Giaa Singh rehearses for her arangetram…

There is a dance within each one of us. We need to simply tune in!

And tuning in seems easy for Giaa Singh. A trained western dancer, a classical vocalist, young Giaa Singh is all set for her Odissi dance recital manchpravesh on October 5, 2013 after seven years of tutelage under Guru Pandit Rabindra Atibudhi at Nalanda Research Centre.

Before two days of her manchpravesh, Giaa’s parents like Deeya and Tony Singh and celebrity friends like Shweta Tiwari, Ragini Khanna and Komolika among others gathered to cheer her at the rehearsals in Iskcon Auditorium, Juhu.

“Dance has shaped me… my character… it has taught me patience, dedication striving for perfection. I have miles to go but dance is the true mirror to my soul,” enthuses Giaa.


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Manzer Shamim

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England Cricketer and Youth Icon Monty Panesar Pledges His Support for The Unity of Faiths Foundation

Monday, 30th September, London: London stood united last weekend when a series of events brought individuals from all backgrounds together, as world sport, religious and political leaders joined hands to pledge their support for the launch of The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF), a UK based non-profit, secular organisation that recognises the importance of inter-community dialogue and acceptance as the bedrock of community cohesion and understanding.

A response to the increased dissonance, cultural and religious divide that has estranged communities, nationally and globally, TUFF, acknowledged by President Barack Obama and HRH The Queen, was launched with the mission to UNITE people and communities through the common factor of Faith, irrespective of religious belief, cultural or social backgrounds, and to subsequently create a more stable, tolerant and cooperative future for all.

In attendance were an array of dignitaries and public figures, including: the equivalent of the Sikh Pope who was in Britain for his first public visit, Akal Takth Jathedaar ji, Giani Gurbachan Singh ji Golden Temple Amritsar, India, Mr M N Khrisnamani, President of the Bar Association – Supreme Court of India, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel Salam Mraish Former Grand Mufti, Palestine, and Master Venerable Ji Xiu, Senior Master Buddhist Monk from China.

A unique ‘Torch of Unity’ procession began on Friday 27th September 2013, featuring 100 young adults from London schools, travelling on open-top Unity buses through Southall. The event reflected TUFF’s 2013 focus on Youth, the core belief being that in order to sow the seeds of respect and mutual understanding for each other early, it is vital to connect with the younger generation – the ‘voices of tomorrow’.

During the lighting of the Torch of Unity, Dr Sheik Ramzy, Chair of the Muslim Council of Britain said: ‘This is a unique and special organisation to bring every culture together all over the world. Let’s be united forever.’

Mr M N Krishnamani echoed this when he said: ‘Unity and variety is the creation of God.’

The former Grand Mufti of Palestine, Sheikh Abdel Salam Mraish said: ‘Everybody must be true to each other. I am proud to be with such a young group of people who are embracing unity of faiths.”

Following the torch ceremony, audiences were captivated by a series of keynote addresses by several VIPs who had flown to London especially for the launch. The event commenced with a welcome by TUFF’s Founders Ms. Anna Prior, a former art dealer from Mayfair and Dr. Shamender Talwar, a Social Psychologist from West London.

Dr. Shamender Talwar said: “Unity of Faiths is a journey we all need to be a part of. During the first festival three years ago we were surprised how positive the reaction was from the general public. We had postmen, fireman, lawyers and doctors all turn up and celebrate unity in the community. Six weeks later the London riots began and Southall, which was one of the areas considered to be hit hardest was not affected. The festival grew from 8,000 to 25,000 which is testament to the fact that communities endorse the principles of TUFF.”

Anna echoed this with, “We have lost love and care and we need to nurture it with action in the community – this is vital to achieving unity. Let’s do it together, understand and respect each other’s backgrounds in a multi-cultural Britain”.

Mr G.S. Malhi, a successful entrepreneur from Southall, also joined Anna and Dr Talwar on their Unity mission. He said: “From a young age, I have had a passion for oneness. What Anna and Dr Talwar were trying to do resonated with what I felt. Unity to me means togetherness, when we are not left out and not forgotten.”

Commenting on humanity, Akal Takth Jathedaar ji, Giani Gurbachan Singh Ii, said, “We may have advanced in the world in all ways of life but we are still far away from being united as humans. To achieve unity of faiths we need to first have an understanding of each other, and then we must allow each other the freedom to practice our own religions in peace.”

Speaking on the occasion, the Mayor of Ealing Councillor Dhindsa, commented, “Southall is known as a very multicultural town, we have mosques, temples and churches all within 100 meters of each other. The organisers couldn’t have chosen a better location to celebrate unity between different cultures.”

Reverend Derek Barnes said: “The message I want to get across is that we are all talking about one uniting factor, that sense of love. Whatever costumes we wear, underneath we are all the same, we need to break out of the traditions that we have been limited by and say to one another, we all share that unity of love.”

Closing the event, Pareena Swarup, the Honorable Secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association in India said: ‘When you were born you were born with faith, you had faith in your mother and father, you had faith in your home, you had faith in your country. You should have faith in every soul because if you are out in the street and something goes terribly wrong, you must have faith in the people around you to help you with your troubles. Believe in each other,

believe in every human being no matter what race, what age and what gender.’

Speaking via Skype from New Delhi, India, the event featured a surprise interaction between the young adults and Vikas Swarup, diplomat and author of international bestseller Q & A, adapted into the multi-BAFTA and Academy Award winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Vikas Swarup said: “This is an incredible initiative bringing us all together for the common celebration of our shared humanity”.

Some of the questions posed to Vikas Swarup by the young adults included “Why do religions argue with each other?” He replied with: “Because all of us believe we have a monopoly on what is deemed as the truth. It is only when we accept that truth is not one but has many forms will we develop harmony and live together. In Jainism there is a term, conditional regulation, which states that one should never make an absolute statement since we have only grasped one path and not the whole.”

When asked “What does faith mean to you”, he replied saying: “Faith is an important part of human existence as we all need to believe in something. Whether this is within us or in others.”

The poignant video promoting the work of TUFF was unveiled to the audience exclusively, featuring the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, recent war crimes, extracts of petitions towards the Delhi gang rape case and the London riots, reinforcing the necessity of TUFF’s vision.

The landmark event concluded the third annual Unity of Faith Festival on Sunday 29th September 2013, with tens of thousands present. The festival provided London’s multi-cultural community from all backgrounds and age groups, an opportunity to connect, break the barriers of misunderstanding and prejudice against a backdrop of free entertainment, food, drinks and social engagement. The festival built up a groundswell of support to the message of UNITY, creating ‘Awareness’ to the concept of having FAITH in each other.

Youth icon and England bowler Monty Panesar joined hands with the unity team, interacting with groups of people who had congregated to see the cricketer. Commenting on the atmosphere at the Festival, Monty Panesar said: “Thank you for your positive energy and kind words. I hope to inspire the youth of the next generation”

The Festival featured an eclectic array of entertainers and performances from young children to adults, from lion dancers to operatic performances, showcasing the diversity that TUFF aims to promote.


For further information, please contact:

Natasha Mudhar

Sterling Media

T: +44 (20) 7801 0077

E: natasha@sterlingmedia.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

The Unity of Faiths Foundation

Registered Charity Number 1153619.

For further information, please visit: www.theunityoffaiths.org





The much anticipated movie Dhoom:3 to release in Dolby Atmos

Dolby & Yash Raj Films, to extend the collaboration to all future movies

Mumbai, October 3, 2013: Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) and Yash Raj Films., today announced that the much awaited and anticipated movie, Dhoom:3 will be releasing in Dolby® Atmos™ – the revolutionary cinema sound technology. Dolby Atmos unleashes the potential of sound in storytelling by giving filmmakers the creative freedom to easily place or move sounds anywhere in the movie theatre to create a life-like cinema sound experience.

“We are really looking forward to the release of Dhoom:3 in Dolby Atmos which will help bring alive the action thriller for our audiences in the cinemas. Great audio has been one of the key attributes of the Dhoom franchise, and this technology helps make the overall experience more realistic for our audiences connecting them with the thrill, excitement and the great music of the movie,” said Aashish Singh, Vice President – Production, Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. “We believe that with Dolby Atmos, we are ushering in a newer, better and bigger experience for the movie-going audiences that will truly envelop them into the grandeur of Hindi movies, elevating the complete cinematic experience while watching Dhoom:3.”

The Dhoom franchise has been a tremendous success among Indian audiences around the world, and Dhoom:3 is all set to pump up the adrenaline again. Produced by Aditya Chopra, DHOOM:3 is written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, popularly known as Victor, who has written DHOOM & DHOOM:2. The movie will star Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Uday Chopra in lead roles.

All set to release on 20th December 2013, Dhoom:3 will receive a native Atmos mix at YRF Studios, which has been upgraded to be capable of mixing in Dolby Atmos.

Commenting on the announcement, Pankaj Kedia, Country Manager, Dolby Laboratories India said, “We are very excited and extremely delighted to work with one of the pioneers of the Indian cinema industry. Yash Raj Films have always set benchmarks in aiming to provide the best content to audiences not only in India but around the world. With Dhoom:3 in Dolby Atmos, the audiences would be treated to the most realistic cinematic experience amplifying the action, emotion, excitement and thrill of the movie, like never before.” He further added, “As we move forward in this association, we are committed to offer the Indian audiences the best of Bollywood’s cinematic experience.”

Dolby Atmos will offer the most advanced audio platform in cinematic surround sound that revolutionizes the experience of sound in entertainment. It allows movie makers a new level of creative control and ensures that audiences will experience the full impact of the sound mix. This technology gives filmmakers greater control over the definition and placement of sounds and is designed to help them unleash the full depth and power of their creative visions.

About Dolby Atmos

Dolby Laboratories is equipping the cinema world with its new Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby Atmos unleashes the potential of sound in storytelling by providing sound experts the creative freedom to easily place or move specific sounds anywhere in the movie theatre, not just where there happen to be speakers. The result is what moviegoers have described as the most engaging and lifelike cinema sound experience ever.

Introduced in April 2012, Dolby Atmos has been embraced by all the major Hollywood studios, six Academy Award® winning directors, and 10 Academy Award winning sound mixers, among others. More than 250 Dolby Atmos screens have been installed or committed to in 30 countries with over 85 exhibitor partners. More than 75 films from ten different countries—representing a broad range of genres, from action thrillers and animated features to comedy and horror—have been or are scheduled to be released with Dolby Atmos sound since the first film debuted in June 2012. Dolby Atmos has received technical achievement awards from both the Hollywood Post Alliance and the Cinema Audio Society.

For the latest list of Dolby Atmos titles, visit dolby.com/atmosmovies. To learn more about Dolby Atmos, visit dolby.com/Atmos. Watch an educational video on Dolby Atmos. You can also connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

About Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd.

Yash Raj Films is a leading player in the Indian film industry and one of country’s premier independent Studio conglomerate. The Company’s core lies in the production and distribution of some of the industry’s highest grossing films. With offices also in New York, London, and Dubai, YRF handles the global distribution of its own films. The Company also has its own music and home entertainment labels, design cell and post-production facilities, internet, digital, merchandising, licensing, marketing and talent management divisions, as well as in-house units focused on the creation of television software, ad films, and music videos. YRF also has its own state-of-the-art fully integrated Studio, producing a slate of films annually, and thus making it an integral part of the entertainment business in India. It has also set up a youth films division, Y Films focused on making films on the youth and become the key platform for giving opportunities for new talent. The Studio also announced its foray into the International space, YRF Entertainment.

More information about the Company can be found at www.yashrajfilms.com. You may also connect with YRF on YouTube (www.youtube.com/yrf), Facebook (www.facebook.com/yrf), Twitter (www.twitter.com/yrf) and Google (plus.google.com/+yrf).

About Dhoom:3

DHOOM:3, the next offering from Yash Raj Films from the most popular franchise in the Indian film industry, is already a much awaited media event of 2013. YRF anticipates the film to experience one of the largest theatrical releases worldwide ever seen by an Indian film. With a stellar star cast, the film aims to set a new benchmark amongst action films in Indian Cinema.

Once again the franchise will introduce a new modus operandi as it follows the path of police inspector Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his lovable sidekick, Ali (Uday Chopra), in their characteristic fight against crime. This time they come up against the charismatic and versatile, Aamir Khan, who will take up the mantle of the anti-hero and carry DHOOM:3 into hyper drive. The film also stars Katrina Kaif in a lead role.

About Dolby Laboratories

Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) creates audio, video, and voice technologies that transform entertainment and communications in mobile devices, at the cinema, at home, and at work. For nearly 50 years, sight and sound experiences have become more vibrant, clear, and meaningful in Dolby. For more information please visit dolby.com.

Media Contact

For Dolby Laboratories:

Aashima Malik Nikhil Kharoo

aashima.malik@bm.com nikhil.kharoo@bm.com

+91 9899215064 +91 9999844058

Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Atmos is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. S13/27271 DLB-



The wait for the Official Trailer release of the biggest Punjabi Blockbuster of the year, ‘Bhaji in Problem’ ended today with Grazing Goat Pictures launching the much awaited trailer amidst great reception and laughter.

‘Bhaji in Problem’ is Grazing Goat Picture’s second regional film production after the poignant Marathi film ’72 Miles Ek Pravas’ which was directed by National Award Winning Director, the Late Rajiv Patil of Jogwa fame. With ‘Bhaji in Problem’, Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi are all set to give their audiences a comical relief with their latest regional venture, a Punjabi heart warmer called ‘Bhaji in Problem’.

Soon after the trailer was launched with Besharam’s release, audiences were found tweeting and describing the trailer as hilarious and expressing their eagerness to watch the film. Some people also called it the ‘Dhamaka’ trailer, re-instating the fact that the film indeed looks as a promising blockbuster for all Punjabi and Comedy film buffs.

The film is the story of Gurpreet Ghuggi who plays the character of Sundeep Cheema, juggling between two wives. His life ends up in a complete chaos with the entry of Gippy Grewal who plays Jeeta and falls in love with Preet played by Ragini Khanna. In this comedy of errors of epic proportions, both sides know the deepest and the most intimate secrets of the other, which each wants to protect at any cost and holds it over the other’s head. The film is a budding laugh riot and as one hilarious situation unfolds after another, the film only gets more interesting and engaging.

‘Bhaji in Problem’ stars some of Punjab’s most reputed stars Gippy Grewal and Gurpreet Ghuggi who are joined by Sasural Ghenda Phool’s Suhana Raghini Khanna, and veteran actor Om Puri as central characters. The film is directed by Smeep Kang who has delivered successful hits such as Carry on Jatta and Lucky Di Unlucky Story. The film also sees cricketer Harbajan Singh make a friendly appearance along with producer Akshay Kumar, who a Punjabi himself, having an extended appearance.

Honing in on the huge success of their first film venture, OMG: Oh My God, and their first Marathi film, the critically acclaimed 72 Miles Ek Pravas, Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi have further spearheaded the popularisation of regional cinema with ‘Bhaji in Problem’. In speaking about the trailer launch, Ashvini Yardi said: “After the release of the Teaser Trailer last month, we received a great response and tweets from fans to push the official trailer release to an earlier date. People have been appreciating and loving the trailer and are very much looking forward to watch the film when it releases on the 15th of November.

I as a viewer am not very fluent with my Punjabi but still had a great laugh watching the trailer. Similarly, I can assure you that you don’t necessarily have to know Punjabi to understand and enjoy this film. It will surely tickle your funny bone and is a film to be enjoyed with the entire family.”

Spearheading investment into quality, subject-driven, film-making, Grazing Goat Pictures is taking Indian cinema to new heights with a range of innovative and fresh projects. Renowned for thought-provoking, unique and emotive film making across boundaries and genres, Grazing Goat Pictures delves deep to bring the audience films that are cutting edge and high-concept, resonating with multiple audiences domestically and across shores.

Bhaji in Problem releases on the 15th November 2013.

Trailer link for download https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/7f11b06fb4bdeecd6e5834f29cee26d620131002093205/9043ed71d4668680485bd5d07ddfdce820131002093205/e91f22

Grazing Goat Pictures Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GrazingGoatPictures

Grazing Goat Pictures Twitter https://twitter.com/GrazingGoatPix


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The trailer of Eros International and NextGen Films’ R…Rajkumar creates a splash

Eros International and NextGen Films recently launched the first-look trailer of their upcoming action-entertainer, R…Rajkumar ,only to create a splash , receiving a huge thumps up from audiences and the trade alike.

The trailer of the film created a frenzy on the social media front , trending worldwide at the number 2 position on the very day of its launch.

Says trade guru Komal Nahta, “The trailer of R…Rajkumar is lovely. It promises everything — romance, action, drama, emotions, comedy, music, and dance. The trailer makes you very eager to watch the film”.

Says acclaimed critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh, “ It’s a dhamakedaar trailer. Shahid is like never before with the king of mass entertainers Prabhu Dheva. The pairing of Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor is really fresh and comes across to me as a complete package.Prabhu Dheva knows the pulse of the masses. The trailer makes a solid impression.”

Adds Priya Gupta,TOI, “The trailer of R…Rajkumar is ekdum phodu…looking forward to December 6th”.

“I really liked the promo. I have seen these films made with older actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, it is great to see Shahid Kapoor from the younger lot doing a Prabhu Dheva film. Shahid strikes you like never before. If the promo is anything to go by Shahid seems in complete form for the genre.” says Amul Mohan.

The high-octane entertainer is a romantic-action-love story set in a dusty and rugged backdrop of the Hindi heartland. With cool visuals, fresh and crazy Prabhu-ishtyle action, R…Rajkumar treats audiences to a whole different perspective of life and what can be!

Says producer Viki Rajani, “As seen in the trailer, the movie has all the essence of romance, comedy, action and drama to make a masala potboiler or a Prabhu Dheva style movie . We are very excited with the feedback we are receiving on the trailer and it is extremely encouraging”.

Eros International and NextGen Films’ R…Rajkumar starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, directed by Prabhu Dheva is scheduled to release 6th December 2013.


Parveen Babi’s generation Next! Aehtesham Babi follows her Footsteps.

“Yeh Meri Khwaaish hai ki who Babi ka naam Roshan kare,” recalls Aehtesham Babi as his grandmother Parveen Babi’s last few words before her demise. Already following his grandmother’s footsteps Aehtesham Babi gears up to make it big in the world of Bollywood.

Aehtesham Babi having won several campus titles and bagging the ‘Times of India Best Model’ title began his acting career with Taa-e-luk and Aaina, two hit serials running on Doordarshan Urdu Channel and acting in few music videos and now has set his eyes on Bollywood.

Aehtesham, grandson of late Parveen Babi blessed with chocolate boy looks recalls his time spent with the yesteryear Diva, “Parveen Dadi wanted me to come down to Mumbai and commence my acting career. I completed my studies and then set out to fulfill the dream she saw for me. I want to simply entertain audiences like my grandmother and make her proud. I miss her.”



C-7/188 Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi, Phones: 26867152, 26967388


Press Release for Immediate Publication

Producer-Director Pahlaj Nihalani, Singers Usha Uthup, Adnan Sami, Penaz Masani, art promoter Vijender Singh honoured with Sangam Awards.

Singers Arpita Mandal of Jamshedpur, Pragya Patra of Delhi win the 35th All India Singing Competition held yesterday by Sangam Kala Group in Senior Category

(New Delhi, Sept 28)- Producer Director Pahlaj Nihalani, singers Adnan Sami, Usha Uthap, Penaz Masani and art promoter Vijender Singh were honoured with “Sangam Awards” at the glittering finale of 35th Annual Surtarang Singing Talent Competition held here by Sangam Kala Group on 27th Sept at Sirifort Auditorium.

Others who were honoured included playback singers Shilpa Rao, Malini Awasthy and Harish Moyal; upcoming star Raika (film Avatar), Sharad Dutt of P-7 TV Channel, dance guru Jitender Maharaj and his disciples Nalini-Kamalini, anchor Nitin Arora, music teacher Anju Munjal, Sangam’s Regional Co-ordinators Neena Bawa (Yamunanagar) and Sarita Pant (Nainital).

Sangam Kala Group is one of oldest organizations of India devoted to the cause of promotion of young upcoming singers and was established by its founder president VSK Sood in Delhi in 1974. Speaking on the occasion Mr Sood claimed that Sangam Kala Group’s Competition which is held every year in memory of immortal child-singer Madan Mohan, is the World’s Biggest Stage Singing Competition in which more than 20,000 singers had competed from 66 cities of India and 6 centres abroad. 18 singers out of 20,000 screened earlier had participated in 6 categories in the World Finals held on 27th Sept at Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi. The winners were:

(a) Sub-Junior Non-Film ( 5 upto 12 years)

Prajal Shirke of Narwana

(d) Junior Film (above 12 upto 18 years)

Manas Kamble of Rewa

(b) Sub-Junior Film (5 upto 12 years)

Sharddha Shree of Delhi

(e) Senior Non-Film (above 18 upto 28 years)

Arpita Mandal of Jamshedpur

(c) Junior Non-Film (above 12 upto 18 years)

Gurman Preet Singh of Delhi

(f) Senior Film (above 18 up to 28 years)

Pragya Patra of Delhi

The competition was followed by an entertainment programme by cine personalities co-ordinated by Sangam’s Shahid Waheed Khan. Singers Usha Uthup, Adnan Sami, Penaz Masani and folk singer Malini Awasthy elicited a thunderous applause from a overpacked house of 3,000 spectators. The programme was very well compered by the duo Nitin Arora and Juhi with the audience going into peals of laughter with their witty comments. Satish Popli’s Doremi Orchestra accompanied the competitors and the star performers to perfection in the presence of distinguished guest Dr AK Kalyan of Petronet LNG.


For more details contact:

Amarjit Singh Kohli , Director, Public Relations,

Sangam Kala Group, 011-26196600, 26107082, Mob: 09988778739 (Pl dial zero first as it is a Amritsar based mobile), email: amarjitsinghkohli@gmail.com


GS Transact Technologies achieves installation base of 25,000 ATMs in India

Fastest growing ATM service provider

Partnering in Financial Inclusion

MUMBAI, October 03, 2013: Succeeding in its endeavour of easing the increasing burden on banks in managing the operation of ATMs, AGS Transact Technologies Ltd, a leading ATM outsourcing and payments’ company, announced that it has achieved an installation base of 25,000 ATMs in India, thereby becoming the fastest growing service provider in the business.

Rapid expansion has been witnessed in the ATM network in India, which is primarily ascribed to the entry of ‘brown label’ concept. This concept enables banks to set up a large network of ATMs in a short span of time in partnership with its service provider. AGS has been declared as the leader in outsourcing business by a recently released report by Ken Research titled “India ATM Industry Outlook to 2018 – Increasing Penetration of White Label ATMs to Intensify Growth”. The company has managed to achieve the ‘numero uno’ position in the outsourcing business by providing the best technology and outsourcing solutions to the banks across the country. Partnering with Wincor Nixdorf, one of the worlds’ leading providers of IT Solutions and Services for banks and retail businesses, AGS has successfully deployed around 25,000 ATMs for over 80 leading public and private banks in India.

The Indian banking sector today is grappling with the issue of financial inclusion. Operating cost of providing financial inclusion and charges levied on the users are important dimensions of the process. Technology can play an important role in reducing operating cost of providing banking services, particularly in the rural and unbanked masses. AGS Transact Technologies Ltd is taking a step forward together with Wincor Nixdorf towards financial inclusion by offering technologies that could drive growth to the unbanked masses.

The ATM network of a bank has now become a strategic asset and AGS has gained significant market share in the self-service terminals space and continues to add modern and contextual product and service offerings with the purpose of delivering value to its customers. According to an industry report by RBR, the ATM installations, which were at 80000 in 2008 will go up to approx 1,75,000 by 2015. Another research project carried out jointly by IBA and BCG Group estimates that the high growth rate of ATM additions over the past decade is set to continue with a projected 160-190K additions to the ATM network up to 2020 as opposed to the 41000 additions over 2001-09.

In the last decade, the banking sector has transformed into a technology driven domain. The ATM market is set to continue to grow. Penetration of ATMs in semi-urban and rural areas is still very low but the usage of ATMs in India is bound to increase manifold with financial inclusion as a top priority.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Ravi Goyal, Chairman and Managing Director, AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. said, “The installation of 25,000 ATMs across India is without a doubt something significant for us at AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. We are proud to be the fastest growing service provider in the business and excited about achieving sustainable, profitable growth.”

With a rise in the number of installed ATMs in the country, the volume and complexity of work associated with managing operations has become a growing burden on financial institutions. Gauging the need, AGS commenced its outsourcing business, offering banks the dual benefits of managing costs and improving efficiency. The banks that we have partnered with are at ease when it comes to attaining financial inclusion”, he added.

Mr. Lim Khoon Hong, Senior Vice President, Region Asia Pacific, Wincor Nixdorf Singaporesaid, “Partnering with AGS has been a real benefit to Wincor Nixdorf, giving us a competitive edge in the India market. It is all about trust and relationships in bringing out the best partnership desired. We are able to remain focus working out clear directions and targets, while at the same time bringing new innovations and value-added initiatives to the India market with our German technology. Wincor Nixdorf is looking forward to continue in giving them the utmost support, bringingthis achievement to greater heights.

AGS is successfully deploying ATMs for leading private and public sector banks under this model. Banks such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Dhanlaxmi and Ratnakar Bank, HDFC, Dena Bank, Corporation Bank, Yes Bank, etc. have adopted this system. Post implementation of this business model, banks have witnessed substantial reduction in capital investment ignited by non committal of Capex.

About AGS Transact Technologies:

AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. offers technology-based solutions for banking, retail, paint and petroleum sectors. Equipped with extensive experience in banking technology, AGS provides a complete suite of self-service banking products. The company is the dominant provider of ATM outsourcing services to the Indian banking industry. Since its inception, AGS has installed over 25,000 ATMs for various customers. The customers in the banking segment amongst others include State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, Axis Bank, Dhanlaxmi Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Dena Bank.

About Wincor Nixdorf:

Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banking. The company is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, and is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Securities & Stock Exchange.The company’s extensive portfolio focuses on optimizing business processes at banks and retail companies. It is aimed mainly at cutting costs and complexity and improving service to the end customer. Wincor Nixdorf leverages know-how from its core business with banks and retailers to diversify into related sectors. These include postal and lottery companies and hospitality and service station chain operators. Wincor Nixdorf has a presence in over 130 countries, with its own subsidiary companies in 42 of these. More than 9,000 employees work at the Group. The company is the leader in Europe and the number 2 in the world for programmable electronic POS systems (EPOSs) and the number 2 in Europe and worldwide for automated teller machines.

For further information, please get in touch with:

Shaila Parbatani – 9619097565 / shaila@conceptpr.com

Venesa Bar: 9158287907 / venesa@conceptpr.com

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scape into the wilderness like never before with Taj Safaris special Winter offer

Mumbai, October, 2013: The madness of the monsoon has just abated and you must be bracing yourself for the onset of the dreaded October heat. Add into the mix a hectic festive season, overcrowded restaurants and bars, where a respite would be most welcome! Taj Safaris gives you a chance to break-away from the hustle bustle with its special winter offer from October 16, 2013 – April 30, 2014. Enjoy your break with a 20% discount on 60 days advance booking. You can also book for a weekday stay at Baghvan, Pench or Pashan Garh, Panna and enjoy a 20% discount!

OFFER (Per person per day)

OCT 16 – NOV 05

NOV 06 – DEC 22

DEC 23 – JAN 05

JAN 06 – FEB 15

FEB 16 – APR 30

Bed & breakfast

INR 9,000

INR 8,000


INR 8,000

INR 9,000

Limited jungle plan

INR 15,000

INR 14,000

INR 17,000

INR 14,000

INR 15,000

Full jungle plan

INR 18,500

INR 17,500

INR 20,500

INR 17,500

INR 18,500

Apart from the offers, guests can also be a part of various winter celebrations scheduled at the Taj Safaris:

Mandatory Supplements

Diwali – NOV 3, 2013

INR 2,000 per person per day

Christmas – DEC 24 & 25, 2013

INR 2,000 per person per day

New Year – DEC 30 & 31, 2013

INR 5,000 per person per day

Holi – MAR 17, 2014

INR 2,000 per person per day

Good Friday & Easter – APR 18 & 20, 2014

INR 2,000 per person per day

Taj Safaris offers a multi-faceted experience by blending in fragrances, flavors, sights and sounds for a memorable holiday experience. Four exquisite lodges in the national parks of Madhya Pradesh – Pashan Garh, Mahua Kothi, Baghvan, and Banjaar Tola, offer visitors a luxurious holiday in the majesty of the jungle. Think lush green surroundings, birds chirping in the early morn, the adventure of an elephant back safari, the excitement of a tiger spotting following a delicious picnic breakfast in the jungles, all of which can be experienced at the luxurious Taj Safaris with the Winter Specials on Limited and Full Jungle Plans.

Virtuoso®, the luxury travel agency network renowned for creating exceptional experiences, at its seventh annual Best of the Best Hotel Awards has conferred Banjaar Tola, a Taj Safari lodge in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh with the prestigious award of the Most Innovative Guest Experience.

For reservation related information contact: 1 800 111 825 (non-MTNL/BSNL customers call +91 22 660 11825)

About Taj Safaris

Breaking new ground in India, a joint venture between Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces and &Beyond offers India’s first and only wildlife circuit. This partnership, known as Taj Safaris, provides guests with the ultimate interpretive wildlife experience, based on a proven sustainable ecotourism model. & Beyond’s collaboration with Taj Hotels rests on decades of expertise in operating luxury jungle safari lodges offering unique wildlife experiences, coupled with legendary service in hospitality. The first lodge in this circuit, Mahua Kothi, opened for guests on 1st Nov 2006; after which 3 more lodges were added to the portfolio, Baghvan—Pench National Park, Pashan Garh – Panna National Park and last was, Banjaar Tola – Kanha National Park completing the tiger circuit on 18th Feb 2009


&Beyond is the continent’s leading Ecotourism company and one of the most comprehensive safari operators with exceptional lodges and safaris in Africa’s most breathtaking wilderness locations. The company is well known for its success in creating a business that has reaped viable financial returns through long-term investment in commercial wildlife conservation and community development. With over 30 years of tour operating and safari planning in Africa, and a strong focus on guided and walking safaris, &Beyond’s portfolio consists of 35 high-end private game lodges and camps across South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and Botswana. Some of their internationally acclaimed lodges include Phinda, and Ngala in South Africa and Mnemba Isand and Ngorongoro Crater lodge in Tanzania.

For further information, please contact:

Yohanna Irani +91 99204 99231 / yohanna.irani@edelman.com

Takshila Chheda +91 77100 02295 / takshila.chheda@edelman.com


to Raindrop, bcc: me

Deepika Padukone shoots for Ram-Leela’s Nagada despite injury

While Deepika Padukone looks effortlessly graceful in Ram-Leela’s garba number Nagada ,the actress went through excruciating pain while shooting for the high-tempo song.

During the shoot of the song Deepika experienced a piercing pain in her back and shoulder,apart from severe swelling and bruises on her feet – While the crew was willing to push the shoot, keeping her better well-being in mind ,the actress decided to shoot despite injury and not inconvenience the cast and crew of the film.

Deepika wore a medical brace around her shoulder and back to ease the pain while shooting Nagada, strategically camouflaged by her outfit.

Says a source, “ Deepika had the option of shooting once her backache subsided. However since the cast and crew were working on a tight schedule ,she decided to shoot despite injury and chose to wear a shoulder contraption to ease the pain. Her perseverance commitment had everyone on the sets impressed”.

Eros International & Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh is scheduled to release November 15th 2013.


Queen starring Kangana Ranaut to premiere at the 18th Busan International Film Festival

Queen, directed by Vikas Bahl and produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures & Phantom Films will see its World Premiere in the “Window on Asian Cinema” section at the 18th Busan International Film Festival 2013. Indian Films like Barfi and Krrish have been featured earlier in this section, which showcases some stand out films from Asian countries. Attended by masters, veteran directors and the biggest distributors from across the world, Busan has increasingly become a favoured destination for filmmakers to take their films to a global audience.

Queen, starring Kangana Ranaut in the lead role is Vikas Bahl’s second directorial film. The film, a story of a simple Delhi girl, who travels across the world for the first time, has been shot over 147 locations in 3 different countries. Director Vikas Bahl, whose earlier film Chillar Party had won multiple National Awards, will travel to Korea to showcase the film at its premiere and to interact with the international press at the Festival.

Confirming the news says Vikas, “We are quite happy to have a World Premiere at the prestigious Busan Film Festival. I am very excited that a film about a simple girl from Delhi is being recognized and appreciated internationally. It’s good to know that a human story always finds a universal audience. The team is getting ready to go to Busan…”.

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures & Phantom Films’ Queen is scheduled to release next year on Feb 28th.


Brand Dialogue bags creative mandate for Flipkart India’s Brand Packaging in India

- Brand Dialogue’s specialized partner agency Yellow Dress Retail to provide the expertise-

India, October 03, 2013: Just within a month of its entry into the Indian Market, Brand Dialogue, a European Brand Communications Company headquartered in Amsterdam and Mumbai, today bagged the mandate for providing branded packaging for Flipkart India, a leading B2B wholesale cash and carry business in India. Brand Dialogue’s partner agency Yellow Dress Retail is an expert team in Brand Packaging and will be providing the services to Flipkart India.

Speaking about the association, Willem Woudenberg, CEO Brand Dialogue said, “Flipkart India is a pioneer in its field and we are extremely delighted to get them on board with us. It’s just been a month and this win makes us feel more welcome in the Indian market. We are here to make a difference and this comes as the beginning of our creative journey. Yellow Dress Retail (YDR) team headed by Marcel Gort is a strong mix of experienced professionals and creative talents and they will definitely add value to Flipkart India’s brand position.”

Roy Thomas, Director, Private Labels Flipkart, said, “We have expanded our product range by launching our own label DigiFlip – offering camera bags, pen-drives, headphones, computer accessories and a lot more. Now we have got YDR on board to assist us in the brand packaging of our private label products. YDR may be new in India but their commitment and creativity goes a long way and we are confident that they will match the quality and standards that we are synonymous with.”

Yellow Dress Retail (YDR), a specialized retail agency which creates store design, instore communication, packaging design and interactive design comes under Brand Dialogue’s umbrella name in India. YDR will provide branded packaging for all private labels under Flipkart India and will support the brand in conceptualizing and creating private labels in various key categories.

About Brand Dialogue

Brand Dialogue is a Dutch brand consultancy closely related to Dutch creative agencies, offering innovative branding, design and communication solutions. With offices in Delhi and Mumbai, Brand Dialogue in India comes with an international expertise which can be accessed locally. Being a multi-disciplinary working with leading Dutch design firms Brand Dialogue offers collective strength in – visual branding, internet and digital, advertising, naming, retail, packaging and product design. For more information, please visit- http://www.branddialogue.eu/

Yellow Dress Retail was founded in 2009 by Loe Limpens, Marcel Gort and Esther Koetsier. After working for many years in the retail business themselves, the trio started an agency specialized in retail design and communication. Their teams are based out of Amsterdam and Chennai (India). For more information, please visit- http://www.ydretail.com/

For further information, please contact:

Anu Sharma/Sakshi Pathak

WordsWork Communications

+91-9004261037/ +918130575959

anu@wordswork.in /sakshi@wordswork.in

Mumbai/ Delhi





s a new found fan in Kelly Rowland

‘The X Factor USA’ Season 3 judge is all praise for Indian movies and Punjabi music

Indian music and Indian cinema has been receiving worldwide recognition lately with more and more Indian artists carving a niche for themselves on the international scene. Hence, it is no surprise that former Destiny’s Child and global singing sensation Kelly Rowland is all praises for Bollywood and Punjabi music in particular. The new judge of The X Factor USA, which currently airs on BIG CBS LOVE, recently spoke about ‘Bhangra’ and desi movies amongst other things.

On the topic of Bollywood movies, the singer-turned-actress surprisingly revealed, “I watch Bollywood films, I mean I love Bollywood films! They are some of the best films. How detailed they are, how much fun they are, how much color there is and how there’s so much going on, it’s just really entertaining.” So does she herself being a part of the Indian film industry in the near future? To this the ‘Commando’ singer excitedly replies, “That would be very cool!”

Next up, she talks about her area of expertise – music – and reveals that Punjabi music has grown on her. Commenting on the Punjabi tracks she had recently heard she adds, “Across the board it’s like jamming. If I hear this, I will start dancing, that’s fun! I don’t know what the lyrics say but whatever it is it has a nice little swing to it. I love the beats in between”, she says.

By the looks of it Indian fans might just catch a Honey Singh style chart topper from the Grammy- Award winning artist. While we wait for an awesome collaboration and an impressive Bollywood debut, we can catch her as the new judge on The X Factor USA Season 3, every weekend exclusively on BIG CBS LOVE.

Don’t miss ‘The X Factor Season 3, premiering on 21st September every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM, exclusively on BIG CBS LOVE


French Director Alexander De Mortemart to direct a Hindi film with producer Bonny Dugal

Nowadays Indian films are setting landmarks across the world and many producers want the best directors from Bollywood and Hollywood to justify their story. Recently we have seen Akshay Kumar roped the Hollywood action director Greg Powell for his film and Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor also took a Hollywood director for the sequence of his movie D-Day. Bonny Dugal is one of the producers of London Dreams. He is in no mood to take any chances for his upcoming movie. He is not leaving any stone unturned, hence, He has joined hands with a French director Alexander De Mortemart for his next movie. Bonny gets inspired by his directing skill from the latter’s movies “VERTIGE and L’ADMIRATEUR” and so decided give the helm of his next movie to Mortemart.

Bonny Dugal said, “VERTIGE and L’ADMIRATEUR” is a unique piece of art with matchless experiences. I felt wonderful about his whole perception and vision for cinema. He is a skillful and talented Director. He is the one who can do justice to this story.”

Mr. Mortemart has also worked as a professional photographer for more than 7 years and during this period he has done many exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo. His movie L’ADMIRATEUR has opened Andrew Zulawski film La Note Bleue and VERTIGE was selected in major film festivals including leading French film festival of Clermont Ferrand.

Alexander de Mortemart said, “Indian Cinema has emerged very beautifully on the global platform. I feel proud to be part of this industry and very excited to start my first feature film from India. Mr. Bonny Dugal has a good understanding of films and he is not only has a brilliant calculative mind but at some point comes up with very creative ideas. Project is shaping up well. We are giving finishing touch to our script”.

Media Contacts:

Scribes INC- The PR Company

Satish Reddy

Mobile : 09167115564

Email : sateshreddy2013@gmail.com

Nilofer Ansari

Mobile : 07666989939

Email : niloferscribes@gmail.com

Abhishek Dubey

Mobile : 09699384240

Email : abhiscribesinc@gmail.com


Mumbai, Maharashtra. Top Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated DIANA on October 4, 2013.

DIANA is a compelling portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales during the final two years of her life. The film star British-born, two time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts (THE IMPOSSIBLE, 21 GRAMS) in the leading role of the eponymous and iconic princess.

The compelling love story charts how finding true personal happiness in her romance with Pakistani heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, allowed Diana to achieve her defining successes as she evolved into a major international campaigner and humanitarian. In the words of Robert Bernstein “Diana became herself in those two years and we’re very lucky that that journey is tied up in a love story. It’s a film that focused on who Diana became in those last two years, rather than on the tragedy of how she died.”

Naveen Andrews, best known for his roles in THE ENGLISH PATIENT and the hit television series LOST, co-stars as Dr. Hasnat Khan. Fellow Brits Douglas Hodge, Geraldine James, Charles Edwards and Juliet Stevenson round out the supporting cast.

Masterfully directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Academy Award nominated for DOWNFALL), the film is based on a screenplay by the internationally acclaimed playwright Stephen Jeffreys (THE CLINK, LIBERTINE).

The film has been brought to India by Tanweer Group & distributed by Top Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

About TOP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

TOP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in the provision of theatrical and television content, studio and production services. We specialize in content distribution, dubbing and subtitling, production and post-production. Most recently in India, TOP Entertainment has released critically acclaimed and highly successful Hollywood films SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, THE HUNGER GAMES, THE ARTIST,THE IDES OF MARCH, etc.

About Tanweer Films

Tanweer Group, founded in 1985 by Joseph Samaan, is a leading distributor and aggregator of entertainment content from major International companies and Hollywood studios on all platforms including theatrical, video, TV, digital etc. in India-SAARC, Middle East & Northern Africa (MENA region), Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Eastern Europe, for more than 25 years.

For more information please visit www.tanweer.com


Elena bags international project post Prague

Elena Kazan after her success in Prague, has bagged a role in an International film. The German Beauty received a fabulous response from the critics as well as the audience for her performance and beauty in Prague.Everyone in the B town is talking about her after watching Prague.

Hardly a few days have passed since her second major release in Bollywood, the German brunette is already working on an overseas project. It`s a Filipino-German flick titled Pusong Wazak. Roughly translated, it means Ruined Heart. The story is about a blooming relationship between a criminal and a whore.

The movie boasts of an experienced and very popular crew such as director Khavn De La Cruz and globally acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (famed for The Lady In Water, Psycho remake, In The Mood For Love, Hero, etc.).

Elena is very thankful to producer Rohit Khaitan for giving her a chance in his movie Prague ,as it was because of this movie that she gained recognition in the international market.

Who says hard work goes unnoticed?


Clash in Cotai to Include Four Bouts with Chinese Fighters

Zou Shiming, Rex Tso, Ik Yang and Macao’s Ng Kuok Kun on undercard

With November 24, 2013 just around the corner, all eyes are fixed on Macao in anticipation of one of the biggest fights of the year, Pacquiao vs. Rios: The Clash in Cotai. Promoted by Top Rank® and Sands China Ltd., the mega-event takes place at The Venetian® Macao, the integrated resort making a strong case for Macao becoming the boxing world’s next epicentre.

In addition to the highly-anticipated main event between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KOs) and Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios (31-1-1, 22 KOs), the undercard is to feature four fights starring Chinese boxers, showcasing the increasing amount of boxing talent coming out of mainland China, Macao and Hong Kong. Flyweight Zou Shiming (2-0), the headliner of April’s Fists of Gold and July’s Fists of Gold II, will be looking for his third win as a pro, and undefeated Hong Kong super flyweight Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso (10-0-0, 6 KOs) makes his return to the Cotai Arena, attempting to extend his perfect pro record. Undefeated Chinese boxer Ik Yang (Yang Lianhui) (12-0, 8 KOs) will make his Macao debut; the 28-year-old lightweight from Dalian is currently training in the U.S. with Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, and enters the fight with an impressive string of victories in South Korea, China and the United States. Finally, Macao’s 23-year-old light middleweight Ng Kuok Kun (1-0) will be chasing his second pro win, after having won his debut in May in Hong Kong. Coming off of an amateur career, Ng began boxing when he was 13, and won Macau Boxing Association competitions in 2006 and 2012.

“Sands China is thrilled to be working with Top Rank to present The Clash in Cotai in Macao,” said Sands China Ltd. President and Chief Executive Officer Edward Tracy. “In particular, it’s very important for us to support the development and growth of our talented local athletes, and so we’re very happy that the event is providing an opportunity for Macao’s very own pro boxer, Ng Kuok Kun, to compete on a world stage. The Cotai Arena is going to be the site of one incredible matchup Nov. 24, and it’s exactly this kind of top-tier entertainment spectacular that Cotai Strip Resorts Macao is known for. Ticket sales for The Clash in Cotai have been strong, and sports fans will want to act fast if they want to experience the action in person at the Arena.”

Sands China and Top Rank have already collaborated on two successful Fists of Gold events, and together with The Clash in Cotai, they’ve brought a great deal of international media exposure to both Macao and The Venetian, including via HBO in the United States and on state broadcaster CCTV in China. In addition, the international interest has provided a platform for Chinese boxers to show their skills at high-profile, sold-out events: the first Fists of Gold event in April gave the world the pro debut of China’s golden boxer, Zou Shiming; Hong Kong’s Rex Tso extended his undefeated record at July’s Fists of Gold II; and at The Clash in Cotai, Ik Yang and Ng Kuok Kun will join Zou and Tso to battle their respective foes in front of a packed Cotai Arena audience.

“All of this bodes very well for Macao’s strategy of developing into a world centre of tourism and leisure,” Tracy added. “Sporting events like boxing are just one of the many entertainment offerings of our Cotai Strip Resorts Macao, as Sands China continues its push to diversify the choices available to business and leisure travellers who visit Macao. With these events being covered internationally by print, broadcast and online media, in addition to the fight telecasts by HBO and CCTV, awareness of Macao has been lifted to a new level.”

Tracy is not alone in his excitement about the event. “Get ready for one of the most thrilling fights of 2013. I know Manny and Brandon will be giving it their all in the ring, and the fans are going to be in for a treat come Nov. 24. This is going to be an exciting fight to watch.” So predicts Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum, who together with Tracy, recently finished a whirlwind global media tour for the upcoming 12-round welterweight rumble. The Hall of Fame promoter and Tracy were joined on the seven-city road trip by Pacquiao, Rios, and their respective trainers – Hall of Famer Freddie Roach and 2012 Trainer of the Year Robert Garcia.

After kicking things off with a press conference at The Venetian Macao July 27, the 24,000-mile press tour took the fighters to Beijing; Shanghai; the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore; ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn.; New York; and finally, Beverly Hills, Calif. Hundreds of enthusiastic members of the media attended press conferences along the way, eager to ask questions and learn more about Macao and the Cotai Strip development, site of one of the most anticipated matchups of the year – a bout that not only features two exciting fighters, but that also has the potential to further strengthen boxing’s appeal in Asia – a region that Arum sees as the sport’s next big fan base, with The Venetian Macao as the venue destination of choice for high-profile fights.

Rios said: “Manny and I have talked about how much we’re both looking forward to being back at The Venetian Macao for fight night. It’s an amazing venue – like an entire city under one roof – and I can’t think of a better place for our bout.”

“Coming to The Venetian Macao to see Fists of Gold II and to kick off the press tour for my fight against Brandon was a great experience,” noted Pacquiao. “The resort is actually very family-friendly, which is great, since I plan to have my wife and kids with me there in November. If Bob’s prediction is right, and Macao becomes the next world capital of boxing, I’ll be very happy to continue having fights there; it’s a great city.”

Pacquiao, the Fighter of the Decade, three-time Fighter of the Year, and lone congressional representative from the Sarangani province in the Philippines, is coming off of two straight losses after a phenomenal seven-year, 15-bout winning streak. His 18-year pro career has earned him eight world titles in as many weight divisions – a first for the sport. His opponent, Rios, the No. 1 contender from Oxnard, Calif., is one of boxing’s most exciting fighters and a former world champion himself, known for his all-action, fan-friendly fighting style. He won 11 of his previous 14 fights by knockout, and his last two fights were named as Fights of the Year.

Produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View, PACQUIAO VS. RIOS: The Clash in Cotai is promoted by Top Rank and Sands China Ltd., in association with MP Promotions and Tecate. Tickets for the 8 a.m. Nov. 24 event at the Cotai Arena are on sale now through Cotai Ticketing, priced HK$880-9,880, with ticket-hotel packages priced HK$4,300-35,000*. Tickets can be booked online at www.venetianmacao.com/manny, or by phone at +853 2882 8818 (Macao) / +852 6333 6660 (HK), and are also available at Tom Lee Outlets, K11 Select and through Hong Kong Ticketing (customer service fee applies), online at www.HKTicketing.com or by phone at +852 3128 8288. A special ticketing hotline is available for the Philippines at +63 2 395 3370, and toll-free hotlines are available for the following countries:

· China: 4001 20 6618

· Singapore: 800 852 3120

· United States and Canada: 855 234 4410

More information is available online at www.venetianmacao.com/manny. For fight updates go to www.toprank.com or www.hbo.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/trboxing, facebook.com/trboxeo or facebook.com/hboboxing and on Twitter at twitter.com/trboxing, twitter.com/trboxeo or twitter.com/hboboxing.

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