Mumbai 31st Jan 2013: 2 Bharatbenz tractor models and 1 construction mining vehicle were launched today in a grand style in a 5 star hotel in Mumbai today by Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV),the 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of the world’s leading truck manufacturerDaimler AG.

With the launch of the first 3 Heavy-duty models in September 2012(2523R, 2523C & 3123C) BharatBenz began its offering of a range of trucks.Subsequently, BharatBenz launched its range of Medium-duty Trucks in February2013. It also launched its range of Made-in-India trucks for Export under the FUSObrand in May 2013. During 2013, two more Heavy-duty trucks (2528 & 3128)were also launched. While other variants are to be launched, this launch ofTractor models enhances the BharatBenz’s range to cover segments from 9 – 49tonnes GVW. With today’s introduction of models, BharatBenz is now present inall major segments of Medium & Heavy duty trucking.

The four models launched today will be commercially available as of today through the fast entrenchingwell-established dealership network across the country. The BharatBenz Tractorand the Construction-Mining trucks will now bolster the capabilities ofcustomer who operate in this segment adding the dimension of reliability,fuel-efficiency and an overall superior TCO benefit. (Technical Specification sheetattached)

Mr. Marc Llistosella –Managing Director & CEO, DICV said: “The trucking industry in India isexperiencing a tough phase. Under such circumstances, customers criticallyexamine the offerings by manufacturers. BharatBenz trucks with their superiorall-round performance and TCO benefit therefore enjoy a much greater advantage.With the launch of these trucks BharatBenz is now present in all major truckingsegments as promised 2 years ago. The complete experience that the BharatBenzrange provides has also triggered a substantial transformation in Indiantrucking”.

In 2013, BharatBenz 3123R won the “BestRigid Haulage Truck of the Year” and the “CV of the Year” award. This was within 3 months of the launch ofits trucks in the market in September 2012. In January 2014, DICV won the ‘CV maker of the Year’ award andBharatBenz won two awards for its trucks. The 1217C won the “Innovation of the Year” award and the3128C won the “Best Haulage Carrier over25 tonnes GVW’ at the industry-leading Apollo CV Awards. The awards besidesadding fame to the brand’s performance in India also acknowledges the longsought positive transformation the brand BharatBenz has brought to IndianTruckers. The brand besides providing the best in terms of products &services has also changed the paradigm of customer orientation for the entireindustry.

Mr. V R V Sriprasad –Vice-President, Marketing, Sales & Aftersales, DICV said: “Tractor-Trailersare at the very top of the value-chain in trucking. Hauling heavy goods overlong distances, the qualitative aspects that BharatBenz provides in terms ofefficiency, reliability, economy and overall TCO benefits become most importantand imperative. With all the promised parameters established theTractor-trailer operators would benefit most with BharatBenz. TheConstruction-Mining truck on the other hand will provide a very importantaspect of reliability considering the conditions in which these trucks will beoperated, demand continuous use under tortuous conditions”.

With the launch of the current models, DICV has continued to deliver onits promised portfolio as per schedule announced at inception. BharatBenzreached the 4th position in the industry in 2013 and continues tofocus strongly on its business plan. Further models are planned besides itsfocus on Daimler Buses for India. The committed financial infusion from theparent Daimler AG continues as per plan and shall support the vision of DaimlerIndia towards achieving its plan to transform to the Indian Commercial Vehicleindustry to the next level.

Since the launch of the first BharatBenz dealership in Chennai inAugust 2012, BharatBenz has established a network of 75 outlets in line withits plans to cover more than a 100 locations by early 2015. These dealershipsare state-of-the-art and are equipped besides modern facilities withwell-trained manpower for both Sales & Service. While the sales team istrained to sell BharatBenz trucks based on values, the Pro-Active service fromAftersales ensures that the customer’s truck has maximum uptime and benefitsthe customer.

BharatBenz also provides industry-first and industry leading featuresin financing and insurance through its exclusive tie-ups with reputed financialinstitutions. BharatBenz Financial (BBF), a captive financing subsidiary ofDaimler offers a one-stop-solution for BharatBenz customers at all dealerships.


BharatBenz is the Indian truck brand of Daimler AG,the world’s largest Commercial Vehicle manufacturer and inventor of the truck.Backed by over a century of global trucking experience and an in-depthunderstanding of the Indian terrain, BharatBenz is here to transform thecountry’s trucking industry. BharatBenz offers Indian customers an entire truckportfolio in the 9 to 49 tonne range across various applications. The name –BharatBenz – brings out the two most defining qualities of a brand that isbeing built exclusively for India. ‘Bharat’ carries the values, ideologies and spiritof the nation, and reinforces the brand’s commitment to serve the Indianmarket. ‘Benz’ upholds the lineage of innovation, technological brilliance andengineering excellence that have given unparalleled performance and great valuefor generations. Powered by the synergy between global leadership in technologyand local deep rooted customer knowledge, BharatBenz builds robust, reliable,performance-oriented trucks to drive maximum productivity and deliver maximumvalue to customers across the country. With BharatBenz, a new era in Indiantrucking has arrived.


The Fast, Furious and Feisty are back with Top Gear Season 21

~Catch the all new season of the motor series before the US~

Mumbai, February 2014: Top Gear, the world’s most-watched actual television show, returns with its Season 21 on Indian screens exclusively on AXN on 7th February even before its US premiere on 10th February.

In the all-new series, hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are here to take you on an array of new adventures, challenges and stunts which will keep all the car fans glued!

Seat up and embrace yourself as the hot hatchbacks are back with Top Gear, Season 21 to redefine adventure by pushing the car to an unimaginable extreme. The new season promises more excitement, more thrills and more speed along with a lot more tear, break and crush.

Have you ever imagined a six wheeled Mercedes, that too in a dessert? If not, watch out for the high-flying mayhem that lies in store!!

Top Gear Season 21 premieres on February 7th on AXN India at 9 pm.


Eros Now has released two exclusive dialogue promos of the Salman Khan starrer ‘Jai Ho’, exclusively on their online platform.

Below are the embed links of the video

Salman Khan rescues his nephew: http://erosnow.com/#!/movie/watch/1005293/jai-ho/6125509/salman-khan-rescues-his-nephew?ap=1

Embed Link:

Image embed link: http://images001.erosnow.com/movie/3/1005293/img14582/6125514/1005293_6125514.jpg

Salman Khan has found his life partner: http://erosnow.com/#!/movie/watch/1005293/jai-ho/6125510/salman-khan-has-found-his-life-partner?ap=1

Embed Link:

Image Embed link: http://images001.erosnow.com/movie/3/1005293/img14582/6125519/1005293_6125519.jpg

Thanks & Regards,

Nitika Kathait


Kareena Kapoor Khan special guest at French First Lady, Valerie Trierweiler’s luncheon.

Bollywood’s Numero Uno Kareena Kapoor Khan was one of the few women to rub shoulders with Valerie Trierweiler, the First Lady of France at a luncheon organized by Chhaya Momaya, where she was invited as special guest.

Trierweiler, flew down to India from Paris over the weekend, to talk about the Fight Hunger Foundation ,being an active member of Action Contre La Faim,

an NGO that works to eradicate hunger.

Kareena Kapoor Khan joined the French First Lady as they spoke on issues related to young children and nursing mothers suffering from pneumonia, dysentery and malnutrition in Mumbai’s slum areas.

On the occasion said Kareena, “I am extremely glad and fortunate to be a part of this private lunch affair. All the woman in this room are not just beautiful but powerful and successful as well.”. Adding that,” I was extremely shocked about Nirbhaya’s case and was glad to be a part of the recent woman’s safety app called ” Vith U”.

Talking about Kareena’s participation said Chhaya Momaya,”Kareena epitomises the power of women today with her grace and beauty .With her honest commitment towards the cause she has taken up can influence and empower the audience effortlessly .Fight the hunger foundation easily identified with her astounding presence ,lineage and the position she holds like none other .”

Apart from Kareena, the event was also graced by other eminent women like Gayatri Ruia, Zia Mody,Smita Parekh, Rashmi Thackeray,Dipali Goenka ,Shreyasi Goenka and Pheroza Godrej


Narrating tales that have captivated audience attention for almost two decades now, the master storyteller Ekta Kapoor is back with a new offering on Zee TV, this time replacing her own immensely successful show ‘Pavitra Rishta’. Does that spell ‘The End’ for the former show? Not really! Giving primetime viewing a whole new meaning, ‘Pavitra Rishta’ will now be aired Monday – Friday at 6:30 PM on the channel.

Based loosely on Jane Austen’s classic ‘Sense and Sensibility’, the show will be its Indian interpretation, following the life of a mother who runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters – poles apart in bearing, outlook and disposition, happily married some day! Known for making shows that are women-centric, the pivotal characters of Ekta’s new show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ are a bunch of strong, feisty women, living together in an all-female, matriarchal family. Actor-turned-producer Shabbir Ahluwalia, who has shied away from facing the camera since 2012, has been roped in to play a Rockstar with a cult following on the show. The charming and talented Sriti Jha has been locked to play the elder amongst the two sisters. Ekta’s hunt for the most apt faces to play the rest of the central protagonists continues …

Talking about the time shuffle amongst her projects on Zee TV, Ekta says, “Pavitra Rishta has been on-air for over 4 years now and the journey has been most gratifying for me as a maker. After ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu thi’ if there is any other show which is close to my heart, then it is Pavitra Rishta.The characters of Manav, Archana, Arjun, Purvi and now Ankita-Naren have endeared themselves to the audience, so much so that they are an inseparable part of their lives. While the audiences who are hooked on to Pavitra Rishta will continue to enjoy the show at 6:30 PM, the new show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ will open at 9 PM, drawing maximum eyeballs.” She adds about her new show, “All I can say is that is it’s a very passionate story of love …!”

Ekta Kapoor’s association with Zee TV dates back to almost two decades ago when the partnership produced one of the greatest successes of satellite television – Hum Paanch. Her soaps, be it Kasamh Se, Pavitra Rishta or Jodha Akbar, the latest historical to rule the roost on Indian television, have been universally appreciated and have enjoyed long glorious runs on the tube.

Kumkum Bhagya, coming soon, only on Zee TV!


Who caught Alia Bhatt’s eye on DID4?

Visiting the sets to promote her movie, one contestant caught the actor’s fancy as a perfect partner…

Alia Bhatt dances with Shyam on the sets of DID 4.jpgBeginning her Bollywood run with a big banner movie at a young age, Alia Bhatt is barely one movie old and has yet managed to stir up quite a following, especially amongst the young male audiences. Known for her mischievous charm, the petite beauty is on a roll these days promoting her upcoming film – Highway. Making Dance India Dance Season 4 one of her very first pit stops, Alia had the contestants going crazy after her on the sets.

Welcoming Alia on the sets, the crew showed her an AV of what the boys had to say about her. While Alia enjoyed watching what each contestant had to say about her, she was particularly impressed by Shyam. The talented dancer had expressed the desire to get married to her if he ever gets a chance to kidnap her. Quite amused at the manner in which Shyam expressed his admiration, Alia confessed that she found Shyam to be genuine and thought he was just perfect. When show’s host Jay Bhanushali asked Shyam’s mother for an approval, she immediately agreed. Given that she is a brilliant actress, can dance and has now proven her singing skills with a song in ‘Highway’ as well, his mother thought of Alia to be the perfect bride for her son. In a bid to impress Alia, Shyam asked her for a dance. Alia greed to perform with Shyam without hesitating even once and the two seemed to be in perfect sync without any rehearsals or retakes. Alia was not just impressed by Shyam’s approach but was amazed by his performance as well. Talking about his performance, Alia said, “I am glad that I chose you because after seeing your act… I know for a fact that you are a romantic at heart and you would do all it takes to keep the girl in your life happy.”

Shyam’s happiness knew no bounds when Alia agreed to his proposal, even if it was just for a dance. While the other contestants still await the ‘Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi’, looks like he has already won the prize he was looking for on Dance India Dance.

Do not miss, Dance India Dance Season 4, Every Saturday – Sunday at 9 PM, Only on Zee TV!


Geeta Maa: “I’m single because of Master Feroz!”

The charming choreographer cum judge blames Feroz’s possessiveness for her being unmarried…

IMG_2166.JPGVisiting the sets of Dance India Dance Season 4 this weekend is the most-loved and looked-up-to choreographer – Master Geeta Kapur, affectionately called ‘Geeta Maa’. Promoting her upcoming show ‘Dance India Dance L’il Masters season 3’, Geeta Maa was glad to be back to the sets of the show she first shot to fame with. Just like her, the crew was glad to have her back too, but one person whose excitement seemed to rocket with her arrival on the sets was Master Feroz.

Being associated with Geeta Maa for over 15 years, Feroz and Geeta have a lot in common. From assisting ace choreographer Farah Khan together to becoming the judges of India’s biggest dance reality show – Dance India Dance, the two of them have come a long way. The camaraderie between the two was apparent throughout the shoot for the episode. Feroz went straight for Mudassar’s jugular when he tried to pull Geeta’s cheeks. Cautioning Mudassar about Feroz, Geeta in a lighter vein said, “Feroz is the only reason why I am still unmarried. He is so possessive about me that it keeps me away from men. He hates other men coming anywhere close to me, which is one of the reasons why I am single. But, it also makes me feel secure and safe everytime I am around him.”

While Feroz wouldn’t let Master Mudassar come near Geeta Maa, he only allowed Master Shruti to come near and hug Geeta Maa. Even during the shoot, Master Feroz ensured that Geeta Maa’s chair was placed right next to his chair and the two were caught engrossed in discussions whenever the Director announced a break.

Master Feroz, quite like a protective best friend around Geeta, said, “Geeta Ma is one of the most special people I’ve come across in life. She has so much love for people around. Her sense of humor has everyone in splits. She’s such a huggable teddy bear. There’s so much to learn from her, not just as a dancer or choreographer, but as person.”

Meeting her after ages, Master Feroz surely seemed to have enjoyed each moment of catching up with Geeta Maa on the set. With the kind of bonding the two seem to have, we are sure the two will spill more beans about each other during the course of the episode.

Do not miss, Dance India Dance Season 4, Every Saturday – Sunday at 9 PM, Only on Zee TV!


‘Jai Ho’ continues its reign in 1082 UFO digital theatres in its second week

Mumbai, January 31, 2014: Salman Khan’s action drama ‘Jai Ho’ in its second week continues its reign in 1082 UFO digital theatres. ‘One by two’, which releases today, screens in 306 UFO digital theatres.

‘Yaariyaan’ in its fourth weeks screens in 169 UFO digital theaters.

In its seventh week, the megastar movie – ‘Dhoom 3’ screens in 42 UFO Digital Theatres. ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ in its fourth week screens in 50 UFO digital theatres.

Telugu films ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda’ debut in 218 and 189 UFO digital theatres respectively.

Telugu films ‘Yevadu’ and ‘1 (Nenokkadine), in their fourth week, screen in 151 and 120 UFO digital theatres respectively.


Movie Name

Release Date


No of UFO Theatres





















Marathi film ‘Time Pass’, in its fifth week, screens in 79 UFO digital theatres

Kannada film, ‘Darling’ debuts in 66 UFO digital theatres today.

About UFO Moviez India Ltd. (www.ufomoviez.com)

UFO Moviez, the world’s largest satellite delivered Digital Cinema network, has revolutionized the way films are distributed and exhibited throughout India. Presently, UFO has a base of 3,458 digital screens (including more than 100 3D Screens), spread in over 1,350 cities in 28 states and 5 union territories of India. UFO has so far released 6807 films in 33 languages and has conducted over 18 million shows till date.

For more information, please contact:

Genesis Burson-Marsteller – Annu Dwivedi – Consulting Associate, (+91) 982002429

UFO Moviez India Ltd. – Shalini Bhattacharya – PR Manager, (+91)992083972


The Infiniti live-aboard is a luxury, sophisticated “superyacht” fully equipped for comfortable onboard living and cruising in the open sea. With the launch of Infiniti, it has given a whole new dimension to Indian Sea Adventure Tourism/Scuba diving community. The Live-aboard made its first trip around mid of September 2013 and Since then to now it has created a lot of experiential memories to tourists who have visited Infiniti. Beside the memories, it has also helped to explore and capture the visuals of untouched Andamans. We are sharing below online video link of volcanic diving at Barren Island and couple of pictures of celebrating Republic Day on 26th January 2014.

Volcanic Dive Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCC21UaTsoQ

Barren Island is the only active volcano in South East Asia. The real treat however is the scuba diving in the waters surrounding Barren Island. A volcanic eruption has covered almost everything underwater and with a thick layer of black sand, creating an unusual magnificent landscape to explore with solidified lava flow making for spectacular underwater cliffs & canyons; and tunas and sharks swimming along black walls which plunge to over 500 meters. As the havy black sand sinks to the botton, visibility here can exceed 50 meters and marine animals as rare and distinctive as Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks have been seen here. The contrasting vivid colors of bright fish against the jet-black wall is almost psychedelic; and this is a unique diving experience for all enthusiasts of the underwater world.

On the day of Republic Day the Infiniti was decked up in all the A to Z flags, with the India tricolour flying proudly. This was really a special moment at Infiniti and everyone was really proud to be Indian – that a place as beautiful & peaceful as the Andaman Islands is a part of India. The national anthem was sung onboard by all guests & crew, Indian and foreign nationals alike. Please see the attached picture for your reference

To know more about Infiniti Live-aboard experience, please visit Facebook Page Link – https://www.facebook.com/InfinitiLiveaboard

For more details on Infiniti Live-aboard, please visit – http://www.infinitiliveaboard.com/

Do let us know if you need more information on the same.


Sunil Ramakrishnan

Rig-Veda Consultancy & Services



Evelyn Sharma hits a hattrick with Yaariyan!

With T-Series’ Yaariyan being a runaway success, supermodel-turned-actress Evelyn Sharma has tucked in a neat third hit in a year.

First there was Rohan Sippy’s Nautanki Saala with Ayushman Khurrana. Evelyn followed it up playing the vivacious Lara in Ayan Mukerji’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani alongside Ranbir Kapoor, under Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions.

Her character of a sexy ditz who wraps a most charming Ranbir around her little finger was like a fresh breath of air. The film also gave Evelyn her hit song Ooh La La.

Then came Yaariyan, the directorial debut of Super Cassettes icon Bhushan Kumar’s enterprising wife Divya Khosla Kumar. Evelyn rocked again in the role of an angelic dream girl, this time romancing the Humse Hai Life teen heartthrob Himansh Kohli.

Her sensuous beach song Sunny Sunny with music superstar Yo Yo Honey Singh too was a huge hit while there was much talk about Evelyn being seen in a bikini for the first time on silver screen.

Coming up next is David Dhavan’s multi-starrer Main Tera Hero with Varun Dhawan, Anupam Kher and Illeana D’Cruz. Plus, Neeraj Pathak’s Bhaiyaji Superhit with Arshad Warsi and Sunny Deol. All this and more, sure makes Evelyn a face to look out for once more in 2014.


Karan Johar on his koffee with karan

Koffee with karans fourth season has created a buzz and excitement amongst the participants. Karan Johar the host describes it to be casual irreverence and fun vibe during the conversations with his guest. There were a set of different combinations and also first timers like Salman khan , Aamir Khan and Akshay kumar seen on the couch this season.

Karan finding it one of the best seasons says ” its been great this time, very happy and easy. The brand has been enhanced. Also, the show has been at all – time high on social media front. And on the video sharing website too, because people have been revisiting the episodes for a repeat viewing”

The rapid fire round has been appreciated the most for its competitive nature, Karan says ” I love it when they’re competing for the hamper. We can do an entire show on the ‘Hamper wars’. The celeb guests want to win the hamper and the quiz, that’s also why they drop their guards in excitement”

Karan promises to keep the fun going strong in his upcoming episodes.


Masterclass by Global Film distributor and Oscar winning Producer, Marc Baschet at Navi Mumbai International Film Festival

Mumbai: January 2014: Oscar winning producer for No Man’s Land and co-producer of Lunch Box, Mr Marc Baschet, will conduct a Master Class at Navi Mumbai International Film Festival (NMIFF) on 1st Feb 2014 at 3.00 pm at the DY Patil Hospitality College, Nerul.

Mr Marc Baschet will address the aspiring film makers on the topic , “ How to market and distribute independent films globally.” The master class will describe the various ways and methods used in the past to take the independent films to a global platform and the changing scenario today. Various films in India which have been distributed globally successfully are Lunch box and Ship of Theseus.

Through this master class, NMIFF aims to cultivate the innovative ideas of film making and to provide talented filmmakers a wider attention and space by showcasing their art to the global audience. Navi Mumbai Film Festival is determined to provide the film-goers, a repository of fine movies of different taste & calibers from across the globe, to enjoy under the sky of this beautiful city.

The registration for passes can be made online on the film festival’s website at http://www.nmiff.in

The Master-class will be held on:

Date: 1st February 2014, Saturday

Time: 3.00 pm

Venue: DY Patil Hospitality College, Nerul


Music Composer Duo Bapi Tutul win Best Score at 4th Peloponnesian International Film Festival

Music composer duo Bapi Tutul who are known for movies like Sarkar, Sarkar Raj and Khosla Ka Ghosla have bagged the Golden Pegasus for Best Original Score at the 4th PELOPONNESIAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL recently. This award has been given for Veena Bakshi’s film The Coffin Maker. This film features Naseeruddin Shah and it is about Anton Gomes who comes from a family of accomplished carpenters and takes up coffin making when difficult circumstances render him jobless and penniless.

The Coffin Maker was a clear favorite at the festival which won a total of 5 awards including The Golden Pegasus for Best Film. And for Bapi Tutul, it is a huge appreciation that has come their way! Bapi Tutul on the occasion of winning Best Score excitedly said, ” We always keep in mind the movie’s story before composing music. This movie required a special Konkani music and singer Hema Sardesai did a wonderful job. We are extremely happy about winning an award from an international platform.


Shahid Kapoor’s song have tracked very well with audiences and he has been spotted on stage at most award functions.

However at the Filmfare awards Shahid was seen rushing to the stage on a spontaneous thought.

When Supriya Pathak bagged the Best Actor Award in Supporting Role (Female) for Ram-Leela, shahid was seen sprinting towards the stage

He warmly congratulated her and rushed back.

It was a sweet unexpected gesture from the young lad to which Supriya and the audiences ooh-ed.

It is the first award Supriya has bagged and it was a very special moment for her.

Even Pankaj Kapoor who was present at the event was surprised and elated with Shahid’s reaction.

Pankaj and Shahid share an extremely close bond. Shahid often seeks his advice and discusses his roles with him.


Impressive start to the 1st edition of

Navi Mumbai International Film Festival (NMIFF)

· Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar felicitated

· Opening film Titanic Love was screened

Mumbai, January 31, 2014: First day of film extravaganza started on a very high note. The excitement was palpable as the emcee welcomed Mr. Sachin Khanna, Festival Founder and Chairman of the 1st edition of the Navi Mumbai International Film Festival. Applause continued when Mr. Ashok Purang, Festival Director, Capt. Samir Walavalkar, Director – Business & Finance, Salim Arif, Director of Cultural affairs, NMIFF were invited on the stage to address the gathering.

Ceremony kick started with felicitating reputed face of Indian Cinema, Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar by Mr. Pramod Hindurao, (Chairman, CIDCO). On this touching occasion Mr. Pilgaonkar said, “I am extremely thrilled to receive this honour from Navi Mumbai International Film Festival and I would like to thank everyone associated with this fantastic festival. It is a great initiative and I wish you all the very best. “

The auspicious lamp was lit by Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar and Mr. Pramod Hindurao along with Shri Sagar Naik, (Mayor, Navi Mumbai), Mrs. Manda Mhatre, (Ex-MLC, Navi Mumbai), Actor Rakesh Bedi along with jury members Mr. Marc Baschet, Mr. Imtiaz Hussain and Ms. Rohini Hattanagadi.

Shri Sagar Naik, (Mayor, Navi Mumbai) said, I am very happy that a festival of this stature is taking place in Navi Mumbai. I am happy to know that NMIFF has received films from across the globe and am looking forward to a fantastic three days of the festival.”

Mr. Sachin Khanna, founder, NMIFF said, “After attending several film festival across the country, I always wanted to do something for Navi Mumbai and that is how NMIFF was born. We have received tremendous response from Manda tai, Pramodji, Sagarji and from the people of Navi Mumbai.

The day moved ahead with the opening film Titanic Love, Director by Mark Pressdee starring Susannah Felicity Wells, Alex Edwardson, Loxley Logan, Ryan McKen and more. Titanic Love showcases how Lucy has found a Titanic Love cruise and wants to relive the Hollywood dream. Jack does not, they can’t afford it and Lucy is furious. Their relationship hits rough waters and Jack calls on best friend Delroy for advice and a cheap alternative. The film has a talented and emerging cast from the region. The film had been produced by some of the regions finest filmmakers.

The first day saw a great line up of 15 movies like Mahesh Manjrekar film Satnaagat, Directed by Raju Parsekar in Feature film category to L’appuntamento film by Gianpiero Alicchio from Italy in Professional Short Film and Jash ne Daawat by Karan Asnani in Student Short Film Category.

The crowd was immense and is looking forward for second and third day of Navi Mumbai International Film Festival.

Warm Regards,

Prajakta Chavarkar

Crisscross Communication


Rupesh Paul challenges Sherlyn Chopra to

prove one percent of her allegations

Reacting to Sherlyn’s new ruckus of allegations of forgery, cheating and outrage of modesty against writer-director Rupesh Paul, the director said, “All her allegations are fake and I have strong evidences of that. I presume she is doing this to save herself from the legal notice of Rs 5 Crore, which was sent to her earlier. Now that it is the 10th day of notice period for paying her loss, she would start up with all these over again. Sherlyn has received all her payments for Kamasutra 3D and I have her signed evidences on that. The only truth that she is saying is of the remaining payment of Rs 7 lacs, which she is to get after dubbing that is yet to be done, as she didn’t appear for it when we tried contacting her”.

Paul also alleged her for demanding of expensive gifts worth over lacs beyond her promised money for the movie also mentioning her misconduct while shooting. It is said that Sherlyn would not come out of her vanity when on floors until she felt like. Also the director unfolded that it was Sherlyn who went around saying that she has shot a song with Saroj Khan unaware to him. “Sherlyn has herself come up saying about her shoot with Saroj Khan and I just had to go with it as to not let her down”, said he. Rupesh Paul claimed that he has every evidence against the lady of blackmailing him that brought to him huge loss in the making of Kamasutra 3D.

Meanwhile, the director filed for a police complaint in Kerala police station against Sherlyn Chopra under criminal procedures of section 154, for her non-cooperation, misconduct and cheating.



· Worldwide MERGER activity totals $228.2 billion for YTD 2013, up 85% compared to January 2013

· Global Investment Grade CORPORATE DEBT falls 17% compared to YTD 2012 to $258.8 billion

· EQUITY CAPITAL MARKETS hits $52.0 billion so far this year, up 6% compared to a year ago

· MORGAN STANLEY holds the top spot for worldwide merger advisory with $100.9 billion from 15 deals

· JP MORGAN accounts for 7.3% of global debt underwriting so far this year, down 1.6 market share points from 2012

· With 9.8% share, GOLDMAN SACHS tops the ranking of ECM underwriters, an increase of 2.6 points from last year

· Lenovo Group’s $2.9 billion purchase of Google’s Motorola Mobility unit marks the second acquisition by the Hong Kong-based computer manufacturer this year and pushes the level of US acquisitions by companies based in China or Hong Kong to $5.2 billion for year-to-date 2014, up from $1.7 billion a year ago. Credit Suisse advised Lenovo on both purchases this year, while Lazard advised Motorola Mobility

· Liberty Global’s $10.9 billion bid for Dutch cable provider Ziggo NV pushes European M&A volume to $35.4 billion, up 21% compared to a year ago and the strongest year for European M&A since 2011. The deal ranks as the largest merger in the Netherlands since RWE AG’s $11.5 purchase of Essent NV in 2009

· This week’s multi-billion dollar sovereign debt offerings from the United Kingdom and Finland bring global agency, sovereign and supranational volume to $177.0 billion this year, up 1% compared to a year ago

· Cross-border M&A, which totals $70.5 billion for year-to-date 2013, and is up 65% compared to a year ago, accounts for 31% of overall announced M&A, down from 34% last year at this time

· Deal making activity in January 2014 totals $229.2 billion, which ranks as the strongest opening month for worldwide M&A since 2011. Charter Communications $62.0 billion bid for Time Warner Cable, Suntory’s $16.0 bid for Beam Inc and Liberty Media Group’s $11.0 billion offer to purchase Sirius XM Radio bolstered this month’s volume

· Media & entertainment, consumer staples and industrials account for 56% of announced merger activity during the month of January

Please feel free to contact us for any queries. Many Thanks

Best regards,

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Manali Jagtap

What’s life without a little bit of color: Celebrity stylistManali Jagtap

Couturier & Celebrity stylist Manali Jagtap has been on the fashion front making heads turn with her celebrities donning the newest looks be it her favourite muse Kareena Kapoor to Huma Qureshi, Sargun Mehta, Mugdha Godse, Aamna Sharif, this New Year the designer plays with the color palette & explores with fresh new themes emphasizing on every color.

Color is a matter of taste & of sensitivity… Bollywood’s celebrity stylist Manali Jagtap exactly designs to let the color do all the talking & this New Year created some spectacular designs that beautifully light up her signature store in most exciting area in Bandra, Main Intersection.

Manali Jagtap has been at the forefront of fashion and with the launch of her label in 2010 followed by her flagship store in 2011. Her collections have become synonymous with sophisticated drama, feminine motifs, unabashed grandeur and contemporary structure amply visible in her designs – from romantic, corseted silhouettes to Regal Sherwanis. Manali Jagtap’s enthusiasm for couture fashion resonates in her designs, resplendent with signature layering, dazzling embellishments, intricate draping and exquisite attention to detail.

“I found I could say things with color that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for,” believes the designer creating impeccable garments with varied colors. “While blue denotes openness, tranquilizer, responsible, red stands for energy, passion & action, white is cleanliness personified, let the colors speak for you. Be proud to wear the color that you call your own.”

Kalki Koechlin & Richa Chaddha, who have been pretty much unconventional with their acting and fashion tastes will be seen donning Manali Jagtap’s designs in Jia aur Jia, adding to the list of actressesMallika Sherawat, Sushmita Sen, Dia Mirza, Shilpa Shetty, Huma Qureshi, Minisha Lamba, Amrita Rao, Parvathy Omanakuttan clad inManali Jagtap’s bespoke statement garments with her signature twists.

Couturier Manali Jagtap has been pretty active in charity fashion showcase scene getting the crème de la crème crowd to walk for her & has been a stylist for many photo shoots. Driven by artistic, modern and luxurious design and style, couture-like quality and a high level of customer service, ManaliJagtap’s collections hold an impeccable customer appeal


Roshni Chopra imitates Kangana and Priyanka on small screen!

The actress will be seen mimicking the two stylish actresses in ‘Nomination Special’ episode of Zee Cine Awards…

IMG_1264.JPGPopular for her stint in Zee TV’s Kasamh Se, Roshni Chopra has been seen spoofing various actors and their antics on the small screen across various comedy shows. Mimicking Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra on Lux Cozi Zee Cine Awards 2014 Nominations Special episode, Roshni Chopra was seen at her versatile best. While the actress carried off their looks from the movies ‘Rajjo’ and ‘Zanjeer’ with ease, the actress seemed quite comfortable playing their parts too.

Mimicking the two Bollywood sirens in a hilarious spoof that had various other mimicry artistes like Rajesh Kumar, Kunal Kumar and Mubin playing the bigwigs of Bollywood, Roshni was seen playing a double role of Priyanka and Kangana. The half hour special will be a hilarious spoof about various actors trying to get a King to nominate their movies. While they are all in a King’s court trying to convince him to nominate them for Zee Cine Awards 2014, the King finally announces the nominations for Song of the Year, Best Actor – Male, Best Actor – Female and Best Film.

Speaking of her spoofy act, Roshni said, “It was a lot of fun stepping into the shoes of Kangana and Priyanka as they are both glamorous style icons and such ravishing women with their own individual adaa and andaaz. There was ofcourse a comic element to my avatars of the two divas as the idea was to spoof their styles. I hope the audience likes my look and laugh out loud.”

Requesting the King and his Minister to nominate Zanjeer and Rajjo for various categories, Roshni Chopra’s tongue-in-cheek humor was loved by everyone on the sets. Bringing in fun and laughter this weekend, Roshni and others will have the audiences in splits mimicking various artists.

Do not miss the ‘Nomination Special’ episode of Zee Cine Awards on Saturday, 1st February at 7 PM, Only on Zee TV! The excitement is sure building up for the telecast of Lux Cozi Zee Cine Awards 2014 on 23rd Februaryon Zee TV, Zee Anmol and Zee Tamizh!


It is usually the actresses that take hours to get ready for shoot. But this time around, it is the two boys, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor that took hours to get ready for their shots in Gunday.

For their upcoming film, Gunday, which is a total masala film set in Calcutta, both the boys needed to get on a tanning makeup before the shot.

These shots were bare body shots so not just their face.. But also their body had to have the tan in order to match the skin tone of people in Calcutta and make it more realistic.

It took the boys 3 hours to put the tan make up and 2 hours to get it off each time.

The boys really understood why the actresses take so much time now and they surely empathize with them after this experience.

The film is slated to release on 14th Feb 2014.

Arjun Kapoor says, “I had it more difficult than Ranveer Singh as he had to go only two shades darker for me it was almost four shades.”


Daisy Shah interrupts Salman Khan’s engagement- Jai Ho

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Salman Khan will bring change in the city- Jai Ho

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Imtiaz Ali reveals how he thought of the names of the lead pair in his film , ‘Highway’

Below is a note and also attached are a few images on the same.


In Imtiaz Ali’s new film Highway, Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda are called Veera and Mahabir. And there’s a bit of history and geography – and even mythology – to the names. Supposedly the name Veera first came to Imtiaz’s mind from the fact that he used to live on Veera Desai Road in Mumbai. “Also, in Punjab, girls, especially sisters, are referred to as ‘veera’,” the director says. “It’s a very cinematic name. There’s drama to it.” But for Mahabir, he went back to Ramayana because Randeep’s character is similar to Hanuman, where the story is never about him. Hanuman comes and does all these superhuman things and sacrifices his life but still it’s never about him. Only after naming the two of them separately, Imtiaz realised that there’s this connection — Veera and Mahabir. “The commonality in the two names has just been a personal smile to myself,” he smiles. Highway releases on 21st February.


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Find out Salman’s fixation with this newcomer!

It seems Salman is focusing a lot more on a newcomer in the industry. We wonder who it could be… Turns out, Salman is talking about one of the reigning Khans in Bollywood. Well if you think Salman, as always, is taking a dig at SRK, you are in for a big surprise!

The Khan whom Salman is referring to as a newcomer is none other than his friend and confidant – Aamir Khan! In an exclusive interview with zoOm, Salman Khan spoke about how he always knew that this ‘newcomer’ will break all the records! He also mentioned about promoting this ‘newcomer’s’ film extensively. We all know that even though Salman’s movie is right around the corner, the superstar preferred promoting Aamir’s Dhoom 3 on his show!

Going by their relationship, Salman and Aamir have been spotted pulling each other’s legs at various occasions. This is certainly one of them! While Aamir candidly speaks about his friend Salman… from his rivalry with SRK to his marriage plans; Salman chose this moment to refer to Aamir as a ‘newcomer’. But something that zoOm couldn’t help but notice was how elated Salman was while mentioning Dhoom 3 surpassed the collections of Chennai Express and established a new benchmark altogether.

Well like Gabbar Singh rightly said – Bahut yaraana lagta hai! To know more, tune into Btonite every day at 10 pm on zoOm – India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel.




The controversy over the music of Abhay Deol’s upcoming film, One By Two caused the actor to stand up for the musicians of the film and get them their rights.

For the same, the actor was seen sporting a black eye as a sign of protest at a recent award function. We also heard how various musicians from the industry stepped in to promote the film by sporting a black eye in the video of one of the film’s song.

The idea of the black eye protest became such a massive hit that the production house of the film, got a call from some officials of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) congratulating him on the successful idea.

They also mentioned to him how they would also consider using the idea when required.

The black eye that was sported by Abhay grabbed the attention of many eyeballs not only at the award ceremony but even post that.

His upcoming film opposite girlfriend Preeti Desai is slated to release on 31st Jan 2014.

Is that really true!!!? That’s so cool! Now I think I’ll wear the Gandhi cap with the black eye a say “turn the other eye”! Best news I’ve heard in a long time. Abhay Deol quote on Aam Admi


Aamir Khan finally takes his much needed and well deserved break for 10 days to unwind.

The Aamir Khan starrer, Dhoom 3, not only had a massive opening at the box office, but also managed to break all records in Indian cinema.

Aamir Khan put in a lot of efforts in playing two diverse characters in the film which were appreciated by the audiences.

The actor is known to do one film at a time usually. However, this time around the actor was extremely occupied with back to back schedules.

From wrapping the shoot of Dhoom 3, to completing a schedule of P.K., to getting into promotions of the film and season 2 of Satyameva Jayate and finally celebrating the massive success of Dhoom 3 recently at a party held at YRF, the actor was engaged all through.

Finally the actor is taking a break after 1.5 years to unwind and read scripts. Aamir will be traveling to Europe to relax and spend some ‘me time’ there.

The promos of the much awaited tele series, Satyameva Jayate, season 2, the host for which is Aamir Khan started airing on the television from 26th Jan 2014 (Republic Day). The show is slated to air from 2nd March 2014.


Rajshri group launches its first book ‘Lost In The Woods’, written by 9-year-old Kashvee R. Barjatya

At 9 years of age, Kashvee becomes one of the youngest published authors in the world

The book was launched by Sudha Murty and Sooraj R. Barjatya at a fun-filled event at Hamleys, Lower Parel

Rajshri Books, the newly incubated publishing arm of the group, will promote new literary talent and creative storytelling

27th January 2014, Mumbai: The 67 year old Rajshri group, one of India’s oldest, largest and most successful entertainment studios, today announced the launch of its first book, ‘Lost In The Woods’, written by 9 year old Kashvee R. Barjatya. This also marks the launch of Rajshri Books, a division of Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited, which aims to promote new literary talent and creative storytelling.

Written by debut child author Kashvee R. Barjatya, who at 9 years of age has become one of the youngest published authors in the world, ‘Lost In The Woods’ was launched at a fun-filled event at Hamleys, Lower Parel, by renowned author and social activist Sudha Murty and acclaimed film director Sooraj R. Barjatya. Also present at the event were Rajjat A. Barjatya, Managing Director & CEO of Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited and the publisher of the book, the Barjatya family, celebrities from Bollywood and the literary world, Kashvee’s classmates and friends along with book lovers and the media.

Speaking on her journey and her debut book, author Kashvee said: “Today is a really big day for me. It’s a dream come true. I narrated some poems to my father and he told me to weave them into a story. I’m very happy that my book is being published. I hope children and their parents across the world enjoy reading Lost In The Woods as much as I have enjoyed writing it.”

Rajjat A. Barjatya, Managing Director and CEO of Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited said “This is a very proud moment for me, as a publisher and as a father. Kashvee has been writing lovely poems and stories from a very young age. When I read the first draft of Lost In The Woods, I was struck by her imagination and by how well it lends itself to adaptations across films, TV, merchandizing and games. I have tried my best to give her a platform so that her talent can reach young readers across the world. I hope Kashvee inspires other kids to pursue their passion and live their dreams. At Rajshri Books, our endeavor will be to encourage new literary talent and creative storytelling since at the end of the day, irrespective of whether it’s a film, TV show, digital content or book, it’s all about telling a story!”

Sudhir Pai, Business Head, Hamleys said “Hamleys, the Finest Toy Shop in the world is indeed pleased to provide the launching pad for a very talented young Kashvee, in her maiden book venture. All of nine years old, Kashvee epitomises the true modern day child who has her traditional Indian values firmly in place, very creatively inclined, and comes across as an excellent example of what every parent would like to see their child to be. Hamleys has firmly believed in the learning and overall development of their little customers and has always promoted all such initiatives.“

‘Lost In The Woods’ is now available at all leading bookstores and on leading web stores. An e-book version of the book is available online at all leading e-book stores. Readers across the world can also log onto the official website www.lostinthewoods.in and also get regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Dailymotion.

In order to support a good cause, for every copy sold of ‘Lost In The Woods’, Rs. 10/- will be donated to Rajshri Foundation, the non-profit social enterprise of the Rajshri group.

Praise For The Book

Ruskin Bond – A very promising debut. Another young literary genius can be seen on the horizon.

Madhuri Dixit Nene – Delightful and engaging read. A great inspiration for thousands of young minds!

Anupama Chopra – Lost In The Woods is a unique combination of intelligence and imagination. I can’t wait to see what the 9-year-old author creates in the future!

Nandita Das – Astonishing how imaginative, lucid, adventurous and witty a 9 year old can be! Kashvee gives all her friends a fair share of the limelight. I am sure she will inspire many a writers and poets her age.

Amish – Kashvee’s vivid imagination brought a smile to my face. Her writing holds great promise.

Sooraj R. Barjatya – I read each poem twice. There is some magic in them. It’s almost cinematic! Thank you for taking us into this wonderful adventure!

Notes to the Editor:

Kashvee R. Barjatya

Born on 30th November 2004, Kashvee is a student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. She hails from a family that’s been at the forefront of providing wholesome family entertainment to Indians worldwide since 1947.

Kashvee is a voracious reader and began writing stories and poems from a very young age. She began work on ‘Lost In The Woods’ when she was 7 years old.

Kashvee is very creatively inclined and is also pursuing Indian classical dance and music. She lives in Mumbai in a joint family and aspires to be a writer of books and film scripts.

About Rajshri

Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited is the digital entertainment arm of the 67-year-old Rajshri group. Rajshri Entertainment produces and distributes entertainment content across multiple languages and verticals to digitally connected audiences worldwide, making entertainment available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Established on 15th August 1947, the Rajshri group is one of India’s oldest, largest and most successful entertainment studios. The Rajshri name is synonymous with family entertainment. Having begun as a film production and distribution studio, the group now has a significant presence in TV content production, music and digital entertainment, reaching viewers across the five screens of their life – cinema, TV, PC, mobile phones and tablet computers.

About Hamleys

Hamleys, the world’s most famous toy retailer, was established by Cornishman William Hamley in London in 1760. Today it remains the world’s most wonderful toy shop, synonymous with theatre, magic and entertainment.

Hamleys entered the Indian market, through an exclusive pan India Franchise arrangement with Reliance Retail in 2010. In India, the magic spreads across eleven different stores: Four in Mumbai two in Delhi and one each in Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Pune. These stores and www.hamleys.com enable the Hamleys’ magic to be delivered throughout the world. Hamleys has ambitious plans to grow the brand even further internationally through franchise stores in other territories.

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Veena`s White Wedding

Veena`s much awaited wedding is finalized. The marriage is said to take place in Washington DC. It will be a white wedding, which first became popular with the Victorian era elites.

According to the source, Veena Malik is going to marry her husband Asad Khan Khattak the Western style. It is said to be happening in the second week of march. She will be wearing a white dress as per the customs and tradition. The dress is designed by a well known Pakistani designer, Arzu Gull. Asad will be wearing a suit to impress. It will be designed by the famed Italian designer Azzaro. The tradition of a white wedding was commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white wedding dress at her wedding.

A hearty congratulation to both!!


Sachin Pilgaonkar and Ravi Jadhav to be felicitated at the 1st edition of Navi Mumbai International Film Festival (NMIFF)

Mumbai, January, 2014: Navi Mumbai, will hold its first ever Film Festival, on 31st January to 2nd February 2014. The festival will be held at the DY Patil Auditorium in Nerul, one of the largest auditoriums in the city. On this occasion Navi Mumbai International Film Festival (NMIFF) felicitates two reputed personalities of Indian Cinema Sachin Pilgaonkar and Ravi Jhadhav. Mr Chhagan Bhujbal, Minister of Public works; Maharashtra State will felicitate Sachin Pilgaonkar on the 31st January, 2014. Ravi Jhadhav will be felicitated by Humanity First Foundation on the 2nd Feb.

Starting as a child actor, in Marathi film, Ha Majha Marg Ekla (1962), Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar went on to act in around 65 films as a child artiste, before switching to adult roles. He has recently completely splendid 50 years in Indian Cinema. Mr. Ravi Jadhav has immensely contributed to Marathi Cinema with his award winning films like ‘Natarang’ and ‘Balgandharva’. The national award director has again won the hearts of the audience with his recent movie ‘Time pass.’

On this occasion, Mr. Sachin Khanna, Festival Founder and Chairman says “It is our good fortune that we would be felicitating Mr. Pilgaonkar and Mr. Jadhav at Navi Mumbai International Film Festival”, Mr. Ashok Purang, Festival Director adds saying “We are honored to have personalities like Sachin Pilgaonkar and Ravi Jadhav at NMIFF. Their films have been loved and celebrated by millions of cinema lovers.”

NMIFF aims to become an international platform to showcase the talent of established as well as young & independent filmmakers from across the globe.

This three days film extravaganza is going to witness many more known faces of cinema like Nagesh Kukkunoor, Actor Sayaji Shinde, Actor Rakesh Bedi, Actress Himani Shivpuri, Film maker Nagesh Bhonsle, and many more along with eminent jury members like Mr. Marc Baschet, Mr. Imtiaz Hussain, Ms. Rohini Hattanagadi.

The Navi Mumbai International Film Festival will be held on:

Date: 31st January to 2nd February, 2014

Venue: DY Patil Auditorium, Nerul


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