Join us for the 4th Annual Sunnybrook Education Conference: Innovation in Teaching and Learning on Friday, October 16, 2015. This full-day event will focus on innovation, from simulation to learning management systems to student wellness. Designed for the GTA health-care community and external partners in education, the day will include a broad range of world-class speakers, presentations, posters and interactive workshops.

With Keynote Speaker Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canada's first female
astronaut and the world's first neurologist in space.

At the conference, you will:

Examine new technologies and models for advancements in education

Discover innovation in teaching and learning for patients, families, students and health-care providers

Develop and broaden the scope of education through simulation

Foster collaboration with colleagues, experts and educators in health care

DATE: Friday, October 16, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

EARLY REGISTRATION COST: (includes meals and conference materials)

$80 for Sunnybrook staff

$120 for non-Sunnybrook staff

Registration after Sept. 14, 2015:

$100 for Sunnybrook staff

$150 for non-Sunnybrook staff


WHERE: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, 2075 Bayview Ave. McLaughlin Auditorium, EG18a.

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» Agenda

7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. – Registration and Breakfast

8:30 a.m. – 9:20 a.m. – Welcome Remarks and Morning Keynote: Dr. Roberta Bondar

9:20 a.m – 10:00 a.m. – Discussion Panel:

Dr. Viren Naik
Vice President, Education, The Ottawa Hospital
Professor, Anesthesiology, University of Ottawa

Dr. Fuad Moussa
Cardiac Surgeon, Division of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, Schulich Hearth Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Latika Nirula
Director of Teaching Excellence and Innovation and Simulation Lead at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Dr. Cynthia Whitehead
Vice President Education, Women’s College Hospital

Moderator: Dr. Ari Zaretsky, VP Education, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

10:15 – 10:30 a.m. “Augment Reality: A Tool to Engage the Students of the Future”
Authors: Raymond Boyer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Yara McDonald, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

10:30 – 10:45 a.m. “Breast Cancer Patients’ Preferences for Adjuvant Radiotherapy Post-lumpectomy: Whole Breast Irradiation versus Partial Breast Irradiation – Single Institutional Study”
Authors: Ewa Szumacher, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Merrylee McGuffin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Roseanna Presutti, University of Toronto
Tamara Harth, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Aruz Mesci, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Deb Feldman-Stewart, Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology, QCRI, Kingston, ON
Edward Chow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Katija Bonin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Lisa Di Prospero, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Danny Vesprini, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Eileen Rakovitch, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Justin Lee, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Mary Doherty, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Hany Soliman, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Ida Ackerman, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Xingshan Cao, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Alex Kiss, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

10:45 – 11 a.m. “Peer-coaching to Teach Faculty Surgeons an Advanced Laparoscopic Skill: A Randomized Controlled Trial”
Authors: Vanessa N. Palter, University of Toronto
Kaitlyn A. Beyfuss, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Adam R. Jokhio, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Agnes Ryzynski, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Shady Ashamalla, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

11:05 a.m. – 12:05 p.m. – Interactive Workshops 1 and Research Presentations

12:05 p.m. – 12:50 p.m. – Lunch

12:50 p.m. – 1:50 p.m. – Interactive Workshops 2 and Research Presentations

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Interactive Workshops 3 and Research Presentations

3:15 p.m. – 3:55 p.m. –Debate: Simulation Should Be a Mandatory Component of Assessment in Healthcare Professional Education (Debaters TBD)

3:55 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Closing Remarks

4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Networking Reception and Research Presentation Awards

» Workshop Descriptions

Cultivating the Education Leader in You

In this workshop, participants will define education leadership for the health professions, discuss effective practices and perspectives of education leaders, and identify various lenses for analyzing issues within educational leadership issues.

Susan Lieff MD, Med, MMan, Director, New and Emerging Academic Leaders Program and Academic Leadership Development, Centre for Faculty Development, Faculty of Medicine at St Michael’s Hospital, Vice-Chair, Education, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Surviving the Shipwreck Together: An Interactive, Interprofessional Role-playing Activity for Teams

Join us for a fun and interactive learning journey, where we actively experience and reflect on the key elements of effective team collaboration. Get a “sneak preview” of Sunnybrook’s new core competencies for interprofessional team collaboration, and leave with tips and strategies that can be applied to your team setting.

Tracey DasGupta, Director, Interprofessional Practice and Siobhan Donaghy, Professional/Collaborative Practice Leader, Occupational Therapy (St. John’s Rehab), Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Mindfulness: Embedding Wellbeing in Education

This workshop will introduce participants experientially and interactively to basic principles of mindfulness, a psychological and meditative approach to increasing awareness, choice and adaptive responsiveness. Participants will explore together the inter-relationship of mindfulness, wellbeing and education.

Steve Selchen, MD, Mst, FRCPC, Staff Psychiatrist, Director, Sunnybrook Psychiatry Institute for Continuing Education, Head, Mindfulness-based Interventions, University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry, Head, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness-based Interventions, Department of Psychiatry, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Excellence in Teaching & Learning: A Competencies Model

This session will explore the Teaching Excellence Competencies Model and how it relates to teachers within a health-care context (i.e., not profession-specific). It will identify an actionable set of relational competencies that describe an excellent teacher (as opposed to a minimally competent teacher) as well as describe a set of competencies for teaching excellence that will not only promote alignment of resources, tools, professional development and evaluation within the system, but will be a tool used by educators and faculty developers to inform their work. This model is not intended to be prescriptive or directive, however, it is meant to be used as a guide to assist individuals and organizations to develop their thinking and practices about teaching and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. Individuals who have roles as teachers, faculty developers, leaders/administrators, scholars and student/learners can use this framework, and can situate themselves at any place in the excellent teacher competency.

Shamena Maharaj, Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development & Leadership, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Mandy Lowe, Director of Education, University Health Network and Acting Director, Centre for Interprofessional Education at University of Toronto

Context, Content & Connection: Applying Affective Approaches to Effect Learning

Emerging research shows that connecting with others on an emotional (affective) level may bring about much better outcomes whether you are working with patients, students or colleagues. Engaging learners to connect the learning content to their individual contexts is foundational in adult learning yet the area of affective domain may be often neglected. This workshop incorporates the Sunnybrook/CSTD Educator Competency framework to build on how simple (yet not easy) affective approaches may influence learning and transfer of knowledge.

Diana Goliss, MA, Organizational Development & Leadership Associate, Cathy Lemieux, BScN, Organizational Development & Leadership Associate, and Haesun Moon, MEd, Organizational Development & Leadership Associate, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Health Literacy: An Overview

Low health literacy impacts many Canadians and has significant impact on health outcomes, patient experience and costs to our health care system. Understanding what influences health literacy from both an individual skills perspective and the system perspective is essential for any personal who provides education to patients, families and caregivers. This session will provide an overview of health literacy, the latest research in this area and the universal precautions to improve health literacy.

Tamara Harth, Patient Education Manager, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Provincial Head Patient Education, Cancer Care Ontario

Optimizing the Learning Management System in your Practice

Learning Management System enhances the administrative and management support needed to enroll, track and report on all education courses and training programs. This workshop will provide you with the process and examples of how other departments in Sunnybrook have integrated the LMS into their day-to-day practice.

Christopher Townsend, Manager, Organizational Development & Leadership, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Conceptualizing and Using Transfer in Health Professions Research and Practice

For many, getting trainees to transfer their learning is the ultimate goal of health professions education. Thus, researchers and educators often seek to understand how to optimize this transfer of knowledge and skills to clinical practice. However, there is little discussion on exactly what transfer means or how best to conceptualize it. We will describe the current state of research on transfer in the health professions literature and provide a new framework to guide future research and practice of this phenomenon.

Ryan Brydges, PhD, Assistant Professor & Scientist, Department of Medicine and The Wilson Centre, University of Toronto, Jeffrey J.H. Cheung, HBSc, MSc, Research Fellow, The Wilson Centre & SickKids Learning Institute, PhD Student, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto, Faizal Haji, MD, Research Fellow, The Wilson Centre, PhD Candidate, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto, and Julian Manzone, MSc, Faculty of Medicine, Class of 2019, University of Toronto

Invisible Gorillas and Hidden Dogs: How an Awareness of Implicit Bias Can Help Us to Become Better Negotiators, Mentors and Leaders in Academic Health Professions Education

In an increasingly competitive and resource-strapped academic environment, “getting to yes” can be a challenge. High risk, high stakes conversations have become the norm in academic health sciences centres, and few clinical educators have acquired the formal skills to manage workplace negotiations effectively. This workshop explores implicit views and biases that may impact teaching, mentorship and leadership. Effective strategies for managing problematic negotiations will be explored and attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on ways of reframing these types of dialogues.

Sophie Soklaridis, Education Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Ari Zaretsky, MD, FRCPC, Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Vice President, Education, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Deputy Psychiatrist-in-Chief (TG and PM Sites), Director of CPPD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, and Adrienne Tan, Staff Psychiatrist, Consultant-Liaison Service and Head, Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship, UHN Centre for Mental Health Assistant Professor of Psychiatry University of Toronto

Introduction to Health Professions Education Research

Presented by experts in a range of research techniques and methods, this workshop will introduce participants to the fundamental principles of design and conducting rigorous health professions education research. Participants should come ready to engage with possible research questions that flow from their educational practice. No previous research experience required.

Ayelet Kuper, Scientist, Wilson Centre for Research in Education and Staff Physician, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Dominique Piquette, Staff Physician, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Education Researcher, Wilson Centre for Research in Education, and Associate Director, Adult Critical Care Residency and Clinical Fellowship, University of Toronto, and Carilynne Yarascavitch, Staff Dentist – Anesthesiologist, and Director, Education Research Unit, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Twitter for Professionals: Building Your Personal Online Brand

Twitter can be used professionally in many ways. Sunnybrook’s Social Media team is here to provide an intro session on how to use Twitter to brand yourself as an expert in your field. We’ll cover initial account setup, best practices, and keeping within corporate policies and guidelines.

Sivan Keren Young, Manager, Digital Communications and Brent Creelman, Senior Digital Strategist and Social Media Lead

Measuring Clinical Competencies: Patient Safety in Paramedic Clinical Practice

The Medical Directors of the Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital define and authorize the scope of practices for 2,300 Primary and Advanced Care Paramedics and delegate controlled medical acts to complement that scope. The realm of paramedicine is unique in that Paramedics utilize their scope of practice in an autonomous manner. The clinical practice decisions and medical interventions pose potential risk to patient safety.

To reliably assess clinical competence in context, the paramedic certification process was designed to measure all identified domains (e.g., decision-making, communication, situational awareness) of expected performance using a validated assessment tool and standardized examination activities. The process measures the application and integration of knowledge, skills, and attributes in paramedic practice and results are linked to the continuous quality improvement processes with ongoing competency assessment throughout a paramedic’s career.

This session will introduce the learner to reliable performance-based competency assessment processes that have application across health care professions where clinical judgment directly affects optimal patient care and safety.

Maud Huiskamp, Senior Manager, Regional Base Hospital Program, Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Simulation – Debriefing Simplified

In this workshop, learners will identify the purpose and benefits of debriefing, develop an enhanced awareness and importance of debriefing strategies and demonstrate the application of three debriefing strategies. This workshop is intended for learners that are at a novice to intermediate level and have some experience in simulation and debriefing.

Susan DeSousa, Simulation Centre Coordinator, and Agnes Ryzynski, Simulation Centre Coordinator, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

STUDENT WORKSHOP: Enhance your Learning Through Reflective Practice

In this student-focused workshop, participants will explore the integral role of wellness, creativity and spirituality in optimizing the learning process. Interactive activities will engage the participants in exploring a number of reflection and assessment tools that examine the role of balance and wellness in life and learning.

Leanne Hughes, Helen Chang-Dawson

» Podium Presentations

Theme 1: Interprofessional Education Session (EG 61), 11:05 a.m. – 12:05 p.m.

11:05 – 11:15 a.m.
“Virtual Longitudinal Mentorship – A Feasibility Clinical Research Capacity Building Project for Radiation Oncology Trainees in Ghana”

Authors: Horia Vulpe, University of Toronto
Andrew Lam, University of Western Ontario, London, ON
Ryan Chu, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
Zahra Kassam, Southlake Regional Health Centre
Jolie Ringash, University of Toronto
Tony Panzarella, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Bernard Cummings, University of Toronto
Tim Craig, University of Toronto
Stephen Breen, University of Toronto
Verna Vanderpuye, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana
Joel Yarney, Karle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana
Rebecca K.S. Wong, University of Toronto

11:15 – 11:25 a.m.
“Sharing Resources: Sunnybrook’s Path to Developing Educators Using a Virtual Resource Portal”

Authors: Lawrence Jackson, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Artemis Diamantouros, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dudley Campbell, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Christopher Townsend, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Stacey Leung, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Susan DeSousa, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Agnes Ryzynski, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Leigh Andrews, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Diana Goliss, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

11:25 – 11:35 a.m.
“The Meaning of Space and Time in Nurse-Resident Communication in Surgery”

Authors: Oshan Fernando, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Natalie G. Coburn, Sunnybrook Research Institute & University of Toronto
Avery B. Nathens, Sunnybrook Research Institute & University of Toronto
Julie Hallet, Sunnybrook Research Institute & University of Toronto
Najma Ahmed, St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto
Lesley Gotlib Conn, Sunnybrook Research Institute & University of Toronto

11:35 – 11:45 a.m.
“Top Chef Dysphagia – A Cross-organization IPE Experience”

Authors: Lisa Sokoloff, Baycrest
Khashayar Amirhosseini, Baycrest
Deb Bonfield, George Brown College

11:45 – 11:55am
“An Evaluation of the Sunnybrook Hospitalist Fellowship Program using Staff and Fellow Interviews”

Authors: Gabrielle Kovacs-Litman, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Mireill Norris, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Donald Livingstone, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Theme 2: Simulation & Technology Session (EG 61),12:50 – 1:50 p.m.

12:50 – 1:00 p.m.
“Use of an iPAD Application Improves Patient Perceived Resident Competency in Performing Minor Procedures in Family Medicine”

Authors: Ian MacPhee, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Jeremy Rezmovitz, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

1:00 – 1:10 p.m.
“Can Surgical ‘Warm-up’ with Instructor Feedback Improve Operative Performance of Surgical Trainees?”

Authors: Jamie Kroft, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Michael Ordon, St. Michael’s Hospital
Leslie Po, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Jason Y. Lee, St. Michael’s Hospital
Richard Pittini, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Katie Waters, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Nora Zwingerman, University of Toronto

1:10 – 1:20 p.m.
“Developing a Mobile App using a Person-centred Approach: The Sunnybrook Holland Centre Experience”

Authors: Jeffrey Gollish, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Deborah M. Kennedy, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Lucy Pereira, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Amy Wainwright, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Anne Marie MacLeod, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre

1:20 – 1:30 p.m.
“Co-creating Beyond the Expert: Lessons Learned from the Development of an e(electronic)-Learning Series through an intentional Partnership of Technology and Clinical Practice”

Authors: Darby Erler, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Hany Soliman, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Minoli Mendis, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Christopher Townsend, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Igor Gemchuk, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Lisa Di Prospero, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

1:30 – 1:40 p.m.
“Knowing How and Knowing Why: Integration of Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge Facilitates Transfer of Simulation-based Procedural Skills”

Author: Jeffrey J.H. Cheung, The Wilson Centre
Kulamakan M. Kulasegaram, The Wilson Centre
Carol-anne Moulton, The Wilson Centre
Charlotte V. Ringsted, The Wilson Centre
Nicole N. Woods, The Wilson Centre
Ryan Brydges, The Wilson Centre

Theme 3: Patients, Staff and Trainees (EG61), 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

2:00 – 2:10 p.m.
“Dementia in the Waiting Room – Training Primary Care Receptionists in Identifying and Responding to Early Signs of Cognitive Decline”

Authors: Einat Danieli, Reitman Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital
Joel Sadavoy, Reitman Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital
David Ryan, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant Program of Toronto, RGP Toronto

2:10 – 2:20 p.m.
“What is the Role of Comorbidity, Frailty and Functional Status in the Decision-making Process for Older Adults with Cancer and their Family Members, Cancer Specialist, and Family Physicians?”

Authors: Martine Puts, University of Toronto
Schroder Sattar, University of Toronto
Kara McWatters, University of Toronto
Katharine Lee, University of Toronto
Raymond Jang, University Health Network
Margaret Fitch, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Eitan Amir, University Health Network
Anthony Joshua, University Health Network
Shabbir Alibhai, University Health Network

2:20 – 2:30 p.m.
“Developing a Cognitive Task Analysis-based Instructional Video for Subcuticular Suturing”

Authors: Celine Yeung, University of Toronto
Catherine McMillan, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Paul Binhammer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

2:30 – 2:40 p.m.
“Future Trends and Issues in Workplace Performance and Learning”

Author: Robert Pearson, Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD)

2:40 – 2:50 p.m.
“Assessment & Implementation of a Simulated ‘Entrustable Professional Act’ in Orthopaedic Surgery – A Pilot Study”

Authors: Marissa Elizabeth Bonyun, University of Toronto
Markku Nousianinen, University of Toronto
Tim Dwyer, University of Toronto
Doug Archibald, University of Ottawa
Peter Ferguson, University of Toronto
UTCBC Research Group, University of Toronto
Veronica Wadey, University of Toronto

» Poster Sessions

McLaughlin Auditorium (EG 18a) 12:05 – 12:50 p.m.

1. “Perceptions of Older Women with Breast Cancer on New Breast Cancer Geriatric Preassessment Clinic at the Sunnybrook Breast Cancer Centre”

Authors: Michael Chandra Tjong, University of Toronto
Ines Menjak, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Maureen Trudeau, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Rajin Mehta, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Frances Wright, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Angela Leahey, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Janet Ellis, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Damian Gallagher, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Jennifer Moore, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Bonnie Bristow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Noreen Kay, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Ewa Szumacher, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

2. “Empowering Patients through Education – Online Education Resource for Patients with Prostate Cancer who may require Post-prostatectomy Radiotherapy”

Authors: Eli Lechtman, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Ewa Szumacher, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Merrylee McGuffin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Aaron Cumal, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Julie Burnett, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Lisa Di Prospero, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Tamara Harth, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Christopher Townsend, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Eirena Calabrese, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Deb Feldman Stewart, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

3. “Surgical Residents’ Adherence to Post-call Duty Hour Limits: What are the Challenges for Education and Patient Care?”

Authors: Lesley Gotlib Conn, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Charlene Soobiah, University of Toronto
Barbara Haas, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Andy Smith, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Najma Ahmed, University of Toronto

4. “Practice Makes Perfect: Defining the Learning Curve for Emergency Physicians Undertaking Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Confirming Endotracheal Tube Placement”

Authors: Jordan Chenkin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Colin McCartney, Ottawa Hospital
Glen Bandiera, St. Michael’s Hospital

5. “Doctor of Pharmacy Students Acquire Skills in Curriculum Design and Project Management through Participation in an Education Project with Coaching Support”

Authors: Lawrence Jackson, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Joy Makari, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Patrick Edwards, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Hardep Hehar, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Jennifer Lo, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Michelle Lui, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Sandra Gerges, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Froozan Amin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Lisa Zhu, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Jennifer Do, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Andrea Fox, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

6. “#Innovation – Using Twitter to Increase Interactivity in the Classroom”

Authors: Matthew Boyle, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Nikola Grujich, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

7. “Reinforcement for Implementation of Hands-off Communication among Nursing Staff”

Authors: Hunaina Hadi, Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Shamsa Hadi, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

8. “Improving Hand-Hygiene Practices among Health-care Workers in Endoscopy Suite”

Authors: Shamsa Hadi, Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Hunaina Hadi, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

9. “Retraining and Recertifying Clinical Staff to Improve Data Quality for National Rehabilitation System (NRS): A Pilot Project at St. John’s Rehab (Inpatient Rehabilitation Program – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)”

Authors: Grace Liu, St. John’s Rehab
Mila Bishev, St. John’s Rehab
Marie DiSotto-Monastero, St. John’s Rehab

10. “Supporting the Role of Nursing Educators: A Pilot Project to Integrate Technology into Hospital-based Competency Assessment”

Authors: Beverly Waite, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Leigh Andrews, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Yvonne Yu, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Minoli Mendis, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Leasa Knechtel, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

11. “Nurse Leader Development through Simulation”

Authors: Beverly Waite, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Cathy Lemieux, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

12. “An Interprofessional Collaboration in the Decentralization of IV Insertion at a Large Urban Academic Hospital”

Authors: Ramona Hackett, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Aaron Malachi Watamaniuk, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

13. “Treatment Outcomes of an Interdisciplinary Program for Injured Workers”

Authors: Andrea Bean, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Cathryn Edmonds, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Rachel Davies, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Lisa Hopcroft, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Kyle Leming, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Tukata Lin, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Alicia Savona, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Helen Razmjou, Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre

14. “Welcome to your New Reality! You have Diabetes this Week!”

Authors: Judith Manson, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Leigh Caplan, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

15. “How One Individual, You, Can Improve Communications on AD HOC Teams in Anywhere”

Authors: Irene McGhee, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Jordan Tarshis, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Susan DeSousa, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

16. “Building Community: Promoting Resident Decision-making and Involvement in Life in the Facility”

Authors: Ria Theadora Spee, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Galina Stone, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
James Huth, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Nia Davies, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Kathleen Nimigon, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

17. “The Patients’ Voice in Discharge Planning Completes the Loop”

Authors: Mary Glavassevich, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Elaine Avila, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Rosemary Irish, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Anita Long, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Cynthia Robinson, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Vanessa Wheeler, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Amy O’Connor, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Sarita Barnett, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

18. “Getting Started: Monthly Information Group for the Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre”

Authors: Eliza Burroughs, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Kate Kitchen, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Peggy Richter, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

19. “Using Point-of-Care Animated Modules with Family Medicine Residents to Increase Confidence in Performing Minor Procedures: A Pilot Study”

Authors: Jeremy Rezmovitz, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Ian MacPhee, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Bonnie Au, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

20. “Using Virtual Interactive Cases to Promote Cost-conscious Healthcare Delivery”

Authors: Linda Zhou, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Gordon Tait, Toronto General Hospital
Shirley Chow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

21. “Integrating Team Preceptorship within the Undergraduate Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum, A Strategy Acknowledging Multiple Priorities Designed to Enhance Clinical Learning: A Pilot Study”

Authors: Karen Moline, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Marnie Peacock, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Lisa Di Prospero, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Heather Beevor, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Aisha Sheikh, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

22. “Incorporating Reflective Writing for Medical Learners in a Palliative Care Rotation”

Authors: Jennifer Moore, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Kalli Stilos, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

23. “Falls in Older Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review”

Author: Schroder Sattar, University of Toronto

24. “Teaching Health Professionals Complexity, the Science for the 21st Century: A 25-year Toronto Experience of Innovation in Teaching and Learning”

Authors: Vivian Rambihar, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Courtesy Staff Division Cardiology)
Sherryn Rambihar, Women’s College Hospital
Vanessa Rambihar, Women’s College Hospital

25. “Teaching with an Ear to the Ground: Using Daily Feedback to Address Learners’ Emergent Needs in Real-time”

Authors: Kelly Warmington, The Hospital for Sick Children
Kathryn Parker, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Sarah Bovaird, The Hospital for Sick Children
Kelly McMillen, The Hospital for Sick Children
Melanie Barwick, The Hospital for Sick Children

26. “Obstetrical Transfusion Medicine Knowledge Using a Validated Assessment Tool”

Authors: Steven Morris, St. Michael’s Hospital
Yulia Lin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Jeannie Callum, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Asim Alam, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Mark Yudin, St. Michael’s Hospital

» About Dr. Roberta Bondar

Dr. Roberta Bondar
Dr. Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian woman and the
world’s first neurologist in space. An astronaut, physician, and
photographer, Dr. Bondar expanded the horizons of millions
when she joined the space shuttle Discovery for its 1992 mission.

For more than a decade at NASA, Dr. Bondar led an international
research team, continuing to find new connections between
astronauts recovering from the microgravity of space and neurological illnesses on earth, such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Her techniques have been used in clinical studies at the B. I. Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and at the University of New Mexico.

Dr. Bondar holds a BSc in Zoology and Agriculture, an MSc in Experimental Pathology, a PhD in Neurobiology, an MD, and is a Board Certified Neurologist, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. She sub-specialized in Neuro-ophthalmology at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston and at Toronto Western Hospital.

Dr. Bondar’s distinctions are many: Officer of the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario, the NASA Space Medal, induction into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and into the International Women’s Forum’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Bondar holds 24 honorary doctorates from Canadian and American Universities, and served as Chancellor of Trent University for six years.

Learn more about Dr. Bondar here.

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Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada – 6.0 Section 1 credits

The College of Family Physicians of Canada – 6.0 Mainpro-M1 credits

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