Photographer Colleen Niska’s images of a Saskatchewan couple kissing with a twister in the background have gone viral on social media

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Mon, Jul 07 2014 14:17:50

Photos from Photography By Colleen... - Photography By Colleen Niska | Facebook
Photography By Colleen Niska posted this photo on 2014-07-05. 3584 likes. 180 comments. 156 shares.

“Epic wedding!” the bride, Chandra, said in a post on her Facebook account.
“We captured a once in a lifetime moment and feel so lucky to have it as a
memory of how in such chaos you always have each other!” Chandra thanked Ms. Niska for working despite a broken foot.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Ms. Niska said she and the couple weren't frightened by the twister, as it wasn't heading toward them. "We were pretty excited as none of us had witnessed a tornado before and thought it was a pretty cool opportunity," Ms. Niska said. "I wasn't going to pass on it!"

Photos from Photography By Colleen... - Photography By Colleen Niska | Facebook ·


“As you all know on our wedding day we hit a bump in the road when a tornado
went through Saskatchewan,” Chandra wrote on Facebook. “After we captured this
amazing moment we were hit with some bad aftermath and our tent had completely
collapsed despite much effort from family to keep it standing.”

The weather had been a challenge even in the week before the reception.
Abundant rain in Saskatchewan had flooded basements, yards and roads, Chandra wrote,
thanking relatives for coming together to pump out the water and get the
reception tent ready.

“We feel for all the people that were hurt or had destroyed property from
this storm as we were devastated in that moment. But in the end we had so many
friends and family, and in a half hour of everyone helping we had an outdoor
wedding dance under the stars. Somebody up above was looking out for us!”

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