I've searched extensively on here for an answer to this but haven't quite come across what I'm looking for. Found this CSS - How to Style a Selected Radio Buttons Label? but the answer involved changing the markup, and that's something I want to avoid which I'll explain below.

I'm trying to add custom css3 checkboxes and radio buttons to my XenForo forum theme, and all the tutorials I've read on this have the label after the input:

However in XenForo's markup the input is inside the label:

I looked into why this is, but didn't find anything related to custom css checkboxes/radio buttons when the markup is this way. I want to avoid having to change the markup, because I'm dealing with a forum system here, and that would involve editing a bunch of core templates... which I'd have to then update the markup on each time the forum software put out an update (presuming the templates changed).

I've tried to create CSS rules that would work with this type of markup, but thus far I've been unsuccessful. I'm not too experienced with CSS, don't have every selector memorized, and pseudo classes are still pretty foreign to me, so I was hoping someone here could shed some light on if this will be possible, and if so, how I might go about it. I already have my sprite ready to go, I just need to figure the CSS out.

My main issue is I can't figure out how to select the label (only the labels involved with these inputs of course). Usually something like

is used, but when the label isn't after the input and instead outside/before it... how do I select it?

Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated!


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