“Comparisons with Aishwarya have been flattering!” says Paridhi Sharma

Paridhi Sharma, who is currently seen as Jodha in the show ‘Jodha Akbar’, recently spoke to us about the nuances of playing a historical character and how the comparisons with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have only encouraged her.

Comparisons with Aishwarya feel nice

Ever since I started playing Jodha, I have been getting a lot of compliments. I’m really happy and I feel blessed that people are appreciating me. I knew that people would compare me with Aishwarya (who played Jodhaa in the movie Jodhaa Akbar). I mean, from the beginning of my career, I am being compared to an iconic personality like Aishwarya.

I’ve even been called Madhubala

People have come and told me, ‘You look better than Aishwarya’. People have even compared me to Madhubala. It feels great that my hard work has paid off.

Lot of hard work to do a historical show

The sets of the show are in Karjat, near Mumbai, so we have to stay there. Apart from that, I have to wear this heavy jewellery and attire which is quite a task. You have to learn so much. I trained in martial arts, sword fighting and horse-riding. It’s quite different from what daily soap actors do. But at the end of the day, the show is giving you so much, so you have to make that sacrifice. In fact, it’s been really long since I have been to my hometown Indore to meet my family. But whenever my parents get time, they come to visit the set.

I’ve had my share of struggles

Since childhood, I’ve had a passion towards art – painting and dance. After completing my MBA from Pune, I realized that marketing was not my cup of tea. When people would ask me ‘Why marketing’, the answers I would give were not from my heart. Mujhe bahut fake interviews dene pad rahe thay. I found acting to be the best medium to portray myself. I went to Mumbai, started struggling, and meanwhile, also did a lot of theatre.

Would love to do a dance reality show

I have had formal training in Kathak. In Kathak, you have to portray lots of expressions and emotions. It has helped me in acting. If given a chance, I would love to do a dance reality show.

Family is supportive

My parents were quite supportive when I decided to enter TV. Even my husband is quite supportive

Nupur Kothari

Executive – Public Relations


Jackpot team at a promotional event

Sachiin Joshi and Sunny Leone, the star cast of Viiking Entertainment and Media’s latest offering ‘Jackpot’ are promoting their film in full swing. Jackpot also stars Naseeruddin Shah, Makrand Deshpande, South actor Bharath among others and is written and directed by Kaizad Gustad.

Jackpot synopsis and crew credits for information…

Jackpot is a fast-paced rollercoaster full jhol thriller film, set in the world of casino boats and gambling in Goa, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Sunny Leone and Sachiin Joshi. Produced by Viiking Entertainment and Media, written and directed by Kaizad Gustad.

Release Date: 13th December 2013.

Producer: Raina Sachiin Joshi.

Music: Sharib-Toshi, Mika Singh, Remo Fernandes, Sridevi Keshavan, Janaka Atugoda, Juno Reactor, Rahul Bhatt, Itek Bhutani, Rishi Rich

Choreography: Bosco and Caesar.

DOP: Artur Zurawski.

CFO and Associate Producer: Satish Salvi.

Executive Producer: M R Shahjahan.

Sunny’s Designer: Hitesh Kapopara.


Sparking Change

FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival, only film festival in India focussing solely on human rights, returns to the city

On December 10th, which is the International Human Rights Day, noted filmmaker and activist Mr.Mahesh Bhatt, being one of the very few fortunate Indians who has met Nelson Mandela, remembered what the late leader had told him, “It would be preposterous for me to give any advise to India. Just live the words of Gandhi”

Mr.Bhatt who announced the 3rd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival to be held in the city from Dec 12th – 14th, 2013 at Alliance Française de Bombay said, “When empathy erodes from our society evil walks tall. I am certain that these deeply felt films made by brave film makers, will jolt us all and make us take note of the suffering we unleash on our fellow human beings. Flashpoint Human Rights Film Festival for me is like a solitary lamp in this dark night. It will ignite hope in the hopeless”.

Mr.Bhatt, who is the Festival Patron of FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival, and supporter since its inception in 2010, said “You cannot have peace without justice. I support Flashpoint Human Rights Film Festival because it fights for human dignity.”

In the third edition, the festival brings together a collection of volatile and incisive 13 Indian and international films on human rights films.

Elaborating on the programme, festival director Sridhar Rangayan said, “This year’s films deal with a wide gamut of issues – from discrimination against women, to war crimes, to forced disappearances. Highlight of this year’s festival are several films that highlight cyber activism by women and youth on social media networks, using mobile phones, cameras and laptops, to create revolution. This is the spirit which our festival acknowledges and salutes. We want people to become ‘flashpointers’ of change. Every action counts to create a movement”.

The festival which is a free event open to public at large, is an initiative by Solaris Pictures, who also organize the iconic KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.

Vinta Nanda, Managing Director, of ACEE – The Third Eye, who have come on board this year as co-organizer said, “In times such as these ones, when technology has unleashed an invasion of the democracy of voice, much before a state could have inculcated a tolerance for diversity; a patience for multiplicity of languages; a resilience for a medley of cultures; an endurance for contradictions in the politics of truth and lies; and a stamina among its people for the variance in the comprehension of morality, it is festivals of films on human rights, like FLASHPOINT that bring meaning to the discourse and quicker justice to the marginalized and disenfranchised by moving empowered societies towards action”

The film festival is supported by Movies That Matter in Netherlands, an arm of Amnesty International.

The films set in India that highlight local human rights issues are ‘Shahid’ by Hansal Mehta about the lifestory of the brave lawyer who was murdered; ‘Inshallah, Kashmir’ by Ashvin Kumar about forced disappearances in Kashmir; ‘Salma’ by Kim Longinotto about a woman who was kept locked up for 13 years by her family, and ‘Bottle Masala in Moile’ by Vaidehi Chitre about displacement of the East Indian community in Mumbai.

For details on all films and complete schedule, visit www.flashpointfilmfestival.blogspot.com

3rd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival

December 12 – 14, 2013

11 am to 8pm


Alliance Francaise de Bombay

40, New Marine Lines Road

Mumbai 400020

Phone: 022 2203 5993

Entry Free. Registration at venue.

Seating on first come first served basis.

Festival Contact:

FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival

Email: flashpoint.hrff@gmail.com

Press Contact

Anusha Naarad 98205 35230


Frenzy Friday!

All this week Bullion danced to the tunes of Labour report from US.

Gold is down about 28% this year, heading for the first annual loss in 13 years, as solid U.S. economic data has underlined expectations that the Fed will begin curbing stimulus.

The bond-buying stimulus has strongly supported gold prices as it has served to keep interest rates ultra low, an ideal environment for non-yield bearing assets. It so happened that a 2% increase in Gold prices was the biggest one day gain in over a month’s time. This can be attributed to short covering and new fund buying that deal that the FED plan to exit asset purchase scheme will still take time.

Gold prices fell on Thursday but remained range bound after solid U.S. economic growth and jobless claims data; firmed up talk that Federal Reserve will begin scaling back stimulus programs within the coming months. Even though European Central Bank and Bank of England have continued to hold off from any new policy action, markets are fixated on U.S. economic snapshots and any data that gives an idea when the Federal Reserve might start curbing its bond-buying programme.

Gold prices rode a rollercoaster Friday, regaining some ground after Thursday’s sharp losses right ahead the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published strong job numbers, to fall sharply after the announcement.

The game was all being played by forecasts.

On Friday, as the US Labour report was released, gold was seen in a different mood.

Gold climbed in volatile trade on Friday, bouncing from session lows reached after U.S. jobs data beat forecasts, as traders who had bet on even larger losses rushed to cover their positions.

The actual figure was higher than forecast at 203,000, compared to consensus forecasts of 185,000. The rate of US unemployment also fell to a five-year low of 7%, but economists suggested the figures were heavily skewed by the US government shutdown in October. Thousands of government employees who were temporarily laid off returned to work last month. Unemployment rate in the US fell to 7.0% from 7.3% in October. Economists predicted a smaller decline to 7.2%.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department said personal income edged down by 0.1% in October after increasing by 0.5% in September. Economist did not expect the drop, as they had expected income to increase by 0.3%. The market fell immediately after the figures showed that U.S. employers had hired more workers than expected in November and the unemployment rate had dropped to a five-year low of 7 percent, which strengthened the case for the Federal Reserve to start reducing bond purchases as soon as this month.

Gold prices have now erased some of their losses for the week but were still down 1.2 percent after having dropped sharply on Thursday as data showed the U.S. economy grew faster than estimated in the third quarter.

The majority looks through the noise towards the end goal, i.e. tapering and a slow normalisation of US monetary policy which is coming closer by the day. As a result, at this stage it appears as if rallies will simply be sold into, whether the data beats expectations or not. Gold ETFs seems to liquidate on every opportunity, with the latest data showing ETF holdings are down another 113Koz. Silver should follow gold and as a result remains a sell into rallies.

The Federal Reserve, which holds its next meeting on December 17-18, has said the timing of its tapering depends on the health of the labour and housing


Dhoom is a journey that started in 2003. A light footed caper that became a runaway hit. It is

said that sequels are arguably the legitimate offspring of successful films.

However, we at Yash Raj Films always felt that the reason to make the film should be its

content and not just the tag of Dhoom. With this intent we brought Dhoom:2 to you in 2006.

This time, the cops and robbers set up hid a love story within its folds. It had a dream run at

the box office and it created a potential mine field of expectations for us. Inadvertently we had

become our own biggest competitors. So here we are ready with Dhoom:3. Saying that

expectations are sky high would seem like the understatement of the decade. So all we’d like

to say is that we want to share this film with you and in all humility, we hope that it is an

experience that pleases, surprises and awes its audience. In the cacophony of today’s world,

we’d like to transport you to a time when an audience discovered a film in the theatre. A time

to forget your world and get involved with the world of…


A man so driven that he exudes an energy that’s at once

alluring and dangerous, fiery, fierce and unforgiving.

Sahir The Clown Thief is a force that destroys whatever

opposes him.


The canny cop from Mumbai. Determined, analytical, persevering. Jai can go to any lengths

to get his adversary and sometimes you have to think like the enemy to trap the enemy.


The entertainer. The reluctant cop who’s at home anywhere – from Nagpada to Niagra Falls,

Ali is always at ease, ready to fall in love with anything that resembles the female form and

unswerving in his search to become a “familywala.”


A fresh faced unassuming girl who transforms once she’s on stage. She is a fearless soul who

defies gravity in her act in the circus. She is equally fearless in matters of the heart


Power Comes in the Salty Water!

Kavita Raha, founder of Pink Platform conducted a panel discussion on ‘Domestic abuse & battered women’ pompously on board of Voyager – Seven Seas with the woman achievers!

Pink Platform hosted a panel discussion on “Domestic abuse & battered women: Responsibility & obligations of the privileged class” on board of Voyager- Seven seas in the open Arabian Sea.

A human rights specialist, doctors and a lawyer were in conversation with Kavita Raha, Founder & CEO; Pink Platform highlighting some of the human rights issues faced by women in our country along with pondering over our responsibilities towards women who are less fortunate than us.

The crème de la crème crowd comprising of elite class of women coming from different backgrounds were Bhagyashree, Archana Kochhar, Amy Billimoria, Dr. Sunita Banerjee, Bina Aziz, Nazneen, Priya Thakur & others

Couturier Amy Billimoria, from her exclusive collection, put up a Saree for auction. A contemporary Saree influenced by the various aspects of a modern woman.

Pink Platform, an online community…the website designed to gather women from different walks of life onto a single forum where they can express themselves freely, discuss issues that matter and share their experiences, in turn helping enrich the lives of other women.

Explaining the mantra of Pink Platform, founder Kavita Raha mentions, “Our mantra is ‘Let start small, but start’… We are forming a ‘circle of trust’, so for those who are interested in contributing and starting small giving projects can register at the Pink Platform online portal. The Pink Platform network covers a vast array of topics that would be relevant for women all over the world, in different age groups, and includes subjects such as parenting, healthcare, and domestic issues to beauty, entertainment, personal finance, food and travel, to name just a few.”

The panel discussion revolved around topics of sexual & domestic abuse where everybody openly discussed the sensitive issues.

Sexual abuse still remains largely hidden. The recent outrage over the allegations of abuse of a Tehelka staffer by the editor has led to fresh discussions about sexual harassment in the work place. Quite often, women choose to shrug it off fearing problems at work, because they lack the support that they will need to pursue criminal charges considering that the perpetrator is often in a position of power, and above all because they want to avoid further harassment due to a long drawn police investigation and trial process. This is true in most cases of abuse, and crimes are rarely reported unless the injuries are so critical that they person needs medical care, in which case doctors are obliged to inform the police.

Domestic violence too remains largely hidden. While it can occur across classes, the victim often feels economically dependent on the perpetrator, unwilling to risk the hardship she and the children might encounter if they complain. Of course, there are the more complicated areas of marital rape.

Talking about how Pink Platform came into being, Kavita Raha explains, “Women are constantly balancing their time and priorities between home, children, spouse/ partner, and the workplace with each demanding their share of importance and attention. To add to it all, this constant act of juggling responsibilities is seen as being merely supportive in nature and often doesn’t receive adequate recognition. Between all of this, they get very little time or opportunity to cater to their own needs or discuss their problems and issues. And this is where pink Platform steps in.”

Thanks & Regards,

Piicture N Kraft Team

Piicture N Kraft

19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road,

Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053

Email – parul@picturenkraft.com & parulchawla2013@gmail.com

Tel Nos.9833577407/ 9004136155


Bollywood hand picking straight from the Ramp!

Couturier Manali Jagtap designs for Kalki Koechlin & Richa Chaddha in Bollywood’s next Jia aur Jia

Being a celebrated designer having the likes of the B-townies & other top models of the glitterati, Manali Jagtap, after having showcased her exquisite range of sophisticated & contemporary designs at various fashion weeks, now will join the designers to being costume designers for Bollywood flicks.

Manali Jagtap’s couture fashion to be donned by Kalki Koechlin & Richa Chaddha in their next film Jia aur Jia!

Manali Jagtap has been at the forefront of fashion and with the launch of her label in 2010 followed by her flagship store in 2011. Her collections have become synonymous with sophisticated drama, feminine motifs, unabashed grandeur and contemporary structure amply visible in her designs – from romantic, corseted silhouettes to Regal Sherwanis. Manali Jagtap’s enthusiasm for couture fashion resonates in her designs, resplendent with signature layering, dazzling embellishments, intricate draping and exquisite attention to detail.

Kalki Koechlin & Richa Chaddha, who have been pretty much unconventional with their acting and fashion tastes will be seen donning Manali Jagtap’s designs in Jia aur Jia, adding to the list of actresses Mallika Sherawat, Sushmita Sen, Dia Mirza, Shilpa Shetty, Huma Qureshi, Minisha Lamba, Amrita Rao, Parvathy Omanakuttan clad in Manali Jagtap’s bespoke statement garments with her signature twists.

With a loyal clientele comprising of Shonali Nagrani, Lucky Morani, Shalmali Kholgade, Anoushka Manchanda, Aarti Chhabria, Shibani Dandekar, Aamna Sharif, Rashmi Desai, Aahana Deol, Sonal Chauhan, Yuvika Chaudhary, Couturier Manali Jagtap has been pretty active in charity fashion showcase scene getting the crème de la crème crowd to walk for her & has been a stylist for many photo shoots & now makes her foray into Bollywood as a costume designer for Kalki & Richa Chaddha.

Driven by artistic, modern and luxurious design and style, couture-like quality and a high level of customer service, Manali Jagtap’s collections hold an impeccable customer appeal.

Thanks & Regards,

Piicture N Kraft Team

Piicture N Kraft

19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road,

Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053

Email – parul@picturenkraft.com & parulchawla2013@gmail.com

Tel Nos.9833577407/ 9004136155


Pepperfry.com, India’s Largest Online Furniture and Home destination Launches Auctions

Pepperfry.com has launched Auctions for its discerning furniture and home shoppers. Reinforcing Pepperfry’s deep expertise and strong focus in the furniture and home segment, the Auctions will present an opportunity to shoppers to win items at the price they wish to pay. Pepperfry Auctions is an exciting and engaging format for enthusiastic and evolved Indian shoppers who’d definitely enjoy the thrill of purchasing unique home merchandise by competing with fellow shoppers.

Featuring a fantastic selection of designs, Pepperfry Auctions allow customers to bid for products that are perceived expensive and hence the customers can bid the price they wish to pay. Customers new to the auctions format can opt for Auto-bid which will act as their bidding manager and keep bidding on their behalf until the maximum amount set the by the customer is reached.

Handpicked by the Pepperfry team, the furniture and home merchandise on auction is a great mix of functional and hard to find designs; customers have a chance to place bids for a bench, a vintage style writing table, a slim book shelf, a Buddha statue, a wall mirror with storage and a wood planter amongst others. Commenting on the Auctions feature, Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO-Pepperfry.com said “Pepperfry Auctionsadd excitement and provide a bit of an adrenaline rush toour customers. This is a test pilot to help customers engage with the Pepperfry brand. Other categories such as Electronics and Apparel have bargain sales and there are ready price-references available that indicate the amount of savings. In Furniture and Home items the value is not only in the material and quality but also in the design and the concept, so auctions provide a fantastic opportunity for our customer to discover a price and also pay only what they wish as per the value they perceive. Our Auctions concept is simple, easy to use and coupled with a chance to take away a beautiful product for your home.”

For more information on Pepperfry Auctions, view http://www.pepperfry.com/auctions

About Pepperfry

Pepperfry is India’s No. 1 online Furniture, Home and Living destination, offering customers a wide selection of amazingly priced Furniture and Home merchandise with a consistently great shopping experience. The Pepperfry managed marketplace is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their merchandise to millions of discerning customers and Pepperfry today works with close to a thousand merchant partners to showcase their design skills, craftsmanship and service orientation to customers across India and the world. Our mantra is to be the one stop shopfor customers seeking to spice up their home.

For media queries:

Garima Sharma



Warm Regards,

Prathmesh Chavan

PRaxis Media, Pune



Country’s best runners to feature in ADHM

Last year’s winners, Rahul Kumar Pal and Sudha Singh will return to defend their titles among the Indians at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to be flagged off on Sunday, December 15. Training at the Army Sports Institute, Pune, Rahul won in a relatively slow time of 66.12 minutes in hot and humid conditions and will be looking forward to better his personal best of 65 minutes. Sudha, currently the best distance runner in the country, having added the half marathon crown at the Mumbai Marathon in Jan 2013 to her kitty will also be looking to better her last year’s timing of 79.34 minutes.

Both athletes will also be looking to lower the course records, which carry a bonus of Rs 1 lakh, in addition to the winner’s purse of Rs 2.5 lakhs. The course record of 64 minutes for men stands in the name of Deepchand Shaharan, set in 2009, while for women its 77.12 minutes, set by Kavita Raut in 2008.

The Indian men’s elite field will have 53 runners, among them names like V L Dangi, who has a personal best of 64 mins; Kheta Ram, Hoshiar Singh and G Laxmanan, all 65 minute athletes. Also in the fray are former winners Suresh Kumar Patel, Irappa D Akki and Soji Mathew, who will be looking to stake their claim to a podium finish.

Among the women, Sudha will have to contend with the other two fancied names of distance running, Kavita Raut and Preeja Sreedharan. Kavita, back from a break, recently won the Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon and will be looking to regain her title. The other women to look out for in the field of 25 are the sisters Monika and Rohini Raut, former winner Lalita Babbar, Vijaymala Patil, Swati Gadhwe and Neelam Rajput, to name a few.

Neha Kandalgaonkar | Principal Consultant

Concept Public Relations Limited

Registered Office: Queen’s Mansion | First Floor | Prescott Road | Next to Cathedral School | Fort | Mumbai 400001

O: 022.40558900| M: +91 9892194965| F: 022.40558901

E: neha@conceptpr.com



Bollywood Celebrities Attend grand Launch of “Spring of Rhythm”

9th Dec 2013, Mumbai : The launch of Spring of Rhythm company was a mega event which saw the presence of big and renowned names of Bollywood singers, lyricists and many music composers,which included veteran lyricist Yogesh, melody king Udit Narayan, and singer Sadhana Sargam. Spring of Rythm is an event management company initiated by

Aman jha and Satyendra who have been companions for years with years of their companionship and hard work they launched their dream event management company together spring of Rythm, which will excel as a service provider in events. Spring of Rythm company’s launch saw the unveiling of company’s banner and logo done by veteran lyricist Yogesh and veteran singer Udit Narayan, Udit Narayan has known both Aman jha and Sateydra since years he congratulated the duo with all his good wishes and also did show his interest in working with the company for years to come.He also mentioned about how dedicated the company,Spring of Rhythm is in providing the best service and will be a landmark in coming future. Aman jha and Satyendra were extremely delighted by the launch and with the presence of Udit Narayan and Yogesh both seem to be confident about their future perceptive and thanked all the celebrities for their presence. The event saw the presence of female singer Pamela jain too the night was carried by a melodious musical programme.

About The Company

Spring of Rhythm is an event management company with the expertise in musical events. Spring of Rhythm has distinguished itself by bringing innovative ideas in the musical event management industry. With the enormous amount of experience in handling a vast variety of musical events including corporate and individual events, the company has built a good reputation in this field.

In order to mesmerize the audience, music event must be skillfully managed and executed. Spring of Rhythm is proficient in converting spectacular event plans into reality with its unmatched expertise in organizing magnificent musical event. Our portfolio is the strongest evidence of our capability, dedication and competence in music event management.

We in the spring of Rhythm not only sign business deal but also build strong bonds with our clients. We believe that business is all about customer satisfaction and not just a mean of earning money. We as a team pride ourselves with our levels of commitment, dedication, and attention to detail, taking great satisfaction with the end result.

Our founders Aman Jha and Satyendra are amongst the famous personalities of the music industry and have close contact with almost all the music world celebrities. Expert and dedicated team from Spring of Rhythm thoroughly review client’s requirement and suggest best possible solution.

Ashwani Shukla

Altair Media

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Cell: (+91) 9892236954

BB pin : 324D1A13

Skype: ashwinskl

Connect: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Find us : Official Website | IMDB | Bollywood Hungama


New Delhi, 5th December 2013 -: On the occasion of India- South Africa series, WeChat the ‘All In One’ social communication application has introduced special animated “Master Blaster” stickers inside the app. These stickers will give an opportunity to Master Blaster fans to express and share their love for the great player with their friends.

This cricket season WeChat users can enjoy the best-in-class social communication experience and remain connected with their friends and family through WeChat’s interactive features like ‘Free Voice Messaging’, ‘Free Video Calls, ‘Free picture and video sharing’ and ‘ Free stickers’ etc.

WeChat has always introduced localized features for all important festivals and events in India. These features have been introduced in keeping with the core philosophy of WeChat which is innovative, fun and ‘All-In-One’.

About WeChat

WeChat is an innovative mobile social communications application designed for smartphone users. WeChat is free for download from app stores running on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone operating systems*. It is the most downloaded mobile social app in many markets, with more than 100 million registered accounts in international markets.

WeChat users can add friends via a wide range of innovative actions and methods, including scanning QR codes, connecting users’ phone books and activating location-based functions such as “People Nearby” and “Shake”. The platform enhances social interaction by supporting exchanging of text, voice and video, stickers, and photos with their friends over data networks or under Wi-Fi environments. Users can choose to communicate one-on-one, or within their closed social network through “Moments”.

WeChat also comes with comprehensive privacy setting functions, which enables user to tailor their security level as needed.

For more details and application download, please visit www.wechat.com

* Data charges may be applied to a user by network provider depending on tariff and/or internet provider

** Some features are limited to certain operating systems due to the product development cycle.


SIX logo.JPG

SONY SIX and TNA bring the ACTION to INDIA

TNA Superstars Kurt Angle and Gail Kim to give India the flavor of the sport

Mumbai, 9th December 2013: SONY SIX and TNA have announced that two of their global wrestling sensations – Kurt Angle and Gail Kim – will be arriving in India to conduct a variety of events to engage with the audiences. Kurt Angle, the Olympic Gold Medalist and multiple time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, along leading female wrestling superstar Gail Kim will travel to India on a promotional tour, that will see them visit Mumbai, Lucknow and Delhi from the 9th – 13th of December.

“Kurt is a wrestling superstar who not only garners critical following but is also a personality that attracts a huge fan base globally. With Kurt and Gail on TNA, fans will get to meet them up close and personal during their visit to India,” said Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, SONY SIX. “The sport of wrestling has been embedded into the hearts of Indian viewers since their childhood and we are thrilled to present our audiences with some of their most iconic figures in the sport of wrestling.”

Setting a different pace to the stars visit, SIX and TNA have taken an unconventional route to the tour by featuring the city of Lucknow as one of the pit stop.

Commenting on this, Prasana added, “We have not taken the typical route of limiting the visit to main metros. Lucknow has a huge fan following for TNA and we have received tremendous response with regard to viewership from this market. We want to take this opportunity to engage with the fans and give them a real feel of the entertainment TNA has to offer.

Kurt Angle said: “I’ve been fortunate to travel the world with my amateur and professional wrestling career, and India is an extraordinary place. I’m thrilled to be traveling there to promote TNA and build on our growing success in the area. Meeting the great wrestling fans in person, and taking in the sights and sounds of such an incredible nation will be an unforgettable experience for me.”

“I love that India has embraced TNA in such a big way,” added Gail Kim. “Traveling there for the first time to meet the fans and experience the rich and vibrant culture of India will be a dream come true.”

During their visit, Kurt and Gail will be a part of a variety of promotional events to seed the growth of wrestling in India.

TNA President Dixie Carter said: “We have been so pleased with the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response fans in India have shown TNA, and we cannot wait to bring Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and reigning Knockouts Champion Gail Kim for our first press tour there.”

“SONY SIX has been a terrific partner for us as we continue to grow our worldwide programming portfolio. We look forward to directly connecting with fans during our visit.”

In their tour to India, fans will get to meet these iconic wrestling superstars in:

Ø City: Mumbai

When: 10th December 2013

Where: Infinity Mall 2, Link Road, Malad West , Mumbai – 400056

Ø City: Lucknow

When: 12th December 2013

Where: Wave Mall, TC-54, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow- 226010

TNA produces numerous weekly TV programs, monthly PPV events and more than 100 live shows a year. The product is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling and is broadcast in more than 120 countries. The events see the company’s biggest stars perform for the sport’s most passionate audiences. Annual mainstays like March’s “Lockdown,” June’s “Slammiversary” and October’s “Bound for Glory” anchor the lineup, but each show delivers the best TNA has to offer.

Sony SIX, India’s Premier Sports Entertainment Channel is owned and operated by MSM India. Besides TNA, the company is well known to exclusively broadcast some of the world’s largest as well as renowned international sporting properties like The Pepsi IPL, UEFA EURO 2016, Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2016 and the European Qualifiers for FIFA World Cup 2018, The NBA and The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Since its inception, the channel has successfully managed to target the youth of India through a mix of sports and entertainment.




British Airways Brings ‘Silent Picturehouse’,

A Film Watching Extravaganza to India

A Three-Day Celebratory Event to Commemorate 100 Years of Indian Cinema!

December 10, 2013, Mumbai: Hundreds of Bollywood movie lovers and film enthusiasts will be transported to the biggest movie extravaganza this month as British Airways opens its doors to the ‘Silent Picturehouse’ in India. Taking place at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, from 16 December 2013 culminating with a gala event on the 18 December 2013, ‘Silent Picturehouse’ promises to bring an unforgettable cinematic experience in the heart of the world’s greatest film industry.

Studded with stardom, ‘Silent Picturehouse’ will see presence of crème de la crème of Mumbai’s high society including the dynamic Indian film director, producer, screenwriter, costume designer, actor and television host, KARAN JOHAR!

Celebrating 100 years of glitz, glamour and the journey of Indian cinema this year, ‘Silent Picturehouse,’ is a unique cinematic experience showing three films, on three screens, all in one space combining the in-flight entertainment experience with the traditional cinema environment. Viewers will be enabled to tune in to their movie of choice from the selected options using wireless headphones; immersing themselves completely in the world of films. The venue will be completely overhauled to create a dramatic setting with enriched viewing experience – so that guests feel like they’ve stepped inside a film set. So get ready to travel the world from your seat at British Airways Silent Picturehouse in Mumbai.

Christopher Fordyce, Regional Commercial Manager, South Asia, British Airways, said “With this year marking 100 years of Indian cinema, we are delighted to bring ‘Silent Picturehouse’ to the people of Mumbai. Our guests will be immersed in a celebration of film and travel from the moment they arrive. We are thankful to Karan Johar for collaborating with British Airways to celebrate this joyous occasion.

“With over 84 years of heritage and understanding of the Indian market behind us, we, at British Airways, truly understand what our customers expect from us. We are proud to be associating ourselves with Indian cinema’s milestone year through ‘Silent Picturehouse’ in Mumbai. Bollywood is recognised as one of the greatest cinema industries in the world, so bringing ‘Silent Picturehouse’ to Mumbai is an exciting prospect for us. Our customers will witness yet another opportunity to experience British Airways’ award-winning hospitality with the traditional big-screen cinematic experience all under one space.”

Karan Johar has handpicked his favourite travel inspired films to be screened. In an innovative twist, viewers tune in from wireless headphones, replicating the in-flight experience.

Successfully launched in London in 2010, British Airways is pleased to bring the unique concept to India. An original concept that has enchanted guests in the UK and with 100 years of cinema being celebrated in India, this year’s ‘Silent Picturehouse’ Mumbai chapter promises to be an unforgettable event.


Terms and conditions

Please refer ba.com for full set of terms & conditions : http://www.britishairways.com/travel/SILENT-PICTURE-HOUSE-TCS-IN/public/en_in

About British Airways

British Airways has a worldwide route network that covers more than 150 destinations in 75 countries.

British Airways has been flying to India for 84 years and currently operates 48 flights a week from London Heathrow to five cities: Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

British Airways operates flights to India from London Heathrow’s state-of-the-art Terminal 5 which opened on March 27, 2008 and is exclusive to the airline’s customers and is capable of handling 30 million customers a year. In May 2013, Terminal 5 was named by Skytrax as the World’s Best Airport Terminal for the second year running, based on surveys of 12 million frequent travellers. T5 also won the World’s Best Airport Shopping award.

In September 2011, British Airways won the accolade of “Best European Airline” for the 11th consecutive year, as voted by readers of Business Traveller Asia Pacific. At the Business Traveller Awards 2011 held in London, British Airways was also chosen by readers as the “Best Airline” and its Executive Club was awarded “Best Frequent Flyer Programme”.

In November 2011, British Airways was one of three companies to be recognised with a World Tourism Award for its support of more than 50 charities worldwide.

For further information on British Airways visit www.ba.com

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Premieres on December 20; To Air Every Day at 4 PM

December 10, 2013: Discovery Kids brings the world famous Pac-man franchise to the Indian television screen with its new series PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES. With multiple manifestations from video games to animation hero on television, Pac-man became a legendary character and won millions of hearts across the world in the last three decades. The 26 episode series premieres on December 20 and will air every day at 4 PM on Discovery Kids.

PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES will immerse children in an incredible world of adventure as Pac-man, an arcade icon is on a mission to save his homeland from the evils of the ghost Betrayus. Pac-man and his loyal crew will prove their bravery as they fight for goodness and peace. Presented through remarkable animation, PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES is set to catch the imagination of kids with interesting elements of suspense and adventure.

Rahul Johri, Senior VP and General Manager – South Asia and Head of Revenue, Pan-Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “We are delighted to add another global animation franchise to Discovery Kids programming. This follows the success of Tintin, Maya the Bee and Transformers Prime. The adventurous Pac-man brings tons of thrill and laughter for children and is sure to become their favourite character on television.”

In the series, Pac-man along with his closest pals wants to make the world a better place but he happens to make a crazy mistake by accidentally opening the portal to the Netherworld and unleashing an army of ghosts led by Lord Betrayus.

With the help of the power berries from the ancient Tree Of Life, Pac-man fights with the army of ghosts but unfortunately, the army manages to steal the tree which might lead to end of the PacWorld. Will Pac-man be able to defeat the army of ghosts? Will he be able to bring the change and save his fellow, PacWorlders?

Get to know more about the enduring characters in PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES:

Pac-man: He is a young, Pac-Worlder who likes to gobble up every piece of food he sees. He acts immature sometimes, but always gets the job done. Pac is the only Pac-Worlder who has the ability to scare and consume ghosts.

Betrayus is the ghost in the series. He’s a selfish, impatient ruler of the Netherworld.

Cylindria is Pac-man’s classmate. Cylindria is a pink, gothic Pac-Worlder who supports Pac all the way.

Spiral is Pac-man’s roommate. Spiral has been best friends with Pac and always stays by his side playing games with him.

Sir Cumference is an old scientist who has been in his secret lab for ages. He is a green Pac-Worlder and he also provides Pac-World with a variety of ghostbusting weapons to help combat the ghostly menace.

President Spheros is the president of Pac-World and coach of Pac-Pong in Spheria’s flashback. He is Betrayus’ brother and a green Pac-Worlder.

About Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids lets children explore their awesome world and ignite their natural curiosity by providing content that is fun and enriching for growing children. The channel stimulates learning and imagination, and provides a safe environment that parents can trust. Discovery Kids offers its viewers a world of endless possibilities through informative and entertaining programming that explores adventure, nature, science, wildlife, history and technology. For more information, visit Discovery Kids at www.dkids.asia.

About Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.8 billion cumulative subscribers in 217 countries and territories. Discovery is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 153 worldwide television networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science and Investigation Discovery, as well as U.S. joint venture networks OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, The Hub and 3net, the first 24-hour 3D network. Discovery also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital media services, including HowStuffWorks.com. In Asia-Pacific, eight Discovery brands reach 572 million cumulative subscribers in 35 countries with programming customised in 15 languages and dialects.

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PUMA partners with the Google Great Online Shopping Festival 2013

~Shop and win a chance to meet the Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh ~

Bangalore, December 9th, 2013: The largest single brand e-commerce store in India – pumashop.in, has partnered with the second edition of the Google Great Online Shopping Festival. Commencing from the 11th to 13th of December 2013, the festival plays host to the best deals and offers from leading online shopping platforms in the country. For this festival, Google has partnered with over 50 e-commerce sites

PUMA has associated themselves with the festival this year, with great goodies and discounts up on offer. To add further to the excitement 12 selected shoppers can win the chance to meet the Indian cricket super star Yuvraj Singh. All shoppers have to do is, shop at pumashop.in during the Google Great Online Shopping Festival and they could be among the lucky few to meet Yuvraj!

Up on offer are UPTO 50% discount on PUMA Tees, shoes, PUMA Ferrari apparel, backpacks, wallets and lots of other apparel and accessories through the duration of the festival. Customers can avail an additional 20% discount on PUMA products by using the coupon code PUMAGOSF site wide.

Speaking on this initiative Rajiv Mehta, MD, PUMA India said – “We are delighted to be associated with Google Great Online Shopping festival this year. With the e-commerce platform growing rapidly in India, PUMA is looking on capitalizing on this trend and further enticing customers to shop online.”

Through the shopping festival, Google on its part is trying to replicate the concept of ‘Cyber Monday’ through the ‘Great Online Shopping Festival’. The initiative is also being promoted aggressively using social media, users can keep track of all the things they want to purchase by just tweeting the wishlist using the hashtag #PUMAgosf. By partnering with the shopping festival, PUMA is looking at further engaging its customers and the youth by giving them online only offers and a customized web shopping experience. To check out all the deals log onto www.pumashop.in/gosf

For Further information, please contact:

Samyukta Ranganathan


Shaila Bhat


+91 98860 98021

Nasreen Patel


+91 9945 2805 07


PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sports Brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. For over 65 years, PUMA has established a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, and Motorsports. It engages in exciting collaborations with renowned design brands such as Alexander McQueen and Mihara Yasuhiro to bring innovative and fast designs to the sports world. The PUMA Group owns the brands PUMA, Cobra Golf, Tretorn, Dobotex and Brandon. The company distributes its products in more than 120 countries, employs more than 10,000 people worldwide, and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach/Germany. For more information, please visit http://www.puma.com


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While a recent report was floated in the media about Katrina Kaif packing up during a shoot of a beverage brand she endorses, the brand in question and DOP involved set the record straight once and for all with official statements that clarify the incident.

Says the official spokesperson of Pepsico, “At Slice, we are very proud of the strong relationship we have cultivated with Katrina Kaif leading to several memorable campaigns over the past 6 years. Each Slice film has been notable for the focus on aesthetic sensibilities and consistent storylines, and with every campaign our bond has only grown stronger. Our recent shoot spread over five days went off extremely smoothly and we are delighted at the output as well as Katrina’s active participation and hard work in the creative development.”

Says Frank Flick, the Director of Photography for the TVC ,

“I have shot commercials with Katrina for nearly two years now and we share a great working rapport. I am amused at the concocted report that she had a problem working with me. We shot with her for five days and nearly ten hours a day at the Slice shoot this week.”

Says a source close to the actress,”Katrina has always been a thorough professional and is extremely hardworking.Such reports are misleading and damaging”.

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The actor of Commando and Force fame, Vidyut Jamwal has been the talk of the town recently.

Everyone in the industry has been raving about his friendly performance in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Bullett Raja.

Even though he had little screen time, he managed to grab the audiences’ attention and become the takeaway from the film.

He left people zapped with his action scenes in Force and Commando without using body doubles and cable wires.

There is no one who can even come close to the action he does and so a lot of action filmmakers have him on top of their minds for their films. The directors are very keen on having a fresh and young actor doing their action based films.

Vidyut, who has already carved a niche in the industry, is being discussed in casting circles for action related roles as he is the only actor of this generation to do breath taking action sequences with such ease.

Also, Vidyut has a lot of girl fan following for his looks and guys who want to be like him, which makes him a good bet in the industry.


Ali Zafar’s forthcoming coming film titled “Total Siyapaa” has created a stir amongst the audience already. The trailer which was recently released has created a strong buzz around.

However, we have already seen actor and singer Ali Zafar in a lover boy avatar in his previous films. Moreover audiences have also appreciated the actor’s performance in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Chashme Baddoor. Now yet again, Ali will be entertaining us with his lover boy character in Total Siyapaa.

Ali will be seen romancing Yami Gautam for the very first time. The film is a pure rom-com which brings together an interesting star-cast of Ali Zafar, Yami Gautam, Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher.

Total Siyapaa, is set in London and has a hilarious take on how a Pakistani Punjabi boy goes to meet the girl’s Indian Punjabi family and the chaos that follows. This film also marks Neeraj Pandey, producer and E.Niwas, director who are coming together for the very first time.

Infact Total Siyapaa would be E.Niwas’s comeback after a gap of 4 years. The film is set to hit theaters on 31st January.


Make Your Favourite Bigg Boss 7 Contestants’ Personal Belonging All Yours!

Log on to OLX.in to buy your favourite Bigg Boss 7 contestants’ personal belongings

Proceeds to be donated to the NGO TOUCH for education of children

Mumbai, December 10, 2013: OLX.in, the largest used goods marketplace in India, brings you the unique opportunity to buy your favourite Big Boss 7 contestants’ personal belongings and cherish them for a lifetime. Their designer clothes, fashionable accessories, jewelry, and several other personal belongings could be all yours. All you need to do is to log on to OLX.in on December 11 and participate in the OLX.in ‘Ghar Baithe Dua Kamao’ initiative.

The initiative not only gives the chance to own the belongings of Bigg Boss 7 contestants but also the opportunity to earn the blessings of millions of children in rural India. OLX.in will be donating the proceeds from the purchase of personal belongings to an NGO – TOUCH, which works towards the education of children in rural India.

To participate in the ‘Ghar Baithe Dua Kamao’ contest, log on to www.olx.in on December 11th 2013 between 3pm and 6 pm, select your favourite contestants’ belongings that you love the most, and hit reply button to show your interest. Don’t forget to quote a higher price to make a bigger difference to the lives of children in rural India. Lucky winners will be announced on December 12th, 2013 through individual emails.

Bigg Boss Season Saath 7, aired on COLORS, is hosted by superstar Salman Khan. Currently in its 12th week, the Bigg Boss house continues to be home to 8 contestants including Tanishaa Mukherji, Armaan Kohli, VJ Andy, Sangram Singh, Kushal Tandon, Gauahar Khan, Ajaz Khan, and Kamya Punjabi. Through the ‘Ghar Baithe Dua Kamao’ initiative, participants will be able to buy and get the personal belongings of all of these contestants.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to www.olx.in and get ready to flaunt your new Big Boss celebrity belongings!

For more information, please contact:

Mohina Babber | Edelman India Pvt. Ltd. | mohina.babber@edelman.com | +91 9999807787

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Jackpot unravels unknown facets of actors

Jackpot the Full Jhol might be a film which sees stylish maker Kaizad Gustad brings to the fore, sizzling Sunny in a sunny avatar, but the film also has some unravelled some unusual facets of its people.

The first is Naseeruddin Shah’s hidden talent of being an amazing karaoke singer, Sunny Leone being a total foodie (she gorges on gulab jamuns) and the fact that Sachiin Joshi has an amazing musical side to him. In fact, the song abhi Jo Badal was conceived by Sachiin with Sharib-Toshi taking forward his thoughts. Says Kaizad Gustad, “Sachiin has an amazing musical side to him. And that has contributed immensely to the success of the music of Jackpot.”

Considering that Sachiin Joshi had earlier directed the XXX commercial starring Sunny Leone, it looks like we will see this young turk with a musical acumen will be donning the director’s cap soon as well.


Utkarsha Singh

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Anusha Srinivasan



Global Advertisers appoints Sudhendu Ram as National Head Marketing

Mumbai: 10 December, 2013: India’s leading outdoor advertising agency, Global Advertisers strengthens it’s team with Sudhendu Ram, appointed to head marketing initiatives of Global Advertisers, pan India. The agency has expanded its business in tier II and tier III cities wherein large scale of BTL activities are taking place. Mr. Sudhendu has been given diverse role at Global which primarily focuses on Marketing brands and the agency itself in different geographical areas. His will also be responsible for market research, bringing new selling propositions and increase sale of the outdoor inventories offered by the agency.

Commenting on this, Sanjeev Gupta,MD, Global Advertisers, said “Outdoor industry is undergoing tremendous change, brands are now exploring new opportunities to tap consumers of tier II and tier III cities. Therefore, to cope up with the increasing demand, we have roped in several senior professionals and young talent this year. Now we have Sudhendu on our board to maximize our reach and improve the quality of our service. We wish him all the best for his new challenge.”

For the record, Sudhendu has brought 7 years of experience in media marketing and advertising. He has worked with Group M and Armstrong Media Pvt. Ltd. Speaking on the association with Global Advertisers, Sudhendu, said “ I am excited for my new challenge. My aim is to take Global to the next level of media engagement and recall with my deep understanding of media and expertise in terms of Networking and knowledge. Global is a place to be for committed and self motivated professionals.”

With Best Regards,

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Maharana Pratap – 9th Dec to 12th Dec

Kunwar Pratap and Raghavendra both reach boondi to save children and as a plan Raghavendra cleverly disguises in new look and goes to Rao Surtan and Bairam Khan. On the other hand Udai singh is riding towards Boondi with determination to kill Sakhaveer. Jaivantabai and Sajjabai are worried for Udai Singh and Pratap. As Udai Singh reaches Boondi, Raosurtan request him to stop Pratap as he is fighting with Bairam khan..and he has injured Bairam khan and burned the Mughal flag but Udai singh finds it difficult to control Sakhaveer…and as a result Udai singh takes an oath to kill himself because he couldn’t get hold of Sakhaveer. on the other hand Pratap who is all hurt after fighting Surtan’s men comes to Raghavendra and faints where Raghavendra helps him to be fine again. Udai singh comes to Raghavendra and ask him to let him meet kunwar Pratap but Raghavendra doesn’t allow him to meet Pratap.. After Pratap hears of father’s oath he goes tensed and leaves for Boondi.


Painting Mumbai Red!

Director of ‘Heartless’, Shekhar Suman along with his star cast Adhyayan Suman and debutante Ariana Ayam inaugurated the poster of the prestigious college festival ‘Taarangan’

Heartless team has been painting the town red visiting various colleges & interacting with the students about their Heartless moments & spreading love & now the team proudly unveiled the most awaited college festival’s poster, Taarangan.

Shekhar Suman along with Adhyayan & their film’s leading lady Ariana Ayam unveiled the poster of Thakur College’s festival Taarangan & interacted with the students about their upcoming film Heartless.

Students were awestruck by Shekhar Suman’s magnanimous presence & were very interactive while Adhyayan entertained the crowd with his singing & enacting a scene from the movie getting all the girls present cheering for him. Debutante Ariana grabbed many eye balls while she confidently spoke about her role & about working in Bollywood & managed to shake a leg with the students.

The students loved the trailer and cheered and jeered for Ariana as well.

Shekhar Suman adds – At Taarangan I was Amazed to see their infectious energy and their awareness about heartless, danced sang and shared their heartless moments with us, it was like a holocaust. It was nice to see adhyayan where he belongs, girls screaming out his name and he getting mobbed by them was an emotional moment for me. The crowd went bizirk singing along with Adhyayan to the song Soniye.

Adhyayan Suman says – Its been about 15 hrs since I’ve been home and all I can hear and feel are the students thakur college screaming Heartless. It was an extraordinary experience, by far the best crowd that I have been with. Specially all the girls who ve been so sweet and kind to act as my body guards when I was there. I can’t wait to come back and perform when the music of heartless comes out. I would once again like to thank everyone at Thakur college for letting me and the team of heartless be at Taarangan festival.

Ariana Ayam says – ‘Ariana- I thought the crowd in new york was great till I came to thakur college mumbai and experienced the madness of Taarangan. Being a debutante actor the crowd there made me feel like a star. The enthusiasm of the students really encouraged me and I would like to thank them for making me feel so special.

Relive the Mythology with Taarangan 2013- Thakur College of science and commerce is organizing its intercollegiate festival

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