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  • I continue to be a big user of Perl, and for many of my sites I avoid the use of MySQL which means that I largely store data in flat files, SQLite databases, or in memory via Redis. One of my servers was recently struggling with RAM, and the suprising...

  • InSecurityWatch: Protest, war, hacks, spies, lies
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    A whole lot of ground to cover, catching up from feeling a tad unwell. First, from Deutsche Welle: Anti-austerity ‘Million Mask March’ sweeps the globe Activists protesting against austerity, mass surveillance and oppression have taken to the steets...

  • Technology Review: Miradore
    via itassetmanagement

    This is an independent review of Miradore. AT A GLANCE Founded in 2006 with headquarters in Finland, Miradore is a provider of IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions enabling organisations to manage their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. This review...

  • By Dr. Amy L. Beam: What is the Kurdish Question?  From Istanbul to Ankara, one is likely to hear the resentful, bitter lament “What do Kurds want?  They have all the same rights as we do.”  There remains a deep chasm of animosity...

  • Tim Berners-Lee’s tweet “This is for everyone” at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. (Source: On Christmas Day, 2015, the World Wide Web celebrated 25 years since the very first...

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An international, multi-disciplinary refereed and indexed scholarly journal.

Index. Online applications, live weather feed, database...

Blue Skies Unlimited is an online applications development company based in Melbourne, Australia. Visit to view p... popular pages

  • Steve Kemp's Homepage

    In brief I'm a sysadmin located in Helsinki who is experienced in using and developing under GNU/Linux. Some of the software I've developed is located on this site, although other projects are mainta...

  • Replication-Friendly Redis-based filesystem

    INODE:1:SIZE INODE:1:GID INODE:1:UID INODE:1:MODE .. .. There is a little additional complexity involved in storing directory entries, such that we can find the entries of a given directory. (We solv...

  • About ..

    About This Domain in April 1999, for a cost of approximately £79 per year. As of 2015 I've relocated to Finland, and on a whim I looked up the domain, only to discover that it w...

  • Computer Security - XSS

    XSS Website Hacking With the complexity of websites these days, and the way that we rely upon their security for storing our details and correspondance security testing of websites is at least as impo...

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