Lapel pins also known as business pins are very useful one. These pins are by and large available at all markets places. Cheap lapel pins are also available. The lapel pins are specifically created for many purposes and people in the areas of employee and member identification, awards and achievements, conventions, seminars, conferences, trade shows, graduation programs, sport representation, college graduation, sports team, corporate identity cards, charities and fund raising, product branding, school lapel pins etc.

Different Methods Used in Designing Lapel Pins -

Soft enamel

In this method of lapel pin maker die struck process is used in which the soft enamel paint is heated at low temperature and separated with colors. Metals like aluminum, zinc, alloy is used with 3d effect.

Hard enamel

In this method similar process is used like soft enamel but it has flat & smooth surface in which the material is heated at a high temperature which results in hard and durable surfaced custom metal pins.

Die struck

It uses both the hard and soft technique and is made without colors. 3d effect is also given in minor ways. Later the surface is made smooth which creates contrast.

Die cast

This method is used especially on medals, challenge coins, and other sorts of awards. 3 d effect is given on the pins and these pins have aesthetical benefits with soft enamel paint application on the lower areas.


Etching involves designs which are designed on thin layered brass and aluminum. Through etching name badges, larger designs, dog tags etc. are made.


With a very cost effective solutions and durability printing is done on silk screen and offset printing. Complicated images and designs are printed with slope colors.

The professionals involved in making custom pins offer the custom lapel pins for cheap and this is advantageous for the buyers. Professionals also offer trading and military pins, nursing pins, badges, cuff links, flag pins etc. These professionals have years of practical experience in making the pins. They also offer high quality business pins with a guarantee. The prices are also affordable with quick delivery.

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