SANDRO BALESTRINO 394 West Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, MI 48170 Mobile 7348460422 US EU citizen CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking a position in a hightech or emerging industry that leverages and furthers the development of my Mechanical Systems, Research Development, Engineering, and GasTurbine Engine experience and capabilities, and that has a leadership path. EDUCATION University of New Haven West Haven, CT Major Mechanical Engineering BSME 1989 Minor Mathematics Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY Major Aeronautical Engineering MSAE 1992 Specialization Propulsion, Compressible Fluid Flow, Thermodynamics University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH 19931995 Graduate Courses Aeronautical Engineering PATENTS Method and apparatus for monitoring performance of EGR heat exchanger. Patent No. US 910 9518 B2 General Motors Corporation Approach for delivering a liquid reductant into an exhaust flow of a fuelburning engine. Patent No. US 781 4745 BB Ford Motor Corporation WORKEXPERIENCE General Motors Corporation, Propulsion Systems Research Division, Warren and Pontiac, Michigan 2008 to present, Senior Engine Research and Development Mechanical Engineer Specialty in airhandling systems for advanced diesel engines. Research small and micro gasdynamicturbomachinery to define future compressor and turbine technology suitable for advanced turbocharging systems of highspeed diesel engines. Simulation of boosting systems for turbodiesel engines Demonstrated during initial development the need to redesign very long lead time items like the catalytic emission control components in order to reduce the turbine back pressure. Developed algorithms to enable efficient preliminary matching of supercharged diesel engines. Specified the thermodynamic statement of requirements issued to turbocharger suppliers for the 2017 model year GM 6.7 liter Duramax heavyduty turbodiesel engine. Turbocharger pulsating flow Initiated experimental measurement of onengine turbineinlet pressure by means of highspeed piezoelectric transducers. Analyzed test data in MATLAB to calculate apparent efficiency of turbine as installed on the engine. Incorporated results to improve onedimensional simulation tools used for turbochargertoengine matching. Design and commissioning of EGRcooler test apparatus Engineered specialized Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR heat transfer apparatus to measure thermal and fluid dynamic characteristics of gastoliquid heat exchangers used on internal combustion engines this apparatus will be commissioned in a university laboratory in Spain to support General Motors Europe and North America. Designed fully predictive heat exchanger models and eliminated the current corporate practice of sizing heat exchangers with a ruleofthumb approximation. Heat exchanger fouling Supported investigation of fundamental physics of heat exchanger fouling with threedimensional CFD analysis of wall shear stress in heat exchanger tubes. See related patent Turbochargers Prepared and delivered internal short course on basics of radial turbine operation. Predictive intercooler model Enabled more accurate vehicle simulations and turbocharger matching calculations by creating predictive onedimensional CFD model of the intercooler used on a heavyduty turbodiesel engine. Directed thermal and fluid dynamic tests that were performed on the intercooler and associated hardware, and processed data necessary to calibrate the model. Ford Motor Corporation Research and Innovation Division, Dearborn, Michigan 2003 2007 Senior Emissions Research and Development Mechanical Engineer Researched and engineered emerging catalytic emission control solutions for advanced turbodiesel engines. Directed particle image velocimetry PIV visualization study showing effect of static mixing elements on stall behavior of prototype conical exhaust diffuser. Incorporated results into production design of urea deliveryandmixing assembly for selective catalytic emission control system of Ford Super Duty trucks. See related patent Introduced scalingsimilitude concepts to the designtesting of aftertreatmentcomponents Adapted heat exchanger theory to expedite the preliminary sizing of catalytic emission control components. Performed fluid resistance measurements that improved accuracy of onedimensional CFD used for engine simulations. Developed Excel spreadsheet that dramatically reduced the need to retest design changes to the emission control system components. Ricardo Inc., Van Buren, Michigan 1999 2003 Diesel Engine Development Mechanical Engineer a global automotive engineering consulting company Worked on site at SAAB in Sweden for one year on turbodiesel passenger car program that was successfully launched into production. Developed expertise in utilizing specialized vehicle testing facilities such as climate controlled wind tunnel, vehicle dynamometer, chassis emissions test lab, and cold climate chamber to evaluate engine management systems. Performed highaltitude turbocharger overspeed protection testing. Provided business development support and delivered client presentations. VM Motori SpA, Ferrara, Italy 1995 1999 Diesel Engine Development Mechanical Engineer an independent manufacturer of diesel engines for the automotive, light commercial, industrial, earth moving, and marine vehicle industries Coordinated all aspects of development, testing, and emission calibration of 5cylinderturbodiesel engine for European version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. Performed onvehicle screening tests of several turbocharger designs including radial, mixedflow, and ball bearing type units. Achieved vehicle performance targets with new turbocharger and successful launch of vehicle into production. Bent Weapon Laboratory, Ballston Spa, New York 1991 1993 Student Research Mechanical Engineer a US government research laboratory, part of the US Army Armament RD and Engineering Center for large caliber armament systems such as cannons and mortars Research and development of a state of the art cannon using liquid propellantand equipped with highspeed piezoelectric pressure transducers. SKILLS LANGUAGES TRAINING ACTIVITIES GT Power 1D engine simulation software MATLAB STAR CCM MS Office Suite Programs Fluent in Italian and French Centrifugal Compressors 2011 Axial and Radial Turbines 2012 Fundamentals of Turbochargers 2012 Concepts NREC Northern Research and Engineering Corporation Heat Transfer in Internal Combustion Engines by Ahmet Selamet, Ohio State University, 2005 Design of Experiments I II, Eastern Michigan UniversityCenter for Quality, 2000 Diesel PM and NOx Emissions, University of Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, 2002 Gas Turbine major rotating component manufacturing, Pratt Whitney Aircraft, North Haven, CT, 1988 Coop Education, 6 months American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Society of Automotive Engineers SAERensselaer Formula Car Racing Project Cycling, Aviation, Fluid Mechanics, Ancient Roman Water Systems, Culinary Science

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