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Yes, it's been a year. And no one's really been as passionate about it as I have, so let's get this started once again.

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Backstory: 2 years ago, I started a thread that would surprisingly turn into an epic event where Users could say whatever they wanted about each other and evaluate each other as a community. That thread was unfortunately erased when my account fucked up the first time so not alot of people remember it now. 1 year ago, I attempted to make things edgier but it was disallowed and Camila came by and replaced it with a streamlined shell of its former self. I was so disheartened that I never brought it back despite pleas from other Users, which was a shame as it was hyped pretty bad.

So this year, we're going back to basics. As an apology to last year's crapfest (no offense Cami) and as an apology to everyone. Let's begin...

Update: We have nixed Rating. Ratings have become more redundant nowadays, as people don't agree with rating a person by how much they currently know them

Let's Talk About X

How Does this Thread Work:

1) Every week, 2-3 Users will be showcased in this thread. These Users have either been active or significant from now till the past year.

2) Everyone will then have that whole week to just talk about them. Good. Bad. Whatever, as long as it's relevant and not useless.

3) Rinse and repeat until every user is accounted for. And that's it.

General Rules:

1) You can only Rant on a user once. Make it count.

2) You can only Talk About the User that is being showcased per week. No Exceptions. If you make a late Rant, it won't be accepted for an rant in their spoilers.

3) Please put your write-ups in spoilers to prevent stretching of the pages.

4) The most meaningful (good or bad) Rants get saved here on the Frontpage for everyone to see.

5) Users will be chosen randomly in a random order. But to even be eligible you need to either have a significant amount of posts, some modicum of activity, and at least 2-3 Users know who you are. So, a guy who just joined last week can make it on this list if that guy was active enough in this forum.

6) If you ever get actively permabanned during this event, you will not be eligible for Rating.

Currently being Talked About: Veir and Stone

User Testimonials:

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I like this guy. He's actually really cool, nice to talk to ,(when I get the chance), and pretty darn helpful when it comes to animating stuff. Not to mention he shares my love for the big hipped women. He'll forever have an edge up just because of that. ~Unbounded

fuck you drone. being good at drawing and a fun guy to talk with. why are you so perfect. seriously, go fuck yourself asshole. ~Maroon

Drone felt like one of those members who would've definitely left Stickpage once Hyun's Dojo was up. However, he's still on here which is pretty cool. He's a great animator/artist and has a lot of knowledge about it, which he uses to help others(and himself) improve. Some might see him as too harsh but I honestly wouldn't say that as his criticisms are usually very constructive and helpful. I haven't really talked to him but he's definitely a very cool dude. ~Sharp

I see Drone as one of the regulars who posted pretty often in forums and gets along with veterans so well. I really admire his dedications in making Friday Funk although there's not much activity there at the moment. But I do know he has vast amount of knowledge when it comes to anime/manga (aside of Raptor, Smile, and others). I like his animation that once he posted here and the one in Dojo (the most well-known one in my opinion will be that Entrenamiento which he jointed with PivotBlimp and also this speed battle). We haven't talked much to each other but his posts around this site already proved him to be responsible when it comes with modding stuff, humorist, and mingle very well with other members around. Not to mention he's one of the most helpful members too with his CnCs and constructive comments around Show-Off. ~Mustika

I don't really remember seeing him do anything bad tbh. He knows how to joke around but I've never really seen him cross the line. He's also a pretty great artist. As a mod, I can't recall him do anything bad but maybe that's because I don't usually roam around in his parts. He's good to talk to when it's about anime cos he's watched like a zillion of it and he's probably watched most of what I have. I can't give perfect points though because we haven't really connected that much. Like, I'm pretty sure watching vietnamese moving pictures is the only thing we have in common. Some of the IRC channels we frequent are the same so we could easily talk but we don't really do it as often as we could. ~Smile

First things first, this guy has helped me a lot when it comes to art(Thanks man) at IRC. He's given me a lot of tips and C&C to make me improve. Not only that, he's helped others too! A lot of people might take offense to his C&C as it may be straightforward but that's actually a good thing. Second, he's a cool dude and he knows when to have fun and joke around and when to be serious. Lastly, he's a friend that I've talked with a lot and if we would meet in real life, I bet we'd draw a lot. ~Zero

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the only thing that irks me is when she picks on newbies way too much. other than that she's cool and funny. rock on female jutsu. ~Maroon

Her humor is very witty, which I can appreciate. She's a fast learner and very smart which is rare on these forums. At first I saw her as a Rosie 2.0 but once I got to know her I definitely started to notice that she has a lot of her own traits as well. Also, unlike most members here, she never really had a "newbie phase" which made her quite popular in the community I'd say she's still standing as one of the best members of this forum. ~Sharp

For Charry, I often see her talk directly to the point as I see her as a pretty serious fella at times. Being known from her Eyedentify and Silhouettes forum game which are challenging yet fun at the same time. All in all, she's also considered as one of the most helpful members as I see her helpful posts quite often in General Help aside of hanging around in Chat Thread. Also liking her art style - mainly in her RHG page - as well as decent animation skill, making her being one of rare skillful female animators SP ever has. ~Mustika

Charry is coolbeans to me, she's fun to talk to whenever I catch her on irc and her posts are pretty entertaining here on the forums as well. We also have a shared interest in making fun of people, and I feel like that counts for something ~Drone

Pretty cool member. I don't really have much bad things to say about her. Sometimes she says funny things. She seems to have weird interests. I loved the Stocking (from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) set she used to wear. She also linked me once to a video of a penis talking about safe sex and asked me to make that literal dickhead as my avatar, so that was kind of interesting. Sometimes though it seems like she mostly posts things that put people down. I don't really know much of what she does outside the General Discussion subforum, so all I can see about her is what she is in this section. I also don't think we've had any meaningful conversation.

oh and le tips le fedora m'lady because that seems to be something obligatory. ~Smile

Charry completes some sort of trifecta between her, Camila and Rosie. Maybe as the midway between the latter two or bringing up a new axis. She's also a decent animator with her own share of contributions to the community. ~GuardianTempest

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He's been my friend longer than pretty much all of my irl friends. 2007 was a long time ago. He's one of the few that I talk to and do stuff with outside of Stickpage, and he's dang interesting to "hang out" with. Considering how opposite a lot of our interests are and how his personality is basically the opposite of mine, it's surprising that we get along. The ying to my yang ;> ~Devour

He's a guy who's not afraid to speak out his mind and there's more to him than he looks. His drunken/drugged misadventures are a sight to behold. Although he is a bit on the argumentative side but that's just me, aside from those points (and his brief stint in forum games) I don't know much about him. ~GuardianTempest

Hello there champion in the chair game. My view on our relationship is like that of "that one friend I hang out with at lunch break". We talk from time to time through quotations in the Chat thread, we've never really gotten into a big fight, and we just mind each other's business.

You're a pretty swell dude and personally, the one thing that makes me look up to you is your tenacity in never backing down, regardless of who it is. You know your beliefs and stick with it. This is something not a lot people I know of can have, and with that, I applaud you good sir. ~Zero

He's never really done anything bad to me (that I remember/care about), but I really can't say I'm neutral. I personally don't care for video games, and I mean it's not really his fault but when I come on to the Chat Thread and read the backlog only to find out it's Jutsu talking about his passion for Pokemon or what's the best combo in Smash or who's a superior character or whatever and it's just uuuggghhhh. But like it's actually mostly not about the subject matter, it's just how he talks about it. If it's anyone else that talks about Pokemon, it's mostly fine, but he just gets so into it as if he understands things to the level of a higher plane that makes me uuuggghhh. It gets worse when he's drunk/high and it's supposed to be entertaining to watch but after some time it just gets old tbh. There's also the whole "ban me" thing. I mean yeah I get how he can be likable, but idk I can't like him. But again this is none of his fault as it's possible that it's just because we haven't actually had much interaction. He actually manages to incite topics that gets threads going, though, so that's still a great part about him. ~Smile

Despite being a bit overzealous when it's about throwing shit at the fresh newbies, i can't really complain because it's hilarious everytime. Plus, he's generally hilarious and intelligent in most discussion. Great guy overall. rock on male Charry. ~Maroon

Basically, he's one of those regulars who hangs a lot around General Forum and mainly in the Chat Thread (and guess who's currently in the 1st place for Chat Thread poster~). The most notable thing about him to me was when he commented my post after watching a UFC match regarding to his opinion about it (also telling me the big line of the rules for that particular sport). Does long posts at times for gaming stuff (mainly the Skyrim and Pokemon ones), and a few of self-rants but I'm not going to judge on that. I recall he used to have tough argument with a mod but then unfortunately it settled with a bad ending on his side. Although then he came back and kept doing his normal things like that argument never happened, so good for him. All in all, pretty good chap to talk to once you have a good topic, unless when he got his weeds with him then watch out folks, drunken Jutsu incoming. ~Mustika

Jutsu and I have always been on a friendly basis, and I've always thought that he was a great addition to this forum as a whole. He usually positively contributes to a conversation that you might have, and he's also one of those guys that you just become buddy-buddy with off the bat. Also, he started the trend of BoomerangTang and nobody could take that awesomeness away from him. ~BoomerangReturns

Got a special place in my heart for Jutsu. Even though I roll my eyes at him sometimes lol. I think he's a smart guy, contributes to the forums and when it comes down to it, I think he has a big heart and cares. I really loved his music phase way back when, when he was posting lyrics. LOL remember that rap battle competition that I almost won??? I think it was you and I in the finals. So fun. He's a great person to have conversations with and got to know him on a more personal level. Like I said, when it comes down to it, I think he cares and has a different way of thinking. ~Firefly

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When I first got to know him, it was during the time the Kool kids Klub was a thing and he was planning on pranking Nemesis. Initially, I thought he was one of those "forum tryhards XD" who tries to make a mess of things but I know better than that. When I got to talk to him personally, he's actually a really cool guy who's quick on his tongue. Also, I remember the one time he duped the entire forum and became a magnificent bastard. Smile, you're crazy. ~GuardianTempest

Smile. Buddy. Compadre. Mi amigo. Where have you been man? I haven't seen you in IRC as much as I did back then. Although, I know you're busy with life, I miss those times we'd argue about the most ridiculous of things and get others involved in it(Green Mango best mango). Not only that, we'd had some pretty personal conversations that I normally don't share to others and I actually have fun chatting with ya. You're witty and clever as hell and being a fellow countryman, we get to bond even more with talks relating our country.

Smile's a great guy and I'm happy he considers me to be one of his friends. Although, I'm quite sad we don't chat as much as we did(Mostly it's my fault for not being in IRC too) but I'm sure I'll remember our convo's for a lonnggg time. Cheers mate. ~Zero

Smile is also a great guy, but, I'm sorry, I just don't feel like I have as much experience of you as the other three. Every post of yours that I read is well thought-out and marks you out as an awesome person, but for whatever reason I don't feel as connected to you as the others. It's not your fault - it's my loss - and I'm not sure why it is because you've been around for ages. ~Zed

Smile, Smile, Smile. In my note, the most notable thing to me will be at the time I still came into IRC regularly (maybe it's been almost a year now since then) and he instantly PM'd me about random things which I still save the lines even now (Channing Tatum is still the best to me, Smile as I still haven't watched Ryan Gosling's films yet. My bad for that :P). Also about his public pranks when he was inviting random people to come into his KKK clan to battle Nemesis for life. Was gold in one side, although I know it was kinda annoying too in the other side to some people. But still, that didn't stop him to be an asshole - in an entertaining way. Hangs around Chat Thread and Anime/Manga often - sometimes can be funnily sarcastic yet sometimes being intelligently serious too - and I think has his own special place in this forum because he seems to know this site more than other normal users.

Really appreciate the good times you gave me on IRC, and I'm aware you got your chatty side more than mine back then XD I should return the favor someday. ~Mustika

I have always liked Smile. I never got to get super personal with Smile or anything but he's one of those members that you just enjoy seeing. You see his name on a thread, and it makes you want to read the thread and see what he's saying cause if a cool guy like Smile is interested, well hell, I wanna know what's up too. I find him comedic and entertaining and I hope he stays around for a while. ~Firefly

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has the balls to call me an asian version of himself ohmmygggggooodd. Nobody mixes you and me up, that was a one time thing when Nish mistyped my name into "Salt" and I just went with it for some cheap keks.

I've had a few talks with him. He likes to voice out his opinions about everything, regardless of whether these opinions are based off of rudimentary knowledge or based off a deep understanding. He seems like the type of person who has confidence in his own intelligence and potential, something that isn't inherently wrong but just makes me ugh a bit. He also likes to talk about his future, which is also not inherently wrong but ugh. I mean, ok if in the future he'll be living in Japan being free to express his own beliefs and is fluent in Japanese while passionately being an on-demand freelance animator having engineering for some corporation as a dayjob then I'll eat my own dick, but right now I just think that he's too optimistic.

He's not horrible though. I never really hated him. ~Smile

Like his namesake, he improves just about anything he's a part of, until there's too much of him and the whole thing becomes a salty mess that no one wants to eat. I lost track of this metaphor but whatever you get it. ~Exilement

Probably one of the users I like the most. I mean he still says really cringy stuff sometimes, but he makes a valiant effort to improve himself and is very active user. Most of all, he (usually) isn't afraid to admit that he's wrong, which is always a fantastic quality to have. Like Exilement once said though, Salt sometimes makes it really easy for us to make fun of him sometimes lol ~Raptor

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Great guy overall. He's pretty funny in his own way with his puns, G rated jokes, and shenanigans that just gives off a cool atmosphere. A pretty nice break from all the crude jokes on the internet. Like, you can tell he's witty but he doesn't go out of his way to tear open brand new assholes. Also there's like literally just one time I saw him lose his usual friendly demeanor, which I think says a lot about his character. ~Smile

Envoy used to be the winner at Hewitt's OST Contest back in the year (I gotta admit he had much better taste in that. Props to you, my good sir), pretty active General Forum resident, and I'm not sure if I'm going to judge his stand up skills there. But judging by whole members' reactions around towards them, he got the gist of it much. Though it just didn't get to my endocrine system as of yet, but that's just my side.

Also, he made some interesting threads on General Forum too like "The Best" thread and much more that I couldn't mention here, making my impression to him as one of those creative fellas around SP. ~Mustika

I think one of my more memorable experiences with Envoy is when we were the last guys standing for the 2012 SPFAG competition where he beat me. What. An. Asshole.

That aside, I have immense respect for Envoy, partially because I think he's funny and informed (always a good combination), but mostly because he takes those qualities and puts them up to the test as a comic. On top of all that, I constantly see him coming up here trying to improve himself further. That's amazing. ~Raptor

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im down to be rated. i dont mind being rated so if you wanna bring that back for me, all engines on. ~the Man himself

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Externus was one of the smartest people I've ever met. He had the brightest, freshest and most innovative ideas in all things, including animation and debate. He was not only a real man, but he was a real lover. It's been a major loss and injustice that we've lost our hero, Externus. He passed away recently. He was just in it too deep...and drowned in pussy. I'm sure he's in a better place now. One without homosexuals or Nish. God is real and you're wrong. ~[MX], #1 Fan of the Externus Fan Club

this dude was so misunderstood. people who didn't knew him well enough just pass him off as a pretentious 14yo. which is sad because he's actually 15. Externus is one of those guys you need to sit down and have a 'proper' chat with to understand his character. seriously, he won't disappoint. Externus is really cool, guys. a huge faggot, but really cool. ~Maroon, Spice Lord of the Externus Militia

First impressions here make him come off as pretentious like Alien even though he seems reasonable in the Dojo. As it turns out, I just need to lurk more now that I got to see his recent conversations. Turns out, he's actually a pretty good member once you get to know him and he's pretty chill when having discussions here, unlike Alien. ~GuardianTempest, Brainwashed Sheep of the Externus Boy Scouts

...I find his posts here hilarious because of how different they are from him in casual conversation. I'm not going to say he's misunderstood or anything cus that would just be dishonest lol, he chooses to act like that on purpose for the lols, but it's not al there is to him. | ...I don't get why a lot of people dislike this guy. He's an overall cool bro to be with and I'd hang out with him along with his dog if we were friends in real life. ~excerpts from Drone and Zero, clearly deluded into rating the User behind the name in a thread that does the exact opposite


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I've talked to him and I've seen him talk to people who know him. He's not completely retarded, but it's like he thinks he's hot shit that people have to get out of their way to really understand who he is. Instead of being a self-important shithead who tries to be quirky with his le rendum spontanoeuoeoues humor, he should just present himself as himself instead of this "Shitpost King" whatever persona that he makes sure to maintain. Unless he really is just a pretentious attention-whore who wants to get on people's nerves just so he can later justify himself later about how he's not "completely garbage". In which case he should become a Youtuber and talk about the cute guys from Teen Wolf.

By the way I'm totally not serious right now. ~Smile, Journalist for the SP Times Conspiracy Theorist column

5/10, seems like an intelligent fellow so the only explanation I have for his shitposting is that he's an attention whore who's willing to settle for negative attention, even if it's as retarded as literally asking the mods to infract him. It's like he's emulating the worst parts of members like Douchington and 2-D without really committing to it or understanding why he's doing it. Once he grows out of this I'm sure he'll be one of the better members around here ~Exilement, Captain of the SP Softball Team

...Tbh it's entertaining sometimes, but in the same kind of way filthy frank is entertaining. It's absolute sarcastic cringe shit but sometimes that kind of stuff is alright, but only in context. I say cut down on that "persona". Don't necessarily completely delete it, just make it scarce, and in context.~excerpt from Salt, reformed SP criminal and petty thief.

I don't like the guy. He somehow manages to be both a dick and an ass at the same time, always seeming to bring me to the mindset that he can go fuck himself. It's even sadder because he does seem like the intelligent type and brings up good points from time to time. But when you have to dig through pounds upon pounds of shitposting to find a single piece of decency, then you might as well just acknowledge how much everything smells no matter what he does. ~Azure, clearly pissed.

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#Captain Cook

I mean how can you not like Cookie? He's infamously so brotastic and you can't help but just love it. He's definitely on the ridiculous side but I think he's funny and usually has something to contribute. Certainly one of my favorite members from the newer crew. ~Firefly

Captain cook is an... interesting fellow. One of the more aggressive people on SP. I don't know the guy personally, but from what I see, he's a cool dude. Admittedly, when I first started out here, I hated the guy (Along with most older users here, of course "at the time" was also when I was pre-flamed), but despite his apparent aggressiveness, he's a surprisingly calm guy, and a very down to earth person at that. (To a limit however, like most older users, he's a trial and flamer.) He's also one of the people on the forum that "taught" me to be more internet smart. If you count teaching as a bunch of trial and flame that is, but still, I am very thankful, without him and some others, I would be another forgotten red name.~devi

Miniman is a water type while Captain Cook is a ground type. ~Zero

Captain cook Is that guy you would want to have at a party, have a beer with, and then avoid for the next day as he violently handles the hangover and destroys all in his path. Over all a pretty intelligent and brotastic guy, and I have respect for anyone in the military. God bless our troops. ~Cruel

I act tough on the forums because my penis is very small ~Capt. Cock

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The resident funny-man of SP, its incredibly hard not to laugh at some of his funny gifs and memes. I don't know the guy incredibly well, but I can tell he's a very intelligent and open-minded person. Also one of the older users, but not one of them that does trial and flame to new users, as he is quite passive. Despite his funny moments, he can be serious when he needs to, especially when he's discussing something on the debate threads for example. ~devi

Cronos is the guy that'd always make my day with his pictures/gifs along with hilarious comments on the chat thread. You should go back and post there more often, we need more cronos in it lately. I wish I could get to know him more, I think we did skype once but out timezones sucks so one of us is always gonna be sleepy lol.

he's also super hot ♥ ~Camila

Cronos still acts as one of those SP humorists even when he didn't get his activity the same as when I was still new around here. Gotta remember his Nicholas Cage memes he used to implement on his old posts there. Aside of being funny, he's also intelligent at times (especially during sport fight discussions, a bit of gaming ones, and fair amount of general knowledge). Not to mention his hilarious picture compilations regarding to SP users he ever did before - total gold. ~Mustika

Cronos is the uncrowned stickpage king of memes that always gets a good laugh from people with his pictures. He's also one of the guys who seems to know random facts about just about everything. Overall cool guy as well. ~Cruel

If any of you say anything bad about me, I'm not saying you'll fall out of favour with the gods. But there's a good chance you'll fall out of favour with the gods. ~Cronos

Spoiler for eh, I don't know what I am:



...Ultimately, I want to thank Hewitt, he felt like he was the one that never gave up on me when I was new and noob. He indirectly taught me to be the person I am today and for that I am grateful. He is an amazing person and I'm happy that he decides to stick around here and be part of this community. ~devi

I had a few dumb conflicts with him when I was really new here, which I doubt were anything other than me not knowing him in the slightest and not yet understanding the dynamics of internet conversation. Though I still don't know him very well tbh, he seems like a pretty cool guy; definitely charismatic and talented, and probably one of the most integral members of this community. ~Root

Well I had mixed feelings about him at first. But as far as dedication goes, Hewitt is by far the most dedicated member to this forum that has ever existed. He plans and executes so many projects it's crazy. The only reason I had mixed feelings is that Hewitt has no filter, and will speak his mind regardless of whether it may offend you or not. However, I would rather have somebody who's blunt and honest, than somebody who is fake and tells you what you want to hear. Overall is an insanely good writer, and an extremely innovative and creative mind. Among my favorite members on the forum. He also has a strange attraction to birds that I can't explain. ~Cruel

Spoiler for Patented Mustika Rants:


The one who's known for his dedication in making forum games and (sometimes) polls to make SP stays alive. Getting to see him almost everyday here after almost three years, I finally get to know him a little bit.

Hard to describe, I'm not gonna lie. At one side his past dedication as a Global Mod - not to mention his current rank as the King of SP Forum Games - will be most likely remembered until the next generation. Surprisingly has a very vast amount of knowledge in indie and mobile games. He's also posting everywhere around this site; You can see him on SE section bit, some RHG clans, still mostly around General sections though. YET in the other side, some of his actual posts around here tend to make his impression as a sarcastic, troll, noob-basher, pessimistic, etc. But it actually has like, multiple fair meanings if you stand in the middle of both sides. Particularly, he has all 64 personality traits inside him, one internet user. So yep, for you newcomers, here's a tip for you to overcome Hewitt's (or Nish's or other noob-bashing veterans') seemingly brutal posts: Never judge the book by its cover. Though for you x-months or years old members who tends to be easily hurt by this kind of subtle jokes or blatant sayings from him, just bare with it, take the positive side, and/or move on. Believe me, I do at times but eh, some of contents on the internet aren't supposed to be taken seriously after all.~Mustika

Spoiler for the tribe has spoken:



One of the oldest forum member who is still active so far. Being one of the most intelligent veterans that might be able to surpass Jeff, I tend to see him contribute onto debates with important points explained, making him seemingly know everything and anything. Tends to be active on Hewitt's forum games too, as well as being one of those pretty solid Score Attack high-scorer aside of Cronos back when that deary forum game was still a thing. I remember he used to be demodded in the past from his position as a Global Mod (personal reasons I believe) but eventually decided to rejoin the SP batcave to serve SP once again. Respectable man to be known. ~Mustika

Exilement is a really good debater (As if everyone hasn't said this already), but what I really like about him is that he has an unbiased view when it comes to all different types of scenarios. Plus, he's always good to give you a laugh, and when he plays in one of your forum games you know it's gonna be a good one. All in all, he's a cool veteran member. ~BoomerangReturns

Where to begin on THIS asshole. Exilement was the reason I got my first infraction because I was a silly, naive,dumbass little 16 year old kiddie trying to feel smart and bad ass on the internets with my wrong information, when this fucker put me in my place like the walking encyclopedia piece of shit he is. He also lives in the Chicago area and refuses to buy me alcohol. What a dick right? All jokes aside, Exilement straight up has never been on the losing end of a debate due to how informed he is. Hes an overall awesome guy and has come to my defense before when he didn't have to. He's incredibly smart and an incredible contribution to this community. ~Cruel

Exilement is a nerd. ~Arch-Angel

Spoiler for little miss helper:



Such an incredibly nice, kind and respectful person, I'm surprised she isn't a mod by now, especially when you consider how helpful she is to this community. Not much more to say, other than she is a awesome person. Keep being amazing mustika! ~devi

Musti.. musti... mah musti-chan. She's my bae. She's just such a good friend, who wouldn't want a friend like her?. Is just one of the greatest persons I've ever met. I'd love to met her irl and hug her, she has always been there for me when I need it or just to talk, or simply to joke around. I love everytime I talk with her. Is just such a lovely gurl. ♥~ --camila

Can't give enough praise to this user XD Friendly and polite, it's a pleasure to see her posting.

Very helpful user too. Getting the 'most helpful' user award last year really shows how much she does. All volentary too.

As well as that she's crazily good at web games, plus a decent animator and artist.

She's been very encouraging and supportive for me throughout the years too. Really thankful for her company where we talk about anything and everything.

She's wonderful basically. What's more to say. ~<3 --Kursura

Hi there! How dare you be nice and still have the evilness to be amazing at the score attacks?! All jokes aside, Mustika is one of those rare persons who gets a 10/10 in my book just because she's kind to everyone but can step down her foot when it needs to be. The best part is, it all feels genuine. Kudos to you! Keep it up! ~Zero

Spoiler for all things lead back to:



Now here's a fella for everyone.

Zero is another one of the friendly folks of Stickpage. He's one of the few artists who actively seeks out improvement and isn't afraid of critique, which is something to be admired around here. He's made me laugh more than a few times (without making stupid references, memes or annoying emojies, the plague of comedy), and from what I've seen, his animating is impressive around here. ~Charry

Cool guy. Never had any complaints about him. He's so genuine and nice that I feel compelled to be nice and kind whenever talking to him. Good guy. Phenomenal animator. Always have fun talking to him. Very down to Earth and easy to get along. ~Externus

Zero is like, no contest one of the nicest members on the site and a really cool dude. Really really good animator as well, once he gets that anatomy down, those fullbody animations are going to be a thing of pure beauty ~Drone

How about I just list the reason what I don't like about him, that'll be way shorter. Fuck I wish I could make a whole paragraph of this, but I can't express my thoughts in a way that's detailed and lengthy. This guy has been such an amazing person to just talk with through text-based interactions for the past few years. Whether the topic would be serious or silly. Probably the closest, yet farthest friend I've ever had.

tl;dr MY NIGGA ~Maroon

Spoiler for lives in a garbage can, defeated by triangle man:


#Person McPerson

Does he think we have forgotten? He was infamous for making a lot of nonsensical and flimsy polls until he got better, by which I meant that he stopped posting and someone took his place (which led to the Poll Section's rules). At least he's trying now so A for Aeffort. ~Guardiantempest

When this asshole first started, he was another one of those annoying noobs who just wouldn't quit. Now? He's turned out into a half decent user, while he's far away from being a good one, at least he's taking steps to the right direction and one more good thing I can say is that he's trying. Some noobs just got all fuck you all after a while but he's actually been trying to do something good and interesting. Keep it up! ~devi

I remember Person McPerson used to make polls frequently during his first 5-6 months of activity in this forum - by frequently I mean quite too often - and didn't take much consideration for criticism he got during making them. Nowadays, I think he finally understands them and decides to be an improved 'person' in forums. Gotta say he's doing fine now, at least better than he used to be, that is. Unfortunately seems quite pessimistic afterwards imo, assuming that everyone hates him ._. I might not be that talk active, but hey dude. Hope you'd get your optimistic side someday. Some people are still cheering on ya at times, so may as well look at them if you want to. ~Mustika

I'm just going to say it. I do not like this guy.

I see him as an obnoxious, irritating and often fairly ignorant clown of a user. I don't remember him ever doing that I think earns respect. It really wouldn't surprise me of he was 13. But maybe I'm just being too harsh, some day he may prove me wrong and grow out into a smarter person around here. Other members have, but some others have been banned and forgotten. We'll see one day.

2/10 ~Charry

Makes interesting polls. Others think otherwise. ~Zero, thinking otherwise

Spoiler for shield and sword:



Resident MTG enthusiast and writer like myself. I respect the dude since he's been a good friend, we've had some good chats but we've actually yet to have fought in an MTG battle... (or wRHG). At some point, we will battle and it will be glorious. ~ErrorBlender

Probably one of the people I know the most here on SP, I knew him since I first started here. He's a nice guy and is always willing to help people, help "people" as in the noobs that drop in here at times. He's also an wRHG writer, so there's that. Honestly, there's not too much more to say as I really don't know him all that well. One thing I can say is that he's the guardian of the meek. ~devi

Oho, this guy. GuardianTempest, a fellow with the same join date as mine (with a week difference lol). It's so good to see him posting around here and then comparing his activity with mine a bit. We used to have around the same amount of posts to each other, but then he just ended up beating me easily with his higher enthusiasm regarding to Original Characters and ongoing hot news as well.

Good guy all in all, seemingly being noticeable with his semi-formal or a few non familiar word usages in forums (to me though), but I do learn some new words from him eventually. Personally like the way he posts at times, so much impressions to him as being that particular role-player haha. You go, GT. ~Mustika

He's your stereotypical energetic newbie. With his energetic attitude and enthusiasm, he leaps for opportunities, games and topics and contribute his all. Succeed or not is a whole different story. Not only that, he's also pretty chill, and works great as a shepherd for newbies, showing others the ropes in a friendly, jolly way. May not be as deep and intellectual, well-spoken as the veterans of Stickpage, he's a cool addition to the forum and helps brighten things up with his youthful energy. Even so, he's still young, and a long way is still waiting for the guy. Keep up the good work! And the improvements, too! ~Xate

Spoiler for some SE mod:


One of those dedicated sectional moderators that works hard. Tends to go down to the field when there's a problem ongoing between SE members, which is such a hard work at times because of such daily struggle. You go, man.

He's also a fellow south-east Asian too, so I can relate a bit with him. Been so long since my last IRC convo with this guy, we used to play a "Minion" online game once and he successfully made me feel like a noob at playing it XD all fun though, no regrets. Great to see him improved overtime since I first came here, especially to see him becoming a respectable mod + decent poster nowadays. ~Mustika

One of the first guys I saw when I came in here. Along with Xate, he was one of the guys that ventured out of the SE zone and into the rest of SP. According to some vets, he and Xate were one of the few that could make the transition well. _Ai_ is a good writer, I've seen his works. Haven't talked around with him much but I have played around with a game he got some of us into. I forgot what it was, a sort of boardgame thing with different power ups.

I look forward to another whatever-that-game-was game. It was fun. ~ErrorBlender

Guardian's sister ~Zero

"Haha, noobs can never improve" People may think. Then I'd point to Ai. He was just your average anime-tastic gamer who dedicates his time to SE. Now? He's chill, helpful, and even helps out as a mod to a section people normally look past. The very fact that he volunteered for the position and do a pretty damn good job at it just goes to show: He was no noob. He was a newbie. Cheers, for the man you are now. Keep up the good work.~Xate

I love that he participates in almost all of my games. I hate that I always have to type the underscores around his name

Swell guy 9/10 good mod good bod would bang.~Devour

Ai's a geek.~devi

Spoiler for Cockwallop:


I rather talk about a special person that has a special place in my heart. Yes... We all know him by the name of AI.

Last night we did something very passionate. You could say we did the deed. The moist harpoon got oiled. The Tarzan got Jane'd. The sausage got rid of its skin and yes... There were candles and roses. All I can say is that AI showed me a different path. A beautiful path. A very manly path. Some say hes a geek, but in my eyes hes my beast and i'm his beauty.

2/10 because he came to quick.~Poppetje3D

Spoiler for Cruelty and malice:


The dude with a troubled past, full of angst and emotions. Can't say I don't understand him, though. But thankfully, as time passed, he channeled that energy positively and turned it into humor. Some pretty good humor, I reckon. And even creative force, too. I gotta read his work someday. He's grown.~Xate

Cruel is another guy that I don't know about, however I know that he's a fellow writer--A good one at that. He seems like a stand-up guy from what I've seen of him, and that's what's important to me. Also, he's a regular on the Chat Thread and tends to brighten up the conversations~Boomerang

A fellow writer and a rad guy who's gone through a lot of changing as a person over the years. I enjoy reading his posts.

Rad guy 9/10 good man good pan would clang.~Devour

I don't know why I always want to relate Cruel as a "Sacred, Jr.", seeing he used to have girl problems in the past to be later by veterans. Ever since, he left SP for awhile to live with his own life (and also abandoning his animating times), but then came back to share interesting stories regarding to girls, his jobs and all. Hence, the Sacred, Jr. title. Keep 'em up, dude.~Mustika

You've improved so much from the first time I saw you here. So much in fact, that I'll give you a whooping 10/10 for actually, you know, improving.~Zero

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I know #Root as a pivot animator. Not much to be known by now because he seems to be normal in forums with his postings around here. His threads ain't so bad to me, I like that Pipa Model he shared on Community Artwork, showing him to be a decent artist (keep it up, dude). He's also one of those pivot animators who tends to go to other sections than RHG Section, and whose interest I'm putting at. ~Mustika

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