. After she left my house, I came back and started looking around. I ended up making an account by the end of the night, ha! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I'm a total Sam-girl, all the way!

SuperZu: Hi Alexis, hi Arianna! (Hey to the A's from the Z, ha ha!) Well, Alexis, I think this rite proves that you're not the only one obsessed, right? And Arianna, it's good you're a Sam girl and your friend is a Dean girl -- you won't fight over anyone, hee hee!

Cawcheen: Hello everybody! Im Katie, Im from Ireland and have only recently become a fan of supernatural. But
now I am obsessed! Ive downloaded and watched every season in the last two months!! And i bought John Winchesters Journal and an issue of the supernatural magazine! I was a Dean girl but now im muddled between him and Castiel :O Gotta love John too though! Can't wait to see what the new season brings!

Has anybody seen Jensen in the film Devour? Too cute! ^_^

Lucifer's_Angel:Hi Katie, I'm Madeline from Bulgaria and i am fan since this esummer. Dean is my favorite character but i like the other guys too. The seasons are well done too- there is drama, supernatural (of course), funny episodes, sometimes Dean and Sam are serious, sometimes not. I find out Jensen is a singer when he and Jared had to sing `Wanted Dead or Alive` and the one who sang false was Jared. I am a double bassist and when i heard them i was like: Wait, who had to sing correct? Can't wait to see the new series.

supernateralgirl87Hey everyone my name is Stephanie ,and I live in North Carolina. I have been watching Supernatural since it first aired 5 years ago. Now every Thuresday I usually watch it with my dad since i got him pretty much hooked on it. I just bought the 5th season on dvd , so now i have all 5 seasons . i get really pissed off when i miss an episode , but lucklly it rarely happens .i am a collage student , and one day I hope to open a hospice for pets. my inspiration for this is my dog, who is dying of stage 4 cancer.his docter says it is possible but it is years in the making. Anyway if you want to know more about me please see my profile, and send me a friend request if you want.

Hey everyone, I'm Haley from Ohio. I've been a Supernatural fan since last year and bought the whole available series without seeing more than the first season, so I jumped into this blind and I am so happy that I did. I am completely and totaly obsessed with the show now and own a few t-shirts. I used to be a complete Dean-girl, until Cas moved into the series ;). I think I have seen seasons 1-5 about 3 times now and I cannot wait til Season 6

Now, if that isn't perfect for all of us addicts, I dunno what is! Woot!

canweshoother: Hey! My name is Linda and I've been addicted to the show since it came out. I can't list just one favorite thing. Everything about the show is amazing! The characters, the plot lines, EVERYTHING. It's super addictive. I love the complexity of each character. I also love how the relationships between the characters are played out. The actors are brilliant and wonderful!

WinchesterBabe12479: Hi everyone! My name is Jeni. I'm from the US...Florida to be exact. I'm 27 years old and absolutely addicted to Supernatural. I am totally a Dean-Girl but Sam is sooooooo hot as well...lol. I've been a fan of Supernatural since it first aired. I love the show so much. My best friend and I are obsessed with it. She's a Sam-Girl so it works out for the both of us. She lives a couple hours south of me, so we make sure we get together on Fridays as much as we can but most times it doesn't work out in our favor. We never miss a season premiere or season finale together though. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE SPN! Most of what you need to know about me is on my profile, but if you'd like to know more, get in touch with me or friend request me if you'd like. I'm new here and I'd love to get to know some SPN fans!

SPNWickedess: well yeah I'm Teresa an i'm a Supernatural Addict, i'm 27 from the US. an i've been watching supernatural since pilot, an fall in love with it over an over again every season. I totally love Misha Collins\Castiel! he's my fave person right now. I love how Jensen Ackles plays Dean, an like i've said on my profile Dean kinda reminds me of myself except more realistic, so no i don't hunt down mythical creatures but if it were real you bet your ass i would be! ha ha! so Cas my first fave an Dean my 2nd but, i pretty much love everyone. If you want to know more about me you can msg me, add me, or just check out my profile an maybe leave a comment. Especially fellow Castiel minions or Misha ha ha! by the way i miss Supernatural an are having withdraws every friday! bwhahahah! ;^p (oh an sorry for the other post tried to find a way to delete it but can't, so my bad i guess you all can delete it.)

deans-girl67: I'm Cheyene and I'm from Texas and I'm a total Supernatural obsessed girl. I'm waiting for Season 7 because I'm going crazy being on hellatus. been a fan since episode 1 of season 1. I AM A TOTAL DEAN GIRL!!!!! I fell hard for Dean the minute I saw him!!! if anyone wants to know me better check my profile, add me, leave a comment/compliment possibly. Oh or check my facebook. Cheyene Winchester (like the boys!!!)


LarissaRubyJane: Hiya, my name is Lisa, I'm 17and I'm from England. The first time I started watching Supernatural was when it first aired 6 years ago. My mum and I, are huge fans of the show, and have never, missed one episode. My mum is DeansGirl, and myself is a SamsGIrl... :D lolNow, the reason, why I like watching it, is because, every episode as something funny in it. Ether from Dean or Sam, hey even Bobby and Castiel make me laugh a lot.

It also, as, sad part's which make me cry :'( (Trust me, whenever, somebody die's, I'm such a cry baby) lol So, I've cried, when John, die's, then when Ash, is killed and when Sam die's. (Even though Sam came's back in the next episode) Then when dean, die's and goes to hell :'( the next beingEllen and Jo (That, just, did it, when that happened) the next being Gabriel and last but not lest, when Sam gives him self up to get rid of Lucy (Mickey, was there, at the wrong time) poor Adam.... :( Sorry for that, lol Well anyway, I love Supernatural very much... :D

CarusoGirl222: Hi!
I'm Katelyn and i'm 14 years old.
I started watching Supernatural because my friends were talking about it.
So i recorded an episode on my DVR because it was a rerun on TNT and i'm at school at that time.
Then i watched it and i got hooked.
I started out a Sam girl, but became a Dean girl when Cas revealed he had no soul.

Hi i'm Hydea and I'm 15 yrs old. I started watching Supernatural during my last christmas break. I think the show is really cool. I'm pretty much like Dean because we have the same stuff in common except i don't like girls. Supernatural is the best show ever. I love it so much that I made a powerpoint on it for a assingnment in school I even made my own Supernatural guide book with all of the monstersand updates. I could watch supernatural for the rest of my life. I watched everyday for the entire summer. I am so ready for Season 7 .

PurrpleLivster: Hiya everyone! I'm the new girl, one of the many. Supernatural is my life and (no Dean Girls kill me....JK) but I am a huge Sam Girl! I have everything Jared Padalecki in my room. I have this really cute Sam Teddy Bear on my bed as well. I'm in Britian so currently we only have Season 6 on Living, since ITV dropped the show because they're sick twisted people, but I do watch the others on the internet. I can not wait for season 7! I'll have to wait weeks and weeks to see it though, since I'll have to wait for someone to publish it online. (If your reading this, publish online as soon as it comes out for me). Also if anyone has any tips for the newbie could you please please let me know. I'm a little confused as this site is really completecated but I am so glad I found it!


hi! i'm shelby! i've been into supernatural since i first saw it around the time season 4 was starting. i've had this account on here for a LONG time, used it a bunch in the beginning, but then i made a tumblr and i pretty much spend every waking moment there. my live really does revolve around supernatural. if i'm not watching it, i'm talking to people on the internet about it/jared/jensen/misha, doing graphics of them, or writing fanfic. also, in response to purrplelivster, above me here, google livestreaming links for the CW... it streams the CW o you can watch what we get to, when it comes on for us :)



Hey it's me, I'm back. For all you newbies out there welcome! My name is Naimah and I've been a member of this site for a whole year. Actually I've been on a hiatus from this site because I've gotten so darn busy. So to all my other friends it's finally glad to be back. I missed y'all. But now I'm back to being on this site every single damn day.

Reckless_rox: I'm not sure if i did this right but oh well. Hi, so everyone I know calls me kit, its my nicname since i was like 6, So i would Love you all to call me kit please!!! I love supernatural and i am a dean girl. But cas is/was amazing, but I will ALWAYS be a dean girl

Casss007: Hai guys...! I'm from india ,tamilnadu.... particularly i'm from a remote village... But i'm interested in Hollywood movies rather than our local films.... Later i moved on to Tv shows... Very 1st i started to see Prison break.. then one of my suggested me to see Supernatural... Actually i thank him through this ..... U cant believe me, i started seson1 episode 1 just two months back... now progressed to season 6 episode 17... See.. how thirsty i'm to see supernatural... i cant resist myself.. Each and every episode thrills me.. And i got a feeling that there should be people like me.. so i searched for it.. Thats why i got here... Guys please lead me.. bcz i'm new to this site..

ShadowWolves_24: Hi, everyone! Ya'll can call me Shadow or Wolfy, or basically anything. I'm from... well, a lot of different places. I move about every four years. I just moved from Germany to Hawaii. I'm a teenager, and I'm completely in love with the show. I'm not really new to the site. I've been stalking it for a LONG time. ;) I started Supernatural about three years ago. I'm a Dean-girl, mostly, but Castiel has his awesome moments, too. I watch Supernatural because it's something new. It's not that stupid 'Twilight' crap. (No offense to Twilight fans.) I'm really looking forward to chatting with all of you, so please don't be afraid to chat. I also have a Polyvore account, and I have a few Supernatural sets, so if you're interested, just let me know. Bye!

LizJonas: Hi! :) my names Liz as you can see lol. i live in Ohio, and am a teenager. i am a gemini, love rock and roll music and being in nature. I got addicted to supernatural last year. i had always watched the show with my sister not really knowing what was going on, only knowing that Samhey my was hhiottie, and Dean was OK. then one day she brought the complete saeson 1 home and i said lets watch! so i guess i sorta got hooked then, because after that it was all i could think about. i kept asking when she was going to get season 2, and she never did, so my cousin and i had to take matters into our own hands and order them from the library. since then ive seen every episode and i am the proud owner of season 5 and 6. and now i cant even decide whos hotter Sam, Dean, or Cas. one of the reasons i watch this show is because i love that its a drama/violent/funny show and has 3 hot guys in it. and then theres the fact that im a total nerd and i love learning about the creatures they hunt, and im totally in love with angels. something kinda weird though is that i learn alot about my religion from this show. (im christian, but dont judge me please!) in conclusion i love making new friends and ive been told im funny so yeah! *BoNuS* so please check my profile out and friend me!!! cant wait to meet ya! :D

hi my name is elisa and im new here lol i love supernatural and wach it all the time my 2 favs is cas and dean i love pie to lol

The_June: Heyy guys... I'm from India and Supernatural started airing here from the start of this month (really sad, 'cause all of you are now in season 7).. Today they aired the first episode of season 2 and I started crying seeing John Winchester dead. I've grown to be hopelessly addicted to the show and I'm absolutely in love with both Sam and Dean. And more than anything else, I've started believing in spirits, demons and all the things they hunt (I never did before). The show drives me crazy and I can't wait for the clock to strike 9 (pm) everyday so that I can watch the next episode...!

MeghaWinchester: Hey everyone....I am Megha Watal, I'm 13 years old and I am from India..Star One has recently started airing Supernatural and I fell in love with supernatural the 1st time I saw it....I love Dean's attitude and love to drool over Sam! I happened to come by this site when I was searching for Dean winchester quotes.......I love this site and Hope to Make a lots of friends here!

SuperZu: Welcome, Reckless, Casss, Shadow, Liz, Elisa, June, and Megha!!! Glad you love the show -- you are certainly among friends here! Explore and enjoy! This is a fan-driven site, so please help out wherever you can. High five! :D


I_Drive_The_Impala:Hey there, I'm I_Drive_the_Impala. 34 From NJ(love the Jersey based episodes) I got into supernatural in the 2nd half of the first season with a friend when John Winchester was still there. I liked the first few seasons that most episodes were encapsulated demon-driven and it was just fun to watch each week. I'd say I'm a Dean man through and through. From the first 3 seasons I miss Bella, she was fine and a great foil for the Winchesters. I thought the Demon-FBI slant was genius and wish they could have played it up more or used it in the current seasons.

I give the writers props for starting the Angels-Demons turn of storyline Arch. Castiel is awesome as the straight-man on mission from god turned un-believer to win-at-all-costs to.......we'll see where he ends up? Crowly has been great as his arch-nemesis. Sleazer to the end.

The brothers antagonist angel-demon plot was great I thought. Sam-Lucifer worked(works) well and that actor who plays Lucifer is amazing. He needs more screen time.

Dean-Zachariah was my favorite though. That whole season as Dean lost his confidence, and then gains it back by shiving Zach got me pumped, I actually yelled "YEAH DEAN" when that happened. "Yes I am probably too invested in this show".

I think I like that the exec producer who took over let things relax a bit and gave the show time to breathe in season 6. I think they had a nice balance of arch- hunter episodes. Though season 7 I think they let out a little too much slack.

Bobby I think was a pillar of the show and I'm too sad to see him gone from the living realm. Though I suspect his Spirit has been helping them since. He just gave it character and a soul. "Weekend at Bobby's is probably my favorite episode". I do wish they had other episodes featuring the other characters other then Sam and Dean at times. I'm glad its still going and hope it lasts!!!!!

Also I'd be happy to offer episode recaps if you need them.

HotWings67:Name's Mahrosh Insha, and here's how I started watching SPN: I was alone at home one day, had nothing to do with nothing good showing on the tv. So I skipped from channel to channel, and I saw SUPERNATURAL. I, for some odd reason, changed the channel. I never thought I'd get hooked to this show like I am now! Anyways, still finding nothing to watch, I decided to give SPN a shot. And boy, was that the most epic decision of my life! So, here I am now. I hated muscle cars before the show, and now I am weeping for someone to get me an Impala! :P Love the show, the cast and the fandom. It's like one big awesome family. :D I love how the show's all about family and cheap motels. :P And now I have this urge to move to Lawrence. o.O *Istumbled upon this ring that is the same as Dean's. YAY for me.:P* I have never been this crazy about flannels, road trips and stuff, but SPN has changed quite a lot of my likes.. And I am perfectly cool with that. Hope the show never ends. Because I don't want to be clueless about what to do with my life after that. HAHA! That's all. :D

heya my name is kelly i am 24 year old i have been watching supernatural for while love it at first i didnt get into it till i seen my friend watching it nd i said they are hot nd this looks really good so i started watching them nd now im on season 7 love dean he is brillant nd sam is mint love way he kick some ass anyways i enjoy abit of spooky stuff so thats why i watch supernatural hope this isnt end because ill be gutted .

Gravechild666 : I am 21 yrs old I am new here sorta just don't get on here often I am starting to again.I have been loving supernatural for seven years now and can't get enough of it. I took up stage acting at Haunted High every October had my own Saw Theme room within the haunt.Got to be jigsaw through out the month. I have been playing my Ibanez guitar for a few years now I go to a local music studio every weekend to track down chords etc lead guitarist for a local Metal band "Demons Revenge" my band mates love Supernatural as well. We do covers now at clubs we play mostly Finland bands The 69 Eyes ,HIM, and Andy Mccoy. My friends gave me the nickname Grave so it just stuck with me came up with the screen name. I love when Sam was evil that was amazing.

Douguette:*waves* Good day to you all, i'm new to the site, (well for a a month or two). I'm french but i watch Supernatural in OV! (i can't stand the french version ... yuk)

I've started watching SPN a few month back, when i was in Germany for an erasmus semester. I had heard of it from my friends who kept telling me how great it was and how hot the winchesters were, etc. But i was afraid of seeing too much blood. But now, well, as you can easily guess, it doesn't bother me. I watched the 6 season in 6 weeks, and i enjoyed every bit of it!

i'm such an addict of SPN now *duuuh* I can't decide if i'm a Cass-girl or a Dean- girl, but i find both of 'em awesome!

One of my favourite episode is one of the 1st season "Something Wicked"(1x18).

I'm so glad i found this website! so now i can talk about SPN without people looking at me in a strange way.*laughs*

(my Real name is Lou, i don't mind pple calling me that, here :D - France (unfortunately) - 20 years old)

saigewinchester: I'm not exactly new to this site... but I only created the account 'till now :P I've been a huge fan since i'm 9 in 2005, and it's like a part of my life now. I absolutely LOVE Supernatural. The sad thing is, in Hong Kong, I could never really find anyone that's as obsessed as me. I think that I'll fall in love with this site and go on every single day now that I have an account. :D *eagerly waiting for season 7* OH FORGOT TO JOT THIS DOWN: I AM DEFINITELY A DEAN-GIRL. >:D [Saige | 14yrs old | Hong Kong]



: hey everyone im super new, my name is katy ..... ya i think u figured that out !!im from india . i started SPN exactly from jan 2012 i know thats hopelessly late , but it just premiered in india for the first time , i initially thought it was lame but BOY was i wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im most certainly a dean girl:P i think hes soooooooooo HOT umm sam is nice ish 4 me........ once again i luv jensen ackles a lot 2 nd yes ive seen him in other stuff too... ooohh nd i also like castiel a lot , hes cute in a serious way ( yep that dus sound kinda weird)! im totally hooked to the show i know its sound silly but watchin SPN is like brushin my teeth :D cuz it comes everyday 4 us. its really gr8 2 know that theyre are obsessed ppl out there like me......... hats of to all of y'all 4 luvin spn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and also im 16 yrs old BYEEEEE dean 4eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ravingleo: Hey guys, I'm ravingleo, I'm 27, live in India and am one of the latest Supernatural obsessed crazy people :) ... (Preaching to the choir here ;) ) .. I'm watching Season 1 and Season 5 parallelly now, the channels out here only air Season 5... I am also praying fervently to all the 33 crore gods and goddesses we have in my lil part of the world that Jared and Jensen and Misha come to India (or IndiaRussia) and have a convention here. Levels of craziness about Sam are so intense that I even joined Twitter for jarpad .. sigh!! Jared P has been brilliant from Gilmore Girls days .. another show I used to love till they got rid of Dean Forester. Cant wait to buy all 7 seasons on DVD and have a Supernatural Supernatural marathon :P !!! The show, the car, the boys, the angels... I liiiike :) ... have a great one guys :D

Cameron2424:I started watching supernatural when i was on youtube listening to Black Sabbath Paranoid and i read the comments below and one comment said supernatural best show ever 600 likes then started reading more comments so i go over speak to my mom and say hey have you ever heard of a show called Supernatural she says no i told her to rent it on netflix she did we watched 4 episodes of the first season then one day my tv breaks in my room i move my xbox360 to my living room though this was a blessing in disguise because then i could stream supernatural on my 360 and watch them all as a family i have since then completed all seasons not 7 in one month and now i am watching them on the computer i am on episode 11 SE:7 as for finding this site i have known about it for a little bit 4-5 weeks maybe and just now decided to join well keep rockin guys and keep loving this show.

october57rain: Hi everybody. Today is Thursday May 24 2012
I have been on SuperNatural Fan Wiki for awhile now and thought it was about time I introduced myself to you all.
I am from Fall City, Washington State, which I miss very much as I am living in Virginia at this time, helping my daughter with my three grandchildren. It has been a real trip for me here and one day I am hoping to return to my home town where I can pass away in peace. As you can guess, I am over fifty years old.
Growing up, we didn't get to watch much television. But on Friday nights we were allowed to stay up late and watch NightMare Theatre. When I spent time at my grandparents during the day, it was Dark Shadows with my great-grandma Lena, along with General Hospital and Let's Make a Deal.
Spookville has always been a part of my life and getting older hasn't changed that. I love to write, most my stuff in rough draft form, but still one of my great past times. Having a computer with a hard drive sure makes a difference. I use to have those big flappy-floppies - EEEk! - that really dates me don't it?
I love the suspense of SuperNatural. I don't find it all too scary. It just has its own way of putting demonic flavor on your tastebuds, leaving you to crave more. KEEP IT GOING SUPERNATURAL.

Whist34 - Hi Everyone!
My name is Adam. I became a fan in April 2012 when I noticed SPN on Netflix. Once I started watching, I couldn't stop. As soon as I finished the whole series, through season 7, I decided to write an episode script. Horror has always been one of my favorite genres and I have an older brother who I would take a bullet for any day - so the show just grabbed me and took me on 'this wild ride' =) I really want this show to last and I think Jared and Jensen should go around and give motivational talks to middle schools, high schools, and colleges this comming school year. Visiting schools and giving motivational speeches, which I think both would be great at, would help them connect with the 'trending' audience, promote the show, and increase viewership.
A little about me: I have always been a writer. I write way more in my head than I can ever put down on paper, but I have written a lot of unpublished stories, outlines, and poems. My favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, horror, and alternate reality.
Thanks for reading and take care!

Supernaturalsweetie - My name is Nancy. i started watching supernatural 2 months ago on Netflix. right now im on season 3. ever since i started watching supernatural, ive been trying to draw Dean's impala. Its hard but im making progress. ive also been writing stories about helping Sam and Dean with their missions. In my stories i drive a 1969 Ford Mustang. and im pretty bad ass in my stories too. :)

mizzlexibaybee - My name is Alexandria. I'm from Michigan. I just started watching Supernatural at the end of June 2012. I'm on season 7 right now. I've been watching it non-stop. You could say it's my new addiction. And i'm definitely a Dean girl.

Hi Hello every body I Am Syed Ali And i am a big fan of Dean Winchester And I am a male of 17 and i love the series of and season of supernatural and i am new and want your cooperation and guidence in using this website so can any body can help me ? and i am much of a lough maker so serius personalities avoid me!

X5494: Hi, my name is Kai, and from Kansas. I'm a totally a Dean girl! I been watching Jensen since his days on Dark Angel. I even have Dean's amulet, and wear it all the time! I love rock and classic cars. I'm currently in the process of buying a 1969 Chevy Impala. ;)



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