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Braided hairstyles look absolutely cool and cute and they are one of those hairstyles that you can pull off on both casual and formal occasions. So today we have found for you a unique braided hairstyle by cute girls hairstyles. To make it first of all you have to make a high ponytail. After that divide the hair of the ponytail in two parts and tie the upper part with a rubber band almost 2 inches away from the first hairband. Part the upper part in centre and bring out the lower part with the help of your fingers. Now the lower part has become the upper part and upper part is now the new lower part. Bring the rubber band on the new lower part a bit upwards. Keep on repeating these steps and finish the look by tying the hair in the end with a rubber band. Loosen the loops of the braid with your fingers and voila!

You can find more details at cute girls hairstyles. Happy braiding!

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