Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post. I purchased the box with my own money.

Artistry Gifts occasionally offers one time boxes. I decided to purchase this box because there are items in past boxes that interested me. I received the box back in September and decided to save the review for the beginning of October.

Subscription: Artistry Gifts Best of Best Limited Edition Box – one-time box

Cost: $75.00 with free shipping

What to Expect: “This one time special edition box will feature some of our best items from past boxes as well as some new must haves. Total value will be $100+ and every box will include an Inis Energy of the Sea Room Diffuser (value $28).”

Notes: Artistry Gifts is offering 10% off all subscriptions and items in their shoppe. The discount does apply to the Deluxe October Breakfast Box. Use coupon code OCTOBER10 at checkout.

The Original Spoiler


I received an email from Artistry Gifts on August 16th stating that they were not able to honor the spoiler because Inis Fragrances discontinued the diffuser until 2016. I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to the diffuser.

Innis of the Sea Trio Set

Downtown Abbey Stud Earrings

The owner sent us a couple pictures of items that we could select from for the replacement item. I selected the Innis of the Sea Trio because I like the Inis scent and am unable to use the earrings. The Earrings do match the bracelet from the September Artistry Gift Theme Box. A description was included for each item. This was helpful especially for customers that have metal earring allergies. The earrings are surgical steel post and nickel-free.

The items

The sun came out the other day. I rushed out and took pictures quickly. Too quickly because the kiddie pool is showing in the background! I’ll try to take a picture of the next special box before taking the items out. The items are individually wrapped in blue tissue paper.

Coral Reef Candle

Two’s Company Coral Reef Fresh Water Scented Candle: J assisted me in opening the box.  He claimed the candle box for his room and will put treasures in it. The made-in-China soy candle has a strong fresh scent and a 35 hour burn time.


The candle holder is heavy and feels breakable. It’s a pretty accent color that adds color to a room. I did notice that it is from the same design line as the hand soap from the Artistry Gift La Mer Box. I may give the candle to my sister. She is running low on candles.

Notice I used the word “strong” to describe the candle, not light and airy!

Love Mug

Love You More Mug By Waste Not Paper:  Oh no! I was shocked to see the mug was broken. It was packaged well in bubble wrap. Never fear. Melissa took good care of me and sent me a replacement mug.

I’m standing on the uneven ground and thought I was taking good photos! Apparently not. Here is the unbroken made-in-China mug. The mug matches the mug I received in the Artistry Gift Valentine Box. It’s great for soups.

Roger la Border First Press First Press Fold-Out Shopping Bag

Roger la Border First Press Fold-Out Shopping Bag:  The Roger la Border owl print shopping bag is adorable. I love the design.

Can hold groceries!

The shopping bag is large enough to carry groceries. The made-in-China bag is light-weight.


The bag will find plenty of use in our house. The upside-down owl is the pocket that the bag folds into when not in use.


The pocket holder is sewn into the bag. No need to worry about losing the bag holder.

My attempt at refolding it.

I do not have to worry about carrying a little bag in my purse if I forget my reusable bag.  I live in an area where plastic bags are available at the stores although I do try to avoid using them. I attempted to refold the bag neatly back into its holder.

Subscriptionista could do this blindfolded.

Bath Bomb

Swanky Sweet Pea Classic Bath Bomb Champagne and Roses: The made-in-the-USA bath bomb looks almost too beautiful to be used. I opened the package, and the champagne scent hit me in the face. About 30 seconds later it faded into a wonderful blend of champagne and rose.

Slightly out of focus

I laughed at the warning that the product should not be eaten. I’ve seen bath products that look good enough to eat.

My dream bath product is one that creates lots of bubbles and tastes like chocolate.

Forty Below Game

Forty Below the Game: A couple in Iowa created the game.  The object of the game is to have the lowest score in ten hands/rounds.

Card Deck

It’s a family game. I think J should be able to play with my help in the beginning. We will be trying the game out soon. Games are appreciated in our household because the winters are cold and long.

Games are a must in our household!

Tres Panache Pop Up Note Cards

Tres Panache 8 Pop-up Note Cards: The designed in the USA, made in China thank you cards come in a solid box.

Inner Cover Design

The inner cover is decorated with a matching design making it a beautiful reusable box. The company also has an ethical statement showing concern about sourcing and the environment.

Thank You Note

I already started using the thank you notes. The pop-up design makes it fun to send them out. I need to locate the peacock for my sister. J is a fan of the pop-up cards. He loves the pop-up beach card from the Artistry Gifts July Theme Box.

I enjoy receiving old-fashion mail!

Corn Holder

Charcoal Companion Rosewood Corn Holders: The made-in-China corn holders made an appearance in the Artistry Gift’s Father’s Day box.

Back of the box

Care instructions are printed on the back of the box.


I’ve been eyeing up the corn holders in the Artistry Gifts Shoppe and was excited to see them in my box!

J loves corn! We grow sweet corn and popcorn on our country property.

Inis Travel Collection

Inis Traveler Trio Set: The Inis Traveler Travel Trio Set is the item that I selected in place of the Inis Diffuser Spoiler that was no longer available.

The Trio

I received the full-size Inis Body Lotion in the Artistry Gifts La Mer Special Edition Box.

Inis Body Lotion

Inis Body Lotion: I love the Inis scent. It is a unique scent that the company describes as “sparkling”.  I can’t stop smelling the lotion. It smells like happiness by the sea.

Inis Cologne Spray

Inis Cologne Spray: The Inis Cologne Spray is a lighter scent. It has that cologne scent that dissipates after a minute leaving behind a light refreshing calming Inis scent. Please let me know if there is an official term for the “cologne scent.”

Inis Bath & Shower Gel

Inis Bath + Shower Gel: The scent is a little lighter than the lotion. I will be using in the bath tub. Inis works with The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group because of the connection to the sea.


I used this picture a lot! The picture sums up how I feel about Inis!

Back of the Cover

Inis created a wave of words for those of us that are running out of ideas on how to describe scents!

Thank you Inis for the ideas!

Verdict: I enjoyed the Artistry Best of the Best box. The items are useful and appealing to my family. I give credit to Artistry Gifts for informing us that the spoiler was no longer available and providing us a choice for the replacement item.

What do you think of the Artistry Gifts Best of the Best Limited Edition Box? Share below and anything else on your mind!

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