I m using a basic ListView, and i would like to apply a ViewPropertyAnimator.animate() on the active item, so that it can be few pixels righter than other items.

Clicking an item calls a OnItemClickListener that changes the activePosition in the adapter.

I'm using this list item layout:

And i m using this adapter

It does work fine, active item is few pixels on the right, and changing activePosition makes it go left, and the new active item goes right in 300ms.

But, the items are not FULLY clickable anymore (i'm changing activePosition in some other way).

Notice that the ImageView is clickable and notify the OnItemClickListener, but not the rest.

Notice also that changing alpha instead of x works fine.

So the question:

Why is the click detected when i touch the ImageView and not the TextView ?
It is not ViewPropertyAnimator related since animating alpha instead of x doesn't screw the list up...

I don't get why it's not clickage, i tried almost everything, focusable="false", clickable="false", blocking descendants, but i'm out of ideas...

Note that i m fully aware of positining issues with android.view.animation, but i m using the new API 11+ anim's.

Thank you for suggestions.

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