Bella Hadid’s nipples know no bounds when it comes to being freed. None. They just love to be out, and they’ll do anything to obtain that status. So—it should come as no surprise that they’re out once again, but the latest context is pretty cool: Famed photographer Mario Sorrenti recreated his iconic ads for Calvin Klein that once upon a time starred Kate Moss—this time with Hadid. And they’re epic.

Hadid looks a little like Moss in the black-and-white shots, in that she’s moody and dark. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end—though, you know, both of them bared their nipples.

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Mario Sorrenti for V MAGAZINE

Mario Sorrenti for V MAGAZINE

Moss hasn’t weighed in on her thoughts, but we imagine that somewhere, she’s heart-eyes-emoji-ing her way to happiness right now. That, or she’s like, “Bitch stole my look.” Come to think of it, knowing Moss, it might be closer to the latter, but—you never know. Here’s Moss’ original shot—who wore it better?

Mario Sorrenti / Kate Moss

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