Mayday! Mayday! Our hearts have stopped from Cam’s breathtaking new music video for her latest single “Mayday.”

In the clip directed by Daniel Carberry, Cam plays a character reflecting Amelia Earhart whose determination inspires a young girl.

“I’m a 1930s lady pilot. I take off and it’s not a flight that ends well, and that’s where ‘Mayday’ comes back in. The plane crashes, I sink, pieces of plane sink…” Cam told People of the clip.

“I had a boyfriend that told me, ‘No one’s going to love you like I loved you,’ and [I thought], ‘That’s so terrifying,” she shared of the inspiration behind the song she wrote with Tyler Johnson. “You’re so afraid, so you stay in this crappy relationship. You’ve got to get out.”

Photo courtesy @camcountry on Instagram

The song “Mayday” almost didn’t come to life had it not been for the determination of Cam and Johnson.

“We took it in to Jeff Bhasker and Ty actually showed him because Ty was working for him at the time. Jeff just ripped it a new one and ripped us a new one in a professional way, but said, ‘this is not good enough. You need to do this, this and that,’ and we were just heartbroken,” she told Sounds Like Nashville of the writing process.

After many re-writes, the two sorted out the lyrics and had to move on to the production.

“We sorted out the song and got the songwriting right and then got to production and couldn’t figure that out,” Johnson explained. “We couldn’t sort how it starts, when the vocals come in, when the drums come in, the tempo and to keep interest in the whole song. It just always felt like such a limp noodle feel.”

“We’re really, really proud of it. I mean, it was always one of those songs where the lyrics and certain things would just connect to enough people and we were convinced, like that opening line would always just zing people enough, just enough that we were convinced that we have to finish this,” said Johnson. “Some days, we would call it in and be like, ‘What do you think about not, like just getting rid of the song?’ We were like never working on it again. And we didn’t and we followed through.”

Check out the video for “Mayday” above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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