Of all the international bodies of the One World Government at Large in the world today, none is more insidiously evil than the International Monetary Fund, or as it is more often than not called the IMF. We tend to forget that the IMF is the bastard child of the United Nations. Both are extension of the secret societies that run the world; some in total secrecy, others, like the Council on Foreign Relations becoming more and bolder as it sees its plans succeeding according to the time table it has set for the take-over of the United States of America, thereby ushering in the New Era, the New Dark Ages. This time is at hand. The role of the IMF in this will be discussed more fully as we proceed with this message.

Let us not forget that the FIRST MODEL of the type of tyrannical government we will get, when the battle is over, is already here for us to see. I am referring to the Soviet Union, that monstrous slave state, which stands today as a monument of betrayal to those who pass amongst us, the traitors of the Eastern Liberal Establishment and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, those who put Lenin in power, and who have continued to feed, foster and nurture the Soviet Union, in the mistaken belief that they can live in power-sharing One-World Government with the men in the Kremlin.

What is not generally understood is that Communism is a creation of the West. The Third Force, the International Banksters, and the Wall Street Banksters, PUT the Bolsheviks in power and have kept them there. The Second World War was fought solely to STRENGTHEN the Soviet Union and make it a world power. The Wall Street Banksters and the International gangster-bankers have continued to deliver to the Soviet Union, until today, it is the mightiest military and economic force in the world. You surely don’t think that the Soviet Union could have reached its position of utmost supremacy on its own? You surely don’t think that the Soviet Union could have reached its position on its own? Without the help of the TRAITORS in the West, it would still be a third class manufacturing country with a fourth rate agricultural system, unable, as in the days of the Tsars, to feed all of its people!

And in these latter days, no organization has played more of the role of the betrayer than the IMF and its sister charnel house, the Bank of International Settlements – the so-called “bankers Bank” located in Basle Switzerland. Yet communism is a living life. The greatly reverend “prophet” who copied his manifesto from the Bavarian Illuminist, Weishaupt was an international banker’s stooge, Karl Marx, WAS ONE OF THEM! How well I recall the first time I uncovered some of these startling facts during my studies at the British Museum in London, and the British War Office in London. I went up to High gate Cemetery in London, and stood in front of the grave of the servant of Satan, Karl Marx, and I clearly remember shouting out aloud “YOU FRAUD.” Karl Marx, the sage and dearly beloved of the intellectuals of America was a FRAUD, a parasitic fraud, all his life. He was one of the High Priests of the International Banksters, from whence sprang the International Monetary Fund of today! The power of this band of ORGANIZED THIEVES rests in its ability to legally plunder the assets, raw materials and products of nations of the world, which it the passes on to its “head office: in the International Bank of Wall street and Basle. It IS LARCENY on a grand scale, conducted by manicured men in expensive tailor made pin-stripe suits, so holy and so righteous that the likes of you and I could not even get the time of day from them.

The aim of communism or if you will, Marxism, is to destroy the West. The aim of the IMF is to assist the communists in achieving their goal, as I hope to prove as we proceed with this massage. It is hard thing to prove, because we know that the ultra-secret societies bent upon our total enslavement are the ones who control the banks, and they in turn control ALL OF THE MEDIA, whether it be in the East or the West. We are propagandized out of our minds. Truth has no chance. Well might Pontius Pilate have asked today, in 1985, “what is truth?” The global structure of the International Banksters, and their plaything, the IMF has got to the point where they don’t even bother to cover their tracks. They have the media, and what passes for education in the West, completely tied up. They are the ones who determine what sort of teaching and training we get in our universities and business schools. We have become the most ill-informed nation in the world, because the control which these brigands exercise over our lives is more concentrated in the USA than anywhere else on earth; they decide what our young people shall, and shall not be taught. THEIR media decides what is fit to print and to broadcast, and it is all because these REMEDIES of freedom, have gained complete control over our MONETARY systems throughout the world, but more so in the USA, than anywhere else on earth.

This has to be so, because the USA is the last bastion of freedom, the strongest, the most likely to resist. We need not fear the EXTERNAL enemy, as that great man Abraham Lincoln said in his speech. “No foreign power or combination of foreign powers could take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge trail in a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reaches us it must spring up amongst us, it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we ourselves must be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die of suicide. This great speech by a truly great man was made at Springfield, Illinois in January 1837, and repeated again at the height of Lincoln’s battle with the International Banksters. When the banks refused to lend the US government the money it needed, except at usury, Lincoln passed a Bill through Congress, which is the high water mark of the struggle against what was to become international communism under the aegis of the international banks. On February 25th, 1862, the Act bearing the same date was forwarded to Congress, which was not at that time, as riddled with men serving two masters as it is today. The Bill authorized that Lincoln Greenbacks which so enraged the international banksters, that they hired George Wilkes Botha, alias “Booth” to murder Lincoln. (Botha came from a Dutch background, with links to South Africa, where the name Botha is fairly common. At present I am engaged in research in an attempt to discover the links between “Booth” (Botha) and South Africa if any. The banks in America, owned and controlled by the international brigands destroyed Lincoln, as they have done to everyone who has stood in their way. Congressman McFadden was one of their victims. There were many others. The aim of the international bansksters using their filthy offspring communism, is to destroy the quality of nations like the USA, South Africa, South Korea, until the genetic fibers holding the nation together, and its moral Christian fiber is utterly torn to shreds, and these nations lie in ruins at their feet. Dramatic words? Indeed, but unfortunately they are an accurate reflection of past, present and future events.

Economic jargon and high sounding financial terminology is what the international banksters use to deceive the people of the USA, and particularly at this time, the nation of South Africa. We shall deal with their language of lies as we proceed. Karl Marx THEIR High Priest was particularly adept at using this type of deceptive language. Marx the deceiver tells all of those who study “his” work that the worker is trouble because he has always been exploited by the “capitalist”. What is a capitalist? Anybody who saves money can rightly be deemed to be a capitalist. Marx took this word and made it is curse word. The greed of the capitalists says this servant of Satan, is what has caused the workers such tribulations. He loves to talk about the evils of the Industrial Revolution, but here’s the rub; Marx never once disclosed that the bad working conditions during the early part of the Industrial Revolutions was caused by the GREED OF HIS MASTERS, the International Bankers. In 1985 we are seeing a repeat of what Marx preached. Those who are out of work, and in some countries, England for example, there are hundreds, ye thousands of cases where two generations have been out of work, and are out of work. The coal miner, the ex-factory worker blames the capitalists. But it is NOT the capitalists who are at fault, it is the PIRANAS, the voracious practitioners of USURY (forbidden by Christ) who have destroyed the livelihood of the MILLIONS who are out of work all over the Western world! And in any case what is communism? It is NOT a workers doctrine, it is nothing but thinly disguised NARROW CAPITALISM, where the wealth of a nation is aggregated in the hands of just a few men at the top of a SLAVE STATE. That is what the IMF stands for, narrow capitalism, NOT true capitalism, where money earned in a profitable business is ploughed back into the business to make more money, to create more wealth which then filters down to the workers. That is TRUE CAPITALISM, and true capitalism is the sworn enemy of the International Banksters and its bastard off-spring international communism. Those of you who follow my cassette tape series will not require an explanation of the secret societies and their conspiracy to rule the world. Yet, believe it or not, there are still those who ask me, “is there really a conspiracy?” I have no time to go into that aspect of the matter, except to say that some of the most important men ever to walk this earth believed in it. Lincoln believe in it. Jesus Christ, the Son God believed in it and warned us of spiritual wickedness in high places.  The conspiracy began with Satan. Read the account in Genesis of the titanic struggle which took place in a timeless period when only spirit beings inhabited the universe, and Satan conspired against God. He was cast down. Adam Weishaupt took up with Satan. It is not for nothing that Gerald Winrod describes Weishaupt as a “human devil”. Satan was the original “illuminator” from whence comes the “Illuminated ones” who think they are going to rule the world in a One World Government entity. They too will be cast down. Satan’s original task as one of the three top angels at the right-hand of God, was to TEACH, to ILLUMINATE. That is why the Illuminati is as much of a devil worshipping secret society as the Yezidees are.

As I have so often emphasized in my messages and cassette tape series, in order to understand the monetary and political events unfolding before your eyes today, we need to have a thorough grounding in the Christian religion, and a good working knowledge of the Judaic and other Eastern religions. (The Judaic religion is NOT a western religion – its base is Babylonian.) I am a Christian. Now the word “Christian” has been denigrated and downgraded by the master brainwashers of Wilton Park and Madison Avenue that when you say “I am a Christian”, the general reaction of your listeners is that you must be some kind of a religious nut. This media-induced brainwashing knee-jerk reflex does NOT occur if a man says “I am a Jew” or “I am a Moslem” or a Hindu or whatever. This Pavlovian response occurs only when the word Christian is spoken.

I mention this to stress the importance of our Christian religion in the banking world. If we, Christian America, followed the teachings of Christ and the prophets of the Old Testament, there would be no international banksters today, and NO predatory IMF. WHY? Because our Bible FORBIDS usury (which is incorrectly called interest in the jargon of banking). Banks exist on INTEREST they make “money” which they create out of fresh air under what is known as fractional reserve banking.

The IMF is robbing nations blind through its “interest” rates, and nations are made up of individuals who have to pay for it. That is why Christ said “neither a lender or borrower be” – not because He was against the idea of borrowing money for economic reasons, but because of the enslavement it brought through usury. Christ was more than a religious leader. He knew about economics. The Old Testament contains some of the finest economic laws, real laws, not a pack of lies as taught in our schools and universities today. That is why Christ whipped the bankers of His day and drove them out from the Temple. And remember this, it was only then that the rulers of the day, the same who later crucified Him, began to pay any attention to His teachings, and started to persecute Him. His teachings against usury, and His physical attack on the bankers of the day were a real dangers to the mammonites, in the same way as the in the later years, people like Lincoln and McFadden were a threat to the mammonites.

Who are the mammonites? The Bible, as a book of historical reference, clearly identifies who they are, and moreover, castigates those who serve them. Christ and the prophets of the Old Testament identify mammonites as the central bankers, the international bankers, those who control nations through control of its money supply as enemies of Christ and God, and indeed ALL mankind. The Moslem holy book, the Koran, also forbids usury among its own. The Moslems follow this teaching, we Christians do not. Christ said usury is illegal, unlawful and sinful. He said this because the vile practice of usury was widespread in His days on earth, having spread outwards from its center, Babylon. In the Book of Revelations we read the words that the Angel cried out that the Whore of Babylon has fallen. This refers to the fall of the infamous international monetary powers that have the world in a death grip, a stranglehold, which will, if unchecked, eventually turn the whole world into a  One-World-Government slave state, where as it is today in the USSR, the money of the world, will be entirely aggregated in the hands of a few evil people. This is what the situation is today in the USSR, and this is what the international bankers through their evil creation, the IMF are seeking to impose on the Western world also.

It is necessary to give a brief account of the history of international financing, and to expose the lies by economists to cover the fact that international banking and “exports” exist to rob a nation of its wealth and transfer it to the rulers of darkness. Usury is the first step along this road, and the IMF is the instrument of destruction of nations who borrow from it. Interest, a euphemism for usury, is criminal, it is tantamount to theft, which the Ten Commandments forbids. Up until fairly recent times, this was properly recognized by the Christian Western world. In fact it was held to be worse than outright theft. The founding fathers of America realized this. They knew that their hard-won freedom would be lost if a central bank got its hands on the power to create and control the monetary system of their country. The patriot John Adams, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson wrote, “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arises, not from the defects of the Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.” And remember at the time he made this statement, traitors like Paul Volcker and George Schultz (now busily engaged in getting rid of Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, so that the Soviet Union can gain supremacy over our military through the imposition of SALT II, which the people of the US have long ago rejected, were not around. Imagine what he would say today, as he sees agent of doom, Henry Kissinger and the traitors of the CFR busily delivering our nation into the hands of the mammonites through financial relations with the USSR via the Wall Street Banksters and the international bankers and their off-spring, the IMF!

If the average American did not understand the nature of coin, credit and circulation in the days of John Adams, they understand it even less still today in 1985. This is because the truth has been buried under a pack of lies disguised as “economics.”  Words and phrases that have no real meaning are bandied about with one purpose, to confuse the people of this nation. Thomas Jefferson, having uncovered the plot of the international bankers to take over America through control of its monetary system said, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies, Already they have raised up a money aristocracy (the Eastern Liberal Establishment of today and the CFR fit this description) that has set government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” The international banks are trying very hard to gain control of ALL US monetary functions by IMPOSING the IMF upon this nation, and making it, the IMF, not the people, the final authority over our finances. This is going on right now. Volcker is working along with his masters, the international bankers to make this a reality.

“How can this be accomplished” you ask. Once banks manage to thieve the assets of a nation, and gain control of the nation’s money through political intrigue, and often war, then it is very easy to impose the IMF on them. Take a case for political intrigue in the US. Senator Robert Dole used to be a staunch Republican. But he was embittered and rebellious. He was getting nowhere. The CFR which always has its antenna out for likely recruits and dupes, was not slow to see the potential in Senator Dole. He was, in the terminology of the intelligence business, “recruited” by the CFR. It was not long before the jackal press began to sing, nay shout the praises of this Senator from Kansas, who, up until THEY made him the running mate for Gerald Ford, was relatively unknown outside his home state. But they extracted a price from Dole; obey the Laws of the CFR and rise to great power. That is what Dole has done and is doing. Today he stands at the heart of every attempt being made by those who like him in Congress, are battling the President’s financial policies that seek to restore sanity to the nation’s finances. Dole is not alone. The Senate and the House are riddled with men who owe allegiance to the CFR that is to the international banksters and the IMF, and NOT to their own people and this great country. Through political intrigue, we the people, are steadily losing the battle to the forces of mammon. The IMF is about to be imposed upon the US, and there is NOTHING we can do about it. The CFR has once again showed its contempt for the vote by overriding the President the voters put in the White House. If you still believe that your vote has some influence over the course of this nation, then you are lacking in knowledge of the secret societies that run the world, and nowhere more so do they run national and international affairs than in the USA. They care NOT who is in the White House (in any case it is nearly always one of THEIR OWN) as long as they have control of our monetary affairs, which the CFR has, through the illegal Federal Reserve Bank.

The mammonites have it, they have the “yeas” when it comes to voting on life and death issues in Congress. There is no longer any worthwhile distinction between “Republican” and “Democrat” in Congress, it is a case of FOR THE USA OR FOR THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE INTERNATIONAL BANSKSTERS. I have been informed today by my sources, who are absolutely reliable, that Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker have been meeting with representatives of the IMF in order to speed the process of devising a crisis which only the IMF can manage! That is why Arthur Burns (real name Burnseig) “resigned” as ambassador to Germany (that is, what is called “West Germany”). He resigned so that he could return to the US and assist the IMF in its plans to overthrow the Constitution of the USA in its most vital and important, and I might add, most vulnerable area; its monetary underbelly.

The IMF will then become an instrument of oppression, just as it is with other countries it is “managing” (a euphemism for robbing and thieving its natural resources, its raw materials and finished goods). Once the IMF gains control of our monetary policies, it will co-operate with the CFR to destroy US to the point that it, the IMF, will be hailed by most people as the savior of our country. Instead of sending its pin-stripe suited agents packing, we will welcome them with open arms. When a bank manages to seize control of a nation’s money, they can create so-called business cycles. Now do not be put-off by this word. This is only one of the phrases used by the economists to LIE to the people. It is a word which allows thieving on a grand scale to take place. It is NOT true economic language. These parasitic mammonites have devised a language for every occasion. One of these I am going to make a lexicon of the economic words used to cover the real intent of the banksters. How is it possible that we have been so deceived? It is possible through the use of language which bears no resemblance to Christian economics as set out in the Old and New Testament, and the world-wide political propaganda campaign waged against the Western world by the JACKAL PRESS of the East and the West, but more particularly the latter. To the international banksters and the IMF, money is no problem. How so? Because they have dredged up and created all international and national monetary laws tailored to suit their ends! What we are taught in our schools and universities, follows this rule. I should know, I am a PhD. In Economics!

Because the IMF can set “conditionalities” for its loans (money contributed by members nations, robbed from the people of those member nations, since no government has any money of its own) it can control the “business cycles” of any nation, especially through the iniquity of “exports”. National banks do the same thing by issuing “interest” bearing loans. Before proceeding let me give a brief account of what “interest” was regarded as by earlier generations of Christians, who for many centuries were taught, and fully realized, that “interest” is at variance with the teachings of Christ. Not only had the Christian church opposed this wickedness, but also the secular authorities. In fact it was ILLEGAL to loan money at interest.

In England under the laws of King Alfred’s reign during the Tenth Century, the lands and personal effect of those who loaned money at interest were forfeited to the Crown. If the lender died he or she was not allowed to be buried in consecrated ground. Edward the Confessor went even further, he declared such persons OUTLAWS and banished them from England after seizing all their properties and possession. James I passed a law which said that taking usury was a capital crime, and that it was to be regarded on the same level as taking the life of a person, that is usury on a level of murder. King John’s laws held the same thing true during the Thirteenth Century. The laws of England concerning usury were so strictly enforced, that anti-Christian conspirators banded together to hoard money and keep it out of circulation. They do not need to do that in today’s world. The Economists have devised a language which covers this practice, it is called the Money Supply, and when the Money Supply is contracted by Mr. Volcker, acting for his masters, the international banksters, it is the same thing that the hoarders did under King John and James 1. Money becomes “scarce” and we have a “contraction” of the business cycle.

The conspirators who banded together to defeat the ends of justice by hoarding as much money as they could lay their hands on and thereby keep it out of circulation, were able to cripple industry and cause “depressions” at will. They then became the MASTERS of England. Just as today, the illegal Federal Reserve Bank is the MASTER of the American people. What the money hoarders did in secret, Mr. Volcker does quite openly, covered by “economic laws” or if you will, the language of lies, for that is what “economics” is! In 1690, the usurers and the hoarders won the battle. They defeated the laws of the Land and the laws of Christianity. The money lending (banking) business was legalized in 1690, and the Christian Law on this most vital point took a back seat. From this grew international banks, and of course the most insidious evil in the banking world today, the IMF. Fractional Reserve Banking evolved from money hoarders and became the Bank of England, a great triumph for the scoundrel William Patterson. History shows the contempt for the Christian religion displayed by the money hoarders. They chose to meet in the Mercers Chapel, just as in later years, their servant, Lenin would use a Christian church in the East of London as a forum to spread his vitriolic hatred of Christianity. This was no doubt in revenge against Christ for driving their forebears out of the Temple!

When William III went to this vile crowd for money, the unfolded Patterson’s scheme. Now Patterson was not himself a money lender (banker) but had read the history of the Babylonian monetary system, which was based upon usury. It was the Babylonian plan the wise men of Mercers Chapel adopted NOT the Christian plan. So when William III became a borrower, he was told, “only on our conditions”. This is the exact language used by today’s Babylonian thieves, the pin-stripe suited, manicured pampered, above the law of all lands – men of the IMF. “Only on our conditions”. What the Patterson plan was in brief terms was that the King grant Patterson and his fellow OUTLAWS the right under a Charter to establish a bank, THE BANK OF ENGLAND. It was granted. Bank of England is the model upon which the illegal Federal Reserve Bank is based. Both are PRIVATE BANKS. The people of England and America, who produce all of the wealth for these two banks, have absolutely NO SAY WHATSOEVER in the running of the banks, the MAMMONITES of this world! I do not have the time in this message to go into the VERY SIMPLE FRAUD which was perpetrated upon the good people of England, and which still holds good today. Suffice to say, that in order to cover up this theft on a grand scale, a language was devised called “economics” which effectively covers the tracks of the bandits in a jungle of nonsensical verbiage. The ordinary man has no idea what these terms are supposed to mean and never take the trouble to find out. To him, money is a “mystery”. I studied economics, not to follow it as a profession, but in order to be able to successfully unmask its lies. No wonder William Patterson said of the Charter for his bank, which enabled the bank to lend money created of fresh air (just as very bank does today). “The bank has benefit to interest on all monies it CREATES OUT OF NOTHING.”

Thus the IMF was created out of NOTHING. It lends in excess of the actual amount of REAL money it has on hand at usury, and under such stringent conditions, that in no time it has become the master of the borrowing country. It plans to do the same thing in the USA, and these plans are being polished up by the Pattersons of our time, Volcker, Donald Regan, Schultz, Burns and Kissinger to mention the leaders, plus their lackeys in Congress, Dole and Domenici and all of the CFR servants who work for the Harold Pratt House against the White House under President Reagan. What they are working on is OPPRESSIVE TYRANNY for the people of America and thus the rest of the Western world. For we know that whenever confiscation (excess taxation) and other forms of thievery become legalized, then it leads, inexorably to oppressive tyranny, such as we being exercised by the NARROW CAPITALISTS who live in palatial splendor in the halls of power in Moscow. That is what is being planned by the Volcker brigade and the IMF.

How will it work? It is ALREADY working. A wave of asset liquidation is sweeping the United States even as I write these words, fanning the flames which will soon consume our economy and cause it to collapse in a huge shower of sparks. The privately insured savings and loan institutions in Maryland are a portend of what is to come. The collapse of the latest one is the harbinger of doom which the Volcker brigade has planned for us. What is “asset liquidation”? It is economic jargon for selling off ones possessions, whether they be business or private, usually at distress prices, because the business is short of money. This is what is happening today on a grand scale, all over America. It is NOT due to any “economic law”. It is a deliberately planned exercise of war against this nation, in order to bring the IMF on the scene. Our basic industries, upon which this highly industrialized nation rests are being hit by the Volcker-IMF shock troops. In our monthly magazine World Economic Review, I have been saying for the past 18 months, that there can be no talk of recovery while our machine tools industry is in such a terrible state of disarray and depression. Now my words are coming true. All over this nation of America, tangible assets (real possessions of value) are being sold off to meet what is called “debt servicing requirements.” This again is “economic “lies to cover the real meaning. What it means is that companies, whose existence is vital to this nation, are being forced to sell of their real estate, plant and equipment in order to meet the demands of USURY imposed upon them by the international banksters acting through Wall Street. These huge amounts made upon our vital industry by the banksters have come about as a result of the policies of USURY followed by the Federal Reserve Bank and its High-Priest (who is President Reagan was not strong enough to fire as promised in 1980).

Our business community, our vital industries, can no longer meet these fantastic demand made upon them by the banks which have created money out of fresh air and then loaned it at interest rates which defy description.

As a result of the brigandry of the international banks, our farms have been bought up by the international banksters with fresh air money. Real wealth has been disposed of by force, because the farmer in America can no longer meet the bloated interest rates imposed by the international banksters and carried out in America by the agent of Satan, Paul Volcker. Our farms have been legally thieved from hard working farmers whose families have for generations farmed the land now taken by thievery, albeit legal thievery, while the best farmers in the world have been forced to stand around at auction sales and see the work of generation after generation of their hard working families efforts go down the drain. Yet the self-same Wall Street banksters acting as agents for the international banks, lend  money to the greatest enemies of mankind yet faced on this earth, the Bolsheviks of Russia at interest rates as low as four percent, and give grace periods of as much as FIFTEEN YEARS before the loans need to be repaid.

I have long ago irrefutably drawn the lines that link Wall Street and the international bankers to Moscow. The USSR is a CREATION of the WEST. Seventy five percent of the wealth of the arch-enemy of the American people, David Rockefeller, is invested in the SOVIET UNION. But for Wall Street and the international bankers, the Bolsheviks would never have come to power in the first place. It is David Rockefeller’s orders which the traitor George Shultz is carrying out: right now with regard to the so-called Arms Negotiations going on in Geneva. Shultz is undermining the position of the American people by insisting that we settle for the terms of the discredited SALT II provisions. In another era, this would have been called TREASON, but none dare fly in the face of the international bankers and call it that. It is Shultz, acting for his master of the Council on Foreign Relations who is desperately trying to sabotage the SDI program, the ONLY thing standing between freedom and enslavement of the American people. How Orgakov loves the international bankers, the IMF and George Shultz and the Kissingerites!

The national pattern of dissolving the industries of this great country so that the IMF can step in and “save” us is already well established according to the IMF-Volcker blueprint. Because of this, companies who were formerly doing very well now have to resort to austerity measures and sell off their assets, lay off their trained and skilled workers, who will soon be FOREVER LOST to our vital industries. This is true of the textile, steel, machine tool and gas industries. They are today so shrunken, that America can never mount a war plan to defend itself against attack. This has come about as a result of BETRAYAL from within, just as Abraham Lincoln predicted it would. There is a chain reaction going on in American industries which has not yet been perceived by the American people, because of the tissue of economic lies covering the position. But all will be revealed as soon as the Volcker IMF plan for a GRAB of our national assets is completed, and that is not very far off. I have a long history of correctly predicting events, as a long history of telling my listeners what is going on long before anyone else does. A case in point is my article “Who Shot the Pope” which I wrote in 1983. Now the very same facts I revealed in 1983 are coming to light in a Rome courtroom in 1985! Let me assure you that Volcker, Kissinger, Regan and Shultz HAVE been meeting in secret with the men of the IMF, usually outside of America, so as not to fall foul of our conspiracy laws, if ever anyone is brave enough to try and apply them to these outlaws, and the plan is almost ready. Then the IMF will descend on America just as it has done on Brazil, Venezuela, all countries in Africa, Argentina and so on, we shall become the victims of larceny on a grand scale just as the aforementioned nations have become victims of the modern pirates of the IMF.

Briefly the IMF-Volcker plan calls for the creation of a climate of panic through a series of rapidly escalating bank and savings and loans failures. Technically, Volcker has the power to present ANY bank in America from going broke, BUT he has no intention of exercising his powers in this regard. The panic by the gerrymandered bank failures will set off a wave of reaction, driving down the price of oil, thereby ruining the oil and gas industry, and lead in the not too distant future to a 1929-syle engineered Wall Street collapse. The first such gerrymandered crisis was sparked off by the failure of the series of savings and loans failures in Ohio. The conspirators have planned a two-pronged attack which will bring about the collapse of the economic base of this nation. On the one hand we are experiencing a 1929 type depression and on the other a hyperinflation burst, which is coming on strongly via the printing presses of the Treasury, which is churning out more and more paper “dollars” for the Federal Reserve Bank as each day passes.

Reports which I have only recently received from Washington tell of increasing pressure from Preston Martin for a further increase in the already overblown output of paper dollars. In March, there was a real shock when it was disclosed that consumer credit in March (that is simply the amount of money we people borrow in the form of “charge accounts”) had increased by some $8 billion dollars, and that the total outstanding consumer credit on the instalment plan had brought the figure up to $500 billion dollars. The serious part of this is not the consumer credit (buying on your charge account) but that it is in excess of what the manufacturing industries bill for labor amounts to. Meanwhile Volcker is pretending that he will not allow American banks to collapse, by pumping paper dollars into them. My information, which I have no reason to doubt, is that he will do no such thing.

The serious part of the labor bill being exceeded by consumer credit spending is in very simple terms explained as follows. It means that FEWER real goods are being produced. What is the other side of the story?  Quite simple, more and more paper “dollars” are racing after fewer and fewer goods. This is the classic pattern of the IMF “conditionalities” which after the IMF has sunk its talons into its helpless victims. At the conclave held recently members of the senior planning committee of the IMF and Paul Volcker agreed to increase the pace of the impending collapse of the US economy by getting banks like Manufacturers Hanover Trust to DECREASE interest rates so that consumer spending could be fueled against the needs of the manufacturing industries. The IMF and Volcker have started the self-destructing collapse of the US economy, and I doubt if anyone can stop it now that it is in action.

The arch enemies of the people of this country, the secret societies which infest our country have also stepped up their activities in compliance with the pending IMF take over. The Aspen Institute, a long-time center for subversion in America, (Aspen – helped to bring down the Shah, see my paper “What really happened in Iran”)  has instructed its company Atlantic Richfield to close down its refining capacities in the Eastern USA, starting with Philadelphia. This “trend” to use economic lies, will expand and continue right through Louisiana. Texas, where wholesale selling off of assets has already been ordered by the planners of the IMF take-over of US monetary affairs. We shall witness in the coming days, a virtual blizzard of selling off, or to use the economic term “divesting” of assets by the petroleum industry.

As those of you who follow World Economic Review and my tape series know, this “trend” (for trend read policy direction) started with the steel industry. Please look at the prophetic article I wrote in the World Economic Review magazine of April 1983, entitled “Death of the U.S. Steel Industry”. Every prediction I made in that article has come to pass. Now it is not that I am some kind of a natural scryer (a person who uses a crystal ball or magic mirror to foretell the future, like the infamous Edward Kelly who served Dee so well), it is simply that I have made a twenty-year study of the demons and Satanists of the secret societies, and am thus able to anticipate their moves. Of course I get a lot of help from my source who are well-placed in the intelligence communities around the world, which will also help to account for the currency of my reporting. What do we find today in the steel industry? Wheeling Pittsburgh filing for Chapter 11 protection from creditors and Hannah Mining giving away its iron ore in order to “service its debt bill” which in plain English means to enable it to pay its BLOATED USURY bill. The vital steel industry, the even more vital machine tools industry, have been DELIBERATELY DESTROYED on the orders of Volcker and the IMF artists through interest payments. These fine companies have not gone under through reckless activities, unwise diversifications, or through bad management, resulting in business losses with which they cannot cope, THEY HAVE GONE BUST BECAUSE THEY CANNOT MEET THE BLOATED USURY BILLS THEY ARE FACED WITH! The Law of MAMMON has caught up with them. Legalized thievery has laid them low! The Whore of Babylon has triumphed – at least for the moment. My sources told me today that US industries vital to the survival of this last bastion of freedom are going to shrink by as much as forty percent within the next two years! What a terrifying prospect! Once this happens we will be sitting ducks for the Soviet Union. The “great savior” will step forward to correct our “imbalances” (a favorite word of the IMF thieves) and we will be so thankful that they are willing to save us! But how wrong it will turn out to be. Those who profess to want to save us are only there to deliver us, bound hand and foot into the hands of the enemy of ALL mankind, the USSR. We need steel, any big industrial nation MUST have solid steel industry. But under the IMF’s reorganization plan for US economy, the US will in future not be allowed to produce more steel than a small nation like France for example!

The IMF Volcker plan calls for a massive printing operation by the Federal Reserve Bank (that in simple terms means printing more worthless paper “dollars”) in order to keep up the charade that the utterly vile and degrading usury rates are being “serviced” (meaning that we as a nation are successfully paying this CRIMINAL and UNCHRISTIAN tribute to the creditor banks). In on the plan is the Soviet KGB specialist for America, Georgii Arbatov, who stated recently “the only hope for America and Latin America is for these countries to place their economic affairs in the hands of the IMF.” GOD FORBID! Arbatov is a very close friend of the following traitors: David Rockefeller, Cyrus Vance, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Donald Regan, James Baker III, Robert Anderson, Gerald Ford and a host of lesser lights such as the Club of Rome, members of the Senate, Caliborn Pell, Mathais, Dole and last but not least, the latest CFR recruit, Richard Lugar of Indiana, the man who voted to gain the Sandanists Jesuits $80 million on “the advice of the IMF” when they seized power in Nicaragua with the total help of CFR stooge, James Earl Carter.

What is perfectly clear is that Paul Volkcer and the Council on Foreign Relations are running America today. President Reagan has already had the rug pulled out from under him. That being the case, it is also certain the Volcker intends to make the monetary policies of this once sovereign nation the sole preserve of the International Monetary Fund, in exactly the same way that the IMF runs all of Latin America, the majority of the African countries, and to a lesser extent the Republic of South Africa. You might ask “Why South Africa?” Doesn’t South Africa have mineral resources beyond the expectations of most of the other nations of the world combined? The answer is that is EXACTLY why the IMF wants to control South Africa. It has INVALUABLE ASSESTS and has RAW MATERIALS to strip! South Africa, like the USA, must be downed before a One World Government can be ushered in. With its hard-working and industrious people, its natural abilities and high standard of education, South Africa ought rightly to be one of the richest nations of the world. Yet the average South African benefits very little from the vast mineral and agricultural resources of the country. It all goes to the coffers of the international bankers, as it has done since the days of the Anglo Boer War (fought by the British to gain control of South Africa’s gold and diamond riches, with money provided by the lucrative opium trade in China on which Britain had the monopoly!) To give you an example; the British produce no gold or diamonds, yet the prices for these treasures are fixed in LONDON, not by the South Africans, but by the INTERNATIONAL BANKSERS and their representatives. Gold and diamonds are not sold in South Africa, but in London, where else? Except I would not say this unless I knew the reason for it. London is the home of the secret societies that rule the world and the hub of the DOPE TRADE to boot. Every subversive movement of any significance was launched from London, and that includes both the French and Bolshevik revolutions. Most of the subversive movements to overthrow the South African and Philippine governments are housed in London. Karl Marx lived, and is buried there!

South Africa made a fatal mistake when it asked for and was gladly granted a loan of $1.1 billion by the IMF in 1982. The IMF Larceny artists saw this as an opportunity to get a foot in the door. Why should a country with huge mineral resources need a loan at all? The answer lies in the manipulation of South Africa’s currency, the Rand, by the international banksters. By controlling South Africa’s rich mineral resources, the international bankers are able to whiplash its economy at will through manipulating the price of its gold. Now you would imagine that any currency pegged to gold would be the best in the world. The South African Rand is partially backed by gold, yet the international bankers have seen to it that nobody deals in South African Rands. So pegging a currency to gold does not make it a key currency, even though it partially prevents printing of excess paper money. Now that is a big improvement over the U.S. paper dollar, which isn’t even money and isn’t backed by anything! It is NOT money but a debt instrument! Yet it is stronger than the partially gold backed Rand! The answer lies not in true economics but in the fact that the international banks CONTROL GOLD, and dictate its price.

What then was the purpose of the $1.1 billion dollar IMF loan? Some will tell you that it was to meet South Africa’s military expenditure, which they say, it equaled exactly. What might be the superficial reason, but the real reason was to gain control of South Africa’s vast mineral riches and the IMF saw in this a chance to make a start in this direction. To understand gold, one must understand that gold is the MONOPOLY of the international bankers. That is why I said the Second World War was won by them when at Yalta, Churchill, Roosevelt and the butcher from Georgia clasped hands. The international bankers won because they have control of the USSR also through its gold production and its other strategic minerals and metals. It matters not to them, what a nations stands for. As long as they have control of a country (and in the West this is done through IMF loan sharking) through its monetary system.

Had the gold of South Africa, fought for by the brave Boer people and their leaders not been meekly handed over to the international bankers, the economy of South Africa would be the strongest in the world today. Had South Africa’s priceless raw materials, minerals and metals been properly managed, the IMF loan would not have been necessary. But once you begin to co-operate with the international banks and its octopus, the IMF, you are lost. The REAL purpose of the IMF loan to South Africa was to enable the IMF to dictate political ideology to South Africa. The IMF is determined to drag South Africa through the muss of “racial homogeneity” and destroy the moral fiber and the Christian beliefs of South Africa. All of this is necessary for the IMF to achieve, before a One World Government can be ushered in. They, the South Africans will then become “Clouds without water” to quote the book of Jude 12.

The Deception Game continues in the USA, and let me say, that there is little time left before we too, feel the sting of IMF “conditionality’s.” We have stood aloof while the IMF has plundered the assets and raw material of nations friendly to the US. Richard Lugar, the latest CFR recruit to hit the big league of the secret society brigade of lackeys in the Senate wants to bring down South Africa as he helped to bring down the Somoza government, and as in the case of Nicaragua, the Senator from Indiana, wants to replace the pro-American government of South Africa, with a Marxist government al-la-Rhodesia. In this he is getting ample help from the Council on Foreign Relations, and on its borders, Lugar an alleged “republican” has allied himself with such friends of Moscow as Rep. Stephen Solarz of New York, the man who helped Herr Kissinger and Lord Carrington lay Rhodesia low. Lugar is not on the Senate Finance Committee, bur fellow CFR-Club of Rome servant, Robert Dole is, and Dole is doing everything he can to co-operate with Paul Volkcer and the predators from the IMF in handing our monetary affairs over to d experts in larceny on a grand scale.

Just what is the IMF? First, it is not a central bank, but the executive arm of the central banks. It is supposed to be the lender of last resort, and it usually is, but not in the monetary sense! If there is a run on the IMF, the lender of last resort would then become the Federal Reserve Banks, by this time already taken over by the IMF. Where will the Federal Reserve Banks get the money from to lend out? They will of course print it, which will in the end lead to hyperinflation. But remember, the Federal Reserve Act was established to do exactly that; to furnish an elastic currency (yo-yo currency might have been a more appropriate term, but I am not sure that the yo-yo was invented in 1913!) So what will happen is that the IMF will order what the economic language of lies calls “a burst of liquidity”. In ordinary English it means that the Treasury printing presses will run hot for months, so that time can be bought to save the system. This is of course all a part of the Deception Game, as the central banks have no wish to save the system until it has got to the point where the Western world is ready to surrender its national sovereignty and its monetary policies to a One World Government, and the INF will become an even greater instrument of tyranny that it already is.

What does the IMF actually do? It goes like this. The IMF is first of all above the law of every member country. None of its members are subject to the laws of the United States for example. You could not prosecute an IMF member on a charge of conspiracy for example, because he is ABOVE the Laws of the United States, and has absolute immunity. It lends money collected from member nations at rates of interest USURY, which it has the sole right to set. It also has the absolute right, once the loan is granted to send in its agents to the borrower country and literally run the financial affairs of that country. It can, and does force a cut, in some cases a very drastic cut, in the standard of living of the borrower country. It can DICTATE the monetary policies of the borrower country by interfering with internal pricing structure, thereby FORCING the borrower country to “export” more and more of its natural resources, raw materials and finished products, at BARGAIN RATES. The proceeds of these “export” transactions end up in the coffers of the central banks. In Jamaica there were riots when the IMF ordered an increase in the price of gasoline, which will show you just how far the IMF will and does goes interfering in the domestic affairs of the borrower country.

The sharpest part of the larceny is found in the Articles of the IMF which decree that all loans must be paid back, NOT in the currency of the borrower country, but in DOLLARS, which it calls the “international currency of the moment”. In order to meet the high rates of usury and the differential between the dollar and local currency, the borrower country is FORCED to export more and more of its natural resources, raw materials and finished good at sacrificial prices. The IMF sets an export quota, and if that quota is not met, then it demands further cuts in the standard of living of the borrower country. Certain countries are on the brink of total collapse, because in spite of all their efforts, they cannot even meet the “debt servicing requirements” of the IMF. In ordinary English, this means that the country meet the interest payments when the bills due, let alone repay the principle. What happens next?  More and more “exports” are mandated by the IMF at distressed prices, until, eventually, the country will lose all of its natural resources, raw materials and finished products and STILL not have repaid its bill. Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Peril and Brazil have been at the edge of this yawning gulf many times, but have succeeded at the last minute in “renegotiating” their loans, at even stiffer terms and conditions. The outcome is that the central banks will eventually own most of the world, without having fired a shot or send troops across national boundaries.

This is what the IMF hopes to achieve in South Africa. By forcing South Africa to repay its IMF loan in US dollars, the rand has been kept well below its real value, so that South Africa’s valuable resources are being acquired at bargain prices. By keeping the price of gold at an artificially induced low level, the central banks are also getting their filthy hands on South Africa’s gold at bargain prices. In this manner the IMF has already accumulated over $100 billion dollars of its “own” gold plundered from borrower nations. This is truly larceny on a grand scale!

Let us look at the actual Articles of the IMF and see what they say and what they don’t say, that is, what their real meaning is. We must look at these in the context that the Articles are the work of the traitor who betrayed America, Jacob Weiss, alias Henry Dexter White. You will remember that White was the architect of the infamous Yalta Conference which allowed Stalin to take half of Europe under his murderous regime, thereby proving the contention that the Second World War was fought solely to make the USSR into a world power. Henry Dexter White to use his assumed name, since he is better known by that name, planned the whole IMF structure from Washington, while on the payroll of the US Government. The IMF is an instrument of tyranny every bit as much as the White-Morgenthau Plan to instrument of tyranny and a springboard from which the One-World-Government is to be launched. It is based on the principles, if one call them that, of parasitic money, particularly on the mythical balance of payments scam which in turn is based on forced exports. Now forced exports differ from natural exports, which arise when a country has a genuine surplus of its products to sell. In short, the IMF was designed by Jacob Weiss (Henry Dexter White) to be a vehicle for the central banks, to make it easy for them to enslave the countries of the Western world in a manner which I have dubbed, THE DECEPTION GAME!

Here then are the Articles, designed by the traitor Henry Dexter White:

To promote international monetary co-operation through a permanent institution which provides machinery for consultation on international monetary problems.

TRANSLATION:  This article is solely to dissemble the truth about the second article.

To facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade and to contribute thereby to the promotion and maintenance of high levels employment and real income to the development of productive resources of all members as a primary objective of economic policy.

TRANSLATION: This is the key on the whole nature and the reason for the existence of the IMF. Balanced growth of international trade is a euphemism for thieving the resources of member countries, since exports are not the answer to monetary problems if they are forced exports, neither does it help INTERNAL or DOMESTIC trade. In fact the opposite occurs, domestic trade suffers and has to substitute exports. If cuts in the living standard are not enough, then the IMF imposes devaluation, which does nothing to resolve the domestic crisis, but only permits the IMF to loot the member country on an even grander scale.

The more a country exports (as the se of South America) the more it becomes “hooked” on the international banker. Taken to its logical conclusion, a nation which must import food to live can be starved to death by the IMF. When international trade is pushed up, it must distort national resources, which have to be shipped off to the IMF, thus t the central banks. The level of unemployment rises, as more people are required to divert energies to feeding the usury demands of the IMF. Real income also decreases as international trade expands, and the purchasing power of its currency is diminished, International trade should result only from real surpluses which do not disturb or distort the local economy. Productive resources (as the case of South Africa’s mineral resources) should and MUST serve the country, not the IMF.

To promote exchange stability to maintain orderly exchange arrangements among members, and to avoid competitive exchange depreciation. TRANSLALTION: It is commonsense that the world trade can progress when the currencies of the world are stable. But then be careful, because stable exchange rates allows bankers to consolidate their hold on the internal monetary policies and national price structures. Stable currency rates give the international bankers a stranglehold over commodity prices, which then places the ability to distort local economies any way the international bank wants them to go, in terms of its “loans”. The same can be said of “foreign aid” which has cost the American tax payer billions of dollars. Foreign aid has made it possible for David Rockefeller, the architect of this scam, to exert undue pressure on nations whom he wishes to strip of their natural resources.

To assist in the establishment of a multilateral system of payment in respect of current transactions between members and the elimination of foreign exchange restrictions which hamper the growth of world trade. TRANSLATION: Payments for anything in private transaction or between countries can and must only be bilateral. They cannot and must not be multilateral. Between nations it is important that the creditor nation accepts currency of the debtor nation. To say that the debtor currency can and must be transferred to the currency of the world at the moment, i.e. the dollar, is a concept which cannot be supported, except where we think in terms of parasites, because the transaction then becomes “multilateral” and exposes the exporting country to greater and greater efforts to efforts to earn “foreign exchange” while the importing country gets into trouble trying to find the dollars to pay for its imports.

To give confidence to members by making the Fund’s resources temporarily available to them under adequate safeguards, thus providing them with the opportunity to correct maladjustments in their balance of payments without resorting the measures destructive of national and international prosperity. TRANSLATION: How can the IMF extend its resources to member countries, when those resources actually belong in the first place to member countries? What does the IMF mean with “adequate safeguards”? Simply put, it means allowing the IMF to come in and run the country, as the IMF is doing right now in Brazil, and as it plans to do in the USA also. It means that the borrower MUST adopt the “condionalities” laid down by the IMF, which usually means a terrible austerity program for the working population of the borrower-country, which class does NOT derive any benefits from the IMF loan. What are the “maladjustments” the IMF is referring too? Does it seems to mean, that the borrower country can no longer manage its own financial affairs? The truth is, when we cut through all the lying language that “maladjustment” simply means the borrower country can no longer meet the usury bill when it falls due, and that gives the IMF the right to walk in and dictate ALL financial policy. This will happen in America if the Volcker gang gets its way.

In accordance with the above, to shorten the duration and lessen the degree of equilibrium of the international balance of payments of members. TRANSLATION: Balance of payments is a mammonite creation. The true aim of the IMF is to lengthen, not shorten the duration but to intensify the degree of what it calls “disequilibrium” so that the borrower becomes almost totally dependent of foreign loans, i.e. loans from the IMF and “foreign aid” from David Rockefeller. It also means that the IMF is guided in all of its policy decision making by the requirements of the international banks and NOT by those of its members.

I hope that this short explanation of the aims and objects of the IMF will alert all of you to the dangers of allowing this ocean of the One-World-Government to come in and take over the US monetary affairs. If it is allowed to do so, which appears very likely, then within the space of five years, the status of the US will have declined to the level of that of Germany or France at best. I have dealt with banksters. There are thirty two articles in the charter of this off-spring of the United Nations. I have dealt with one Article which I believe to be the most necessary for us to get to know, if we are to defeat the take-over bid by the IMF of the monetary policies of the USA which is already worked out and which is now being ratified to foist onto an unsuspecting American nation.

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