Brandon pulls up in his truck. "Stacey just what the hell is going on? This guy had the colt." Brandon said as they walked into the house. Brandon saw the outline of the body. There was still blood on the floor.
Trinity got out of the vehicle too and headed into the house right behind Brandon. "What are you seeing Brandon? Who's Stacey?" She let out a shiver, though, as she followed Brandon into the room and could feel the echos of pain that Jason Parker had felt just before he died. She felt something else, too, that she couldn't quite put her finger on. So Trinity pulled out her knife from inside her boot and scanned the area, knife at the ready, body tense with anticipation of the unknown. She saw Amber and Brandon, nothing else, if a chalk outline of a long dead body and dried blood were nothing. The metallic, biting smell filled Trinity's lungs, "Old blood, ugh. Still smells damn horrid, too well preserved," Trinity mumbled to herself, still on edge as the floorboards creaked under her feet. Amber and Brandon were tense, too, but she tried to ignore their emotions and decided to go for nonchalance. Trinity walked easily around the room and then noticed the clumps of feathers on the floor. "Hey guys, check this out. What do you think left THAT? Maybe some kind of bird got caught in the mix...or do you think whatever did this had, um, feathers?" Trinity asked Brandon and Amber.

Officer Estes was tired and his head was pounding. He hadnt slept since this case started and the confusion it caused for every officer working it was what gave him the pain in his head. He pulled his crown victoria cruser up to the curb of Jason Parker's home behind another car. "Now what..." he said, frustrated. He got out of the car and walked up to the door, pulling out his gun and holding it ready by his side. just in case. He went in and instintly heard a womans voice. "...whatever did this had, um, feathers?" he came around the corner to where the body was and saw two women and a man looking around. He cleared his throat. "excuse me, do you realize this crime scene is off limit?" he said, still holding the gun ready by his side.

Hope looked all around for the team of hunters that Ellen had said needed an extra hunter. "Come on. Where's the house?" she asked. She saw a car parked outside. This must be it. She parked in the driveway and got out of the car. She took one last look at the truck that was parked in the front drive and ran to the front door. Opening the door very slowly she took out her shotgun and walked into the room. She heard muttering and someone say "...this crime scene is off limits?". She sighed, knowing it was a cop. She followed the noise and put the gun outside the door. "Um, excuse me. Sir?" she asked Officer Estes.

Officer Estes turned around, even more annoyed by the trespassers. "What? Who are you?"

"Hi. Detective Marshall. I'm with Precinct 1020. I'm looking for my partners. There you guys are." Hope said, hoping that Officer Estes wouldn't notice. "Rookies. I'll take it from here officer.". She said, smiling. She was very proud of herself. Now if only the 3 of them would play along.

The officer thought about it for a moment, wouldnt do any good arguing with a detective. but maybe he'll stick around for a little bit, watch the house. Agent Cole would have his ass if he let anything happen to the crime scene on his watch... he placed his gun back in the holster, nodded to Detective Marshall and the others and walked out the door to his cruiser where he would sit and keep a look out for anything suspicious. He didnt like the look of these women, seemed like they were hiding something.

"Sorry for barging in like that guys, I heard the cop and thought that you could use a little help. My name's Hope." Hope said, reaching out her hand for the other hunters to shake it. "Well, take it. It won't bite."
Trinity reached out and took her hand and put away her knife, "Hi Hope, I'm Trinity. I take it that Ellen sent you over here? Sure could use some other perspective on this case. Sorry we're all a little jumpy here." Trinity was sizing up Hope and seeing if she was lying at all. She still had trouble trusting other hunters, especially when they appeared out of nowhere, but Hope seemed to be what she said she was. "So, thanks to Hope, we've gotten ride of Robocop. Brandon, Amber, Hope. Good, we're all introduced. Now, let's check this **** out." Trinity squatted down next to the feathers and pulled out her knife from her boot once again to lift the feathers. "So, fowl or foul?" she jested.
"Nice to meet all of you." Hope said, smiling. She bent down and picked up a feather. "Hm. I don't know. Were there any signs that a bird could be here?" she asked, setting the feather down on the ground and looking up at the three other hunters. "Like maybe the talons made a scratch... or-- anything?"
"Hmmm...not sure if I see anything like that here. Lots of blood leftover and lots of fear and pain, but I'll have to look around and see if there is anything like that on the floor. Help me look, I'll go get a flashlight," Trinity stated, getting up off the floor and heading outside to see if she could find a flashlight in the truck's bed. She rummaged through the covered truck bed, tossing around arrows, bullets, rope, lighters, and incense before finding what she wanted. "Gotcha!" she exclaimed and turned away from the truck to enter the building again. Trinity went into the room once again, clicking on the flashlight. The others in the room all quickly drew their weapons at the slight noise in anticipation that whatever had killed Jason was back. "Whoa, guys. Just me," Trinity waved the flashlight around a bit and raised her other arm to show she wasn't the bad guy.
Hope lowered her gun and pocketed it. "Sorry. Can't be too careful." she said.
"'S Ok, I understand. What kinda gun ya got there? I know weapons a bit," questioned Trinity, moving in closer to better inspect Hope's weapon of choice. She looks like a .22 kind of girl, but I could be mistaken, the lighting's not the best here, she thought.
"Oh, this thing? It's my dad's old .45. I got it when I was about 16." she said.
Trinity smiled and slowly pulled out her own gun, a Smith and Wesson 9mm. "That's sweet that your have something of your dad's to hunt with and remember him. Mine, well, my daddy taught me everything he knew about guns, which was a lot. Then I added to my knowledge. You ever want anything else, you let me know. This baby right here is light as a feather and quiet too." She held it out for Hope to see. "Well, I guess that's enough chit-chatting. Should get down to business and start to figure out who did our poor boy in. The article makes it sound like he was a hunter. So I guess that is the first thing we should check for...evidence of a hunt he was on." Trinity began to move toward the deceased's bedroom. "So, I guess I"ll check his room, you wanna check the study?" she asked Hope.
"Sure. If I find anything I'll let you know." Hope said moving into the study. What she was looking for she had no idea. She turned on her pocket flashlight and waved it around, until she found something interesting. "What is that?" she asked bending down on one knee. She picked it up and turned it over in her hand. "A locket?" she asked herself, standing up. Thinking that it could be a clue she put it in her pocket and started looking around again.
Meanwhile, Trinity moved into Jason's room. She shuffled through the dresser drawers and moved around clothes. Nothing there yet. But a good hunter wouldn't leave an obvious trail of his hunting techniques so that the average Joe didn't come across something that raised suspicion. This was his house, so Trinity figured that he would want easy access to his stuff...maybe. She glanced around the room some more, seeing if anything looked out of place or the incorrect depth in the walls. Bingo! she thought. There was a strangeness in the wall across from the bed with the entertainment system on it. "Hey, Hope?!" she called. "Wanna come here? I think we got something!"
Hope looked over her shoulder. She stood up and walked into the other room where Trinity was standing. "What we got?" she asked pulling out the locket, and tossing it to Trinity. "I did find something in the study though."
Trinity caught the locket, "Found a hidden door, figure it's for his hunting stuff, but I need help finding the catch to open the door." She looked at the locket, "Interesting, just a plain old locket. Have you tried to open it yet?" She sensed that their fellow hunters were downstairs looking around for other clues. Hope seemed anxious to contribute something to the team effort. Trinity smiled at her warmly. "I think we are really getting somewhere. I mean, guy lives alone, why the HELL would he have a locket in his house?"
"I don't know. Maybe whatever did this to the guy might have left it behind." she said, turning off her pocket flashlight and put it back in her pocket. "There was also something else. Scratches... on the walls. But not bird scratches." she said, looking at Trinity.
"That could be the case. But why would something supernatural have a locket? Unless it's a spirit, I guess a spirit might have something that it wanted to leave behind, sorta a calling card like some serial killers have. But the scratches, I can't quite figure those out. they aren't bird ones, you say?" Trinity directed the question inwardly, not really expecting an answer, and tuned the locket over and over in her hands. "Well, I guess we should at least try opening this freakin' wall. Wanna give me a hand?"
"Sure. And this whole bird theory is bugging me." Hope said helping Trinity look for the way to get the wall open. "I mean, it's not normal bird behavior."
"I know, it's not. Plus, it had to be one freakin' big bird creature to do this damage...plus, there are human elements to the crime too. Not quite sure what to make of it. I'm thinking that there is more too it in this, that it's something else, something more dangerous then a bird. How about you?" questioned Trinity as she pushed on the wall that hid the room they were trying to get into. After much grunting and groaning there was an opening big enough for either one of the girls to fit through one at a time.
"I think that there is definitely something going on. I mean, the feathers could've come from the guy's pillow. So he must've shot the pillow in the struggle. But, if that were true, there would be blood on the floor." Hope said, taking out her pocket flashlight. "There should be a trail of blood." she shines the flashlight and sees what she's looking for. "Hey Trinity. Looks like I found a trail." she said, bending down and following the trail with her fingers.
"It looks like it came from where I'm standing...which means that whoever did this knew about this 'secret' entrance." Trinity watched Hope and followed after her. She grabbed her knife and made sure to cover Hope from the back. "Hey guys," she shouted to Brandon and Amber, "We're headed off in here, if you need us just two-way, I've got my phone on." Trinity patted the phone on her hip. It was her lifeline to the outside world and she never put it anywhere else. She could also feel the pain and despair and death in the corridor they were now walking down. Something bad had happened in here too, something even worse then a dead boy on the floor out in the front room. She could feel Hope's anticipation of finding a good lead and it was rubbing off on her. She wanted to find out something so bad and she was itching for a good fight with a demon, ghost, or creature. Bring it on, she thought.
"So tell me" Hope said, following the trail deeper into the secret passageway. "How did you get into hunting? I mean, this isn't exactly the best line of work."
"Well, it's kinda a long story, if you really want to hear it, I can tell you. But if I do then you'll have to share your tale with me." Trinity paused and thought for a moment before beginning to talk about her past. "My parents were great, really. My dad taught me all I know about demons and hunting. My mom taught me how to control my emotions. They were so open and honest about the supernatural world and I picked it all up very quickly. Then, well, demons grew afraid of my dad's skill and my mom's abilities...mine too. They attacked us and my parents hid me away. They were killed and I grew up raising myself, since I was about fifteen. Just used my parent's money to support myself and kill the demons who killed them. Now, I can't seem to get away from the life, was raised in it too much. So, that's it, that's my life. What about you? What's your story?"
"I didn't start out like this you know. I had a happy family. That is until about 9 years old. I came home to find my mom and dad dead. The police told me to move in with my aunt and uncle. And they were pretty good. They taught me everything about hunting. And when I was 18, my aunt and uncle got killed. And that's when I went off on my own. Found that son of a *****, and killed it." she said.
"Sounds rough. Sorry you had to deal with all that as a kid. At least I knew about it all from an early age. Sorry for your loss." Trinity truly was sorry, she could still feel the waves of pain and sorrow coming from Hope. "Seems like so many of us get into hunting through tragedy. I honestly can't think of one person who hasn't lost someone in this game. It's not really a game, but you know what I mean. The demons think so. The ghosts...well, some do and some are just trapped in their own worried and painful worlds, too self absorbed to think of what they are doing to others. You work much with a partner? Me, I tend to fly sole. I think that the other two, Amber and Brandon, tend to work with other hunters, though, so they should keep you good company," Trinity finished with a sigh. She hadn't talked this long in ages and wondered why she would open up tonight. Must be the stress and the excitement of the hunt, plus, having company to talk to changes things, she thought.
"Oh it was. And not really. I'm basically a loner. But, I help other hunters when I can." Hope said, continuing to follow the trail. "And once you're in the business, there's no way out. At least that's how they raised me." she said, looking at the ground. "Here's where the trail ends."
"Yeah, I know how that goes too. Can't trust anybody but yourself, really. But being a loner has it's advantages. Plus, people have always looked at me odd if I've told them about my empathic abilities. I think most hunters," here Trinity glanced at Hope with a rather unsure look on her face and her guard seemed to go up, as if expecting trouble, "think that I am some kind of monster or freak. Maybe a child of the yellow-eyed demon. I think that they forget that sometimes there are supernatural elements in human life. My mother taught me that it was all a gift and how to use it to help myself and others." Trinity continued walking down the hallway of the odd, hidden entrance. "I'm thinking that we're dealing with a creature here...one that has feathers. It seems to be that way because the dude sure didn't get a shot in the thing...and there's nothing that would explain away the feathers. But the locket...that's a mystery. Although, could be some hoodoo or witchcraft going on too. Somebody called on something to kill the poor SOB. What do you think? Good theory?" Trinity questioned Hope, glanced back at her and barely making out Hope's silhouette.
"I don't think you're a freak. And the YED was a scary son of a *****. I guess that's why so many hunters were after him. And I think it's a great theory. There's been lockets used in hoodoo before.Although, I'm not quite sure why this dude would want to use it." Hope said, looking at Trinity.
"Thanks," Trinity replied, "Yes, YED was a big baddie, glad the Winchesters were able to get him in the end, the evil sonovabitch! Yeah, lockets or other trinkets are nice for hoodoo...easy to carry and hide. Why someone would want to go after this dude is one thing I don't get either." Trinity finally found a doorway into a chamber inside this massive cavern of a hidden space. Inside there were books opened up to information about shapeshifters, demons, and gods from Egyptian and Greek mythology. "See, so, what's a locket got to do with all this? I think we need more research. Let's get the other two and see if we can't avoid pissed off Officer Estes in the process of leaving this place and heading back later."
"If we run into Robocop again, let me handle it." she said smiling.
"Be my guest. Cops seem to hate me anyway."Brandon replied smiling.
"Well, me and Trinity might have a lead as to who or what did this." Hope said, looking at Brandon. "What'd you guys find down here?"
"Yeah, what were you guys up too? Seems like we were doing all the heavy lifting...literally!" Trinity joked and looked around for Amber and the cop, just in case. She could sense them in the building, and the cop's uneasy feelings were making her nervous. "Um, guys? I think the cop might be coming back again, he seems to have thought that waiting is not worth it."
"Robocop's getting on my bad side here." Hope said, grabbing for her flashlight. "Just follow my lead dudes."
"Hey, I resent that, I'm not a dude!" Trinity said, but she was smiling. "Let's book it downstairs and maintain our cover, I think we should be able to come back later on when the scene is less of a hot spot. Anyone else with me for going our for a few drinks and relaxing. Plus, maybe we can follow up on some leads we got going here. Anyone wanna take the locket and run with it? I think I'll hit the books and research the layout of the house, who's with me?" Trinity headed down the stairs, waiting for the response of the other hunters. She still felt odd that she was working with people, but it was a good feeling. The floor boards creaked under the stress of having so many people pounded down the staircase and the officer below was entering the house once more, staring up at them.
"I'm all for getting a beer. Great." Hope said, walking up to the officer. "We're all done up there. I'm just gonna take my partners and get this evidence back to headquarters." she said, smoothly. Now, she wasn't so nervous.
Trinity followed the rest of the hunters. She simply nodded to the officer as she headed out the door and let the others do any talking that they wanted to. "So, who's riding with me?" she asked as she shifted herself into her black Cobra Mustang.
"I think I'll pass on that. I got a car.", Hope said, tapping the hood of her white Grand AM. She smiled and got into her car, starting it up.
The hunters all went to their own vehicles and Trinity followed Hope and the others to the local watering hole. She hoped that there wouldn't be too much attention drawn to them when they went there, four new faces likely being uncommon, but she wouldn't know much until she stepped out of the 'Stang and felt the reactions. Time would tell...and the bar was drawing closer.
Hope pulled into the bar parking lot and waited for the other hunters. She got out and slammed the door. "Getting mixed emotions yet Trinity?" Hope asked, looking over at Trinity. She wanted to make sure that nobody would freak out if four strangers just walked into the bar unannounced. Especially considering they all had their guns out.
"Hey, Hope? I am not so sure we'll be welcomed here...actually, I'm thinking this is the worst possible place for us to be. There's something evil in that bar. And I'm damn sure it's not human evil either! And there's A LOT of it" Trinity's eyes widen as she looked at Hope, a bit unsure if they should pick the fight now or later...if it were just her she'd say now, but...the others would have to have a say too.
"Well, we'll take your word for it. Guys, you heard her. Let's move out!", Hope said, taking charge. She wasn't gonna take any chances. Especially after seeing the look on Trinity's face.
Trinity looked straight at Hope and gave her a slight nod. She was ready to head in and figured that Hope would know exactly what she meant.
"Head in? Are you sure that's a good idea?" Hope asked.
"Well, I know the others aren't here, but we're two experienced hunters and I think I can use their emotions against them. You don't get that much hate and evil and not have it affect you in some way. So. we'll use that to our advantage. What kind of weapons do you have on you?" Trinity focused on both Hope and the evil that was in the bar. There were four possessed people, that much she could tell. The rest were just civilians who were oblivious to the fact that they were surrounded by evil.
"Holy water, and this gun. Not to mention a whole bunch of exorcism rituals in my trunk." Hope said, pocketing her gun.
"Ok, that sounds good to me. I think we should hit 'em fast. So they can't fight back much. There are only four of them, two each sound good? They gotta know something about the death of a hunter in the area!"
"Sounds good to me. I'll get the two smallest ones, considering--" looks down, indicating her size, "I'm a lot shorter."
"Well, I'm not sure about their sizes, but it sounds good to me! I'm ready whenever you are. Just to let you know, they are mean SOBs, ready for a fight. Go in with your piece prepared. But not obvious, I guess we shouldn't kill the locals, that might cause some issues." Trinity grinned wickedly and headed for the door to the bar. She glanced over her shoulder at Hope, "Oh, and I am keeping one alive for information, if possible. Fuglies gotta know something!"
"Lead the way." Hope said, waiting for Trinity to enter the bar.
Trinity passed by Hope and pushed open the heavy door, quickly taking stock of the bar and it's occupants. Hope was right behind her and Trinity wanted to make sure she knew who was who in the bar. Trinity tilted her head slightly, indicating that they should step up to the bartender. "I'll take some Jack, and she'll have a beer." Trinity felt Hope bristle at her taking control, but she quickly began to explain the situation. "Listen, the barkeep is fine, so we're good here. The two over there playing pool are both demons. And the bouncer is one too, plus that skank in the corner talking up some guys. I think I'll have to take the bouncer, but can you handle the two guys playing pool? Then I'll get the b**** when I finish with Mr. 'Works-Out-Too-Much'."
"I can handle them." Hope said, smiling.
"Good, I"m ready when you are, just say the word," Trinity grinned, ready to start spilling some demon blood.
"Okay." she said, loading her gun. "On 3. 1. 2. 3."
Trinity rushed in beside Hope and moved to her target, the bouncer. He began to put up a fight but with a quick stab to his abdomen he came down, leaving Trinity to deal with the female possesed by a demon who was fast approaching her. Trinity decided that the best thing to do was get her fast, she whipped out a bottle of holy water and sprayed it in her face. The demon shrieked and Trinity quickly started an exorcism. "In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti."
"Hello boys. Miss me?" she asked, smiling, spraying them with holy water. She began chanting an exorcism in Latin as the demons shrieked. Hope looked over at the two demons. "What the hell are you grinning at?"
Trinity's demon rushed out of the hosts' mouth in a cloud of black smoke, the other one, that she'd nicknamed 'hefty' in her mind, started coming at her again. Trinity sighed and then grabbed for her knife again, as she was out of holy water.
Hope turns to Trinity and looks between the three demons. "Uh Trinity, the exorcism's not working on them." she said, getting ready to run if necessary.
Trinity nods and ducks as "hefty" takes a swing at her with the knife still in his gut. "Ok, Hope, I say we call retreat!" She turns and looks at the bar tender, grinning, says, "Come with me if you wanna live!"
"So do I. Let's get outta here."
Hope, the bartender, and Trinity all run out of the building with the demons hot on their tails. Trinity gets in the car and starts it, pealing out of the parking lot as fast as she can.
"Son of a ***** Trinity. What kinda demons are they?"
"Hope, I'm not sure," Trinity glanced at Hope and then her gaze drifted to the road, "The good thing is that we lost the demons. I think they have something to do with that guy's death, and we need to get to the bottom of it. Think he made a deal or had some special ability?" In the back the bar tender began to make a ruckus, asking, "What the HELL is going on here?"
"I don't know. But, whatever it is, those demons were freakin' unbelievable." she said, looking at the bartender.
"Hi, by the way, I'm Trinity and this here is Hope, you are?" questioned Trinity, looking over at the bartender. The bartender eyed them for a second and said, "Gus, and I ain't quite figured out what the hell just happened over there!"

Officer Estes sat at his desk at the office, a blank expression on his face. He had been sitting there, thinking, for about 5 minutes. Something didnt quite add up about the Parkers case, and especially the women. He had told Agent Cole about them and he was pretty furious, sent him to his desk to do a pile of paperwork for a punishment. Agent Cole was out now, checking the scene and Estes was anxious, hoping the women really were LEOs and that he wouldnt lose his job for not reporting it sooner. Then again, if he reported it and they do turn out to be LEOs, he would be the laughing stock of the whole offiice.

Estes couldnt take it anymore, he needed some fresh air, Agent Cole should be back any minute and this would be it, this would decide if he lost his job or not. He got up from his desk and took the elevator to the parking garage on the last floor. it was a bit chilly out as the rain began to fall in sheets outside. And then his phone rang...

He hesitated a moment before opening it and say "hello?" in a low voice. Sure enough, it was Agent Cole. A very pissed off Agent Cole.

"Estes! Where the hell are you?!" He shouted and Estes swallowed hard. "Parking garage sir," he said, as calmly as he could muster.

"You - " Cole began and Estes could hear him breathing loudly on the other end. He was definately mad. "Stay there!" Cole finished and hung up. This was going to be fun, Estes thought, knowing full well this was the moment he would be losing his job.

Suddenly, everything went quiet and the lights in the garage began to flicker and for a moment he was left in total darkness. But he could feel something, the most unpleasant thing he had ever felt. it was as though something were pushing itself down his throat, and he gasped and coughed but there was nothing he could do. and then it was over, right as Agent Cole stalked in, a furious look on his face. He tried to talk to him, tried to meet him in the empty space but it was as though he had no control over his body, it just stood there, and smiled.

"You stupid sonofabitch! You royally ****** up Estes! There are footprints and evidence missing and -" Cole began, but it was as far as he got. Estes felt the movement and tried so desperately to make it stop, but he couldnt, and the gun was up and the magazine was emptied into Cole's chest before Cole could even blink his eyes.

Estes screamed internally but the entity that had taken over pushed him away and things whent dark, as though he were in a deep sleep...


The bartender, Gus, whent quiet for a moment, replaying what had just happened over and over in his mind, trying to make some sence of it but not having any luck. It was just too weird. He knew the two men playing pool that the woman named Hope attacked, but was it really them? They acted strange, had black eyes like those contact lenses the kids wore at halloween, but they werent there the whole time... and the water? It was like acid. The woman didnt use acid did they? Who was he riding with? Gus wasnt sure if he thought they were psychopaths or saviors. He was still debating when he glanced out the front window.

"What the Hell?" He asked, more to himself than the women.

Far up in the center of the road were two SUVs, a pickup truck and a Crown Victoria, blocking the road, making it impossible to pass. As they got closer, Gus could just make out four men in front of the vehicles, two of the men were wearing regular clothes, one was wearing a formal suit, giving the impression that he was some high-end business man and the fourth man, standing in front of them all, was what looked to be a young police officer. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally! a cop! He will make everything right, can explain what was going!

"Gus, I know you feel relieved that it's cops, but I don't think it's the welcome wagon, that's for sure. They don't feel quite right to me. Any suggestions Hope? Or Gus, for that matter, I don't care! Maybe we should get in contact with the other hunters...because I think we just found a nest of either demons or feds!" Trinity spoke fervently. Trinity slowed the vehicle a bit. "You missing your car a bit, Hope? I wouldn't recommend going back there for a while. We just entered demon country. Hold on Gus, you're in for the ride of your life!"
"And yes Gus, she does mean this." she said, looking at the bartender. She looked at Trinity. "So, what's the plan Trinity? Keep on going? Or do we just turn around and take refuge?" she reached for the window, and rolled it up. "Cause there is no possible way we'd be able to run over them. Not without hurting the real person. Let's just head back, take up shelter. We've got salt, and holy water." she buckled up. She didn't like this one bit. But, her pride wouldn't let her admit it.
"I hate to admit it, but we're definitely out numbered here. We have to fight smarter, not harder. And THIS mess would totally not be smarter at all. I know you're not loving the idea and feel like you're taking the easy way out, but we've gotta do this right. Sometimes you gotta live to fight another day." Trinity turned the vehicle around and started heading in the opposite direction; a complete 180 degree turn. Not that she felt much better about this, either. No, the **** was going to hit the fan soon enough, there were demons and feds involved in this now, and they were either going to meet a very messy end or have a lot of explaining to do soon enough. It was best now to just go to territory that they were familiar with and lay low. Trinity hated it as much as Hope did. Poor Gus was about beside himself with worry, she read his emotions quite easily. He just wanted out of this nightmare his life had become.
"Ain't arguing there. Sorry Gus, but, the only way in or outta town is blocked by demons. And running them over's not exactly in the job description. So what's the plan, boss?" she asked, looking at her. Her salt was back in her car, and so were her rocksalt rounds, and her buckshots. She sat up. "Trinity, think we can stop by and get my car? We can take shelter in an abandoned building. Salt the windows, the doors, and draw those little demon seals. That oughta keep them at bay at least we can figure out why they've suddenly gone superdemon."
"Good plan, Hope. We're going to need all the heavy artillery we can get. Trick is to get in there where we can't be seen by any demons or cops who might be out to get us. Gus, where is a good back road? Promise we can drop you off somewhere out of the way so you don't get into all this craziness that is our lives."
"Although, I'm pretty sure that you're gonna join our lives after this is all over." she said, She looked at Trinity and nodded. "I got an idea. Trinity, you and me, we need some cover, and I know exactly where to get something when you neef it." she said, looking at her.
Trinity looked back at Hope and grinned. "Perfect. Sounds like we've got a plan, then. I'll just follow your lead. Where do you need me to turn so we can get to the promised land of cover and ammo!"
"My weapons are back at the house. In the trunk of my car. Along with the evidence. I figured while they couldn't get to us, we could always find out what the hell the thing is that we're hunting." she said, looking at Trinity.
Trinity agreed, "Alright. I'm gonna step on it!" The engine roared to life and they were going sixty miles an hour down the back road, rushing as fast as they could to the house for Hope's car. Within a short amount of time they were back at the house and no incidents had occurred.
"How lucky are we that nothing happened on the road? I totally expected some demons to block the road or something. Do you think when we go into the house we are headed for a trap?"

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