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With the Google Play Store beginning to look more and more like iTunes everyday, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find cool new indie games beneath all the pomp and circumstance of Google’s digital storefront. While the Android market used to be a shining haven where indie developers could thrive, somewhere along the line things went very wrong. And now instead of having even the most basic of game store categories to keep gamers abreast of the latest game releases indie devs find themselves faced with a counter-intuitive policy that demands a game already have a lot of downloads in order to even show up in the new game categories.

That’s why we created the SGD Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, our weekly tribute to the best and brightest new indie games to arrive on the scene. Our relentless editorial team has tirelessly combed every nook and cranny of the net in order to bring you this comprehensive guide to the coolest new indie games on Android. And after spending many hours playing great new games with our phones plugged into the wall we’ve come up with 22 awesome new indie Android games for you to check out!

Be sure to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page too. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!

1800 from Parachuting Frog

1800 is a hugely popular game that actually originated back on iOS devices. It has taken a while to finally get it onto Android but it’s better late than never, right? So what is 1800? 1800 is a game about making quick reactions to get a score as close to 1800 as possible. Sounds simple, right? Well… no, not at all! Your goal is to stop the cursor in the dead center and doing this successfully is extremely challenging. A bit to the left or a bit to the right and you’ll have to try again to see if you can do any better. 1800 is the definition of  ”just one more game”. Get ready for 1800′s four fun game modes, 20+ levels, and the addition of  Google Play Game Services. You’ll be hooked in no time!


1800 (Playboard) | 1800 (Play Store)

Blood ‘n Guns from Instabuy Games

There are more than a few zombie based twin stick shooters out there but this OG iPhone game from indie dev Instabuy Games takes the action to ridiculous extremes in order to earn its namesake. Players fight a seemingly never ending nightmare horde of undead and other ghastly creatures with an overpowered arsenal of weapons that literally cover the screen in bloody gore. If you’re looking for a twin stick shooter that likes to do things different, check out Blood ‘n Guns!

com.instabuy.bng (Playboard) | com.instabuy.bng (Play Store)

Bouncy Bit from Deadly Serious Media

Bouncy Bit is a hugely addictive arcade game from the makers of one of my favorite endless runners Flip Runner. Bouncy Bit is a simple arcade game that is among the most addicting I have ever played. This is pretty surprising considering just how far from complex the game’s gameplay is. You just bounce a little pixel bit back and forth from wall to wall while avoiding the spikes that pop up in random formations. Just stay alive for as long as possible and build up as high of a score as you can. That’s it!

How long do you think you can survive? (Can you beat my high score of 36?)

Bouncy Bit (Playboard) | Bouncy Bit (Play Store)

Cat Pounce from Mark Ebbole

To start this off I have to admit that I am a huge fan of cats. I have two of my own and each time I come across a game with cats in it I usually end up checking it out. So obviously Cat Pounce was a game I had to check out.

The gameplay in Cat Pounce is simple enough. Birds have taken control of the skies and the start of the game, a cunning black cat, has seen more than enough of it. You will launch your cat into the skies with the swipe of a finger in hopes of reducing these birds into nothing more than a pile of feathers. But be careful, there are some birds, such as the terrible dive bomber, the attack bird, and the poo shooter that want nothing more than to put an end to your many cat lives. Do you have what it takes to become the most fearsome cat on the planet?

Cat Pounce (Playboard) | Cat Pounce (Play Store)

Cubed Snowboarding from Nocanwin

Nocanwin, the indie developer behind some of the best mobile games around (Cubed Rally Redline, Fist Face Fight, Baby Lava Bounce) has just released their newest game Cubed Snowboarding. This game shares a lot of similarities with Cubed Rally Redline but it is anything but a straight up copy. In this game you’ll be snowboarding down a hill while grinding rails, jumping off ramps to do tricks, and dodging obstacles. The game doesn’t take place on an endless course but rather it spans across 10 stages of ever increasing length and difficulty. You receive a point score on each stages and upon completion of all 10 courses you are awarded with a high score. Cubed Snowboarding is an absolute must download. It is just $1 on Google Play and features no ads or IAPs.

Cubed Snowboarding (Playboard) | Cubed Snowboarding (Play Store)

Dual Survivor from Rising Step

Most runner style games tend to focus on performing a single action in perfect repitition for the entirety of its gameplay experience. Not so with Dual Survivor from indie studio Rising Step, a frantic arcade game that will push your cognitive multi-tasking abilities to their limits! In this beautiful post apocalyptic romp through space it’s up to players to simultaneously guide two deadly energy cores through a galactic obstacle course that would make even Ninja Warrior squeamish.

Dual Survivor (Playboard) | Dual Survivor (Play Store)

Epic Ninja Game from Pixel Stomper

Epic Ninja Game is a fantastic new retro-inspired platforming game from the indie developer Pixel Stomper. You’ll jump and attack your way through the game’s 90 challenging platforming stages while avoiding traps and hazards and also battling some huge bosses. The game actually features an in-depth storyline that is told through a comic book art style, which is definitely unique for a game from this genre.

Download Epic Ninja Game today and get ready for some non-stop action-packed fun!

Epic Ninja Game Free (Playboard) | Epic Ninja Game Free (Play Store)

Epic Ninja Game (Playboard) | Epic Ninja Game (Play Store)

Flappy Cars 3D from Evil Indie Games

Flappy Cars 3D is a Flappy Jam game submission from the awesome indie development team Evil Indie Games. What makes this game really stand out from other ‘flappy’ games is the fact that Flappy Cars 3D takes place in a 3D world from a 3rd person viewpoint. This unique change to the perspective really changes up how the game is played and it adds a whole new level of challenge to this ever so popular genre. Flappy Cars 3D is definitely not your average Flappy Bird clone! Head over to Google Play and grab this addictive game for the nice low price of FREE!

Flappy Cars 3D (Playboard) | Flappy Cars 3D (Play Store)

Giant Flappy Swine from VaragtP Studios

From the indie developer that brought us the fantastic retro RPG Loot Hero, VaragtP Studios, comes something a little more straightforward and a lot more irreverent. Giant Flappy Swine is a surprisingly fun parody of Flappy Bird that introduces old school arcade gameplay into the mix and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The controls are much smoother as well so you’ll probably be a lot less prone to throw your phone into a river in frustration since losing a life in Giant Flappy Swine is largely determined by skill rather than dumb luck.

Giant Flappy Swine (Playboard) | Giant Flappy Swine (Play Store)

Moon Boing from Space Hat Games

As a brave astronaut whose mission to the moon is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a terrifying alien structure on the scene it’s up to players to bounce their way through the galaxy’s harshest environment in order to find the truth behind the mysterious monolith and its humanoid looking design. Think of it as a sort of mash-up of Space Odyssey 2001 and Super Mario 64! Taking the action to a lunar setting allows Moon Boing to introduce some interesting ideas to the platforming genre and its emphasis on precision controls go a long way towards improving the gameplay experience. Definitely check this one out!

Moon Boing (Playboard) | Moon Boing (Play Store)

NothingElse from Ivan Zanotti’s MyMadness Works

NothingElse is a creepy retro horror game fashioned after classic adventure titles like Kings Quest and Sam & Max that will probably scare the pants off you despite its disarming old school visuals. As a hapless young protagonist players must survive an increasingly bizarre and gruesome series of events by solving challenging riddles while staying alive. Adventure game aficionados will not want to miss NothingElse!

NothingElse – A macabre Tale (Playboard) | NothingElse – A macabre Tale (Play Store)

Oddlight from Octopus 8 Studios

Oddlight is a unique touch-screen game that demands that you keep your finger on the screen. You drag your finger around the screen in an attempt to dodge a huge variety of bugs and other greeblies.  You must do your best to avoid these baddies – but once they get tired you’ll be able to them all up! Just make sure to keep your finger on the screen at all times or it’ll be game over for you!

Oddlight is a fast-paced and highly addictive arcade game that gamers of all ages will enjoy. Just be sure to watch out for the Nids… it’s feeding time!

Oddlight (Playboard) | Oddlight (Play Store)

Out There from Mi-Clos Studio

The amazing new strategy sim Out There is finally here! For anyone who’s ever wanted to play at being captain Kirk while they explore exotic alien planets and engage in intergalactic intrigue, this one’s for you. Featuring amazingly detailed gameplay and a choose your own adventure style format, Out There boldly goes where no Android game has gone before!

Out There (Playboard) | Out There (Play Store)

Party Curling from Sharkfish Studios Oy

Of all the real life sports most suited for a mobile game adaptation, none is a more natural fit than the beloved winter past time of Curling. And while Curling is a game best enjoyed with friends the same goes doubly true for the awesome new multiplayer bonanza Party Curling from indie dev Sharkfish Studios. Players can compete with up to 3 of their friends in one of 4 unique Curling based game modes. Whether you’re looking for a classic Curling experience or crave an action packed new experience Party Curling has something for everyone!

Party Curling (Playboard) | Party Curling (Play Store)

Project S.P.H.E.R.E. from Luux

Although it’s still in early development and considered to be an alpha, this unique minimalistic platformer from independent developer Luux is already looking like something special. Mixing traditional platforming with really neat physics gameplay Project SPHERE is trying to bring the magic of a true platformer to Android. Based on how it’s coming along so far i’d say its succeeded.

Project S.P.H.E.R.E. (Playboard) | Project S.P.H.E.R.E. (Play Store)

Rabbit Dash! from Bee Games

Looking for a runner with a little more heart? Then check out indie studio Bee Games’ Rabbit Dash!, a gorgeous new action platformer with a charming personality and vibrant animations that give a smooth movie esque quality to the graphics. It’s up to players to help Benny the bunny escape a relentless pack of wolves as they literally chase him to the ends of the earth after stealing one of their precious carrots!

Rabbit Dash! (Playboard) | Rabbit Dash! (Play Store)

Roid Rage from Butterscotch Shenanigans

The first in a new line of simple yet addicting mini games from our friends at Butterscotch Shenanigans, Roid Rage is a zany fusion of Asteroids, Snake, and Flappy Bird that is way more engrossing than it has any right to be. Its gameplay revolves around piloting a super fast(and super fragile) spaceship around a deadly asteroid field collecting precious space juice that was spilled when a space tanker had the unfortunate circumstance of being introduced to the same asteroid field. Looking for yet another reason to throw your phone against a wall in sheer frustration at your gaming ineptitude? Check out Roid Rage today!

Roid Rage (Playboard) | Roid Rage (Play Store)

Ski Arcade from Will Lewis

Over the past month or so the number of challenging endless arcade games has skyrocketed. The vast majority of these games are simple Flappy Bird clones, but thankfully a good number of these releases anything but a clone. This is where Ski Arcade comes in. Your goal is to ski down the world’s longest ski hill while doing your best to avoid any trees, rocks, bears and other skiers that get in your way. Hitting jumps and staying alive for as long as possible will provide you with points towards you high score. The gameplay is hugely addictive, the retro arcade-style graphics are great, and the simple tilt controls actually work extremely well! So strap on those skis and see just how long you can survive on this extremely dangerous slope!

Ski Arcade (Playboard) | Ski Arcade (Play Store)

Star Speed from FonGames

Star Speed is a fast-paced retro space shooter that is all about non-stop action! You’re under constant assault by alien beings and you must show them who’s boss… and earn yourself a new high score while doing it! You move your space ship by tilting your device from side to side and you shoot with just a tap of your finger. It’s really that simple! Now it’s up to you to see how long you can last in this relentless alien onslaught!

Star Speed (Playboard) | Star Speed (Play Store)

Tales of Illyria Episode 2 from Little Killerz

Indie developer Little Killerz has come a long way since releasing one of the earliest breakout RPG hits on Android with its hand crafted action adventure Legends Arcana. Although the independent studio started out relatively small it has honed its game making abilities over the years, giving us the endlessly intriguing Oregon Trail inspired RPG Tales Of Illryia and very recently delivering the ambitious next chapter in the Tales Of Illryia Saga, Tales Of Illryia: Beyond The Iron Wall. Beyond The Iron Wall heavily expands the scope of the original game with a vast new world to explore, elegantly refined combat system, and greatly improved production qualities that represent an evolutionary step forward for the indie RPG series.


Tales of Illyria EP2 (RPG) (Playboard) | Tales of Illyria EP2 (RPG) (Play Store)

Tilt 2 Live 2: Redonkulous from One Man Left Studios

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous is a fast-paced arcade action game that puts you in command of a tiny space ship that you will move around with fun tilt controls. In the game you will be constantly pursued by an army of red dots. These dots are hell-bent on destroying you and will stop at nothing to make their wish come true. You will dodge a lot of enemies in Tilt to Live 2, but you also have access to a huge assortment of single-use special weapons that come in very handy too. If you’re a fan of fast paced action arcade games you absolutely must download Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous.

Tilt 2 Live 2: Redonkulous (Playboard) | Tilt 2 Live 2: Redonkulous (Play Store)

Treasure Breaker from Reonyx Studios

A free to play brick breaker style game that attempts to infuse the genre with a more distinct collectible based arcade attitude, Treasure Breaker also sports impressive 3D visuals to boot. As a crazed simian who’s oddly obsessed with bowling it’s up to players to smash every priceless artifact they can find inside a massive ancient temple. If you’ve ever wanted a little more personality to go along with your brick breaking ways check out Reonyx Studios’ Treasure Breaker!

Treasure Breaker (Playboard) | Treasure Breaker (Play Store)

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