Turning Up The Heat On Day Two Of NOS Alive Festival

Aussie indie popers Sheppard took to the stage to get the crowd off to an unexpected start at NOS Alive day two, with their beach bubbliness getting everyone bouncing. With a warm evening and the sunset as backdrop, the Brisbane crew seemed right at home.

Good spirits and a laid back attitude bringing back memories of London's The Slug and Lettuce, circa 2006, which only came to an end once the Irish Kodaline started on their first riffs over at the Heineken stage.

Steve Garrigan, with his Dubliner cheek, ably engaged a 20,000 strong fan pitt who sang along to the vast majority of their craic-filled performance. A side note: if you happen to know the teary eyed chap, who emotionally hung onto the mojo barrier upfront for the entire show, please do let us know.

We'd love to get him a ticket next time Kodaline visit Portugal!

A quick break to this year´s culinary hotspot: The Cru's Wrepe. A gluten free, health cone of goodness which has seemingly attracted Lisbon's (beautifully sun kissed) finest. Dutifully full, we followed back to the Mainstage for the night's most awaited performance.

The opening tunes of “Snake Eyes” and “I Will Wait” announced Mumford & Sons' arrival at NOS Alive! The boho crowd was eager to show their appreciation with a lot of piggyback-closed eyes-lip synching-arm waving young fans, co-existing with 60 year olds, hipsters, preppies, Beliebers and even a couple of metal heads.

A transgenerationally appreciated band in Mumford & Sons, followed by an iconic Prodigy, could only churn out a highly eclectic crowd.

Marcus Mumford tried his luck at building rapport by addressing Portugal And Man Utd / Sporting Lisbon starlet Nani's transfer to Fenerbahce, but was apparently unaware of both the overwhelming Benfica fanbase in Portugal, and the wide foreign presence at NOS Alive!

Met with an awkward indifference, a moment later “Below My Feet” and “Lover Of The Light” reunited him with the audience, to never again be set apart.

With a balanced mix between their bigger hits and the new album, Marcus kept the crowd going and rallied his banjo playing Sons into a memorable concert.

Meanwhile, The Ting Tings hung onto former NOS Alive! glory at the Heineken stage, opening way for a popular James Blake who impressively held his ground “against” headliners Prodigy.

But alas, all roads would eventually lead to Prodigy, for more of a rave party than a music festival. As expected, and as delivered. We're sad to have missed Roisin Murphy.

Her voice and Moloko rhythms are classics we own on vinyl, and just happened to be the soundtrack to this very write up!

We'll have a full-wrap up of the third and final day tomorrow! Oh and in case you missed it, here's our run-down of day one of the festival.

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Turning Up The Heat On Day Two Of NOS Alive Festival

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