Host Ashish and Amit Mishra’s RAQT premiere was a star-studded event with director duo Adi Irani -Shiva Rindani and Ashish and Amit Mishra being congratulated by Arshad Warsi, Sheena Shahabadi, Shakti Kapoor, Arjun Mahajan, Premal Goragandhi, Haya Sehgal, Ravi Kishan, Indra Kumar, Murali Sharma, Aruna Irani, Daboo Malik, Harsh Chhaya, Mukesh Tiwari, Harry Josh, Sunil Agnihotri, Kunika Sadanad, Sahila Chadda, Sanjay Kakran, Maria Goretti, Abhishek Awasthi, Ajay Mago. Mamik, Sunil Pal, Indra Kumar, Pitobash, Ali Irani, Pradeep Rawat and a host of others from the film industry in attendance.

EVENT: RAQT Premiere

VENUE: Cinemax, Andheri (W).


inema History to be recreated at 4th Jagran Film Festival with Lumière Bros

~ First ever films shot by Lumière Brothers to be showcased in Mumbai again after 117 years ~

~ Grandson of Auguste Lumière, Mr. Max Lefrancq Lumière, to be present for the screening at the 4th Jagran Film Festival ~

Mumbai, 26th September’2013: On 7th July,1896, the first ever films shot by the Lumière Brothers, Louis and Auguste were shown in Mumbai at the Watson’s Hotel that day, marking the India’s first ever film screening. 117 years later, the 4th Jagran Film Festival will re live the glorious moment in the cinematic history as the festival will bring in the exact same experience with the showcase of the Lumière Brothers’ first six films.

The exclusive event that will be held at JW Marriot, on Saturday 28th September’13 will see the grandson of Auguste Lumière, Mr. Max Lefrancq Lumière and eminent personalities visiting the event. Recreating the same aura, the event atmosphere will be and ambience will be created giving the same look at in 1896.

Mr. Manoj Srivastava, speaking on this occasion mentioned that, “It is a privilege to showcase the first set of movies made by Lumière Brothers at the 4th Jagran Film Festival. A proud and a prestigious moment for us, we thank Mr. Max Lefrancq Lumière to be part of the festival and look forward to meeting with him.”

The show that began it all is back. The first ever film show from July 1896 is back. Back in Mumbai, where it all started.

Day: Saturday, 28th September’2013

Time: 8.00 pm

Venue: JW Marriot, Juhu, Mumbai

Website: www.jff.co.in

For further information, please contact: Crisscross Communication

Tejal Daftary | tejal@crisscross.in | 98204 04 621

Esha Chikhalikar | esha@crisscross.in | 98701 28220


Kenny D Basumatary’s Local Kung Fu wows Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee

It may look like a small film, but Local Kung Fu seems like a giant effort. And it has been creating ripples on social media. Set to get the biggest release for an Assamese film as it releases simultaneously in seven cities outside Assam, Local Kung Fu would be creating history as the most inexpensive action movie ever made. Not to mention, India’s first martial arts comedy! Made for a humble Rs 95,000 Local Kung Fu, releasing on September 27, has wowed the likes of Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee. Here’s a excerpt from chat with the man behind the film – Kenny D Basumatary – who has written, directed and acted in the film.

The highlight of Local Kung Fu has been that it was made in a budget of less than a lakh. How did you manage that!

We shot in Guwahati in places where we wouldn’t need permission, used our uncles’ and aunties’ homes as locations, got friends and family to act (only after auditioning – i was very particular about this), used old software to edit, etc. we got music for free because my brother is an arranger-composer anyway. Out of our budget, 58 k was for the camera and accessories, 5k for the mic, 13-15 k token payments for the actors, and the rest for rice cakes and about 200 plates of momos and noodles.

How much work went into all the action scenes?

Lots! We wanted to make the fights the best yet in an indian film. We would choreograph and rehearse extensively so that (a) there were lesser chances of injury and (b) we could shoot coherent fights with longer takes instead of the usual high-shutter-speed-dancing-camera-50-cuts-per-second style that most movies use nowadays to disguise the fact that the actors can’t really fight. Every fight had its own internal story – not just a random collection of strikes. We made shot lists of every move and explored the best angles to shoot them from. And we would do as many takes as necessary to get it right. The big flying kick at the end of the trailer – that we did 26 takes of! 26 kicks to the chest that laid me low for a couple of weeks. But it was worth it. The climactic fight was shot over a period of 21 evenings.

It is being promoted as India’s first martial arts comedy.

It is, isn’t it?

You have not only directed and acted but also composed the music for film! Not many filmmakers have done that!

Not all, some of the music. It’s mostly been done by my brother Tony, who’s worked on the background music of Pune 52 and several tv shows like channel V’s Gumraah.

They say, making a film is easier than releasing it. Would you admit?

Hell yes! If you think making a film is hard, just try releasing it! When i was done with the film i found that in order to get it released, i had to go through seven stages of paperwork hell. Service tax registration, current account, producers’ association, censor yada yada yada. Luckily, durlov baruah came on board as coproducer and his company Kuhipaat communications has been handling the distribution and marketing minefield.

What have been best and worst experiences from the making of this film? And What were the lessons learnt?

The best thing is always the end result when you sit in a theatre and hear people roaring with laughter at your jokes. There haven’t really been any bad experiences apart from the paperwork. Lesson #1: The film will be longer than the script, so make it very very tight at the writing stage itself. #2 Learn, learn, learn. Prepare, prepare, prepare. #3 Different actors peak at different takes.

There are apparently lot of people from Bollywood who have seen and liked the film. Could you tell us more about that?

Navdeep singh loved the energy in the film and was generous enough to give us a quote Dibakar Banerjee also messaged that he loved it. Adil Hussain, Dipannita Sharma and Meiyang Chang have been kind enough to say so on camera. And Anurag Kashyap got us to choreograph the fight in his short film That Day, After Everyday.

Tell us about the opportunity to work with Anurag Kashyap.

Yes, it was quite a dream come true to work with one of my favourite directors. We choreographed and rehearsed the fight for four days, making an effort to use realistic techniques that a woman could actually use to defend herself against a man. For this I always first tested the techniques on my brother’s music partner who weighs 110 kg

In terms of economics, Assamese cinema has had a tough time in recent times. Would you suppose Local Kung Fu change a thing or two about the industry?

It would be too arrogant of me to make a statement on those lines. I just hope lots of people come to see it and be entertained.

What is the way forward for Local Kung Fu and you?

We’re looking at the possibility of a theatrical release for the Hindi dubbed version as well. As for my next project, it depends on which gets funded first. It could be my novel Chocolate_Guitar_Momos, it could be another romcom, another martial arts film or a woman-centered rural dramedy biopic called My Three Sisters


Navin Batra

“Controversies are my stepping stone to Success,”

Making a Directorial Debut with ‘Supermodel’, Navin Batra who has received accolades & even criticisms even before the movie’s release talks about the challenges he had to face and how controversies didn’t bog him down.

Right from the first look of the movie poster which was alleged to be copied to the protagonists not getting along on the sets to the censor being unfairly stringent, Navin Batra has had his share of controversies right from the beginning of making the movie to the post production.

Navin Batra’s first flick which has already been nominated in one of the most prestigious awards under the Most Stylish Fashion Film category simultaneously got many red signals from the censor board. Navin Batra fought it all and has the scenes retained, he mentions, “There are lot other things which the censor board should consider rather than cutting intimate scenes which are depicted like in every other film. It was unfair and I fought for it till the very end and they had to give in. If there is a certain scene in the movie which my film required it and so it is there, there is no undoing at least when it is not something that would harm anyone.”

Fortunately movie goers won’t be disappointed since all the scenes are retained


R.Madhavan beefs up for his next

R Madhavan prepares for his career’s most challenging role this far,as he steps into the shoes of a retired boxer for Sudha Kongara’s Kollywood project.

Having recently completed working on Hollywood’s Night of the Living Dead : 3D, Madhavan is going all out to prepare for his next,scheduled to go on floors this December.

Apart from training in amateur boxing with Hollywood professionals, his preparations also involve transforming in terms of his look – Apart from sporting some serious muscle,

Madhavan is also working on a disheveled look including long hair and an unkept beard et al.

Says Madhavan, “I have a renewed sense of respect for boxers and boxing as a sport. My first experience in a boxing ring didn’t even last for a minute. This is probably the most challenging role I’ve done and spent most of my time at the gym preparing for it”.


Enthusiasm continues on the Day 3 at 4th Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai 2013

Ardent cinephiles continue to folk the 4th Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai 2013 on its 3rd day at Fun Republic, Andheri West. Started with a bang on September 24, followed by two days of successful screening of some cult and classic national and international feature and short films, the festival entered into its 3rd day of celebrating cinema with much excitement and anticipation. The 3rd day of this six-day long cinematic extravaganza began with the screening of India’s classic Mughal-E-Azam, directed by the veteran K Asif. It was a treat for the current generation to watch the most successful film and one of the finest pieces of cinema of yesteryears’ on big screen.

The first film showcased under the World Panorama category was Justin Owens’ Chapman (English Feature). The occasion was graced with the presence of the director of the film and the actress Christine Woods. Chapman was followed by Reha Erdem’s Turkish film Jin. Two of the top 10 films of the festival – Water and Rock the Casbah – were also screened on this day. An outcome of a unique Israeli/Palestinian cooperation, Water was a beautiful compilation of some fictional and some self-experience based stories, directed by Yael Perlov, Nir Sa’ar and Maya Sarfaty, Yona Rozenkier, Mohammad Bakri, Ahmad Barghouti, Pini Tavger and Tal Haring. Each of these stories touched upon the Israel and Palestine conflict and revolved around the common source of life – water.

Rock the Casbah, the Hebrew film made by Yariv Horowitz was about the extraordinary journey of a young soldier. In this 93 minute film, the director had very creatively shown the chaotic surroundings of the Occupied Territories during the Palestinian’s struggle for independence. How one incident changes the lives of four young soldiers and one Palestinian family was beautifully shown in this film. A Greek film The Daughter, directed by Thanos Anastopoulos was also showcased under the World Panorama category on the 3rd day of the festival. The Director was himself present on the occasion to receive direct reactions of the audience.

The forthcoming days of the festival promise to host many more special feature and short films of various genres from around the world to entertain cinephiles at the 4th editions of the festival.

The final edition of the Jagran Film Festival is scheduled from the 24th – 29th September, 2013 at Fun Republic, Andheri West, Mumbai.


CID is the only crime fiction show which has been running since 16 years – ShivajiSatam

Sony Entertainment Television’s long-running series CID will be completing 1000 episodes on this Friday (27th September 2013). At a time, when a serial bids adieu within months of its launch, we can very well say that CID could successfully complete 1000 episodes. A lot of CID’s success rests on the broad shoulders of ShivajiSatam, who plays ACP Pradyuman. In the world of TV heroes, he’s a mix of Superman, Thor and Batman. Satam has been part of the show since its inception. He’s carried costumes and props on the back of a Lambretta scooter during the early days of the show. He’s accepted every challenge thrown at the cast and have come out with flying colors. He’s shot in knee-high snow, in scorching heat, and has done a 111-minute episode without a single cut.

How are you feeling on the milestone achievement on completion of 1000 episodes?

I am overwhelmed with the response that audience has given us. Completing 1000 episodes is really a great achievement for the whole C.I.D team. I wish and pray to keep growing in the same flow and complete more 1000 episodes. Every episode was an enjoyable experience for me and I have gained a lot of popularity from this show. I love entire team of C.I.D and congratulate everyone for their equal support for getting this achievement. I would like to thank all my fans, the very supportive cast and crew, Sony Channel and an amazing production house for the immense support and appreciation.

What makes CID a unique concept as compared to others?

CID is a fantasy show. It is an officially branded fantasy. All our audiences relate to the characters and that’s why they watch them. Over the years the characters have become much more real for the audiences, even though they are larger than life. So automatically they feel that what these characters do is real. It’s just an acceptance in the audience’s mind.

What special will the viewer’s get to see in the 1000th episode?

CID is the only crime friction show which has been running since 16 years of time period and has managed to win the hearts of millions every time by its power pack episodes. It has been always known for its innovative ideas when it comes to keeping audiences glued to their shows with interesting new cases. The 1000th episode will also not disappoint its viewers; it is known the episode will have CID investigating on a dangerous island where their life would be on stake.

What would you like to comment on the off-screen bonding between all the actors?

Even marriages don’t last that long nowadays. Yet, that’s what the team of CID has managed to do.It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to your work to be able to overlook differences and work together for sixteen years.In CID we are like just another Family. We know each other so well for so long that we know what you see on screen is how we are. We don’t put on any airs like celebrities are expected to do. We are like any other middle class family and believe in the same things. Aditya, Daya, Freddy and I, we feel that we are brothers from a different birth.

What is the basic message that we aim to communicate with the show?

All over India, by and large, people don’t want to go and report to the police because it’s not as simplified as you see it on TV. But still we encourage people to do it. You can’t generalize that the police don’t work; there are a lot of cops who take their jobs very seriously and are doing the right thing. Also, at the end of every show, we keep on suggesting capital punishment for the criminal despite the fact that we hardly have any phansi happening in India. Hopefully, we can put a little fear into the audiences and make them believe that crime is not good, it never pays and at the end of the day you have to pay for it.

What prompted you to do a special series of the ever-popular show CID?

Though the programme is very popular and has lasted for 16 years, it’s very important to keep innovating in terms of presentation and story-telling. One of our USPs is outdoor location shoots. While others find it difficult to have regular outdoors, we are very comfortable with it. Sony also supports us wholeheartedly in terms of finance. We have achieved most of our targets (getting a rating of ’5′ plus was one of them).


Kochadaiiyaan – a Truly Global Venture

Superstar Rajinikanth’s forthcoming blockbuster that is set to rival Hollywood’s Avatar, Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend, has been making waves and world firsts ever since it started filming one and half years ago.

Kochadaiiyaan has achieved a major international feat as it combines the technical prowess of partners based in both the East and West including London – UK, Los Angeles – USA, South India and from China, making the film a truly international venture.

Kochdaiiyaan boasts a filming schedule at Pinewood Studios in the UK, the very same studios where Harry Potter was filmed, to having used the same technical team who have worked on projects such as Brad Pitt’s World War Z and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Working on the project was the London based Centroid Studios, a state of the art facility for Full Body Motion Capture, which have worked on various famous Hollywood productions including World War Z, Pirates of the Caribbean and Ironman 2. They were supported by Counter Punch Studiosfrom Los Angeles, who have been behind successes such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua, for the Facial Capturing technology used together withFaceware Technologies. They have worked on The Mummy 3 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A team of technical experts based in South India and China have worked on the animation and the completion of the project.

Speaking about Kochadaiiyaan’s international heritage producers Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited and the AIM listed company Eros International say: “We have been keen to use Kochadaiiyaan as a strategic springboard to elevate the profile of Indian cinema globally. To achieve this, we knew as companies that we needed to appeal to a much broader audience. The connecting point has been the use of world class technological innovations such as Motion Capturing Photorealistic technology which register with a Western and younger demographic. To achieve this we have worked with some of the best technicians from across the globe and top talent from India to create a project that we feel is a true depiction of ‘world cinema’.

Kochadaiiyaan is set to blaze a trail globally in cutting-edge Motion Capturing with Photorealistic Technology, as it rivals and transcends the technological capabilities of Hollywood masterpieces Avatar, Tin Tin and Beowulf. South Indian megastar Rajinikant is cast as the archetypal superhero in the epic dramatisation of good versus evil. He performs a dual role with the reigning Queen of Indian Cinema Deepika being paired opposite the younger character. They are joined by current and veteran stars of North and South Indian Cinema such as Jackie Shroff and R. Sarathkumar for a global, Pan-Indian cinematic treat.

Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited & Eros International ‘s Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend is set to transcend boundaries and break records, creating a market first in world cinema and cementing Indian Cinema’s place forever within the global film fraternity. Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend will release worldwide this December 2013.


Elena Lip Lock in Prague

Elena Kazan, the German babe, well known for her role in Agent Vinod has a steamy scene in her next release, Prague. After enjoying sweet success in the recently released JohnDay, with Randeep Hooda and Naseeruddin Shah, she says she has high hope with this one, too.

The movie is a psychological thriller and has many hot scenes that will knock the socks off today`s prudish audience. One of the many scenes includes the Elena and Chandan Roy Sanyal lip lock. According to the sources, Elena was very hesitant initially but after some persuasion by director Ashish R. Shukla, she finally agreed. Elena, who is a professional, was quick to understand that the hot scene was very vital for the buildup of the movie.

The lip lock is one of the many important scenes of the movie that shows affection between her and Chandan, that goes on through out the movie along with the main story. Everyone is very excited with the proceedings of the movie.

It`s an extravaganza of romance, twists and groovy tunes. This one promises to be an out and out entertainer.

Shantanu (Media Consultant)


Shamrock Communication


Ayushmann Khurrana on STAR this week

Tune-in to STAR on TIMES NOW this SAT- 8 pm

This week Star takes you behind the scenes to get to know the charismatic Ayushmann Khurrana. With his flawless acting, impeccable comic timing, melodious voice and boyish charm Ayushmann has won the audience with his versatility. He started on the small screen with MTV and moved on to the silver screen with his debut film ‘Vicky Donor’ followed by ‘Nautanki Saala’ and has collected many accolades and admirers through his journey. Join the Star team this week as they travel to Haryana to visit Ayushmann’s family house and join him behind the scenes as he shoots for ‘Hello’ magazine and his new campaign for PETA.

Ayushmann is a man of many talents. Actor, Singer, poet. Witty, easy going and extremely camera friendly; he has all the makings of a star on the rise. His success as the best male debut actor to male debut singer in 2012 narrates his story at the best. He has also stumped the fashion critics with his quirky yet confident style and has quickly become a solid favourite of fashion magazines and a style icon for the youth. This week ‘STAR’ unveils what’s unnoticed and different in Ayushmann’s life and what makes him the rising star of the industry.

The very camera friendly Ayushmann takes us on a tour from all his favorite food joints to his school, driving down the streets and hosting an Impromptu jamming session. The team also delves into his passion for singing as he talks about the stupendous success of ‘Paani Da Rang’ which led to the release of his first single ‘O Heeriye’ which he launched on his birthday with his wife Tahira and close friends. Tune into TIMES NOW to meet this confident and charming actor this Saturday 28th September at 8pm & Sunday 29th September at 12 noon.

TIMES NOW has redefined weekend television viewing with the new show line –up bringing to the audience their favourite shows even on the weekends and now the launch of STAR will only add to the excitement.

About Times Television Network:

Times Television Network is part of India’s largest media conglomerate, The Times Group. It houses upscale brands including ET NOW – India’s No. 1 Business News channel; MOVIES NOW – India’s leading English Movies channel; ROMEDY NOW – a unique destination for Love and Laughter launching in India soon; TIMES NOW – India’s No. 1 English News channel; and zoOm – India’s No. 1 Bollywood channel. The network delivers segmented and differentiated content under one umbrella. It informs, entertains and engages over 100 million urban affluent viewers in India and is available in 45 countries across the globe.


TIMES NOW, India’s No. 1 English News channel for over 5 years.A channel that stands for credibility and unbiased approach in bringing news and reportage to the viewers. Sharp, incisive and direct, it is the nation’s voice in news. It’s distinctive style and fearless approach makes it different from the others. TIMES NOW engages with viewers in 45 countries across the globe.

Best regards,


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Sony TV’s CID completes 1000 episodes


Sony Entertainment Television long-running series CID will be completing 1000 episodes on this Friday (27th September 2013). At a time, when a serial bids adieu within months of its launch, we can very well say that CID could successful complete 1000 episodes. CID has always come up with innovative ideas when it comes to keeping audiences glued to their shows with interesting new cases. It is the only crime friction show which has been running since 16 years of time period and has managed to win the hearts of millions every time by its power pack episodes. The 1000 episode will also not disappoint its viewers; it is known the episode will have CID investigating on a dangerous island where their life would be on stake.

Shivaji Satam (ACP)

I am overwhelmed with the response that audience have given us. Completing 1000 episodes is really a great achievement for the whole C.I.D team. I wish and pray to keep growing in the same flow and complete more 1000 episodes. Every episode was an enjoyable experience for me and I have gained a lot of popularity from this show. I love entire team of C.I.D and congratulate everyone for their equal support for getting this achievement. I would like to thank all my fans and the whole cast and crew of CID for the immense support and appreciation.

Aditya Shrivastav (Sr Insp Abhijit)

It’s a very good feeling. There are very few shows that complete 1,000 episodes and I feel really proud to be part of the show for such a long time. I have enjoyed every moment on the show. It means a lot that people have appreciated this show, in which everyone has put in so much of hard work. The love we get from our fans is incredible and over whelming. We hope to keep continuing to entertain our audience in the same way and every time give them something new.

Dayanand Shetty (Sr Insp Daya):

I am highly content that our show has managed to complete 1000 episodes. Not many shows can get this success what we have got and I feel honored to be a part of it. The success of this show lies in the hands of our entire team and our fans who have given us so much love and support. The whole journey was a wonderful one where I got to learn a lot from my senior actors and I hope that we keep entertaining our audiences for more 1000 episodes.

Narendra Gupta (Dr.Salunke)

I am feeling extremely content that our show has achieved such a big success, I would give this credit to my whole C.I.D team. I feel lucky to be a part of such a big show and glad to know that our fans are loving our work so much. I would especially thank our channel and the whole crew who have given us this oppurnity to be a part of this show.

Anshaa Sayyed (Insp Purvi)

I will give the whole credit to our C.I.D team, the entire cast and crew are responsible for this success. I am feeling really proud to be part of C.I.D show. It’s really an awesome feeling of completing 1000 episodes. I am thankful to all my fans specially youths, who are following our show so religiously. We are planning for a cake cutting celebration in the coming days.


After the stupendous success of DID Seasons 1, 2 and 3

Zee TV announces

A new movement in dance…

Dance India Dance – DID Season 4

Mumbai, September 24th: Do you believe you were born to dance??? If yes, then the wait is finally over! The days and nights you spent rehearsing and getting every move just perfect will finally pay off. The biggest and the baap of all dance reality shows is back and this time it’s going to be crazier than ever before! Zee TV announces the return of the dance mania – The brand new season of ‘Dance India Dance’ – DID Season 4! Zee TV’s hunt for the ultimate dancers gets bigger and better as the auditions for DID 4 will be held across 19 cities and its happening in Mumbai on 28th September, at Don Bosco High School, Chandavarkar Rd, Ashok Nagar, Borivali west, Mumbai, MH 400092 9 am onwards.

With Zee TV kicking off an aggressive blitzkrieg of multi-city auditions all through August and September, it’s time for talented dancers across India to come to their nearest centre / cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Baroda, Raipur, Indore, Patna, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Chennai, Kolhapur, Imphal, Rajkot and Bangalore to gear up, put on their best dancing shoes and land up at the audition venues!

While the first 3 seasons have unearthed some exceptional dancers like Salman, Shakti, Dharmesh, Prince, Rajasmita, Raghav, Siddhesh and Jai Kumar Nair to name a few, the upcoming season promises to showcase the ultimate dancer who will set the stage ablaze with original choreography, immaculate timing, never-before-seen passion and a universal appeal. Dance India Dance has introduced new dance forms like locking-popping, b-boying, cha cha cha, rumba, jive, contemporary, afro jazz, etc in the last four seasons and in this upcoming series, the passion, the frenzy, the camaraderie, the rehearsals, the victories, the disappointments, the hosts, the judges and above all, the spectacular talent will return with RENEWED VIGOUR!

‘Dance India Dance – Season 4’ is undoubtedly a golden opportunity coming to your city to discover hidden talent. It’s the ultimate platform to showcase the talent and personality of very gifted dancers chosen from all corners of India! Eminent jury members will arrive in the city on the audition day to identify the best talent who will then be invited to the mega-auditions in Mumbai. So, put your best foot forward and prove that you were BORN TO DANCE.

About Dance India Dance

Dance India Dance is a path-breaking show which changed the way Dance reality shows are perceived in our country. With Grandmaster Mithun Chakravarty on the hot seat and judges like Remo D’Souza, Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapur, Farah Khan, Marzi Pestonji, Rajiv Surti and Sandeep Soparkar, the show has reached a notch higher in popularity not only for its supreme talent but also for its unique format.

DID, as it is popularly known, is a nationwide talent hunt to discover potential dancers who will be proving their mettle in front of the best choreographers of the industry. Dance India Dance is an unmatched opportunity for those people, who aspire to make it big but do not get an appropriate platform to showcase their talent. Zee TV has been a pioneer in the field of music with a legendary show like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and it has now made television history with Dance India Dance being the No 1 dancing show in India!

About Zee TV

Zee TV, the flagship channel of Zee Network was launched in October 1992. With a reach of more than 167 countries and access to more than 500 million viewers globally, Zee TV has created strong brand equity and is the largest media franchise serving the South Asian Diaspora. With over sixteen years of its launch, Zee TV has driven the growth of the satellite and cable industry in India.

The popularity of Zee arises from its understanding of Indian culture and beliefs which are depicted in its programming. Realizing its strength in programming and the need for Indian entertainment in the overseas market, the company launched Zee TV in the UK / Europe (1995), the USA (1998), Africa (1998) and today is available across five continents.

Today the channel has a multi genre offering again and is living up to its image of being a socially conscious channel. With path breaking shows like Hasne aur Hasane Ka Tonic Ladies Special, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Aapki Antara, Pavitra Rishta, Shree, Maayka, Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyann and Hero Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs, the channel has established icons such as Laali, Archana, Antara, Lakshmi and Saraswati to name a few. Zee TV also carries the proud tag of being the pioneer of the musical game show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Dance India Dance.

Media Contact

Nupur Kothari Anuj Talpade

nupur.kothari@zee.esselgroup.com anujt@zeenetwork.com

09833830728 09819589828


Singer Manoj Tiwari to perform for mata Ki Chowki on 28 September

Bhojpuri superstar and singer Manoj Tiwari is performing bhajan at Mata Ki Chowki on 28 September 2013. It has been organised by Mamtamai Radhe Maa Guru charitable trust at Radhe Maa Bhawan, Sodawala Lane, Boriwali west Mumbai. Later Shri Radhee maa will give give darshan to the devotees.Entry is free.

Special program by Gandhi Vichar Manch on Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October

Malad (West) based NGO Gandhi Vichar Manch is organising a special program on occassion of birth of Mahatma Gandhi at Radhe Maa Bhawan, Sodawala Lane, Boriwali (west), Mumbai. The cultural program will he anchored by Harishchandra. Recently an essay/peoem writing comptetion was held for saving water under “Save Water, Save Life” campaign. The winners will be honoured on the occasion.Entry is free.

Sanjay Sharma Raj


Hrithik Roshan score a no1 on television too.

Hrithik Roshan attended the finale of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa to promote his Upcoming film Krrish 3.

The Viewership for the Finale was 8.8Million which is the no1 show in weekend programming.

The numbers of the trp of the finale episode of jhalak dikhla jaa itself speak about the crazy fan following of Hrithik.

Hrithik has not only developed a place in the hearts of kids as Krrish but also found a place in every household through television.


Priyanka Bhattacharya’s New Album “The Dark Lounge” got rave reviews

Ring in the new and ring out the old has always been the ways of the world. And Bollywood is no exception to this. Be it the melodious 60′s ruled by Md. Rafi, Kishoreda’s romantic 70′s, the cult of Kumar Sanu in the 90′s or the versatile Sonu ruling the last decade, the times have changed and so have the masters of art. Priyanka Bhattacharya has poured in from classical to independent music scene, making it big in Music industry. Priyanka Bhattacharya is one of those artists who have proved that sheer talent and hard work can make any dream come true. Priyanka’s new Album “The Dark Lounge” released by Music wires has shown a tremendous response and its world class music is being appreciated by wide range of listeners from across the world.

Priyanka Bhattacharya said, “Dark Lounge is a totally new brand of music I’ve done till now. The music gives it a universal appeal to the audience. I think this album has a cutting edge, because of people like it so much. It has music for all ages, all kinds of taste. I would like to thank all my friends and audiences for their continuous support and love.”

Priyanka Bhattacharya has created a niche value of herself. Recently she worked with Coke Studio Season 3 with Ram Sampath and Sona Mahapatra. She sung a very beautiful song in Vivek Sharma upcoming movie. She had achieved a lot in her career like a graded artist from A.I.R and Doordarshan. She had also sung solo background for movies Houseful and Cocktail.

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Deepika Padukone has ‘never been on a date’!

~ zoOm gets personal with Deepika this weekend on zoOm’s Superstar Weekends~

Deepika’s show line-up for Superstar Weekends- Saturday Ø Your Likes-11am Ø Superstar Songs-4:30pm Ø zoOm it!-6pm Ø Nau-tanki-8pm Ø Encounter with Omar-9pm Deepika is her name and being hot and sexy is her game! This week, catch the star badminton player Prakash Padukone’s daughter, make him proud. Extremely introverted, this glam girl knows the art of dodging guys as well as she dodges media. However, this week the diva spills the beans and more, in a candid conversation with Omar only on zoOm’s Superstar Weekends!

Be it her naughtiest prank played on a teacher by placing a button pin on her seat to what turns her on Deepika goes for the kill. From her favourite things to do with a guy to her retort to Imran’s naughty wish of seeing her in the shower, she doesn’t shy away while answering these juicy details!

Deepika floored one and all starting from her very first Bollywood Blockbuster with the King Khan and there has been no looking back for this leggy diva! With innumerable link ups, this glam doll seemed to have her name on the lips of every hunk. From Yuvraj Singh to Dhoni, Ranbir Kapoor to Siddharth Mallya this sexy babe seemed to have had her fair share of men and ruled their hearts as well. Why does Deepika claim she has never been on a date?? Be sure to catch her reveal those secrets only on zoOm’s Superstar Weekends!

To know more about your cherished actor watch Glam up presents Superstar Weekends powered by Levis, this Saturday, 28th September 2013 only on zoOm!


Gitanjali Khatau

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Veena Malik Supermodel city tour

Movie Promotion is the most important part of every movie and in this competitive world no actors want to take any chance which fails their movie. Bollywood Supermodel Veena Malik was seen showering her glamour all over the Indian through her city tour for promoting her upcoming movie Supermodel which is stated to release on 27th of September. She reached the city of joy Kolkata to promote her movie where she posed for photographers and after that she travels to Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmadabad where she was seen interacting with the media about her movie. Veena was overwhelmed with the gestures of her fans.

Veena Malik said, “I am very happy my movie Supermodel is going to release which is based on real story. I am glad to visit different cities of India and happy to meet my lovely fans all over cities. I hope people would love it and appreciate it.”

Veena Malik is playing a glamorous role in the Movie which is based on the story of Fashion World which reveals truth of Models life. Veena plays the role of a middle class girl who reaches superstardom.

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Actress Sneha Upadhyay at Sydenham College’s Simsree Simerations 2013

Actress, model, DJ, Pantaloons Femina Miss Fashionista 2012 and Kingfisher Calendar finalist Sneha Upadhyay (Madhu Sneha) is on a high this year after having walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week for Ritu Kumar and as a Pool Model; as well as for Shantanu & Nikhil at IIFA Rocks 2013.

Sneha was on the jury of Sydenham College’s Simsree annual fest Simerations 2013 along with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s favourite choreographer Mudassar Khan (Dabangg, Bodyguard, Bol Bachchan and Boss amongst others) and Dancing Curve’s Itika and Raunak. Sneha, who found the Simerations show too ‘filmi’, crowned Beat Breakers from Chinai College as the winners along with the second runners up from NK College.

Incidentally, Sneha is also finalising a very unique show on a niche channel where she is playing herself as a successful model – well, she really is the Tyra Banks of India when it comes to films, fashion and television.

This mesmerizing model was born in Howrah (near Kolkata) and was a studious conservative middle class family geek till she participated in the Bhawanipur College Fest and her entire life changed! The scintillating Sneha Upadhyay is the first runner up of the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012 hunt in association with NDTV Good Times and chosen in the Top 3 after a long hunt for a talent race among contestants from all across India. The girl, who had not even worn track pants is now scorching the ramps across India with what ace lensman Atul Kasbekar calls is the ‘perfect body’. And renowned Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra chose only this Kolkata girl for his shows. The diva now aims to model her career a la Trya Banks and wants to replicate the global icon’s success in India.

Sneha started off with an audition as a ‘Cat Woman’ and the model with ‘Rhythm in her Body’ had leading fashion choreographers drooling over the Indian equivalent of Hollywood star Halle Berry! In fact, Sushma Puri from Elite Model Managemetn chased her all the way upto the Kolkata Fashion week in order to sign her on. And ace designer Nandita Thirani chose her as the lucky opening mascot for showcasing her Lakme Fashion Week collections. And then followed a string of fashion designer fans including Manish Malhotra (he only chose Sneha from Kolkata she closed for him in the Kolkata Fashion Week), Jaya Misra and Shantanu-Nikhil amongst others.

“I always had a feeling of being extraordinary and rising above my surroundings but didn’t have any clue. I strode the normal path for a girl of my background till my teens. My letter from the engineering college got misplaced and I was mulling entering dental college. When suddenly a new avenue of ramp modeling opened up in my life. It created a ruckus in my conservative household and my parents were very upset. My elder sister stood by me and gave me the confidence and courage to pursue it,” says Sneha. When 5-6 hoardings with my face were put up across Kolkata, my parents finally relented when people appreciated my work. And yes, she has not taken a single penny from them for her pursuits.

On the Kingfisher Calendar show, Sneha was initially very disturbed with the emotionless approach of the crew! “I was just another candidate with a lovely body. I wanted to tell them that I had an equally intelligent mind to back my body up. I am proud that it was seen in the tasks that I did. The other candidates found my reading habits and my religious chanting from my rosary very weird. And while they used to diet, I used to eat quite a lot and still maintain my demure size zero tall frame. But when I started posting success after success, they started taking me seriously,” says Sneha. She adds, “Others were competing while I was really enjoying myself. I am very happy to win the Most Beautiful Body and the Most Photogenic Body titles. My mantras were confidence, determination and focus.”

In fact, Sneha’s biggest fear on the show was that she was frightened of water and scared she might be asked to swim. “There was an accident in Chennai where I literally lost my life and was scared of swimming and going underwater. I joined this contest to confront my biggest fears and showcase my inborn talents. In the early rounds, they gave me an underwater task and I had to channelize all my resources to complete the task. I did well and proved a point to myself and peers. I won the maximum tasks and surprised myself and others. I have become very carefree and fearless.”

An ambitious young fresh face, Sneha quit her marketing job in the fast-paced city of Mumbai to change her career course to the glamorous world of fashion. A true believer in herself, Sneha swears that soon the world will know and believe in her! She is the most confident about “Myself as a whole” and her asset is her “confidence that has got her quite a lot at a young age. She reads quite a lot and is a linguist with English (literature graduate with honours), Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. And she claims that she is a born dancer. She has dabbled in copywriting and thinks of writing scripts during her leisure time. She has also tutored the contestants of the Indian Princess contest organized by the Mumbai-based Atharva Group. She enjoyed the task of grooming and tutoring young raw contestants and elevating their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief.

An extremely spiritual human being, Sneha philosophises, “I get bored very quickly and keep looking for new challenges and frontiers of expressing myself. I still feel I haven’t expressed myself fully and am still in the process of discovery. I continue to get plum assignments without really auditioning or striving hard. I continue to meet greater human beings and aspire to match their greatness with my latent talent and abilities. I believe that an actor lies hidden within me. I always fantasise about giving several expressions for a particular situation. I am Power Woman and will be the one that will make a difference to the lives of millions of Indians.” Incidentally, her father was an amateur actor and used to do a lot of theatre and encourage her to watch serious cinema. But no one else in her family has any remote connection with showbiz. And Sneha is determined to make it on her own steam.

As in sync with her Kolkata mindset, Sneha dreams of doing meaningful globally crossover films in the mould of actress such as Aparna Sen, Smita Patil and Madhuri Dixit amongst others. She is still adjusting to the metropolis of Mumbai in terms of films, finance and fashion. And Sneha Upadhyay is very clear that she is here to be and carve a niche for herself while leaving her footprints in the sands of time. ..

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