Black women with long and thick hair are known to make beautiful hairstyles especially with their popular braiding techniques. However, black women with short hair do not have to be disappointed as there are various lovely, beautiful and glamorous hairstyles available for women with short hair. These range from stunning updos or elegant yet chic curls. Short hair is known to exude power, confidence, style, boldness and individuality and can look cute, simple, and definitely beautiful. Short hairstyles are also very trendy, modern looking as well as very neat, sleek and clean and are very comfortable to wear and carry. Below we list ten such glamorous yet easy and simple to do hairstyles that are all the buzz right now, for black women with short hair. Following are 10 super stylish short hairstyles for black women with short hair.

Black Hairstyles

Super Short Straight Bob

The bob cut is classic and suits everyone! The super short straight bob is a super short and super chic haircut. Celebrity Rihanna has been often spotted sporting this. This hairstyle cuts right at the jaw line, thus enhancing the features of the face in a beautiful way. This hairstyle is sure to add some attitude to your style and with some side bangs as well as lifting up or puffing up of the roots a bit can add a lot of oomph to this style, with just the correct amount of volume boost. Sleek and simple, this is a very easy to maintain hairstyle for the gorgeous African women. The super short straight bob can be made by parting the hair slightly off to the side and brushing through and then flat ironing lengths and bangs from roots to ends. Go slowly to really get a sleek result. This hairstyle is sure to make the personality of any African American woman more charming and endearing as the facial features get even more prominent due to the tapering layers and long bangs across the chin.

Colored Pixie with Bangs

Black women generally have one of the best types of hair for short pixie hairstyles because it is full of texture, volume and style. A pixie cut is as it is very cute and charming. When colored and made with side bangs, this hairstyle can give you an amazing and fabulous makeover. A messy yet stylish pixie can surely give you the extra style points. This is a very simple, easy and fun hairdo. Adding color, whether deep blonde highlights or a color more on the wilder side, can give this hairstyle a very trendy and cool look. One can go in for any color that suits one the best. The naturally flowing side bangs add even more style to this hairdo. This is overall a pretty and alluring hairstyle for short hair. The edginess in this look comes from the drastic difference in lengths between the long bang and the length of the cut. Side bangs are also wonderful to balance out thin faces.

Spiked Pixie Hairstyles

Who says you cannot be sassy while being elegant and classy. The pixie can be teased and tussled to make a chic spiked hairdo that has plenty of fun and attitude and is funky. If you need a pure funky look then you must try this haircut. It will give you a funky trendy look and will depict a new side of your personality. This is a very versatile hairstyle and can work and look great at a nightclub or even at a formal event. The spikes also add some volume to the pixie. The spikes can be arranged in a very neat and sleek manner or can be left a bit messy to give a more natural look. Either way, this hairstyle is sure to make a trendy style statement especially for black women with their beautiful facial features.

Pixie with Tight Curls

This afro textured hairstyle is originally from Africa itself and is one of the most popular modern hairstyles among black women. If you are gifted with tight ringlets, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Even if you do not have super tight rings or curls, do not fret. You can simply use hair rollers to achieve this look. You can also go in for a professional perm. Embrace your texture with even curls that taper off just around the perimeter. The tight curls give the pixie hairstyle volume and a style that can go easily from day to night. This cute hairstyle gives almost an edgy and lovely afro look. It is also a very neat, charming and attractive look. There is nothing more gorgeous than the natural curly hair sported in this manner. You will surely love to have this fantastic pixie cut.

Angled Cut with Side Swept Layers

What makes this side-swept hairstyle so popular and one of the most sought after hairstyles amongst Black women is that just about any face shape can wear them, they are a great add-on to any hairstyle, and they can be worn on any occasion. Side swept bangs never go out of fashion and is always a hit. With short hair, you can easily spice up your look with side bangs. These are super stylish and ooze femininity. These flirty side swept bangs also add a delicate touch to any hairstyle and a woman’s appearance and are perfect for any occasion. Not only this, it is also very easy to pull off this hairstyle. Along with the side-swept, flirty fringe, this style is sophisticated enough for the office yet sassy enough for the evening. This is definitely a trendy hairstyle without trying too hard.

Tight Curls with more length on top

Some beautiful curls can add life and volume to short hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for African women with short hair. It is a fairly quick and simple to do style and works great both for a night out with friends or for a formal event. Ladies with short hair can have just as much fun as those with longer locks. This is an evergreen trendy short hairstyle for African American women. You are sure to look radiant with this voluminous style. The hair is kept longer on the top and sides and the curls are styled so that the top part comes slightly forward.

Bob with Curls Hairstyles

A bob cut with curls can look very elegant and cute at the same time. The curls at the end of the locks add to the glam of the already stylish bob. It is also a very simple and easy to do style that can be made very quickly and works perfectly well for a night out or even a formal event. It can look simply amazing and fabulous on any occasion. The curls can be simply made with the help of hair rollers or curler. This short and curly hairstyle is gorgeous and easy to pull off. This is one of the best short bob hairstyles for black women and gives a face-flattering cut that freshens up the whole look

Mohawk With Bangs Hairstyles

This hairstyle can look extremely cool and has a lot of attitude. This can bring out one’s bright and fun personality. This hairstyle is super chic and funky. A Mohawk originally involves shaving off the sides of the head but today it can also simply mean making the sides very sleek thus giving it a look of Mohawk. The bangs add even more fun to the look. The very short hair in this hairstyle further accentuates the usually big eyes of black women.

Disconnected Wavy Bob Hairstyles

A tousled bob works great for African American women with short and thick textured hair. This hairstyle gives a bedhead kind of a look or a just of bed look. Though it may look a bit casual, this hairstyle can work great even on the carpet. The waves can also look fun and energetic and also the messy waves give a voluminous look. This hairstyle takes your casual look to a different level altogether. Highlighting or coloring the waves makes them super flattering and can add to the beauty of this hairstyle even further. This exciting short hairstyle is full of life.

Shaggy Bob Hairstyles

This is an awesome edgy bob cut with sleek roots and shaggy ends. A shaggy bob undoubtedly looks very modern and interesting. The best part is that a shaggy bob is a versatile hairstyle and can be styled in various interesting ways. A shaggy bob can be done with fine layering thus offering a great texturized effect or an elongated shaggy bob can be done which involves vertical elongating lines and delicate sliding layers. A shaggy bob can also be neat and stacked wherein soft loose waves with thinned out and slightly shaggy ends create a very sensuous look.

These are only a few of the fashion forward best hairstyles for black women. There are many more options available for black women with short hair to have a stunningly stylish look.

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