Just before celebrating the Christmas holiday, Carrie Underwood got news that would devastate any pet parent: that her beloved pup Ace was paralyzed.

Her four-legged fur-baby suffered a herniated disc just before Christmas and and lost all feeling in his back legs. Thankfully, the paralysis was only temporary, but still scary nonetheless.

“Right before Christmas, my little Ace suffered a herniated disk,” the Oklahoma native shared with fans on Instagram on Tuesday evening. “He was completely paralyzed in his back end for a couple of days and, with rest, soon got mobility back in his right side…his left side is slowly getting better but we have a long way to go…he’s taking his physical therapy like a champ! And, of course, this is too adorable not to post!”

The post included a short clip of her pup Ace in a tiny pool as he walked slowly along the underwater treadmill. His proud mama is heard championing him in the background saying “Good job, bud. Good job. You’re doing it.”

Underwood isn’t shy about posting about her 10-year-old pup and his “sister” Penny on social media, often chronicling the many high-jinks they get into. The pups also helped Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher announce they were expecting when she posted a photo of them in “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister” shirts.

We wish little Ace a very speedy recovery!

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