10 Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love

Looking for corporate gifting ideas that your clients and customers will love?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners. When they thank you for the gifts below, they’ll also thank you for not subjecting them to another cookie tower.

1. Give the gift of giving

Need a corporate gifting idea absolutely everyone will love? Pull on the heartstrings with the gift of giving to others—and do it with a style your clients will love.

Every single classic product available at FEED comes along with a donation that feeds starving children across the world.

And instead of just a flimsy piece of paper explaining where the donation went, your clients will get a product with the number of meals their gift provided printed straight on it…so they can remember the good they’re doing every single day.

FEED offers a wide range of projects suitable for every budget, even if you need to purchase a large volume of gifts. For example, you can give a tote bag that provides 100 school meals to children all over the world, a scarf that feeds 10 children, or even an apron that gives 14 meals to hungry families in America.

You can also rest assured that even your most altruistic clients will be pleased. FEED’s products follow strict fair-labor conditions, they use environmentally friendly materials, and they even have a bag line that supports artisans in developing countries.

FEED Founder Lauren Bush Lauren discusses some additional benefits of the FEED products below. In addition to just feeding a hungry child, your gift encourages kids to stay in school, get better educations and go on to do great things. What fruit basket can make that claim?

2. Give them healthy snacks

Here’s an idea your clients will never forget: making their employees happier and more productive with healthy snacks delivered straight to their office.

A gift like this is easy with SnackNation’s healthy office snack delivery service. With SnackNation, you can set up a monthly delivery gift based on your budget and the number of employees in your client’s office.

A SnackGenius puts together a box of healthy snacks based on the preferences you select, and then they deliver the snacks straight to your client every month. Besides the delicious experience of enjoying healthy snacks every month, you’re also giving your clients the gift of not worrying constantly about fueling their ravenous employees.

When your clients see how happy the snacks make their employees and how much time they’re not wasting on snack runs, they’ll have you to thank. And since snack time is pretty much a daily occurrence, they’ll be thinking of you fondly nearly every single day.

In fact, a study run by Staples a few years ago estimated employee snack and coffee runs drain 2.4 billion hours of potential productivity from U.S. companies every year. So your partners won’t just thank you for the snacks—they’ll thank you for a more productive office!

Here’s a quote from one happy SnackNation customer:

“I know what ever they send me is going to be a healthy snack that our team is going to enjoy. People literally scream YES when they see it!” Greg, Co-Founder Horizon Trust

With a corporate gift from SnackNation, you could be responsible for giving that kind of office happiness to your clients…and they’re sure to love you for it.

3. The gift of fitness

When it comes to corporate gift ideas that yield serious long-term benefits for your clients, fitness tools take the cake, providing the giftee with major habit-changing benefits long after other gifts have been forgotten. And thanks to awesome technology, you can essentially give the gift of fitness in a compact, cute and wearable package with fitness trackers like Fitbit.

Fitbits make perfect individual gifts, and if you’re purchasing for a whole office team, this gift doubles as an employee productivity booster for your client’s office.

The idea is that Fitbits make employees more fit, and fit employees make more productive workers—a piece of common sense confirmed by science. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy employees are typically more productive and take fewer sick days than their less healthy counterparts.

If you’re in the market for an even larger gift on a grander scale, you can even sign your clients up for a Fitbit corporate wellness package.

4. Give more humor

Add some humor to your gift giving strategy, while sticking to any budget, with funny office supplies from Knock Knock. They sell notebooks, post-its, water bottles and pretty much everything else anyone who works will appreciate…but everything they make includes a funny message that reminds everyone in the office not to take themselves too seriously.

This corporate gift gives more than laughs too. According to this post, humor can bust stress, build trust, and even inspire more creative thinking. Unfortunately, many people shy away from using humor at work in fear that they might offend someone or get in trouble.

Knock Knock products make it easy to add a tasteful splash of humor to any workplace situation. Who wouldn’t want a cubicle guest book?

Their products also have a sterling reputation for making fool-proof gifts. They’re featured in gift lists from Buzzfeed, Parent & Child Magazine, and the Seattle Times.

The video below gives an example of how you might use Knock Knock’s signature WTF note:

5. Give them more time

Unfortunately, you can’t give people more time. If you could, no other gifts would stand a chance. The next best thing you can do is consider a gift that saves people time, like a gift certificate for a cleaning service in your area through a company like Molly Maid.  With something as helpful as this, you might just get a thank-you call instead of just a thank-you note.

Typically, the Molly Maid team would ask the customer a few questions before giving a cost estimate for the service. To make your gift shine, make some phone calls to your client’s co-workers to try to get some basic information about their home so you know you’re giving a certificate in the appropriate amount.

If the reviews on the Molly Maid’s site are any indication, your client will be incredibly pleased with their gift. Here’s what one customer had to say about her Molly Maids experience:

The whole experience was terrific! There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great. Kelly and Jen did such a terrific job and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. -Heather A., West Chester, OH

Give the service as a gift, and your partners will be giving you a similarly sparkling review for your expert gift-giving.

6. Give them a taste of other cultures

We would all love to send our clients and business partners on swanky trips, giving the gift of memories that last a lifetime. Even if you can’t afford such luxuries, you can give your clients a taste of travel with a Kitchen Table Passport trial or subscription.

With this service, you can choose from a variety of different gift boxes that are designed to give the recipient a special taste of a faraway place with information, photos and even foods from different locales.

For example, the Tunisia package featured in the unboxing video below, comes along with:

Welcome cards with information about Tunisian culture

A taste package with herbs, spices, and an easy-to-follow recipe card

A momentos pack with local souvenirs

Discovery cards with photography and factoids that let you explore Tunisia from your home

What are current customers saying? This reviewer says:

Overall, I love this program and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get adventurous. For $19.95 a month, this is an inexpensive way to learn about other cultures, sample exotic flavors, and learn more about the world around us. I look forward to my next monthly box to see where my next destination will be.

Kitchen Table Passport makes a perfect gift for the world traveler on your list, or even a curious family-man looking for some fun dinner time activities.

7. Give the gift of a good night’s rest

You have to imagine the leaders of the world’s largest companies know something about corporate gifting. When Arianna Huffington, owner of the Huffington Post, needs to do some giving she looks no further than sleep…and helping people get the good stuff with the gift of cozy pajamas. We think she’s onto something.

Sleep has about a million benefits, it happens every single day, and everybody does it…so gift ideas related to it make pretty safe bets. That’s why pajamas make it onto our list of unique gift ideas for your clients and customers, especially the fresh options for men and women from BedHead.

Why Bedhead? They epitomize everything that comes to mind when you picture classic pajamas. In fact, you might consider BedHead pajamas the celebrities of dreamland. They’ve popped up in episodes of Friends and recent episodes of The Mindy Project.

With the wide ranges of styles and prints BedHead offers, you also have the perfect opportunity to show your partners how well you know them…or even share an inside joke!

8. Write it out

Here’s a corporate gifting idea that’s not only cost effective, it’s so unique, your clients will surely get nothing like it from anyone else: a handwritten note. While this gift is inexpensive and incredibly personal, it could be the most time consuming; because if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right. That said, there isn’t a gift out there to match a thoughtful handwritten note—especially if you include personal details that remind the receiver of your relationship.

Once you have the letter down, it’s up to you if you want to supplement it with a gift card. But be sure to make your choice as thoughtful as your letter, centering it around your client’s specific interests. Try an Uber gift card for the traveler, Amazon for the reader, and maybe REI for the explorer. You can even explain the choice in your letter!

You might still fear this option might make you look cheap, but don’t worry…people love receiving handwritten letters in the mail. It seems to be a dying, but much appreciated, art form. Check out the infographic from R&B Printery below for some reasons why. To summarize, people love receiving old-fashioned letters in the mail and even find them more meaningful than other forms of communication.

9. A crossed out “to-do” list

If you’re looking to make an impression that really does keep on giving, look no further than Fancy Hands. This company of digital assistants exists to tackle the tasks you don’t have time to do…or really don’t want to do.

Here’s how it works as a gift: you pay for one of Fancy Hand’s service packages…and your client gets the gift of a finished to-do list. All they have to do is send in their list, and someone will take care of it, no matter what time of day they send the request.

Fancy Hands offers monthly and yearly plans—all surprisingly affordable. As a gift-giver, you can choose to purchase the service for even just a month, so you can give this incredible gift without breaking the bank.

You’ll also be amazed by the range of tasks Fancy Hands assistants are ready to take on. Whether it’s researching a novel, tracking packages at the post office, scheduling dates with friends and even coming up with ideas for things to do with kids, these power-house assistants have done it all.

Here’s a few examples of some real to-do’s they’ve scratched off their customers’ lists:

My co-worker is in the hospital after a bad car accident. Can you call the gift shop there and ask them if they sell fun things to do to pass the time that they could send in a gift basket type of thing to him? Crossword puzzles, trashy magazines, stuff like that. I’d like to spend about $50. If they don’t do that sort of thing, please find a place that can.

Can you call The West Village Animal Clinic and tell them that my cat Hoho seems really angry lately? She’s howling a lot and hissing and is just generally grumpy, but I can’t find anything else wrong with her. If they think I should bring her in, I can do a Saturday appointment anytime.

10. Give Zen

It’s a sad truth that no matter who your client is or what they do, they probably suffer from stress. In fact, one survey found that as many as 8 in 10 people are stressed about work.

Wouldn’t the gift of alleviating some of that stress be pretty much the best corporate gift idea ever? We agree. That’s why the tenth item on our list is the gift of meditation—with classes or even a private instruction.

There isn’t a neat, pre-packaged version of this gift, so you’ll need to do your research and maybe even put in a few calls to make sure it works. Luckily, a tool like Meditation Finder will make this research easy.

Meditation Finder is essentially a massive online directory of meditation centers, classes, and professionals. You just search by keyword, meditation type, and location to return a list of resources. Again, many of the listings you get probably don’t offer gift cards, so get ready to pick up the phone—an amazing gift for your favorite client is worth it after all.

While this gift is incredible in the moment, the real gift is the chance to get hooked on meditation, a practice proven numerous times to have incredible benefits, like decreasing stress, increasing self awareness and even managing high blood pressure.


Now you have some great new corporate gifting ideas to make your clients feel loved and appreciated (and continuing to do business with you). They’ll be happy you decided to send something other than a fruit cake or office supplies.

So, which gift idea is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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