Sairam friends

Happy Diwali to all Sai Children who come to StarSai and also my Sai friends.

I am sitting in corner of Dwarakamai in  Shirdi saibaba temple in my hometown and writing this with my mobile.

Shirdi saibaba Diwali blessings

Festival of Lamps – Diwali

This morning i was blessed with a divine dream by grace of Sai. It was like am looking at a small book near a lamp. I could read whats written on the pages. It was the following…

It was a list of what we will be blessed with if we gift few things to others. If we gift kumkum – holy red powder we will be blessed with auspiciousness.  If we gift lamps and also inspire others to light lamps,we will be grow in life like better career and business…

I woke up and realized sai wants me to recite Saraswathi Sahasranama.

So i came saibaba temple,sat in Dwarakamai and recited with divine feeling. Exactly how i saw in dream as if the book was burnt and the lamp about to be put off, the temples big earthen lamp was off. So i requested the priest Aditya to get me wicks and lit the lamp.

I went home, made a site in which i plan to sell Sai gifts and came to saibaba temple in evening. Again the temples big lamp was off as no oil was there. The wicks was burnt . My friend Ramanujam requested new wicks from priest. I got some oil in shop and lit the lamp.  When i was in the shop i saw a papers of some magazines. I took a paper to keep lamps over it and happy to see a beautiful painting of a temple Gopuram with a lotus and lamp flame.

I told the shop keeper “look this painting is beautiful” and took a picture of it with my mobile. Thanks to the artist for this divine painting.

Light lamps on Holy Diwali – Beautiful painting of Temple and Lotus Lamp – Courtesy of artist

I ate prasad of Mahalakshmi pooja and now writing you when night aarti is going on in temple. I wish all of you light lamps …i mean vilaku as we call in Tamil or Diya with gingely oil or ghee.   Diwali is festival of lamps. I love lighting lamps and today also am sai made me spread the value of lighting lamps.

I kept remembering my friend all this day as last year Diwali she went to Annapurna temple and took me sacred kumkum of Annapurna as she knows i love it. I don’t know whats going to happen in my life.. Sai, please do leela.

I wish you read the below article

108 Deepam Puja- Lighting 108 lamps for Shirdi Sai Baba inspired by Star Sai

When ever you get time, Please light lamps regularly at home and temple. Make sure you remain in home when lamps glow and also please choose a safe place to light these divine lamps. You can light earthen lamps, silver or brass lamps. What matters is devotion.

Anyway.. Hope all of you light lamps this beautiful Diwali friends.

Once Again,

Happy Diwali

May Shirdi Saibaba, Goddess Saraswathi, Durga and Mahalakshmi dwell in your heart and home

Sai ki jai


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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