SAB TV launches ‘Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar’

Mumbai, October 22nd 2013: The way to a person’s heart is through his stomach! Drawing inspiration from this, as also from the fact that everyone wants to be a great cook, only if it can be quick & easy, SAB TV presents a fun & light-hearted cookery show titled Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar. Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar promises to make cooking an enjoyable experience & showcase quick-to-cook & tasty recipes that will bring families together across India. The show premieres on SAB TV from Oct 28th and will be telecast every Mon-Friday at 7:30 pm.

Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar is a story that reflects the lives of a new age couple, Aditya and Suhani Khanna, who despite leading demanding work-lives try to find interesting ways to spend time with each another. When Ajay decides to do something special for his wife, he surprises her by cooking an exceptional meal using Prestige’s smart kitchen appliance. Impressed by his gesture, the two take a vow that they will cook their daily dinner together from now onwards and in the process realize that cooking is the best way to rekindle the magic in their relationship & share some quality time together.

As Aditya and Suhani Khanna master their culinary skills, the show also offers its viewers with a perfect opportunity to learn new, fun & easy recipes that the families can enjoy together. At times, guests also join in during festivals & promotions, thereby giving Aditya and Suhani a chance to impress them with their culinary skills, all inspired by Prestige.

Produced by Deepti Bhatnagar Productions, SAB TV brings yet another interesting concept that is sure to appeal to modern consumers who are busy working couples & find kitchen as a perfect place for bonding. The show boasts of a stellar star cast including Arjun Bijlani(Aditya Khanna), Shweta Gulati (Suhani Khanna), Rakesh Paul (Aditya’s brother), Gungun Uprari (Aditya’s sister-in-law) and Amit Behl (Aditya Khanna’s boss).

Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP and Business Head, SAB TV stated, “SAB TV always offers differentiated & innovative content to its viewers & Jo Biwi Se Kaare Pyaar is India’s first light hearted fiction cookery show . It is a refreshing concept that will appeal to the modern consumers, as they get to learn & cook quick & easy recipes with Prestige.”

Mr. Chandru Kalroo, COO, TTK Prestige said, “As a brand that has a relationship spanning six decades and being the leader in India, we believe that we have to communicate beyond the product itself. We need to constantly strike an emotional chord with the consumer. The new tag line of “JO BIWI SE KARE PYAAR, WOH PRESTIGE SE KAISE KAREN INKAAR” in the modern context strives to do just this. The partnership with SAB TV through this program will further this effort through its wonderfully conceived situations, humour and high quality production. I’m sure that this will be a new landmark in marketing.”

Whether you’re an expert in cooking or a complete amateur, cooking with your significant other always helps strengthen your bond because as we all know, ‘Food is the way to a person’s heart.’

Tune into ‘Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar’ on SAB TV every Mon-Friday at 7:30pm

About SAB TV: SAB TV is a part of the network of Television channels owned by Multi Screen Media. SAB TV is India’s only family comedy entertainment channel with a core brand promise of ‘Asli Mazaa SAB ke Saath Aata Hai’. SAB with its impressive lineup of innovative programs and light-hearted content ranging from daily family comedy to path breaking concepts like silent comedy shows is dedicated to promoting an enjoyable “family-viewing” experience.Its programming mix includes Baalveer, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah,Chidiyaghar, Jeannie Aur Juju,Lapataganj, FIR,SAB Khelo SAB JeetoWah Wah Kya Baat Hai and features classic films over the weekends. For its differentiated programming and healthy entertainment SAB TV has also won the Brand Leadership award in Media & Entertainment space.

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Muavza is a story about the irreparable corruption of an entire village. The simple, proud landowners, maati ke laal, get a taste of wealth never seen before and they embark on a journey of debauchery & decadence, only to lose everything in the end; their money, their self respect and their minds.

As the metropolis of New Delhi encroaches into the neighboring villages, the seemingly worthless patches of land hold the promise of millions for the pennyless landowners.

As the government plans to acquire these lands, the owners sniff huge compensations. And the promise of money brings a huge transformation in the lives of the poor landowners.

Muavza is rib tickling, super sarcastic, unique story of razor sharp wit focusing on the lives of Nuevo Rich of New Delhi & NCR. Their lifestyles, before & after; their identity crises & their raw approach to everything spin a tale which is warm, endearing, exceedingly funny and full of moral lessons.

At the center of the story are 2 gujjar families, the basoya’s of Aali village and the Nagar’s of Khaddar village. Their routine included daily fondling of cattle (for milk) & farming. With zero exposure to the more modern way of life, the families spent their lives trying to find their true identity in a village full of similar people. But then, the money arrives in form of ‘Muavza’.

The story starts when the village families have become wealthy. As the families start spending their new found wealth, we see the character up close. Their tasteless new houses, fleet of white Scorpios and absolutely hilarious way of spending money gives an insight about their characters.

The story goes back to the beginning of the ‘Muavza’ dream when a shrewd character, Becchu Bhai (a catalyst to the events to come) makes the villagers aware about the government compensation.

Becchu Bhai is a guy you would see in every mohalla, every office and every mall. He is that guy who is always selling something; from an Idea sim card to great ideas. Annu kapoor essays the role of Beechu bhai, the one of its kind, Gods also rethinks after making such characters “What did I make” . White payjama’s, white shirt, hawai chappals, but a Ray Ban Googles always decorating his witty eyes. Thin, slim, drives a moped (Fitfitiya). He is also known as Handpump in the village. “He who is visible only 4 feet but deep down he is 40 feet.” Best at talking, thin but commandable voice.

Becchu convinces the villagers to sell their land to builders on a higher price than what government will give them in the form of muavzaa when it acquires their pieces of land and the way he persuades them is outrageous in every sense.

One by one villagers start to sell parts of their properties to the builders on false promises of beechu bhai. This includes of central characters who also fall prey to beechu bhai’s sky high talks.

The village families are rich beyond dreams but its not all about the money, it is about the Chaudharahat!!

Buying fancy cars, sponsoring Ramleela, going to clubs & pubs in the village, throwing (KHA-PA-CHA – Khao Pio Ch*d*) parties is what these chaudharies start doing, with a passion. And the game of on-upmanship begins.

Kyunki ab lagi hai race, ki kaun kitna bada Chaudhary hai!!

Everything is going hunky dory for them and one day… beechu finds out that the government has decided not to acquire land from Aali village instead of that the government will acquire land from a different region altogether. He gets shocked but plays and altogether amazing game till the last day. The property prices dip sharply. The lenders from whom these families have taken loans against their costly lands are demanding their money back. Builders are running away from the region and these families are running away from the lenders.

The story reaches its climax with the downward spiral of the families. Becchu bhai cleverly slips away, but the Chaudhary’s still have something that they’ll never lose; their Chaudharahat!!

The film derives its humour from the stereotypes of Gujjar & Jat families from around Delhi NCR. Their unanswerable, unusual and out-of-this-world perceptions about themselves and the world make them extremely interesting to watch. We haven’t seen such characters on the Indian screen before. These characters are untouched, pure and extremely funny. Will our country cousins regain their senses before it is too late? Will the world famous Jaat sense of humor come to their rescue?

Starring Annu Kapoor, Akhilendra Mishra, Pankaj Berry, Kamlesh Gill and others, the film is produced by Jagdish Gupta and directed by Girish Juneja, Aslam Khan is the creative director of the film, while Fasahat Khan is the DOP.

Muavza is all set to release on December `13.


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Leading luxury brand consultant, Nisha JamVwal wearing an exquisite Lime gown by Shouger Merchant, on 20th October, 2013 hosted an elegant soiree at the exclusive Zoya store of exquisite diamond jewellery from the House of Tata, to show its stunning new collection ”Celestium” to Mumbai’s achievers which included India’s hotshot financier Manisha Girotra, CEO of investment bank Moelis, Gopal Jain Managing Director at Gaja Capital Partners, Maneesha Ruia, Artist Kahini Merchant, CEO & founder Malaga Co Malini Aggarwala, Designer Shouger Merchant, NGO heads Piali Syam, Pooja Kapoor and Paddy Nandekar, Amreesh Gulati MD Finance Standard Charterd with Sachin Karpe, Financial Consultant Pompii Sridhar, Anita Guha of IBM, President Indus Detta Petres , Chief Legal Head -Indian Hotels Co Arnaz Kotwal, Rohit Chopra Managing Director Lazard Asset Management LLC.

Ashmita Kotian, Senior PR Associate

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First Look

K.C.Bokadia’s Mallika Sherawat Starr film, “Dirty Politics”

Mallika Sherawat has shed her glam and gone for a desi look for KC Bokadia’s upcoming movie Dirty Politics. In the movie, Ashutosh Rana sends Mallika Sherawat under a plan to rival politician Om Puri, who gets completely smitten by her. Another character played by Jackie Shroff wants to take advantage of rivalry between Ashutosh and Om Puri. Naseeruddin Shah is a historian who does not like dirty politics. He uses Ashutosh Rana and Mallika Sherawat to destroy OM Puri.

The movie has been produced under the banner of BMB Music and Magnetics Ltd., Associate Producer is Prafull Saklecha, Presenter Lalit Modi, Music is by Aadesh Shrivastava & Sanjeev-Darshan, lyrics is by Sameer, Cinematographer is Paneer Selvam and dance director is Ganesh Acharya. The cast of the movie are Mallika Sherawat, Naseeruddin Shah,Jackie Shroff, Anupam Kher, Ashutosh Rana,Rajpal Yadav, Govind Namdeo,Atul Kulkarni,Shushant Singh and others.

Sanjay Sharma Raj


Have a sparkling Diwali with MOVIES NOW!

TRIVIA ü Blade 2:- Over 30 members of the cast and crew were temporarily blinded by the misuse of UV lights in the vampire autopsy scene. ü Catwoman:- 43 cats were trained for the film. Halle Berry adopted one of them afterwards, an orange and white youngster named Play Dough. Mumbai, October :- The festival of lights is incomplete with the firecrackers, rockets and sparklers and MOVIES NOW brings all that to the table this Diwali! Starting 24th and 25th October, MOVIES NOW will mesmerize its fans like never before! From the Fireworks to the stunning Diwali Divas, movie buffs get ready for an overdose of exciting movies that leave you asking for more!

MOVIES NOW will showcase the most explosive blockbusters of all time in Fireworks, starting 24th October, every Thursday at 9pm! Catch your favourite action cult heroes in the most iconic blockbusters. From X-Men Wolverine or Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 1, the channel will showcase it all. Making the occasion more lively and robust, MOVIES NOW brings Hollywood enthusiasts the most electrifying action films that sparked worldwide trends with their unbelievable visual effects! This October, don’t miss Fireworks on MOVIES NOW with a special Diwali Dhamaka featuring Blade 2, The Last Air Bender and Torque.

Don’t miss Diwali Divas and their scintillating magic starting 25th October, every Friday at 9pm. Catch the sexy siren Hally Berry, the captivating Catherine Zeta Jones, fiery Salma Hayek, the dazzling beauty Jessica Alba and the glamorous Nicole Kidman set the stage ablaze in After the Sunset, Entrapment, Into the Blue, Swordfish, Catwoman and The Peacemaker.

So get set to have a blast this Diwali on MOVIES NOW – Hollywood in HD!

Gitanjali Khatau




The ‘It’ Clinic conquering another milestone!

Barkha’s Brand Clinic acquires prestigious nomination at the Brand Excellence Awards

Entrepreneur Barkha Dattani bags nomination under the category of ‘Most Admired Entrepreneur’ at the Brand Excellence Awards, an initiative of the World Brand Congress!

She has seen too much success too soon and it doesn’t stop here. Founder of Barkha’s Brand Clinic, Barkha Dattani after having bagged titles Brand Creator of the year for two consecutive years, Pride of Gujarat – Maharashtra in the Business Category as Brand Diva bags yet another nomination under the category of ‘Most Admired Entrepreneur’ at the Brand Excellence Awards, an initiative of the World Brand Congress.

Brand Excellence Awards have categories that reflect the strategic marketing objectives that are common to all organizations with an esteemed panel of judges selecting the best judging all entries against the marketing achievements of all types of business & also against those of direct competitors in the relevant industry sector.

The World Brand Congress this year is designed to educate, engage and inspire marketing Leaders and professionals in their pursuit of sustainable brand value. Seeking to enhance professional development skills in the areas that are most relevant to the marketing community today – these conferences and workshops will provide hands-on, skill–building experiences for the brand, research, digital and design community.

Barkha Dattani has come a long way, MD, Barkha’s Brand Clinic popularly known as the Design Doctor has successfully managed to emphasize the power of visual representation through logo designing being her specialization.

Barkha’s Brand Clinic stands apart with a 360 Degree approach towards designing a brand from Logo Designing, Ad Campaign, Brand launch & execution, Personality logo, 3D Walkthrough Animation to Brochures & Catalogue Designing with a clientele comprising of Hyundai, Reliance, Maruti, Nokia, Royal Enfield, Toyota, ICIC, actor R Madhavan to name a few catering to every segment i.e. Hospitality, Healthcare, Gems & Jewellery, FMCG, Real Estate, Textile, Media, Financial Services, Education, Automobiles & Celebrities.

Barkha Dattani proudly mentions, “I have worked hard and I’m bearing the fruits. Receiving accolades gives you a different high & motivates you to work furthermore and so I believe in Sky is the Limit. A nomination itself at the Brand Excellence Awards is like conquering a milestone in my career.”

Vivacious Barkha further adds, “It is an excellent initiative by the World Brand Congress. I believe it is the single largest rendezvous of best brains behind some of the world’s most sought after brand. I am overwhelmed to be associated.”


Sonakshi Sinha requests for a special dance number in R…Rajkumar

Sonakshi Sinha who will next be seen alongside Shahid Kapoor in Eros International & NextGen Films ‘ R…Rajkumar is extremely excited about working with her co-star and director Prabhu Dheva,both of whom are amongst the country’s greatest dancers.

The actress has requested the makers of the action entertainer,to include a special dance number with the 3 of them ,which will act as a promotional song for the film.

Confirming the news says producer Viki Rajani, “Sonakshi was keen on dancing with Prabhu Sir and Shahid in a special number…We think it’s a great idea and will take a final call on it in the next few days”.

Says Sonakshi Sinha, “I have been asking Prabhu sir to shoot for a music video featuring Shahid, himself and me for a while now. I think the three of us in a dance number would be an explosive combination. I hope it works out”.

Eros International and NextGen Films’ R…Rajkumar starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, directed by Prabhu Dheva is scheduled to release 6th December 2013.


Shahrukh Sadri in Crime Patrol!!!!


Sony Entertainment Television Reality-based crime show “Crime Patrol” leaves no stone unturned to keep the audiences glued with its engaging storyline. Similarly, the makers are set to bring another electrifying story which should be a hair-raising experience.

Revealing on the upcoming episode a source quips, that the show has roped in the seasoned actor Shahrukh Sadri. Shahrukh Sadri, who was recently in news for being part of Amitabh Bachchan’s maiden fiction show on Sony TV and was last seen in Colors’ Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha is once again back to entertain the audiences.

Heena Nankani


After some romance blooming between Saanchi and Dhruv, Kehta Hai Dil Jee Lee Zara on Sony Entertainment Television, will soon see a Karva Chauth sequence. In an upcoming episode, the viewers will get to see some high end drama and celebration. It is Praachi’s first Karva Chauth at her in laws house and she is finding really hard to keep the fast. To convince her and make her understand the value of Karva Chauth, Saanchi will decide to accompany her in keeping the fast. On the other hand, Dhruv is trying hard to make the perfect halwa for Saanchi so that he can win her heart. The twist will happen when circumstances will lead Saanchi to break the fast by eating the same halwa which Dhruv has made for her.

To catch this high drama episode tune in to Kehta Hai Dil Jee Lee Zara Mon- Thu only at 9.30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


“The exit of Pooja Bhatt from the film was a business decision taken between two production houses”says producer Amit Kapoor

While news has it that Pooja Bhatt has stepped out of Bad, co-produced by Wave and Cynozure Networkz, the makers confirm that her exit had little to do with budget concerns but was in fact a mutual business decision.

The film directed by Prawaal Raman ,starring Randeep Hooda and Richa Chadda is currently being shot in Goa as planned and producer Amit Kapoor clarifies, that everything is panning out as scheduled, with the film releasing in the mid half of next year.

Putting an end to speculation says Amit Kapoor, Producer Cynozure Networkz, “The exit of Mrs Pooja Bhatt from the film was a business decision taken between two production houses. It had nothing to do with the creatives or the budgets. My company and Waves were always the producers of the film and still continue our belief and faith in the project. The film is making excellent progress and we shall release the film mid next year as always planned. In future if I get an opportunity I would love to work with her again.”


15th Mumbai Film Festival enthralls on Day Six

Mumbai, October 22, 2013: Festival audiences were treated to a feast of exciting films on Day 6 of the 15th Mumbai Film Festival presented by Reliance Entertainment and organized by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI).

From El Sur directed by Victor Erice, Florian Rey’s Carmen, Yesterday Never Ends directed by Isabel Coixet and Costa Gavras’ Eden is West to Charles Chaplin’s The Floorwalker, Praveen Morchhale’s Barefoot to Goa and Axelle Ropert’s Miss and the doctors, Virgin Talkies by K.R Manoj among others ,the list of movies screened today was illustrious.

At noon, the Indian Popular Film screened was Baishe Srabon written and directed by Srijit Mukherji. The cast of this Bengali psychological thriller consists of Prosenjit Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee and Raima Sen. A detective struggles to find the killer who leaves verses from Bengali poems next to his victims. The critically acclaimed film received a boisterous round of applause from the audience.

Continuing his master class on 3D, Oscar Academy Member and Stereoscopic Department Head of Walt Disney Animation Studios Mr. Robert Neuman simplified further the complexities of 3D technology. His talk was followed by the Indian premiere of “The Little Mermaid 3D.”

The open forum panel discussion of Day 6 was on the much talked about topic of ‘Crowd Culture.’ Speakers Yogesh Karikurve, co-founder, Catapooolt, filmmaker Sarthak Dasgupta and Pawan Kumar who directed the crowd-funded film Lucia engaged in a truly revealing discussion on various facets of crowd funding and crowd sourcing.

“Crowd sourcing has two important C’s in them. Community and Credibility. India does not have a state funding and that is where crowd funding comes into place” said Yogesh Karikurve, Co-founder of Catapooolt.

Director of the movie Lucia, Mr. Pawan Kumar added to the discussion saying “I realized soon enough that my film Lucia was not going to get any producer. So, a lot of frustrated blogs and Facebook status messages helped me get followers who helped me make the movie. For Lucia, we gave people distribution links as a way of returning the money.”

The evening screening of Canadian film Vic + Flow saw a packed screening, with attendance by representatives from various consulates and celebrity guests. The screening was preceded by a soiree, with invited guests in attendance.

Celebrities like Anant Jog, Ravi Jadhav, Swara Bhaskar, and others were seen attending the screen of Rege, directed by Abhijeet Panse.


Sonal Salvi

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Film is Directed by Ashish Tyagi & produced by Rajeshwar Tyagi, Radha Tyagi, coproducers Arshad Siddiqui, Gaurav Sharma & Shweta Tyagi with their star cast Darshan Jariwala, Neena Kulkarni, Yashpal Sharma, Asif Bhasra, Amir Dalvi, Asif Ali, Gopal, Imran, Javed & Asrani.

“DILLI GANG” is an inspired film based on our segregated and lonely senior citizens, who get neglected by their own children settled in abroad. The film depicts the story of those rich old aged people who faces lots of intricacies in their final days of life, who sometimes get robbed or even murdered for their wealth. The film is inspired from many real incidents happened in our nation.

Law Minister Kapil Sibbal has written two poems for this film which will come in beginning and end of it.

Thanks & Regards

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013: In a Bollywood dominated music soundscape, Ayushmann Khurrana’s hot new single ‘O Heeriye’ has become among the only few non-film song videos to have crossed over 1 million streams on music on web platforms besides over 1 million views online. The single has already been trending on Twitter and is being shared, liked across Facebook and other social media platforms.

Leading to Ayushmann releasing a thumping new remix version of the track. Written and composed by the hit duo of Paani Da and Saddi Galli, Ayushmann & Rochak Kohli, the O Heeriye remix has a new collaboration with DJ Chetas who brings in the latest genre that’s rocking the dance floor and the youth across the nation – EDM [Electronic Dance Music] – into the song, giving it a whole new texture and feel. If you loved listening to the first, you’re going to love dancing to the remix!

Xolo mobiles & tablets launched their new tablet using the first single which was in itself a unique partnership. The success of the first single also led to Ayushmann being signed on as brand ambassador by Xolo and also Blaupunkt for their headphones & car audio systems ratifying his credentials as a youth & music icon.

To catch the new video, visit www.youtube.com/yrf

To enjoy O Heeriye song on your mobile, sms ‘OH’ to 53131 or visit m.yashrajfilms.com




Don’t miss watching

“Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon”

On Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 8.30 PM,

Only on COLORS!

Telecast Date – On Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 8.30 PM –

In tonight’s episode we will see, Madhu reaches the set for shooting and realizes that RK has changed the scene to a dining table laid out food. Will Madhu pull off the scene without breaking her Karwa Chauth fast?

To know more, don’t miss watching this episode of “Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon” on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 8.30 pm, only on COLORS!

“Madhubala… Ek Ishq Ek Junoon”

Every Monday to Saturday at 8.30 PM,

Only on COLORS!


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