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There is innumerable free pay per click search engines ranging from the most reputed like Google to many unheard of sites. These sites allow the advertisers to place free pay per click advertisement and are also offering cash benefits for those advertisers who are trying out their various programs. Advertising click pay per program, like Admanage, offers the web advertisers all facilities that they would be interested in such as pay per click searches as well as text banner advertisements. Setting up an account is easily accomplished and this ensures that the web advertisers’ ad appears speedily once they use the specific search engine campaign management methodology. Their ads could also be flashed on cpc overlay text banners.

In the event of the on-line web advertiser’s business being listed in the Local Pages, the Internet service providers identify these ads and publish it with their search partners so that the ad appears on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and more at no extra charges. This guarantees that the business advertising click per promotion is seen along with free local listings across every major search engine.

Yahoo search marketing maintains an extremely professional site. It initially operated as GoTo.com and then changed to Overture and finally rebranded itself as Yahoo Search Marketing. They pioneered the pay per click search engine model in the year 1997 after assessing that a more focused search engine was the need of the day. Sponsored search is Yahoo’s primary product and offers sponsored names in their search results listed on top of the web portals and search engines. This sponsored listing reaches over 80% of active Internet users. Yahoo is, at present, offering USD $25 free credit for those interested in signing up with their site.

Findology Interactive Media Inc., founded in May-2000, currently serves over 3 billion searchers monthly. It is presently offering each web visitor a USD $50 bonus in free click when they sign up in their web portal. Similarly, ABC Search is believed to be the world’s largest private mega search engine handling over 3 billion searches per month. Its network of specialized smaller search engines offers on-line advertisers an affordable way to diversify their paid per click traffic.  Nowadays this search engine is also offering USD $100 in free search traffic.

Pay per click is a free resource dedicated to provide unbiased information to the small and medium sized business owners interested in exploring the world of free pay per click advertising. Businessmen can invest in this module as it is rapidly offering extremely effective and highly competitive market strategy that requires little financial involvement. The free pay per click advertising and web promotion sites has the expertise and cutting edge state-of-the-art software which delivers results. They are run by qualified professionals and marketing ambassadors.

Advertising click pay per promotion goes well beyond just putting up ads and basic tracking. They offer many more types of services designed to give optimum results to the on-line advertisers and at a fraction of the cost of other advertising alternatives. The comprehensive solution offered is customized and designed for the advertisers who are dedicated to their industry’s betterment. They offer customized marketing plan that works for the organization / businessmen. The promotion services basically include a three-fold approach based on finding the right customers, setting up a pay per click account and continuously maintaining a successful marketing campaign. The first step revolves around knowing one’s competitors that involves in-depth competition analysis and research. The best pay per click search engine offer advice on how to stack one’s web site against the competition with products and services that compare more favorably. It also provides compelling reasons to web visitors why they should patronize such on-line sites.

The second step for increasing traffic is finding interested customers through pay per click advertising. Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines does all the research in their on-line ads for people who are inclined to sign up with them. This is possible through positive key word utilization for targeting the best potential customers as well as the vast number of indirect customers.

For best results:

Select a keyword phrase that is related to the product which is earmarked for advertisement.

Do not select meaningless keyword phrases.

“Cheap dedicated web hosting” is acceptable while the phrase “hosting web dedicated cheap” is not acceptable.

Client’s featured listing appears in Exact Seek’s search results when searchers perform an exact search of client’s keyword or phrase. Plurals and case sensitivity of keywords need to be ascertained, especially words like “web master” and web masters” are treated as different keywords.

Avoid using any non-alphanumeric characters in keywords selection. Letters and numbers are fine buy hyphen, period, apostrophes, quotation marks, extra spaces and other such special characters should not be used as they “kill” client’s listing to appear in search engines. Example – “Online card games” is acceptable and not “Online *card* games”.

The recommended selected keyword phrase length should be restricted to a well considered two or maximum three-word phrase. Recent studies have revealed that surfers use multiple word phrases when performing searches on the Net. To determine which keywords are most likely to be searched use the available tools or Word Tracker Tool.

Additionally, developing ads and testing multiple ad results increases conversion and might augment the number of clicks. Finally, making the web site more user-friendly encourages enhanced traffic. This factor indicates that the site should not be hard to navigate that may frustrate web visitors.

Customer response also depends on attractive sites, hence, it is recommended to develop a colorful and meaningful home page. Free pay per click advertising promotion becomes all the more illustrative when web visitors easily find all the requisite information that they are looking for like the profile of the advertiser along with the length of business operation and other appealing information that they would be interested in. It always pays when in free pay per click campaigns the site offers all the relevant information highlighting their advantages over their competitors in terms of products and services. An effective landing page delivers a message more intensely indicating that web advertisers should attempt to convey approximately 3 to 5 messages within 8 seconds in a landing page. This is another important aspect of creating best pay per click campaign.

When client is advertising click pay per program, it implies that the advertiser is paying to attract web browsers’ attention in order to apprise them of the client’s products and services. This involves making a list highlighting the most important aspects of the products and services and how these services would assure optimum benefits to the web visitors. When designing the landing page, a strong headline along with informative content should be incorporated to entice the web visitor to continue viewing the site. Bold statement accompanied by colorful graphics often captures the web visitors’ attention and conveys the message effectively. Improving the web page visibility on the Internet ensures that this campaign would stand out in the crowd making on-line marketing strategy highly promising. Thus free pay per click not only saves money and improves search results but it also builds the advertiser’s brand credibility.

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